THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Let’s hope the death of an Ambassador leads to the death of denial.

Western ignorance of the Arab mind, and denial of Islamist goals, must come to an end

“US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Steven is thought to have been killed in an attack on the US Embassy Compound in Benghazi”.

That was an early newswire flash on September 11th this year. It is bald, calm and professional – and thus gives no real hint at all of how Chris Steven died.

After the initial shock of the event, I began to half-distractedly piece together some disturbing elements of the attack. A Washington contact told me that the Compound troops had been issued – as a sign of the new rapport between the US and the Muslim Brotherhood – with blank ammunition. The diplomat’s mind is both oddly cynical and gullible at the same time, but my source was clear about the fact that Steven’s minders were overwhelmed by “a screaming mob” while moving him out to a safe house. Whether his bodyguards were armed or not, I don’t know: but I’m told the Ambassador could’ve been adequately defended within the compound had the State Department not quite consciously put his life at risk with a futile gesture.

Another bizarre thing seems the almost total MSM silence about the date of the attack: September 11th. The assumption seemed to have been that this was pure coincidence given that (as one FCO official told me last week) “this was a reaction to the anti-Islam film”. In short, it wasn’t planned.

US President Barack Obama concurred in this view when he spoke to the media. He accepted that the outrage had been milked by terrorist cells, still insisting however that the riots were the response to a clear insult aimed at the Prophet.

But a diplomat in Paris with a long history of dealings in Arabist affairs disagrees.

“We are quite clear here that the entire action was coordinated, ” he told me last week, “The film had been around for months apparently. The Shi’ite organisers needed an an excuse to make a point, and this was it. I am sure that the average, ignorant fundamentalist was genuinely angry about the film, but it is nonsense to suggest that this was spontaneous. It was concerted, and it was a spectacular propaganda coup from almost every angle.”

Up until yesterday morning, I felt this was a story whose main potential lay in the Obama White House and its controlling penchant for censorship. A New York contact agreed, and had been supplying me with odd tidbits about preparations in the Romney Camp to blow the lid off why Chris Steven had died: ‘Obama soft on Islam and leaving Americans to die’ would be dynamite in the Presidential election campaign.

But as so often with the GOP candidate, his staff seemed to be fumbling the opportunity. I was about to drop the project in favour of a developing Westminster story when an email (from someone of whom I’m aware as an occasional Slog threader, but have never used as a source) arrived at

It concerned the death of Chris Stephen. And it attached a photograph taken during the last minutes of Ambassador Steven’s life. I’ve had the validity of it checked out: the source remains a mystery, but the content is not photoshopped in any way, and the individual featured is – I’m 99% certain – Chris Steven.

The shot isn’t any kind of ‘scoop’: it has been doing the internet rounds for some days now, and is being used pretty overtly by the US Superpatriot tendency to suggest that the American Ambassador’s death was both cruel and depraved. That said, there are some things in the photo that would appall anyone considering themselves civilised.

Because I’m not in the business of hate-blogging, and because the pc cadres would say I was if I showed it – Catch 22 – I have no intention of reproducing the image here on the site. But if rubber-necking someone else’s death-throes does it for you, then I’m more than happy to send it to anyone who writes to me at the above mail address.

I must, however, tell you what I find repulsive in the photograph. And then I must share with you a frank and pc-free opinion about its ramifications.

Dragging Chris Steven along by his armpits in the shot is some psycho with a mobile phone in his mouth, recording Mr Steven’s terror in extreme close-up. Clearly visible on the assailant’s teeshirt is a Manchester United logo in the official away-strip colours. Ambassador Steven is barely conscious: his shirt has been pulled almost entirely off, and he’s obviously already been beaten half to death. You can’t see any further faces in this tableau, just several hands also eager to grab this symbol of their hatred and mania.

One thing is for certain as you regard the image: this man is not going to be allowed to have a dignified death. Even the Nazis – when purging the SA in 1934, for example – shot people against a wall in some kind of military attempt at rough ‘justice’. But Christopher Steven died horribly, brutally, and at the hands of a cowardly mob hell-bent on mindless vengeance.

It is alleged by some media in the US that Christopher Steven was multiply sodomised before his death. There is no suggestion at all of that in the picture, but ritual humilation (by the supposed removal of masculine anal virginity) is not uncommon in Arab thinking: as TE Lawrence found out to his cost in 1916. However, it remains a potentially inflammatory rumour, and – in the absence of any more grotesque evidence – should remain just that. Perhaps Mr Psycho’s phone video could establish the truth one way or another.


Now let me tell you what truly disturbs me about this picture. I’ve seen it many times before.

Not this specific one, obviously. I mean, I’ve seen this sort of thing a hundred times over the last half-century of Arab turbulence in the context of the West’s mania for energy security. From Iraqi leader Colonel Kassem’s body in a pool of blood in 1963, via Sadam Hussein’s utterly undiginified execution (while being taunted) at the hands of his jailers in the newly ‘democratic’ Iraq of 2006, right the way through to Muammar Gadaffi being dragged through the streets of his regime’s last redoubt Sirte.

