BREAKING: Pew has Romney 4% ahead of Obama, will be confirmed by tomorrow’s PPP poll.

Two of the most influential opinion polls in America are showing Romney ahead of the President.

‘I’d be surprised if Romney didn’t make up some poll ground after what felt like a solid performance,’ wrote The Slog last Thursday, following the televised debate with President Obama, adding ‘at the other podium, the Black Dude seemed to think that doing presidential would be enough. Well, it wasn’t.’

Today a new poll from Pew in the United States suggests that Mitt Romney has overtaken President Obama 49% to 45% among likely voters. The Pew poll has thus far been the most pro-Democratic polling outfit of the election. Their last poll before this had Obama ahead by 8 points among the same voter base.

I’ve had some mixed experiences with Pew: I think sometimes their question constructions can exaggerate a lead. But not (I think) by 4%. And now I’m getting Twitter feedback that tomorrow’s PPP Poll also has Romney ahead.

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41 thoughts on “BREAKING: Pew has Romney 4% ahead of Obama, will be confirmed by tomorrow’s PPP poll.

  1. And this after some heroic massaging of the unemployment figures down to a laughable and imaginary 7.8% to assist Obama in his quest for a further four years of failure, punctuated by unceasing vitriol and opprobrium from his fellow Murrkans.

    I don’t wish ill on many people, but I would be immoderately cheered to see Romney fall under a bus and Ron Paul take up the baton…


  2. I haven’t heard a politician as robotically disingenuous as this douchebag since Reagan. At least Blair has the ability to lie convincingly.

    May God/Buddha/Allah/Harry Potter/Yoda (delete where applicable) have mercy on all our souls if this imbecilic puppet gets anywhere near the White House.


  3. @Caratacus and Spiller: spot on both – what more can i say…
    What started as a “Dumb & Dumber” case,
    seems more like a “Dark and Darker” scenario, day by day.
    The joke is not funny anymore…getting scary.


  4. Grief!!!!! Stand by for Armageddon.
    How DO Americans manage to DO this sort of sh*t!!
    They elect George W not once but TWICE!!!
    Is it happening all over again, again??
    Reminds me…
    My son’s daughter and he went to a McDonald’s drive through check-out window to pay the bill and he gave the assistant a $10 bill.
    His total bill was $5.50 – so he also handed her a 50 cent piece.
    She said, ‘You gave me too much money.’
    He said, ‘Yes I know, but this way you can just give me a $5 bill back.’
    She sighed and went to get the Manager who asked him to repeat the request.
    He did so, and the Manager handed back the 50 cent piece and said ‘We’re sorry but we don’t do that kind of thing.’
    The assistant then proceeded to give him back $4.50 in change.
    Do not confuse the assistants at McDonald’s !!
    Do not confuse the great American electorate.
    They KNOW someone who’s happy to press the nukular button is their kinda guy. They KNOW someone who is good at fixing his own tax evasion and exporting jobs is going to be solid gold, 100% number one for the economy.
    And they have NO doubt he’s not a foreigner OR a Muslim.
    You don’t have to figure small change when things are as simple as that.


  5. Overall I don’t care which stooge gets the chair, curly or moe – it’s 2 sides of the same increasingly transparent coin.

    But it would be fitting for Obama, for being such an empty suit and generally useless excuse for a neocon butler (let alone POTUS…or is that TOTUS?), to end up being a member of the esteemed “one and out” club.

    They’re all c***s but it would do his “legacy” no favours. The first paragraph of his memoirs will go like this:

    Obama: “I was the first black president of the United States”

    Rest of the world: “so f***ing what? Is that it?”

    Obama: ” yup, pretty much”


  6. She looks like she ate a piece of questionable fish on the flight over and is anticipating a particularly explosive bout of the squits any moment.

    Wonder if an AP photographer will get a few snaps of that?


  7. They are claiming on USA Today and NBC that the Gallup tracking poll has Obama 5 points ahead as of Oct. 8.
    Should I fly over to the UK to place my bets or can I trust the online services?


  8. In predicting outcomes of US presidential elections I came across a strange method which pays strict attention to the last letter of the last name of the candidate. Thus, since the most likely result based on current data is that it should end in ‘n’ as in Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Nixon, Clinton we see that this year the most likely candidate will not win.

    However, very few candidates, much less winners, have had last names ending in ‘y’ — but this year, quite unusually, both candidates have a last name ending in ‘y’. ‘Romney’ ends in ‘y’ and the last name Obama had was ‘Barry’ — also ending in ‘y’.

    Strange isn’t it?

    So if you can trick any punter by offering huge odds and offering the bet “the candidate who wins will have a last name ending in the letter ‘y’. ” But you might want to have an escape handy.


  9. I agree. Most septics won’t even have watched the debate. I dare say many won’t even be aware it was on.

    Obama’s from Chicago. Chicago democrats are not above stealing elections if necessary. That’s what got JFK in. Even the dead were voting. Some of them more than once.


  10. Mr Dunx, please tell me that the McDo story isn’t true. That you made it up to prove a point. That you hate McDo. Or something.


  11. Romney’s robotic monologues just truly creep me out. There’s something missing in the way he talks. Humanity perhaps.

    I’d colour Dubya with the same brush as Blair. Lieing with… charisma? Not that I’m admiring either of those psychopaths.


  12. Probably didn’t make it up, I get the same from the French Peage, so it isn’t unique to the US of A, it’s here in the US of E too. I don’t know which is the more telling or scary.


  13. “Could simply mean they think Labour is a shoo-in next time”

    Which is no doubt true and just goes to prove that if a week is a long time in politics it’s also about four days longer than the averge Brit can remember how their country was destroyed by the dreadful Blair and Brown.

    Thank heaven’s I’ve reached that state of not giving a t..s, anymore.


  14. Obama is down to 59.2 on intrade since oas posted 62.7. Mere minutes. But none of these trading/betting things say anything directly about how people will vote. They claim to represent the guesses of how persons think the group will vote. “The locusts fly in formation, yet they have no king.” -Proverbs


  15. I have a feeling this is all part of a master plan. Obama throws the first debate. Chases all the Republican cash behind Romney (and out of the House and Senate) and then Obama cleans up in the next round *and* takes the House and Senate. Leaving the Republicans utterly destroyed.

    That bad debate smelled awfully intentional…


  16. FullStop, can’t accept that. I did a lot of peage stuff before I got a doofer/badge. No silly issues with change. My view of Europe is that they expect the small change (like they sk for it) to a greater extent than we do in the UK.


  17. Sadly Jon I’m sure it is true. If the machine at McDonald’s told the cashier to give back 20 dollars for a 5 dollar purchase many who work there would do it.
    WARNING…If you feel the world slow down on Thursday………. that would be me stepping off the plane at Heathrow.


  18. Trust an outfit by the name of Pew to spy a reinvention of Treasure Island in the wings. Definitely not for Young Folks.


  19. Come to think of it, I always preferred Kidnapped in any case – a few strange disappearances would be quite something to look forward to.


  20. It’s something we have in Australia – a coin with 12 sides.

    My beef is going to any store and buying something for exactly two dollars, handing the shop assistant a $5.00 note and then that assistant having to use a calculator to work out the change.


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