Two of the most influential opinion polls in America are showing Romney ahead of the President.

‘I’d be surprised if Romney didn’t make up some poll ground after what felt like a solid performance,’ wrote The Slog last Thursday, following the televised debate with President Obama, adding ‘at the other podium, the Black Dude seemed to think that doing presidential would be enough. Well, it wasn’t.’

Today a new poll from Pew in the United States suggests that Mitt Romney has overtaken President Obama 49% to 45% among likely voters. The Pew poll has thus far been the most pro-Democratic polling outfit of the election. Their last poll before this had Obama ahead by 8 points among the same voter base.

I’ve had some mixed experiences with Pew: I think sometimes their question constructions can exaggerate a lead. But not (I think) by 4%. And now I’m getting Twitter feedback that tomorrow’s PPP Poll also has Romney ahead.

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