LAGARDE’S LIST: The fallout continues as ex-interior minister Tzanis hangs himself

One of the 36 Greek luminaries being investigated on the basis of Lagarde’s List of 2000 Greek tax evaders, was found dead yesterday. Leonidas Tzanis (left) a former Pasok deputy interior minister in the Costas Simitis’ government, took his own life at his home in Volos. He was already being investigated by Greece’s SDOE until for financial irregularities, and suspicious acquisition of wealth.

First elected in 1993, Tzanis served as an MP until 2007, and was deputy Minister of the Interior from February 1999 to October 2001. He was 57 years old. The prominent PASOK MP served as chairman of the parliamentary committee assigned to investigate the case of the Floisvos Casino. A celebrated scandal from 1995, the Floisvos affair was dominated by charges of impropriety against Tourism Minister Dionysios Livanos. The tender, during which Livanos had been accused of favouring one bidder in reurn for money, was subsequently cancelled.

The Government spokesman denying impropriety in the case was….Evangelos Venizelos.

The Slog raised several questions about the mystery of Lagarde’s List earlier in the week. The list was handed to Antonis Samaras by Evangelos Venizelos last Tuesday, following which John Sbokos – ex  Secretary to the Directorate of Armament – was immediately arrested by the SDOE.

As an arms minister, Sbokos played a central role in the corrupt purchase of German submarines. Lagarde’s List has international ramifications because it is thought that prominent German politicians will be implicated by the testimony of those now being brought to justice.

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34 thoughts on “LAGARDE’S LIST: The fallout continues as ex-interior minister Tzanis hangs himself

  1. Not the only example of German-Greek corporate corruption. Siemens was involved in the bribing of Greek politicians, was fined hundreds of millions by the Eu and a billion dollars by the USA for corruption in contract letting. But despite repeated warnings from me (with support only from the Derby Telegraph!!) two succesive Transport Secretaries failed to stop the award of the Thameslink contract to Siemens.

    Like so many of our ministries the DfT seems to be totally ignorant and incompetent. But why do they need to be anything else given the pathetic little inadequates that the professional political class throws up to “control” them??


  2. It’s just that Richard Gardner was also supposed to have stabbed himself, but I dont believe that it was possible for that old man to have died the way he was said to have died. Also how could David Kelly have committed suicide the way he was reported to have done?

    So excuse me for keeping an open mind about suicide by hanging, because I think most people who had the means to do it, plenty of money, would choose a less traumatic way of doing themselves in rather than hanging.


  3. I wonder if he knew which cupboards had the skeletons? Then again, the conspiracy theorists wil have a field day.
    Nothing is new, just remember Shakespear


  4. Sometimes, acronyms occur in real that novelists would give their typing fingers to have invented. see below:
    The Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), a body set up by the Council of Europe, has also leveled serious criticisms at the way Greece funds its politics


  5. Greece May Run Out of Money in November

    Greece will run out of cash in November if its creditors don’t grant the next installment of its aid package, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said in an interview with German business daily Handelsblatt published Friday.

    The newspaper asked Mr. Samaras how long Greece could survive without the 31.5 billion euros ($40.8 billion) in aid. “Until November, then the coffers are empty,” he is quoted as saying in reply.

    Greece’s troika of creditors–officials from the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank–are in Greece assessing the country’s progress in fulfilling the terms of its financial aid package. Their report is due this month.

    Newspaper website:


  6. The same Angela Merkel that got her whole government to campaign for Samaras, and help re-elect the people she says defrauded the country and the world by having hidden these debts, and doomed Greece for decades? Why… whatever could be the reason?… (strategy meeting?… cramming more skeletons in the closet?, maybe she just wants to smell the hydrocarbons they will be whisking away for pennies after they have destroyed the country…).


  7. On Tuesday everybody on the streets with german flags to welcome samara’s boss.

    Filthy collaborators -traitors , all of you must be hanged on Syntagma Sq..


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  9. Hard times, corruption and austerity in Greece have encouraged desperate measures. To leave the Euro is the only solution.


  10. Siemens, – needn’t say much more than:
    …During the second World War, Siemens supported the Hitler regime, contributed to the war effort and participated in the “Nazification” of the economy…. Wikipedia


  11. Don’t start that again. I thought they were out of cash this time last year. Amazing how they can keep the show on the road.


  12. I hardly see it as “Justice” when the man has not faced a proper trial.

    It is escapism of the very worst kind. He could have stood up for what he did for his country (!!), and paid for it properly with the due justice from the Greek people. Whether that would be in the deepest dungeon in Athens or waving around in Syntagma square.


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  14. Really don’t want to sound a smart aris’, but not sure that those who would wish to self-determine the timing of their mortal coil shuffling would spend too long agonising over whiich was the cheaper option.


  15. Got a problem with that, today? I suggest you just keep boycotting each and every Teutonic business because they are indeed linked to the past… duhh!


  16. Gemma , things have gone way too far with the criminally corrupt politicians and their friends and in Greece . The country is destroyed .If you are asking for sympathy for the death of one of them because he might have not been as guilty, is like asking for sympathy for the death of a WW2 nazi that was not really like the others and proper justice might have proven that .No one joined politics in Greece for the last 30 years for other reason than greediness .All of them wanted to become rich and wanted to grab whatever their dirty hands could get hold of .Greece is destroyed .Greece has lost its psyche .People need to save their sympathy for themselves .


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