I have three things to say about this, and predictably they will annoy the knee-jerk Left , Right, and Left again respectively. So I must be getting pretty close to the truth here.

First, the Arabs in the Middle East are not like us. Their culture is, like the past, a foreign country where most Westerners have never been. It is Hobbesian, deriving as it does from the harsh dictates of life in the desert: vicious, vengeful, unforgiving, hugely misogynist, strict and proud. No deviation is allowed. In the mindset of Arabia, the leadership doesn’t practice political correctness, it demands cultural rigidity. It executes thousands, hacks off limbs, cuts out tongues, censors all media, stones women who commit adultery, and – above all – despises the West.

The Arabs despise us for two reasons: because we keep on interfering in their affairs, preaching to them about democracy, and organising covert operations on their territory; and because we are seen as weak, decadent, effeminate, inglorious and generally untrustworthy. Until more influential people in the foreign offices and State departments of our culture study the Arab (male) mind, take an objective view of history, and wake up to the harsh reality outside their fluffy world of fanciful pc, then the violence will continue…and radical Islam will make more gains in terms of both converts and political takeovers.

Second, I think somebody – and very soon, before we’re all blown up – needs to cut the American commerce-to-geopolitics axis of delusion down to size. Many historians, for example, now accept that Kassem was removed because he told the Americans where to stick it as he embarked on a series of reforms in the 1962/3 period. We know the Americans got rid of Saddam, because we all had a ringside seat for Dubya’s Shokkanorr Festival. We know they propped up the Shah for decades in Iran. And we can trace how, since Autumn 2011, they have used their financial transmission clout to destroy the Iranian currency’s value. Their latest ploy is to back the Sunni schism of Islam in general, and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular, as “less extremist” than the Shi-ites who dominate in Iran…and who back Bashar Assad’s minority Alawhite regime in Syria. Before the year is out – probably – Assad to will be dragged along a thoroughfare somewhere for the mediaeval execution performance. That too will be down to the Americans. In 2010 they took out the washed-up and half-dead Al Q’eida guru Osama Bin Laden on Pakistan’s sovereign territory – without consultation.

From Hillary Clinton’s point of view, US foreign policy has thus been a massive success: Saddam, Bin Laden, and Gadaffi are history, Assad is on the way out, and Ahmadinnejhad’s empty rhetoric has pushed him away from the centre of power in Tehran. From the extremist Arab viewpoint however, things look diametrically different: from Lahore to Benghazi, Islamists are in power, and fundamentalist recruits are being attracted in ever growing numbers. Want to know why? Because It’s very easy to demonise the US: the US elite is pretty damn demonic, and displays this side of its nature non-stop.

Further, Islamists have been able to show their (largely thick chav) following that Obama may look and sound different to George W Bush, but he’s just the same old same old messenger from Satan really: gutless, devious, pulling the strings – and ready to dump on any Arab regime unwilling to play things The American Way.

The truth is that, when it comes to US  influence in the Middle East, the overwhelming proportion of Arabs have got the measure of American agents, can see them coming – and know they are hopelessly wedded to oil as a form of industrial energy plus citizen propulsion. They will use the Clinton Plan – and then spit in her face once the time is right.

Third and finally, Europeans (and here I mean the culture, not the directionless political entity run from Berlin-am-Brussels) need to divest themselves of denial about the true nature of Arab culture and fundamentalist Islam. While the two things are, much of the time, mutually exclusive – real Islam has acted as a sensible social brake on the worst elements of the Arab nature – in the Middle East they are increasingly interdependent.

I say again: we cannot negotiate with these people, and we cannot patronise them any more. Apparent acceptance of negotiation and nefarious strategy are ploys, nothing more. When a half-baked twerp like David Cameron shouts the odds in favour of Recep Erdogan one minute – and then bombs Benghazi the next – the Libyan victors and Islamist Turkish elite will make purring sounds. But they both follow a religious creed dedicated to the destruction of Christian culture: and along that road, there are no U-turns – only occasional delays before moving the tank divisions forward once more.

The only State likely to be a reliable ally for Britain in the Middle East is Israel. There are simple reasons for this: a sizeable proportion of Israelis originated in Europe and America, they have a decent democracy and the Rule of Law, they don’t behead their leaders and then roger them up the backside in public, they’re highly intelligent, very industrious – and the obvious link between the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. They feel this too, and are forging ahead with Greek and Cypriot alliances.

Islamists would like Israel wiped from the surface of the planet, and Israeli Jews either sent somewhere else, or slaughtered in their own backyard. The location of The Promised Land was a mistake from the moment it was envisaged, and grossly unfair to the Palestinians. But the idea propogated by Islamism (and its ragbag of fellow-travellers) that Israel’s existence is the thin end of a global Zionist wedge is deranged.

The barabarians are close to a complete takeover of Islam now. The very antithesis of ecumenical belief, they are trouble wherever they spread this vile spray of anti-Infidel bigotry. Get real: this problem is our generation’s Nazism. It isn’t going to go away. Christopher Steven paid with his life for the illusions of Clintonite grandeur. The rest of us should learn from that, and honour the ordeal of this likeable man.

