SYRIAN ‘ATTACK ON TURKEY’: Am I the only one who’s suspicious about this?

Hague…small bald idiot

In their rush to judgement on this issue, the Allies have failed to find a plausible motive.

On July 29th last, The Slog posted a piece on Syria entitled, ‘Why Syria is a potential Sarajevo that could engulf us all’. That prediction appeared to come tragically true yesterday when, allegedly, the Damascus regime shelled an area in Turkey, killing five Turkish citizens.

Unsurprisingly (given their avowed intent to remove the Assad regime in Syria) the Americans and British roundly condemned the action. Hague in particular was up the American backside faster than you could say shock and awe, proclaiming that  it represented an “outrageous act. I condemn the violence from the Syrian regime which has led to the deaths of a number of Turkish citizens, including a mother and her children.”

Clearly, the Mekon had already decided this must be Damascus’s handiwork. What he doesn’t seem to have asked himself yet is why on earth the Syrian government would do such a thing. Turkey’s Recep Erdogan is a self-proclaimed ally of Iran, and Iran is an equally self-proclaimed ally of Syria. Besieged as he is by Sunnis, why would Bashar Assad want to alienate the only folks around who’d like to see him win?

It’s also a shame Hague didn’t wait to hear what Damascus had to say, which was this:

“We are looking into the origin of the cross-border shelling. Syria offers its sincere condolences to the families of the victims, and to our friends the Turkish people,” said Information Minister Omran Zoabi.

But the Americans laid it on with a trowel: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Washington was “outraged”, and Pentagon spokesman George Little added, “This is yet another example of the depraved behaviour of the Syrian regime, and why it must go.”

Well, the Syrian regime sounded more contrite than depraved to me. Compare and contrast the statement out of Damascus to the bellicosity of our old chum and David Cameron’s good friend, Erdogan the Mad:

“Our armed forces in the border region immediately retaliated against this heinous attack… by shelling targets spotted by radar. Turkey will never leave unanswered such provocations by the Syrian regime targeting our national security, in line with engagement rules and international law.”

Not a very calm or measured response I’d say. And note this carefully: Erdogan immediately sought parliamentary  approval for the deployment of Turkish troops beyond its borders. This is the same army whose senior ranks Mr Erdogan only recently jailed because they were ‘plotting against him’.

This smells to me like a put-up job. NATO ally attacked by madman in his death throes, NATO instantly responds with “we stand by our member Turkey, and urge the Syrian regime to end flagrant violations of international law.” Erdogan distracts attention away from his burgeoning economic problems at home, and gets the perfect excuse for a popular war – plus the involvement of those nice respectable people from NATO….as opposed to those nasty warmongers the Anglo-Americans.

What I’d like to see now is some proof: who made the attack, and why, who gave the order, and what the objective was. The Syrians have apologised and the Turks have retaliated. To listen to the Americans, NATO and their bumboy Hague, you’d think it was the other way round.

This is a very dangerous gamble by the Anglo-Saxon West. I have an uneasy feeling that it’s all going to end in tears.

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65 thoughts on “SYRIAN ‘ATTACK ON TURKEY’: Am I the only one who’s suspicious about this?

  1. Sure seems to have been a ‘Black Flag’ event by some unknown ‘agent provocateurs’, to ensure the predictable responses from Erdogan and the usual Western stooges.
    Seems all so rehearsed.


  2. The world seems intent on rushing to disaster on all fronts possible. What amazes me is the resigned acceptance, by so many around me, that everyting wrong, bizzare and criminal going on all around us, is simply the new normal. I feel like I have somehow been swept up in a play about the end of the world, without being asked if i wanted a part!


  3. As soon as I read the MSM garbage collectors “evidence” I knew immediately it was very suspicious and stated so prior to this post which I have also posted with link to the forum I live in and my favourite saying is “its all going to end in tears”. We are once again playing with fire, the war criminals in government who are doing exactly what Hitler and his cohorts did not so many decades ago and many of them hanged for it. The problem is when the “international War Crimes system” ignores whats happening in favour of a fat paycheck. We are in very big trouble right now and I dread to think of the consequences when good men do nothing (should actually say “when the right men in the right place do nothing”)


  4. Speaking from a military perspective and as a former Mortar instructor, unless you are using precision guided munitions, mortars and artillery are highly inaccurate and have to be adjusted onto a target by a spotter who, during that adjustment will move the fall of shot around. Mortars in particular require a bedding-in process to settle the baseplate. Initial firings by mortars and artiullery can miss quite easily by 3-400 metres and that’s with firecontrol computers, accurate maps, compasses and trained crews and fire controllers.. Even once adjusted, neither mortars nor artillery are ‘point weapons’. They are area weapons and the rounds will fall in a beaten zone that gets bigger the further from the target area the gun/mortar line is

    This incident happened literally just on the far side of a border post controlled by the FSA. One possibly two rounds. Probably a fire controller bracketing the border post.


