19 thoughts on “Official: Miliband still full of wind

  1. I think Ed is great. I think it is grossly unfair for one commentator to call him ” a fair trade Mr Bean Lite, on a piece of string”.


  2. He’s full of something and I think it’s a bit more solid than just wind.

    And what’s with the purple/pale blue theme and the phrase ‘One Nation’, I thought the Tories had copyright on that.


  3. One Nation …

    Protestants v. Catholics, Muslims v. Jews, Scots v. English, Bankers v. Us, VOSA v. Law-abiding drivers trying to make a living, UKBA v. Tired travellers just trying to get home, BMW drivers v. Every other driver on the road … ah yes, a nation at ease with itself. One Nation :-)


  4. Africa. The first continent to be probably ruled by the Corporates, in the years to come. That is, if the 21st century plans of the western think-tanks are succesfull – as China is also there, and a strong player.
    No more sending big numbers of troops, no more big government expenses to keep African countries at bay.
    Proxie wars, mercenaries – the corporates take care of expenses – put it as an add on to the cost (of the extracted raw materials).
    The sovereigns will contribute the special forces, the aerial UAVs, sat imagery and other necessary mil tech. Good testing ground for this stuff, so they can then sell it to countries like Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey etc.


  5. With the latest appalling u turn on the railway franchise and doubtless more of the same to follow, I think Ed could hit the queen a running kick up the arse, while screaming the lyrics to Gangnam Style and clutching a copy of the Socialist Worker and he’d still look a damn sight less foolish than Clegg and Cameron.


  6. Not for nothing that Private Eye refers to the Department for Transport as DaFT.
    I’m looking forward to the super-duper new Inter City Express Trains: the train that the rail industry doesn’t seem to want, but the civil servants do.
    I think it will be gravy-coloured perhaps?


  7. Criticism and disdain are all very well, but I ask you this: who else has the sheer gaseous eloquence required to create what we surely must (have) become – a Flatulent Society? Answers on a very, very long piece of paper (there’s some in every household..)


  8. Not appalling if they finally realise the civil service is not ready for prime time. Any bribery or just incompetence? I see some foot soldiers have been suspended whilst the mandarins sail on.


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