78 thoughts on “THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Let’s hope the death of an Ambassador leads to the death of denial.

  1. The analysis makes a lot of sense until you get to Israel. What has Israel ever done for Britain to warrant being an ally? The US is a dubious ally, but they have given support to Britain a few times.

    If Israel ceased to exist then a sharp splinter, tipped by a nuclear virus, in the body of the Arab World that is pushed ever deeper by the US would not be there. That would at least take some inflammation away from that part of the World.

    If actions of the US helps to radicalise hearts and minds in the Muslim World, then surely Israel’s presence, aggressive actions and shocking treatment of Palastinians does the same,


  2. …shocking treatment of palestinians?
    You have obviously started to believe your own propaganda sunbeam.
    If an Israeli farts near the West Bank it’s world news. If muslim militias murder half a million Christians in Sudan it is barely known or acknowledged.
    Israel from time to time demonstrates a remarkable lack of common sense e.g that attack on the boat bringing stuff from Cyprus[?] but the big difference between Israel and its Western allies is this. Israel knows its enemies and treats them accordingly -almost.
    But because they are small and the arab voices and money are large they could not prosecute a successful war without help and that’s never going to happen is it?

    But they know their enemy and they know his mind -yes, his mind- we are just fed bullshit and believe it [what’s new?]

    Until our country grows a pair and stands up to this almost quiet invasion -hey why get noisy when you can get your way by working from the inside mainly and threatening violence if you run up against a problem like freedom of speech- then we are slowly going to be subsumed in a new Britain that has forgotten its past and allows others to write the future.


  3. There were rescuers KJH , the guy died in hospital few minutes after he was rescued and taken there , but the ‘mob’ got him first .If you google “Christopher Steven video” you will see it .


  4. ‘roger them up the backside in public’ Now, that would be a fitting end for that nasty piece of work Clinton. A very dangerous woman that the world would be a better place without.
    But aside from my personal hatred of the woman, no one is going to cut the US down to size in any shape or form, they are the epitome of democracy and righteousness and they will nuke anybody who says they are not. All that is wrong in the geo-political world most like originates from the US. It is truly the one thing that I have in common with Islam, my utter dislike of all things to do with the American government. I think it was Bush that said after the most open and honest and fair elections in Palestine, that he thought it was ‘undemocratic’ says it all for me.
    But, I suppose it will all be academic soon as Israel will bomb something somewhere and blame Iran and before we know it ww3 will be upon us, if it isn’t already, some say it had already started and we would realise this if we were not starved of the truth of what is really happening in the Middle East and North Africa by the MSM, again American media control, get’s everywhere, doesn’t it?


  5. The video shows Libyans removing the body of Christopher Stevens from the American mission in Benghazi, cheering at some points and appearing nervous at others. At first glace, the Libyans in the video could be members of the protest which claimed the life of the Ambassador, but a closer look and translation of the video shows that the Libyans captured in it seem to bear no ill-will toward the Ambassador whatsoever.
    They were trying to save him.
    Via the New York Times:
    “I swear, he’s dead,” one Libyan says, peering in.
    “Bring him out, man! Bring him out,” another says.
    “The man is alive. Move out of the way,” others shout. “Just bring him out, man.”
    “Move, move, he is still alive!”
    “Alive, Alive! God is great,” the crowd erupts, while someone calls to bring Mr. Stevens to a car.

    The Libyans in the video took Stevens to a nearby hospital, but doctors were unable to revive him. Though initial reports had Stevens dying as he drove away from the embassy, later reports have indicated that he died of smoke inhalation while still inside the embassy. This video seems to corroborate with that story.


  6. John, thank you, three very powerful points where I agree 100%. However, I have to disagree about israel. They’ve shown themselves to be completely ruthless over and over again. They are world leaders in cyber-security and cyber-attacks (eg Stuxnet), and I’m sure they are capable of turning that against their western “allies” if it suits them.

    Here in Greece, we’re all aware of the increasing commercial ties with Israel, but the one that has the local media wound up is an island off Crete possibly being rented out as a “training camp” (ahem) for the Israeli Defense Force…..


  7. Nicely put kfc. As for that Hillary-Billary, her attitude/actions fully justify that islamist approach – a living example of the view that “women should stay in the kitchen” :-)
    You need only remember her infamous words “We came, we saw, he died” on confirmation of Qaddafi’s death…


  8. @Alan: Lots of Libyan money are puring in into Cretan husbandry farms already. Apparently the Libyans are buying out almost all the sheep meat production, and they are asking for bigger quantities. They will not eat pork, beef tastes weird to them – the Cretan sheep meat is the closest to their taste. (the news came out recently at


  9. I do not think you should shed many tears for General Kassem: he got no more than he deserved, as did Saddam Hussain. You forgot to mention Kassem’s involvement in the callous and evil murder of King Faisal II and many other members of the Iraqi Royal Family in 1958.