  5. It is all reminiscent of the various “Market Place Massacres” in Sarajevo wher mortar attacks were consistently blamed on the Serbs. It was the ourage against these attacks which led to the massive bombing of Sebia.

    The evidence of who actually carried out these attacks has never been proven for certain. Many sourcesd claim it was the Bosnian Government itself. Philip Corwen, a senior member of the UN in Bosnia has recently written a book about his experience there (Dubious Mandate: A memoir of the UN in Bosnia, Summer 1995 [Duke, London, UK, 1999]):

    “The French forces (the main UN armed force in Sarajevo) were continually harassed, shot at, blocked at, and threatened by Bosnian government forces . . . it was the French who pointed out that the Bosnian government was placing weapons systems next to UN facilities in order to draw fire from Serb artillery onto civilian and UN targets and thus provoke international outrage against the Serbs . .. (p178)

    I hold no great brief for the Serbs. They were a pretty unpleasant bunch, but it does show how easy it can be to manipulate political opinion against your enemies. Did not Hitler do something similar in 1939 to justify the invasion of Poland.


  6. Sorry, Savepenrhos, could you please explain your point in plain language, as though I see what you’re saying, I don’t see what you mean.


  7. He’s saying that to get that accuracy with two rounds means the mortar/artillary peice had to be in place a lot earlier and subject to a spotter near to the target on the border or even in Turkey. Now could the Syrian Army be allowed to do that?


  8. What I’m saying Mo is that because of the inaccuracies of indirect fire systems such as mortars and artillery, A Spotter ‘cold-firing’ at the FSA occupied border post will definately miss with their initial rounds by as much as 3-400 metres.

    Being as this was only 1-2 rounds and they overshot the borderpost by less than that, then my experience says to me that this was a fire-controller adjusting fire onto the border post itself and they were initial adjusting rounds. Nothing unusual, untoward or sinister. Merely stupid to use indirect fire weapons against a target in the border itself.


  9. Hmmm as so many have noted this does seem very odd, but it is worrying, as the original grand-daddy for this method of provocation was used in the Winter War in 1939.

    Shelling of MainilaOn 26 November, a border incident was reported near the village of Mainila. A Soviet border guard post had been shelled by an unknown party resulting, according to Soviet reports, in the deaths of four and injuries of nine border guards. Research conducted by several Finnish and Russian historians later concluded that the shelling was carried out from the Soviet side of the border by an NKVD unit with the purpose of providing the Soviet Union with a casus belli and a pretext to withdraw from the non-aggression pact.[56][F 12]

    Far more interesting is that as a NATO member whose territory has been ‘attacked’, Turkey can now call on NATO to deal with the aggressor, and we all know in what direction that will be headed….

    The countdown has begun to a full scale middle eastern war, with covert ops, provocations, and a messy ‘insurgency’ backed by the West in Syria…

    With Iran as the next target.

    Hell the British government has even provided the Syrian ‘Freedom fighters’ with radio’s, and to use radio’s properly you need training, and who is doing that I wonder, so that will mean troops on the ground, when was that debated in Parliament?

    The only thing that could stop a full on shooting match in the Middle East, is if things hot up between the Chinese and the Japanese…

    Either way, it’s not looking great…


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  11. By personal experience (military service) i can only agree on the mortar/artillery targeting tactics and issues. A miscalculation of the wind speed/direction during an exercise – and the mortar round came to land 6m of our jeep. It didn’t explode (i wouldn’t be here if it did).
    Rain on the night before had leaked into the ammunition tent, and a couple of the wooden boxes with the rounds inside, got wet.
    Never felt luckier in my life so far….


  12. could likely have been the insurgent army firing on Syrian government army who had defected over the border to try to escape? If they hit civilians by mistake? no real down side for them as they can get some foreign intervention at last…..


  13. As they say in the classics, ‘Cui bono?’. Anyhow, the Good Guys have their excuse and continued repetition of the lie will drive out the truth. It’s in a good cause, isn’t it?


  14. Planned on accident? I read different views in the local “specialised” media.
    The incident happened in the Turkish border town of Akcakale.
    One side reports that Akcakale is so close to the border (and to the fighting ground between Syrian rebels and government troops), that stray bombs and bullets have been just missing the city for the past weeks. So it was just a matter of time.
    The other side claims secure info that this was a planned Syrian goverment attack, as Akcakale is a base of Syrian rebels inside Turkey.
    The only sure thing is Turkey (and whoever is behind Turkey) will try to avail as much as possible of this incident.
    Minutes ago, the Turkish parliament authorised their government with card-blanc, the right to escalate on the spot, “if national security is threatened”.
    Party time – no worries, you will all be invited….


