At the End of the Day

A longstanding Slogger recently sent me some details on the abandonment, by the Government of the Netherlands, of its long-held belief in the multicultural model of society. This is more than just a mindset: it is to be enshrined in Law as The Integration Bill. As the Government statement notes:

“The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model, and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people.”

If you’re going to share a social dissatisfaction, you must first of all notice it. This is something which the British governing élite spectacularly fails to do on almost every issue. But the time has surely come when even Westminster must realise that (a) the policy been a manifest failure, and (b) this merely confirms what every nation from Nigeria to India has discovered in throughout history.

The year before last, Angela Merkel burst out of the pc closet and flatly asserted – Geli doesn’t do consultation, only dictation – that multiculturalism had failed in Germany. The French (on this subject they are the most sane nationality in the EU) never believed in it in the first place, repeating and thus confirming the State’s decades-old mantra ad infinitum: you are welcome here, but from this day forward you are French – take it or leave it.

However, the one hypocritical hole in the French approach is that they have not treated their African Muslim and Asian former Indo-Chinese immigrants as equals. Most of them wound up in the deadly banlieues of its metropolitan areas: indeed, in one town quite close to our house in southern France, former Vietnamese are still occupying disgusting prefabs their forebears were offered on arriving in France during 1954.

Regular visitors here will know of my solid belief that while a degree of privilege (based on superior performance) will accrue in societies – as pack creatures, we are hierarchically wired anyway – unearned, gratuitous privilege is a cancer which must be cut out ruthlessly before a self-destructive dose of chemotherapy becomes necessary. Thus, on the one hand, British immigrants have been handed all manner of undeserved legal and social privileges; but on the other, immigrants in all EU countries have become the butt not of natural pack selection, but pack rejection. Crude and blunt as this next observation may sound, if you don’t want a body to reject a transplant, the best route to success is to convince the body that the transplant belongs in there.

The fastest and most logical way to achieve that is to behave like the Romans when in Rome. Over the last century in Britain, Jewish, Chinese, Indian, Irish and Polish immigrants in the UK have succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations by ‘becoming British’. Thirty-five years ago, I marvelled as (in a London Tube carriage) African Asians chucked out by Idi Amin were busy discussing English business law with their cousins already living here. Only hours before, they had arrived on a plane at Heathrow from Uganda. Ten years ago, in another Tube carriage, I was given an equally warm feeling of reassurance when observing Polish parents admonishing their young children for not speaking English.

This is what it comes down to: all of our successful immigrant groups tend to celebrate their cultural heritage in the comfort and privacy of their homes and social clubs. They have never tried to convince the host population that their way is better than that of the indigenous peoples. Every immigrant prepared to accept that general rule is in turn entitled to expect a level playing field when it comes to social acceptance, education, employment and housing.

If some find this formula restrictive, I can only say “Go read a book about what real people are like, not what your bigotry would prefer them to be like”.

Probably no other UK socio-religious group has benefitted more from obeying this guidance than Britain’s Jews. If you’re a Jew, as Tom Lehrer memorably observed, you’re ignored if you don’t and damned if you do. Not for nothing did he sing:

“Oh the Catholics hate the Protestants/And the Muslims hate the Hindus/And the Sunnis hate the Shi’ites/And everyone hates the Jews”

So let me end on a light-hearted Friday night note with a lovely Jewish story.

A British Jew whose orthodox grandfather has been persecuted in Hungary arranges to get the old boy over to Britain. Grandad arrives at Gatwick, complete with black cowboy hat and ringlets.

“Grandad,” says the Brit, “We need to give you a proper haircut and change those clothes, otherwise you’ll never fit in here. You’re giving off the wrong signals.”

The old man looks dubious, but his grandson kits him out in proper Savile Row garb, and then takes him to Toni & Guy for a tonsorial makeover.

Halfway through the haircut, the Brit sees that his Hungarian grandfather is crying. He is suddenly struck with guilt for his unpardonable denial of Jewish heritage.