  10. it comes to this. Is the Muslim belief system reconcilable with a liberal secular western culture? If you believe it is, then by all means exchange ambassadors, talk nice and things will get better. If you believe the two concepts are irreconcilable then it comes down to a fight to the finish. I hope for the former, but I fear the latter is more accurate.


  11. Jep anybody who has been following the news knows this, makes the author look an ass with the article :P
    I agree Islam is incompatible with western democracy, but neither are Christianity and Judaism, they should be treated as any other idea and lose ALL SPECIAL STATUS in law.


  12. “The barabarians are close to a complete takeover of Islam now. The very antithesis of ecumenical belief, they are trouble wherever they spread this vile spray of anti-Infidel bigotry”

    Sometimes it almost seems like that is the plan, to have every Middle East country run by extremists. I just can’t quite grasp why the USA would want that.


  13. Just for a different viewpoint of ‘The vicious, vengeful, unforgiving, hugely misogynist, strict and proud Arab’, I backpacked through the Middle East In 1992. I spent a month in Egypt, 2 weeks in Jordan, 2 weeks in Israel, 2 weeks in Syria, a month in Turkey, 2 weeks in Iran and a month in Pakistan and lived to tell the tale. Along the way I received great hospitality and interest from the locals. Especially in Iran. Although some of the authorities there were somewhat anti-western, I even have good stories to tell about them.
    I was travelling with a German guy and we decided we wanted to visit the local University in one city (Shiraz I think it was) to meet some students. We got to the gate but the guard wouldn’t let us in. A professor stopped to ask us in English if he could translate. When we told him what we wanted he said we couldn’t come in without an invite. Feeling cheeky I asked him if he could invite us in. After a moment he agreed and took us in, showed us around (they even had an Olympic size swimming pool for the students) and shouted us lunch at the student cafe’. Afterwards he invited us back to his house to meet his family.
    We stayed for coffee then told him we wanted to go visit a local park. His nephew who was there offered to take us so off we all went.
    At one point me and my friend got into an argument with some locals as I had taken a photo of their wedding group in a park, which included a woman (this is a big no-no in Iran I discovered!). They wanted my camera to destroy the film and I did not want to give it up. Eventually a police car turned up. After hearing the story the policeman suggested he take me and one of the wedding party and my friend to a photographer in town, get the film developed and give the negative of the offending photo and the print to the family member. We duly accepted this idea and 2 hours later as dusk fell we got back to the park. The nephew who had been showing us around was still there waiting for us. We ordered a taxi and took him back home on the way back to our hotel. I offered him some cash as a thank-you but he refused to take a cent.


  14. So the Israeli’s are our only friends JW?

    Funnily enough I live in a village in England that saw an act of Isreali terrorism, involving a bomb, and a murder…

    That happend in 64 years ago…

    No prizes for anyone who works out what it was…

    But it will be odd taking the dog for a walk and passing by where an innocent man was blown up in his own home, by a gang Isreali terrorist, in the shires of England…

    So not all Isreali’s are nice and cuddly, and lets not forget that Menachem Begin, wanted to help the Argentinains in the Falklands war…


  15. Pete try and enter a university here in NZ. All sorts of security checks. Photos of weddings in a park, by an outside party would piss anyone off. Most weddings have hired their own professionals to record the special day.


  16. @Stuart. Indeed the only terrorist attack NZ has ever had was ordered by and carried out by the French government. The sinking of the rainbow warrior. To this day no one takes responsibilty for the radiation of the pacific from the nuclear testing by the French and the USA. I as a new zealander have so many people to thank for the cessation of all this twsting in our waters. The only country that has ever questioned our sovereignty has been the USA when we declined nuclear ships in OUR pacific waters.


  17. “A Washington contact told me that the Compound troops had been issued – as a sign of the new rapport between the US and the Muslim Brotherhood – with blank ammunition.”

    Looks like Obama read Sinuhe The Egyptian and wanted to “pull an Akhentaten”. Pharaoh Akhenaten, according to the book, wanted to show his neighboring countries his good intentions by ordering his army to use wooden spears “for defense only”.

    It really looks like Obama read that book and wants to emulate the pharaoh but Obama is not even close to be as naive as Akhenaten.


  18. “From the extremist Arab viewpoint however, things look diametrically different: from Lahore to Benghazi, Islamists are in power”. People who say they are Islamists may be in power, but in the West, people who say they are free market capitalists/social democrats/enlightened liberals/conservatives are in power.

    It’s important to look behind the labels everywhere, and if you do, you will find national “leaders” who are recognizable as pragmatists prepared to do almost anything to say in power, and who make ritual and largely meaningless genuflections to ideology only if they have to.

    And is it really the case that Islamic fundamentalists are attracting recruits in growing numbers? My impression is that Al Qaeda, riven by internal dissensions, is very much on the wane. So who exactly are the Muslim fundamentalists who are attracting such numbers? Do they exist in reality, or only in our minds?