  15. Honestly I don’t even know why they still bother with this kind of false flag crap, nobody buys it any more. Everyone with a brain large enough to allow for simultaneous breathing and walking knows what they’re up to and what they want out of it and the simple truth is there’s really precious little that can be done to stop them and even less will to try so they will once again do as they please. Hundreds of thousands more will probably die and those responsible will once again stroll off scott-free to their money counting rooms ( I just assume they have those ).


  16. When Erdogan was talking to his AKP party on the 26th of June this year he declared Damaskus as holly for the Turks as Istanbul and warned the ones that dont know their history to be condemned and never understand their present.Does it sound like external policy to you or claims and dreams of an old empire?Suddenly the Syrian civil war is turning into a “national issue” for the Turks .Watch out for new “security zones” inside Syria soon .


  17. Don’t really have a clue. Possible answers:
    1) He would like to to change the country name to rUK = re-United Kingdom
    2) He intends to change the country name to O.N. = One Nation. Then invite in as full members all the former British colonies/protectorates – arabs included. Screw the cousins and their filthy UN puppet – let’s all unite under the Queen – not Queens!
    3) The two traditional political parties, Tories and Whigs, should come together and form one party – after all they are both equally incompetent. Possible names: The Torigs. Or…The Conslabor Party. After all we’ve come to a point of cons cons cons and no labor…


  18. @ ‘savepenrhos’ Thank you for this contribution. One of the real pleasures of reading the Slog is informed opinion and links, rather than just opinion.


  19. Who remembers when 9 Turks were shot dead execution style on board their ship in international waters. Who remembers the outcry of the Yanks?


  20. You forget that ED M is Jewish and a supporter of Israel. May even be a dual national as well as a green card holder. His brother is close to the US neocon with Jewish American wife and two adopted American children. But no one dares say Quisling! Is this what we need when the Middle East is in turmoil?


  21. But maybe he is wrong about the Mekon being up the American’s backside. In baseball terms he is probably a catcher not a pitcher.


  22. Let’s hope the Turkish Kurds see this as a opportunity to assert their independence and distract the Tk army. We also need to hear from the Russians. .


  23. Odd one this. Whilst I can see how the Americans might want to create tension between two erstwhile allies, what is Erdogan’s game? You said Turkey is an ally of Iran and Iran is an ally of Syria so shouldn’t they be tucked up in bed together? Has Erdogan come into money recently? Maybe greenbacks somehow?

    I also am totally suspicious of ‘Syria’ shelling Turkey. Of course there’s no way this could be one of the many opposition factions with a spare 105′ they found lying around could it? Or even a small but amazingly highly trained group of ‘international observers’ one of whom said ‘I wonder what happens if I squeeze these trigger handles together……’

    As you say it is so utterly stupid for Syria and so utterly advantageous to their opponents that any judge could not fail to notice who benefits from such an incident and immediately have doubt cast on the evidence before them.

    However, like the meek little gossip columnists they are, our media just repeat without verification anything the Rebels/Turks say and accord it 25 carat status.

    Well all the metaphors speak together on this, ‘fishy’ being the most obvious.


  24. When will the big one come?

    The big False Flag terrorist attack blamed on Iran.

    The bombing of London or New York or a USS Liberty type attack on another US naval ship in the Persian Gulf?

    It’s gotta come to get US citizens to support an attack on Iran.

    Watch this space.


  25. Considerations Before Adjusting Fire
    She Wears Little Pink Crutchless Knickers SWLPCK

    S – Safety of friendly forces
    W – Wind & Weather
    L – Lines of fire
    P – Problem targets
    C – Commanders adjustment policy,
    K – K factor. Distance from the observer to the target area in kilometres.


  26. As usual whenever this blog touches a raw nerve somewhere it is difficult to post a comment.

    However remember WW2 started with Polish border raids into Germany – at least so Germany claimed.

    In my view this is the same bllx. No one in their right mind would think that Assad would want to pick another fight right now – except maybe the MSM – at least DT excepted in part.


  27. Like

  28. Spot the difference.

    Turkish police teargas anti-war protesters near parliament

    (Reuters) – Turkish police fired tear gas to stop a small group of anti-war protesters approaching parliament on Thursday as deputies debated a motion that could authorize military action in Syria if the government deems it necessary.

    A Reuters reporter saw 25-30 protesters chanting “We don’t want war!” and “The Syrian people are our brothers!” in front of the parliament building in the capital Ankara.

    Turkey: Thousands protest against Syria conflict

    More than 5,000 people rally in Istanbul as Ankara-Damascus tensions grow; UN Security Council condemns Syrian mortar fire that killed five Turks.

    More than 5,000 people gathered in Istanbul Thursday in protest of the growing tensions between Turkey and Syria; urging Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan not to declare war on Damascus.,7340,L-4288918,00.html


  29. I believe he may be referring to the boarding of a Turkish ship by Israeli commandos when the ship tried to run the Gaza blockade; however, in that case, the Israelis were in the right to do this (provided you accept their stated right to board the ship in the first place). The Turks were either armed or attacked the Israelis with apparently lethal intent.


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