“Grandad,” he says, “I’m so sorry losing your identity has made you cry. Please forgive me for bringing on your tears”.

“I’m not crying about having a Goy haircut,” the old bloke replies, “I’m crying because we lost India”.

Life is about adaptation. Enjoy the weekend.

31 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Great ending John,Loved it. Reminded me of the time a friend was at the Gymkana Club in New Delhi during the Falklands war, a barbecue was proceeding. The club president, a retired Indian colonel, asked for hush whilst he made an announcement. ‘we have landed, secured a beachhead and are moving on to victory’. The crowd, 100 per cent Indian, roared its approval. When asked why he cared, the colonel said we are all part of the Commonwealth and an attack on one of us is an attack on all. I think there would have been a different reaction in Pakistan.


  2. “The year before last, Angela Merkel burst out of the pc closet and flatly asserted – Geli doesn’t do consultation, only dictation – that multiculturalism had failed in Germany. The French (on this subject they are the most sane nationality in the EU) never believed in it in the first place, repeating and thus confirming the State’s decades-old mantra ad infinitum: you are welcome here, but from this day forward you are French – take it or leave it.”

    It is a failure everywhere it is tried.

    Mangled Messages from Germany over “multikulti” and the Failure of Muslims to Assimilate

    Abstract: Chancellor Angela Merkel has injected some snarled political concepts in a maneuver to defuse the corrosive situation in Germany where Muslims cannot seem to fit into an expected multicultural society community or “multikulti” as they call it. The politics then becomes the supreme guiding factor for analyzing the reasons for this, but crime statistics and welfare slot counts are off limits. The process then degenerates into a squabble over what can not be said rather than address the problem in any other way. Thus, the political ‘solution’ is not to address the problem. Such processes in the US tend to open up slots in schools and universities for those with inadequate skills for college. IQ testing is outlawed in the US because it “discriminates” against minorities as if we cannot see how IQ testing sorts out people by those cognitive skills. Many of our political leaders are loathsome beings with a contempt and fury for not only capitalism but those with superior mental skills. These politicians have placed us in terminal debt, have opened as many borders as they can, falsified credentials and have attempted to force ‘equality’ upon us when it is impossible to do this. It is time to call liberalism or egalitarianism a total failure and vote these so-called leaders out of office.


  3. That’s a lovely story…. I was chuckling for some time. I emailed it to an Indian friend in Pune, who emailed back TOO BLOODY TRUE.


  4. Well the issue was rather squashed by the elections, so is now resurfacing. De heer Hein Donner published his bill in June. Plenty of time to get used to the idea.

    The main issue for Brits in the Netherlands is one of dual nationality. The proposal is that this should no longer be tolerated.

    I don’t really see that much to get excited about though. Indeed many measures have been in place since 2007 – such as requiring non-EU immigrants to pass proficiency tests before even entering the country.


  5. OAH

    I had that story from the other side. One of the soldiers who landed there worked with our firm. He said that when they landed the gear from the barges, in the expectation of radars and so on – they had the mess silver cutlery and the disco equipment!

    Mind you, they still managed to prevail!


  6. I think you’re with the prevailing Oz culture there John. And I very much agree. As one who has been absolutely against faith schools of every kind – a nasty Blair-turned-Catholic scheme that – I wholly endorse the anti-multicultural movement. Faith schools simply perpetuate bigoted intolerance. Always have done always will do. Catholic, Protestant, Shia, Shi’ite, Muslim or Jewish they all do the Jesuit thing – “Give me the child for seven years, and I will give you the man” – [and a bigoted, blinkered, extremist militant one at that say I].
    We should all tolerate and celebrate the divers cultures which enrich this country as long as those from arriving here from those cultures respect ours and prioritise assimilation.