    And please, please don’t retort that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is an example of crazed fundamentalism on the rampage – most members of the Brotherhood are about as fundamentalist as the Methodist church in Britain. As for the Taleban, they are more like the Viet Cong than any other movement in recent history (ironically, the successors to the Viet Cong have turned Vietnam into a moderately successful newly industrialising country).

    In assessing trends in the Arab world, it’s better to start from the assumption that the “Arab mind” isn’t all that different from the “British mind” or from the “American mind” or from the “European mind”. This isn’t “fluffy” or “bollocks” – it’s merely good old fashioned common sense, and had the West applied more common sense and more balanced judgement in its dealings with the Arab world over the last twenty years or so, Chris Steven might still be alive today.

    One last point, if I may. To understand how Arabs think, a good knowledge of Arabic is a prime requirement – those who pontificate on movements in the Arab world need to read Arabic newspapers and magazines and journals, and need to listen carefully to what Arab thinkers are saying, in Arabic, on issues of the day. In this regard, linguistic competence is worth vastly more than the utterances of the media’s ten-a-penny conveyors of superficial bollocks. There is more to being an authority on an area than a comforttable arm chair and a well-filled glass of whisky.


  19. “To understand how Arabs think, a good knowledge of Arabic is a prime requirement – those who pontificate on movements in the Arab world need to read Arabic newspapers and magazines and journals, and need to listen carefully to what Arab thinkers are saying, in Arabic, on issues of the day.”
    That’s very true


  20. This is just puff for David Owen’s new book.
    ‘Lord Owen is uniquely qualified to write a book about politicians who have a psychological obsession with their own political importance and moral righteousness.’


  21. “Until our country grows a pair and stands up to this almost quiet invasion -hey why get noisy when you can get your way by working from the inside mainly and threatening violence if you run up against a problem like freedom of speech- then we are slowly going to be subsumed in a new Britain that has forgotten its past and allows others to write the future.”

    If you had written that in the past tense I feel it would have been more appropriate.


  22. If arabs are so bent on rejecting all infidel advice and stuff, then why are they so keen to emulate the west when ever they get a chance? To portray these people as violent backward desert dwellers does them and us a disservice.

    I am sure if they were not happy and as violent as you say, the people would soon change things. It doesn’t take a foreign power to come in and do it for them.
    Islam and arab nations are synonymous with advances in medicine, technology, etc, some of our technical, medical terms were originally arabic words.

    Hell, us stinky europeans didn’t have soap until we met up with the arabs. Up to that point, most of our technology concentrated on how we could kill and rob more people. Nothing changes eh?


    50 Here’s the smell of the blood still. All the
    51 perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this
    52 little hand. O, O, O!”


  24. For some strange reason, your essay reminded me of the Stranglers song “Five minutes” (and you’re almost there). Your mind certainly seems to be moving in the right direction. “It’s very easy to demonise the US: the US elite is pretty damn demonic, and displays this side of its nature non-stop”. Its simply a case of extrapolation. Once you move to the dark side, all moral restraints are off, and you will do anything you can get away with to achieve your agenda. Many who dismiss the questions of 9/11 “truth”, without even looking, do so because they think our “tribe” couldn’t possibly be that evil, and it must be another even more evil tribe (substitute in this case Muslim, or in Hitler’s case Jew).

    But that does not mean that the USA attacked itself. That would be as ridiculous as saying that an employee of a bank, who let the bank robbers in and opened the safes – meant that the Bank robbed itself – which clearly is not the case, even though it may well be labelled as an inside job.

    Whilst I am not arguing with your perception of the existence some completely crazy Islamic people hell bent on destruction – they are just a tiny percentage of “Muslims” with the same “Nazi” values as those you correctly demonize as neocons. You should read Pepe Escobar on the subject.

    I don’t know whether you actually got to a Kibbutz, but they were very popular in the 70’s, when Israel’s PR was very much better than it is now. I didn’t even know about the attack on the USS Liberty until a few years ago, and until 9/11, was always much more on the Israeli side of history, though now I realise that was more to do with propaganda and ignorance, rather than knowledge.

    I never though had a problem with Muslims, neither here in the UK, nor on extensive visits to Muslim countries – where we felt perfectly happy hitch-hiking. We were constantly astounded by how welcoming and generous ordinary Muslims were wherever we went. We were welcomed into their homes and fed, and driven for exceedingly long distances, and they would never take a penny from us. Their main interest was to learn English, and to learn more about our culture of which they were quite ignorant. Whilst we have found similar experiences in Hindu India, its extremely rare to find it in Western culture.

    Anyway have a nice evening and listen to the Stranglers.

    “Five minutes and you’re almost there
    Five minutes and you’re almost dead

    Some say that I should hate them all
    But I say that wouldn’t help at all
    I just wanna find those guys thats all”



  25. That local people everywhere are just like you and me, we have our own personal prejudices but we quickly set them aside for individuals we meet (such as East and West Germans). Governments however argue with other Governments and hold grudges that we (the little people) are expected to uphold (irrespective of how irrational these grudges might be).
    I have nothing against the Iranian people, I don’t like the Iranian Government (which does not represent any Iranian I ever met), neither do I condone any UK Government actions despite them acting in my name, they are not representative in their actions of me nor anybody I know.


