Greek corruption: Second suicide as SDOE pores over Lagarde’s List

But Merkel’s security arrangements overshadow everything as she prepares to visit Athens

Long-suspected of having massively enriched himself at the Greek Ministry of Defence, Vlassis Kambouroglou has found dead in hotel room in Jakarta. Local medical authorities suggest that Kambouroglou committed suicide.

Kambouroglou was alleged to have been aware of – indeed an active participant in – the corrupt Defence Ministry under the PASOK government between 1997 and 2001. At the time, the Ministry was purchasing large consignments of German munitions, aeroplanes and

In addition, Vlassis Kambouroglou had in the best been in the spotlight concerning Russian arms deals under Boris Yeltsin, as well as earning huge profits in cooperation with Arab weapons merchandisers.

Principally, however, Kambouroglou was accused of being party to the bribery and money laundering network involving former Defence Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos.  He was the managing director of Drumilan International, which was involved in the sale of a Russian-made TOR-M1 missile system to Greece. Called to testify before a parliamentary inquiry into the arms deal in 2004, Vlassis Kambouroglou  denied that his company made any money from the deal. No charges were brought against him.

Lagarde’s List continues to terrify politicians from Surrey to St Petersburg. Feeling the heat more than most, PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos is now insisting that he was not informed last year by his predecessor as finance minister Giorgos Papaconstantinou that the latter had been given a list containing the names of almost 2,000 Greeks with large deposits at the Geneva branch of HSBC.

The most onerous task in Athens at the moment would be searching out a single Greek person who thinks the Fat One is telling the truth. But running it a close second is the task of organising security for the visit of Greece’s favourite politician, Angela Merkel. So popular is the Frau Doktor, police have banned all demonstrations in downtown Athens tomorrow (Tuesday). Indeed, all public gatherings or marches will be banned between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.

There will be no buses or trams running in Athens between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Six metro stations – Panepistimio, Syntagma, Evangelismos, Megaro Mousikis, Ambelokipi and Katechaki – will be closed from 10 a.m. onwards. Parking around the German embassy in Athens will be banned from tonight, and barricades will be put up around Parliament. Snipers will also be placed around the hotel where the German delegation will stay.

How ironic it is that such enormous popularity requires EU leaders to be protected from their adoring citizens, he observed – foot placed perhaps to hard on the sarcasm pedal.


58 thoughts on “Greek corruption: Second suicide as SDOE pores over Lagarde’s List

  1. Methinks they need to round the people on this list up for their own safety. They’ll all be at it soon. Especially the ones who know too much…


  2. I wish to hell that I could stop thinking about what happened during (and after) a previous Austro-Germanic ruler stupidly deciding to pay a visit to the Balkans (Sarajevo some 98 years ago)…….and that only took just ONE very angry and disenfranchised young man………

    I’m not sure if Geli is stunningly brave or stunningly stupid …..but frankly I’d fancy Salman Rushdie’s chances of surviving an opium picking tour of Helmand Province ahead of this visit…… Someone please convince me why the ‘Golden Dawn’ Greek Cops are seriously likely to help her get out of there alive?…I thought they were all well pissed off over their pensions being used to pay off German Banks anyway …..

    Just think, if Geli had been taught how to use Skype properly, she could have continued to wreak Europe from the comfort and safey of her own home…….Good luck tomorrow to all my Greek friends out there !


  3. The truly alarming thing is that the list only refers to one bank. I wonder what will happen when other banks lists are leaked? I am led to believe that the Swiss have several banks.

    lagardes’ list is just the tip of the iceberg.


  4. If the suicides of these scum hit at least a thousand i might start finding my faith in the human race again .There are criminals and criminals , some ruin an individual life , some more , but these people have destroyed a whole country .Greece has lost her psyche .Is a pretend country .She threatens her citizens , does not feel like our home any more , feels like our enemy .That is what these people have done . Hope they all burn in hell . When they are all gone Greece might be able to heal , recover her historical consciousness , find her confidence and pride again .
    We need our country back .