    Talking of multiculturalism…there was a Scot, a Cockney and this Irish fella…
    “As good as this is,” said Scotsman, “I still prefer the pubs back home.
    In Glasgow my landlord goes out of his way for the locals. When you buy four drinks, he’ll give you the fifth.”
    “Well, Angus,” said the Cockney, at my local the barman will buy you your third drink after you buy the first two.”
    “Ahhh, dat’s nuttin’,” said the Irishman, “back home in my favourite pub,
    the moment you set foot in the place, they’ll buy you a drink, then another,
    all the drinks you like, actually. Then, when you’ve had enough drinks,
    they’ll take you upstairs and see dat you gets laid, all on the house!”
    The Scotsman the Cockney were both suspicious.
    The Irishman swore every word was true.
    Did this actually happen to you?”
    “Not meself, personally, no,” admitted the Irishman, “but it happened to me sister quite a few times.”


  7. Hi John,
    Another good article, proves two things, with common sense and a sense of humour, most things can be sorted.
    Just a bit our politicos don’t have any, common sense that is.


  8. “Over the last century in Britain, Jewish, Chinese, Indian, Irish and Polish immigrants in the UK have succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations by ‘becoming British’. ”

    Let’s see now. Jewish: average IQ, average 110. Chinese: average IQ, about 103. Polish and Irish: European peoples, average IQ 100. Indians: practice a from of racial apartheid via the caste system, meaning the higher caste Indians who make up Britain’s immigrants are higher than India’s national average.

    Let’s see who hasn’t done well: West Indians: average IQ (using Jamiaca as an example) 72. Africans: average IQ of Sub-Saharan Africa: 70. Pakistanis and Bangladeshis: don’t have the averages to hand, but India is 81 and Nepal 78, so let’s say around 80.

    I know you dismiss the idea that race matters, JW, but if it doesn’t, the above stats are one hell of a coincidence. To assimilate into and succeed in Western societies, immigrant populations need an IQ close to that of Europeans. If they are too low, no amount of wishful thinking will make integration of those groups possible.


  9. “Life is about adaptation”
    Taking this further , Eistein said “Intelligence is the ability to adapt”, and lets take this reeeeeeally back .Fossil records show that approximately one million years ago , the human brain suddenly began to grow at an unprecedented rate , adding about one cubic inch every hundred thousand years .Then the growth rate doubled , and doubled again, until the brain was growing by ten cubic inches every thousand years .Scientists speculate that the phenomenal growth was fueled by a great ice age , the first in a few million years , and thus the first since human inhabited the planet.By the time the glaciers were advancing about eight hundred thousand years ago , humans had already migrated to northern regions of the earth from their point of origin near the equator and the drastic climate change required man to develop new skills .Some scientists believe that the brain’s sudden growth was stimulated by those ice age requirements .
    In other words it maybe nothing else but need for adaptation that started it.Our great ingenuity and energy ,civilizations and cultures that evolved during the last few hundred thousand years perhaps are left overs from our struggle and desire to conquer new elements and adapt.
    So this isn’t about the country that takes you in, this is about your own advancement and growth .Dear migrants , intelligence is up for grabs .


  10. A friend had to give up farming for health reasons and got a job with the agricultural department of a merchant bank, leasing tractors, livestock etc – something which could be very helpful to farmers who are asset rich but cash poor. One of his early prospects was a Pole of the wartime vintage who had clawed his way up to a substantial farm. He just could not make the sale although this was an absolutely ideal situation for the service. So he asked his manager to help.

    The manager came, repeated the spiel and demonstrated all the benefits.
    “Yes, but your interest rate is too high” said the farmer. The manager explained that it was allowable against tax. “But I’m delighted to pay my taxes to this country” said the Pole. Collapse of sales manager!

    I used the scheme for my new business, which had a good cash flow and leased a car for just one year. So I could offset the whole cost against tax instead of depreciating it. After that there was just a peppercorn charge which the bank did not bother to collect. Unfortunately the Inland Revenue had stopped that loophole by the time I needed a replacement


  11. Perhaps it is the same as in France where non-French citizens cannot vote in Parliamentary or Presidential elections, even though they are taxed here. It brings up the “No representation although taxed” theme. Dual citizenship gives one the right to vote. (Note. EU citizens can only vote in Local elections in France)


  12. OAH

    I suppose you will be suggesting that they wear red and fight with swords whilst their bearer carries the wine cooler next.