  26. This article looks like a very good, compact summary of how pervert, and stupid, the US policy (in Middle East and elsewhere) has been, since 1945. IMHO chances are to see more of this pervert, stupid, short-eyed policy in the future.
    I understand that the core subject in JW articles is the rise of hard-lined fundamental islam. This wave is mainly supported (and funded) by Shiite islam (Saudi Arabia), not Shia (Iranian).


  27. When the Palestinians are injured or wounded in their interneccine wars or through the use of human shields by Hamas, which hospitals are they treated in Israel’s.


  28. I am not surprised at all considering how we screwed them over with the Balfour agreement in 1948 and then reneged on. Having looked at what has been allowed to happen to the jewish people by other countries/governments since the holocaust it is no wonder the jewish people and israeli government are paranoid


  29. I realise this may not be a popular view, but I think Israel is under a much greater threat to its existence from the USA, rather than Iran.

    Maybe you saw Aladdin and the genie in the bottle. There’s not much you can do when the horse has bolted.

    You should read Veterans Today – whilst some of it is nuts, a lot of it ain’t – and this is a website for former American Soldiers – some elite, and most incredibly pissed off at their betrayal. They scare the shit out of me.

    They think Israel did it, and are telling everyone.

    These are guys I only occasionally argue with.

    To be fair, they publish what I write.

    They really don’t like John Pilger or Julian Assange, which is fair enough, but I think Pilger is O.K., and whatever side Assange is on, he has tremendous courage. I merely counter stuff, that I know is not true, with evidence and links to what these people actually said. And I like Aussies – cos they have the same sense of humour as me.



  30. Some of us think WWIII started a number of years ago, probably when Saddam invaded Kuwait and dared George Bush and his hawks.
    WWIII was always going to be between the American Empire and the Islamic fundamentalists -just happens to be across a dozen countries. Yet another religious war.
    It is up to the followers of Islam to decide what to do with their brainwashing mullahs, just as it is up the the citizens of the USA, and their 51st state on the eastern Mediterranean to sort out their leadership.
    If either of them fail to control their bosses, then we are in for a heap of trouble.
    The USA has had at least 60 years of clueless foreign policy, and a hopeless education system to tell their people there was a world out there.
    They could have seen this problem coming, and helped achieve a ‘controlled landing’, but they didn’t; and our 19th Century FCO thought all we had to do was pat the arabs on the head and say naughty, naughty.

    If we insist on not sorting ourselves out, and making allies in the right places, the very least we should do is be blunt. We should almost always call a spade a spade when dealing with adversaries, since our attempts at allowing them to save face, are always understood.

    This could all get out of control very quickly (and it isn’t Iran that is the problem)

    merci, mais pas maintenant. Seul loup aujourd’hui


  31. “They think Israel did it, and are telling everyone.”
    It must be there somewhere, but I can’t see it, did what?


  32. @ Andrew Craig-Bennet,

    “The only reliable ally of Britain in the Middle East is Jordan.”

    But for how much longer? This, dated 26.09.12 –

    It’s in German and rather long, but the most salient points are:

    “Jordan before the abyss: Muslim Brotherhood mobilising to overthrow King Abdullah.

    The Jordanian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood has issued an ultimatum to King Abdullah II: if he does not acquiesce to the demands of the Brotherhood by early October and agrees to transform the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan into a constitutional monarchy, they will mobilise the population into a kind of ‘Jordanian Arab spring” and demand his abdication.

    According to reports from the region, concern is growing in the Israeli and Saudi Arabian intelligence community that an open conflict could break out in Amman between Islamists and the throne. (…)

    Saudi Arabia, which already feels threatened by Iranian aggression, is concerned that the oil-rich kingdom could be the next on the list, should its northern neighbour be taken over by the Islamists. (…) It was predicted last year in numerous articles in the Arab press, first Amman and then Riyadh would be the next targets, should the Muslim Brotherhood have seized power in Damascus.

    In this emergency situation, for the Jordanian monarch there remains really only three options:

    1. He capitulates to the demands of the Muslim Brotherhood and agrees to a transformation into a constitutional monarchy and the transfer of power to a government controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. (…)

    2 He opposes the demands of the Muslim Brotherhood and orders his security forces, intelligence agencies and the military to crush the opposition. (…) The greatest danger would be from the Bedouin tribes, whose traditional loyalty to the Hashemite throne has begun to totter in recent years, and the Palestinians, who constitute about 60 percent of the population.

    3. He tries to use various agents to negotiate a compromise. The word from the region is that recently several attempts at mediation have been taken, but they fizzled out because the Muslim Brotherhood sent their most radical representatives to the negotiations. Thus an honest compromise was pracically impossible.


    And indeed, the Muslim Brotherhood, as is clear from an internal memorandum that was leaked to the newspaper al-Hayat, already has a concrete timetable for mass demonstrations, which are set to start on the 10th October. The Brotherhood has called on its members to promptly ensure that every day at least 50,000 protesters take part in the protests against the king and the royal family, until they agree to their demands.