  5. I hope this suicide idea catches on…. then we could have a great lemming like mass suicide of all the politicians and banksters in the world.


  6. “Snipers will also be placed around the hotel where the German delegation will stay”

    I hope they can get a clear shot at the German delegation and the Frau Doctor!


  7. I believe the correct phrasing is that the good minister was “suicided”.

    One does not flee before “offing oneself”. One flees when one realizes one is about to be “offed”. Jakarta? Please.


    Στο περιγιάλι το κρυφό
    κι άσπρο σαν περιστέρι
    διψάσαμε το μεσημέρι·
    μα το νερό γλυφό.

    Πάνω στην άμμο την ξανθή
    γράψαμε τ’ όνομά της·
    ωραία που φύσηξεν ο μπάτης
    και σβήστηκε η γραφή.

    Mε τι καρδιά, με τι πνοή,
    τι πόθους και τι πάθος,
    πήραμε τη ζωή μας· λάθος!
    κι αλλάξαμε ζωή.


  9. Second that. Many sides would like to see this person “offed”…
    BTW, as i read up to now, Indonesian authorities present the suicide cause as probable but not confirmed….


  10. Never mind the figures – the words ‘closed-loop Ponzi system’ and ‘highly amusing’ say it all! Hollow laughter must surely follow.


  11. Hb, i am so surprised – thanks.
    “Πηραμε τη ζωη μας λαθος”….who true it sounds at this point…
    Theodorakis wrote music for this poem. There’s a lot of versions on youtube – there’s even a very good Italian version by Milva.
    Here’s the original recording:


  12. @ Graham – our thoughts exactly here in Athens.
    We aren’t much given to assassination, but in this case just one maddened psycho…..


  13. Nick, thank you – there is much musical beauty and spiritual honesty in that recording. As you were posting it I was reading up on Mikis Theodorakis; although I knew of him I had failed to understand what an important figure he is both musically and politically.


  14. What on Earth is going on?
    They’re coming to inspect the goods?
    After all you would want to see what your about to buy first eh?
    Or, you could guess its the end game in one of the most silent annexations of a sovereign nation I can think of.
    Tin foil hat ?
    A few years ago, I would have thought it was too.
    Strange times indeed.


  15. Here is a translation in English –


    On the secluded seashore
    white like a dove
    we thirsted at noon
    but the water was brackish

    On the golden sand
    we wrote her name
    when the sea breeze blew
    the writing vanished

    With what heart with what spirit
    what desire and what passion
    we led our life – what a mistake!
    so we changed our life


    Στο περιγιάλι το κρυφό
    κι άσπρο σαν περιστέρι
    διψάσαμε το μεσημέρι
    μα το νερό γλυφό

    Πάνω στην άμμο την ξανθή
    γράψαμε τ όνομα της
    ωραία που φύσηξεν ο μπάτης
    και σβήστηκε η γραφή

    Με τι καρδιά με τι πνοή
    τι πόθους και τι πάθος
    πήραμε τη ζωή μας λάθος!
    κι αλλάξαμε ζωή


  16. These suicides are very tidy. I don’t want to start a conspiracy theory. It just a bit odd, out of all proportion. The people concerned would have spent at most four years in Prison. There were other options as well; It’s likely they would have escaped prison all together if they co-operated. Alternatively, They could have gone to South Amercia and escaped extradition or cut a deal to pay back monies acrued etc etc. People usually committ suicide when there appears to be no alternative, these people had a number of options and alternatives.


  17. You know the game is over for them when they need this kind of security to visit their allied nations.

    I’m reasonably sure that this is how hitler/Mussolini/Stalin used to travel.

    Is the parallel completely lost on them up in their ivory towers?!

    You don’t get your point across to people and give yourself a chance to gain their support or at least get them to listen to your POV by barricading yourself behind walls of troops, guns and threats. Duh!

    But carry on angie and Greek chums, it’s another well deserved nail in the coffin.