    To be caught in an air-raid and have the silverware to fight with is not very clever. Well, perhaps it is different where you come from.


  13. Lena Horne and Sheriff Clark are dancing cheek to cheek missing from this version.

    Tom Lehrer, an American treasure, more appreciated outside the US than inside. Still with us I believe.


  14. OAH

    John de Melle is right. Actually, what he says goes for all European countries, even Britain. (However if you arrive in Britain you are allowed social benefits as soon as you land there, this is not so in most European countries under an EU law that the UK sees fit not to implement!).


  15. As a last thought, my responses were either late at night or early this morning – and the coffee hasn’t kicked in even now. Well, it is weekend, that Great Dutch Passion for … staying in bed and dreaming!

    I would like to know what all the fuss is about. There is practically nothing in the Dutch press save an inside-piece in the FD from three weeks ago.

    I was worried that I had missed something important. News that the Slog does sometimes scoop up. Could someone please explain why it is so important this weekend, and not in June when there was all the fuss about this?


  16. “, in one town quite close to our house in southern France, former Vietnamese are still occupying disgusting prefabs their forebears were offered on arriving in France during 1954″

    Pay a visit, John, as I did yesterday. The streets are re-surfaced and there is a serious amount of rebuilding going on. Half the Nissan huts have already gone and it looks as if the rest will soon go too.

    Now the cynical amongst us might conclude that this is only happening since there are almost no Vietnamese left – they have been there for more than fifty years after all,most have died off and their children live elsewhere. The suspicion is that this development, conveniently away from the town and well out of sight, might be intended for ‘social housing’. If so, the site is spacious and well ordered and compares favourably with ‘sink’ estates in the UK.

    En passant, the two convenience stores on site are brand new and offer the best selection of Asian spices and delicacies for many miles around.


  17. Your argument does not support your conclusion. The intelligence of humans living in cold climes did indeed develop differently, as the consequences of failure were severe, meaning the stupid died out. In warmer climes, the selection process was not as rigorous. This has resulted in Europeans and North Asians developing a higher average IQ, while Africans etc are generally lower.

    As you say, this process has taken hundreds of thousands of years. It is not true, therefore, that intelligence for today’s migrants is “up for grabs”. Over eons, it may be that West Indians and Pakistanis in the UK can increase their average intelligence, but in the meantime, Britain will regress to a Third World hell-hole, as it has already begun to do. This is clearly unacceptable, and cannot be justified on any grounds.


  18. I saw a tv programme about airlines, & part of it showed one in Nigeria. The plane was literally held together with electrical tape, oil dripped from other parts of it, some rather plucky Russians were going to fly it, & all the passengers were rather apprehensive, but said they had no alternative.Crashes are quite frequent. Outside, people pic-nicked under the planes, & other planes’ wheels, there was no security barrier to prevent anyone coming on to the runway, in fact there didn’t seem to be any security at all. No wonder planes from this area of the world are not allowed to land in Paris or London!(At least, that is what we were told by the presenter). Contrast that with the level of security & maintenance at ALL our airports, even before the age of terrorism arrived!
    And yet they tell me that “we’re all the same”.


  19. ADB , i used a very “loud” evolutionary theory as a kind of joke .Intelligence does grow with experiences ,challenges , learning new perspectives and points of view and keeping an open mind , instead of comfortably sticking to your culture ,your language and your way of thinking only .In Singapore where i live the locals say “like a frog under the coconut shell” , he thinks that’s all the world there is . Since it just happened and evolution has provided our species with such large and amazing organ would be a pity not to use it properly and ” grab some intelligence “.You never know if the next couple of eons we will be begin to grow an other part of our anatomy to lead us to our next destiny :)


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