    (…) And both Jordanese parties are looking tensely towards Washington, to see which way the wind is blowing there.

    President Barack Obama must cope with a difficult balancing act: on the one hand, the Jordanian king has long been a close U.S. ally and friend, one who has firmly stood on the U.S. side in many regional crises. On the other hand, Obama sees the Muslim Brotherhood as the main reference point for his foreign policy efforts, to obtain influence in the Muslim world.”

    So far as I know this hasn’t cropped up anywhere in the MSM, not in GB and not here in Germany. The good news is we only have another 10 or so days to wait to have the veracity of the report confirmed – and then what are the eejits in the MSM gonna plead?


  33. @FTW ‘…when Saddam invaded Kuwait and dared George Bush and his hawks’
    Saddam invaded Kuwait because they were stealing Iraqi oil using US horizontal drilling techniques from over the border. The then US representative Madeline Albright was informed of Iraq’s intentions to stop this, and she reportedly told Saddam on three occasions that it was not a matter for the US. So, Saddam went in, and the rest, as they say…


  34. The whole ugly story of the ambassadors cruel ending was on the net at the 12th of September, so there is no news here at all.

    That said i would like to make a nutjob out of myself in the eyes of, let’s say 98% of the readers here, as well as most people around and about:

    If we all go on to ignore the “hidden” past of humanity we will be completely unable to even get a glimpse of what is going on in a.) a certain part of the world and b.) with a certain religion. Without really being able to look at the very beginnings of those three “monotheistic world religions” with an open mind, plus the ability to decode myth we will stay blind altogether. Hints: Star Myths, Sacred Geometry, Stellar Theology, Mount Hermon, Sidon, Cydonia, Earth, Moon, Mars, Sirius, Europa, Rome, Egypt, Greece, Canaan, Isis, Osiris, Great Pyramid, Dragons, Jerusalem, Leviathan, Center of the Galaxy, Maya, 2012, Roswell, Quince, Orion, 1776, 1948, Temple, Angels, Demons, Cygnus, Avesbury and so forth.

    It only requires to realize all the bullshit we are told about the history of the human species and the early civilizations to get at least a better look at what is going on in a certain area of this planet right now, and why.

    And yes, call me crazy, if you wish. There are daunting yet clear, albeit not simple answers out there for everyone to ask and see, behind that ridiculous fog of politics of the day, of religious lunacy and mass media tittytainment jabberwocky with which we are bombarded endlessly to keep our minds, our consciousness, at bay, to prevent us realizing the obvious right in front of us.


  35. Any country which relies for its strategic infrastructure – networking components, servers, software components or maintainence of same – from companies, based in or with allegiance to Israel, is already compromised.


  36. “local people everywhere are just like you and me” – em – lets assume for the sake or argument that this is true for 99% of muslims globally. With 1.5Bn muslims that makes only , what, 15m who want to kill you. Sorry – but the west has fallen into trap of assuming “we are all the same”…..and it is simply not true.


  37. @OAH

    I posted that here some days ago – but with a different sequence of piccies! I think these ones are much better, and the one shown just before the 4:00 point tie in nicely with this event:

    “Muslim schoolgirl must learn to swim?

    Let’s start the day with some good news: Muslim schoolgirls can be expected to take part in swimming lessons wearing a full-body swimsuit (burkini). On Friday the Hessian Administrative Court in Kassel ruled that an exemption from the lessons is not possible (File Ref: 7 A 1590/12). Also, it can be expected that an eleven year old Moslem schoolgirl takes part in the co-education of boys and girls. So far so good. And now, back to reality.

    Of course, the plaintiff was not the eleven year-old, it was her bearded daddy on the orders of his mosque. In the mean time, the girl is 12, has never been swimming, and if she continues to obey the command of her Muslim father and refuses to take part in swimming lessons, what are the school or the state of Hesse going to do then? As past cases have shown – nothing! Moreover, she is also reaching puberty, and then other swimming laws apply to “German” female Mohammedans!

    Secondly, appeals are allowed to the Federal Administrative Court, and that step will be taken – if not by this schoolgirl, then by another Moroccan. As we wrote yesterday in another context, and this case also demonstrates, the administrative courts are being literally bunged up by the immigrants and asylum-seekers.

    Co-ed swimming was taken before the Federal Administrative Court several years ago, and Islamic “law” won the day. In a similar case back in 1993(!) the Federal Administrative Court ruled that religious freedom takes precedence over the cause of public education. The current lower court judgement is different because now, the burkini has been invented!

    In the end, the route up to the European Court of Human Rights remains open, and as the last instance it judges if it is a human right that female Moslems do not have to learn how to swim. Meanwhile, the applicant will then be around 20 years old, will most likely have married another unemployed Moroccan Muslim into Germany and, as a mother of four children, will be before the next administrative court fighting over some form of maintenance payment.

    The serious way in a serious state would have been either, this family adheres to our laws, or, if it does not suit them here, then they fly back with a one-way ticket, at their own expense, to Casablanca or Tangier! But this country is just not serious, it is juridically nothing but a floating and bobbing nutshell!”