  18. I tried these sums on who owes what to thevESM on the back of an envelope this morning and could not make the Subs demanded add up at all…ZH had a better shot than me but we had both arrived at similar conclusions….No doubt a large coffee coloured fudge awaits but from the ZH article, Oct 24th and who has and has not chipped in the first legally required tranches should make some hilarious reading…. The ESM is going to have no more clothes than any of these other EZ cunning plans…..I just love the way that MSM called it €500 euro fund this morning ….it is’nt, never will be in my opinion and I will be amazed if it ever raises half of that…..and when the true accounting books of Spain are aired, the black hole should clear the ESM out faster than the money ever goes in!

    The idea that if some country says ‘can’t pay, won’t pay’ everyone else has to chip in a load more dosh should lead to some very nasty squabbles and serious stretching of European Diplomatic Fraternity….we have many weeks of great entertainment coming our way on the ESM (non) paying in book.


  19. It sounds very like the head mistress has come to dole out the punishment ,maybe she will not stay long ,there again ,she will see what she has done ,surrounded by an army of security ,did she really have to go ? Is this what the EEC has come to ,is this what a united Europe has done .


  20. @Yana
    “Greece has lost her psyche”
    I urge all you Sloogers to go and read “Till We Have Faces” by CS Lewis…possibly off thread but a brilliant book about how and why “things” can go wrong. Fits in well with radical realism, dare I say it…
    “…a human must be speaking with its own voice (not one of its borrowed voices), expressing its actual desires (not what it imagines that it desires), being for good or ill itself, not any mask…” per CSL himself circa 1956
    Nothing changes, eh?


  21. @Hieronimusb
    “Slooger” n. a Slogger (ibid) who can slog and opine at the same time as urinating. Origin mod. Internet (G.O.D.)


  22. Let’s hope that Smirkin Merkin gets the Athens equivalent of a Glasgow kiss. Other than posturing and refrigeration what can she possibly have to offer?


  23. @kfc: Ok, granted debt monetisation is their only card as they have thrown the rest of the pack overboard and kept the joker, but in the end it can only create more debt. At some point, which remains to be seen but is inevitable, public confidence in governments and fiat money is lost/destroyed against a background of falling living standards; then the game changes.


  24. @popo you are right , just googled “Almaz-Antey killings” ( the russian co that sold the TOR-M1 to Greece ) an other 2 or possible 4 russians ( very powerful men and very close to Putin) have been killed in connection with 80 million that went missing between the company and the greek ministry of defence .Following the hiding and the death of Cambouroglou now i am not surprised that Smpokos that worked together with Tsochatzopoulos surrender himself to greek police just few days ago .They all feel safer in prison . That is why Tsochatzopoulos refuses to talk despite the pleas from his wife and daughter that are held in prison as well .This is starting looking like John Le Carre and Graham Greene in a single story .


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  26. The only way, there must be egalitarianism .

    ALL corrupted filthy Hellenic political elite, all the traitors and their collaborators must be excoriated and hanged at Syntagma Sqr.


  27. A secret list implicating many of the highest officials in many different countries of illegal arms deals, money laundering, Russian mafia connections, secret money transfers and worse… and then 2 guys with direct involvement and knowledge of the other major players commit suicide within 10 days? Riiiiiight… at least now the world will see how Europe’s “leaders” REALLY take care of business.


  28. Ioanni you are right on the money , just the moment we thought that our own local slimy sloogers ( see above Nick’s comment for new handy word ) were running just their family shops in Greece , they turn out to be world class scum .


  29. Corruption within the E.U., by government departments, ministers and politicians colluding with big business and wealthy individuals to defraud the ordinary citizens is not confined to Greece, although this article is 6 months old I had not come across it until reading this blog yesterday, which only goes to prove that the MSM is not exactly the place to look if you want to know what’s really going on.


  30. Reblogged this on Machholz's Blog and commented:
    As usual, the real big boys in Germany are well hidden and will not be brought to justice. “The angel of debt” should concentrate in cleaning up her own nest of worms in Berlin and in Frankfurt (Deutsche Bank).Corruption at the centre of the EU surpasses anything we can imagine.


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