    By Odin & Thor, somebody goes to all of the trouble to invent a burkini for them (which I am reliably informed is decidedly unhygienic and should never be allowed in a public bathing area) and then they refuse to wear it!


  38. @OAH

    Further to the above, found on the tread:

    “The schoolgirl, on whose behalf the case was brought, wants to study medicine and has argued that she cannot bear to see scantily clad men. It just cannot get more idiotic.”


  39. @ Andrew Craig-Bennet, once again

    Also an interesting document,

    particularly when one reads on page 2:

    As an aside, Jawad’s brother – Kamal Younis – helped to plant seeds of doubt about my terrorist past to one gullible American named Eileen Fleming

    while his brother Jawad, the prominent lawyer, works with other Muslim Brotherhood activists to topple the Kingdom of Jordan and convert it to a Muslim Brotherhood state.

    Yet, people like Fleming give them credibility and attempt to impugn mine.


  40. Given the continuous bombardment of anti-Israel / pro-Muslim propaganda stemming back to 1973, when the West entered into a pact with the Arab countries to promote Muslim values and facilitate immigration into the West, it’s not exactly “baffling” that one finds such views expounded not just here but on numerous other fora. It certainly proves Goebbels’ view about repeating a lie often enough ……..

    What is baffling though, is the lack of imagination of so many of Israel’s critics to consider what their own stance would be as a tiny country measuring only 260 miles at its longest and 60 miles at its widest, surrounded by 22 hostile Arab countries outnumbering it 60 to 1 and who from day one vowed to wipe them off the map. Israel occupies one sixth of 1% of the lands called Arab but is often called expansionist and aggressive towards its neighbours, yet it’s the Arabs who began 3 wars against Israel. As far as I can see, the rationale for the building of settlements on the West Bank and Golan Heights is defensive, to prevent the recurrence of Arab attacks into Israel. What would your “stance” have been? To turn the other cheek,perhaps? As another commenter has said, this is not to whitewash Israel’s every act but really to take the “balanced” view that appears to be missing in your own position.


  41. Yes. Ayahuasca. Quite en vogue these days, alass, not my cup of brew, i prefer the very traditional tea in bone china, with milk, and my simple brain, not altered in its capabilities nor drawn into wild visions by anything except my ability to curiosity and wonder.


  42. Here is a 45 minute video:
    Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

    It really is an interesting theory, and makes sense to me. If it is in fact the case, I believe the only way forward for western civilisation is full out, un repentant war to annihilation; wither our or theirs.

    Te only reservation I have is just how long does it take for fear to become biologically ingrained in our genes? 1400 years could seems enough to me.


  43. Yes, it was Winston Churchill’s unrivaled mastery of the German language in the thirties that made all the difference, eh?



  44. Perpetual wars make sense. War makes a lot of money for some very powerful people, gets unemployment down and strengthens patriotism. They’re just following Orwell’s handbook for totalitarian government.


  45. Screwed over the Palestinians. Imagine, not being invited to the meeting where they were dividing up your country. The zionists were there.
    It’s cute how everyone gets all jingoistic, just like those barbarians.
    The tone in this piece by the author is orientalist, and refers to all muslims as if they were devoid of separate cultures, or the 7 major schools of Islamic thought. This is besides atheists and christians.
    Also @Viking Jack refers to walid shoebat. He has been doing some training programs for the police in the US and is so condescendingly racist that Spencer Ackerman at Wired Magazine did an expose on him which got some of those contracts terminated.
    And Memri TV which “translates” videos is known for it’s unreliability. They have an agenda to paint muslims as cruel, backward and anti Semitic.
    You all should read the Angry Arab New Service, or Edward Said. It might bring yourselves a little further into the age of enlightenment and help you lose the hubris.
    “The Arab Mind”.. jeeeze.


  46. Saudis are Sunnis of the Wahhabi sect and a Shi’ite is an adherent of the Shia- they are all over the place, not just Iran..Qatar, Bahrain, Syria, Turkey, Libya. Governments paints them like that, as being under foreign control.. Like International bankers, rootless cosmopolitans, or communists.


  47. @alexei
    Anyone with half a brain can see through your feeble attempt to justify the israeli regime’s ongoing agenda of destablising the whole of the middle-east for it’s own ends.
    Please, please just go away and only come back when attempting to justify the terror your zionist (not regular, sincere jewish) leaders are aching to reap upon the world in their desparate attempt to bring forth armageddon. It’s nothing but the devils work and the more people realise this the better — not that it’ll make any difference ultimately.
    Oh and for the record, (since you mentioned Geobbel) I think the nazi’s were evil but I’m concerned that the current zionist israeli regime (not regular, sincere jewish people) will reap far more termoil and devestation upon the world than they ever did and the sooner you realise this the better — unless you’re one of the people who wishes this upon the world …


  48. Pingback: GENERAL HAM: The Pentagon’s ‘normal succession’ line simply isn’t kosher. | A diary of deception and distortion

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