Homage to Catatonia

It’s only a matter of time before the German tabloid press runs a story showing that the Troika has discovered a hitherto hidden €730bn debt owed by Greece to the Martian Tourist Board. Oh those wicked, obese greasy Greeks with the fat bellies under string vests, doing their exhibitionist Zorba dancing when they should be working 13 days an hour – what are we to do with them?

The Troikanauts snuck out a release at the weekend claiming the real 2012/13 budget shortfall was likely to be be €20bn, not 12.7bn. Bild then raised Spiegel another €10bn. “Greece faces a financing gap that won’t be solved by budget measures being discussed because a weak economy and delayed privatisations have worsened its fiscal situation,” International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde helpfully observed. Actually, Greece faces a financing gap that could not be solved even by an economy growing at 6% per annum duckie, because Greece is dead: it’s just that being a thick French tart, you hadn’t noticed. Also you created the debt rollovers by blanking out default from the Lexicon of choices, Chrissie. Also your austere growth strategy created the weak economy, my little former lawyer who knows less than a licked stamp about economics.

News reaches me here in Sloggers’ Roost that Berlin has been secretly feeding Monsanto NK630 to Spanish bonds, in a bid to get their yield levels lower. But this is a vain ploy: although Madrid 10-yrs now have the highest resistance to Roundup on the planet, they’re still the stuff Mario Draghi uses when responding to a call of nature.

But the Spaniards remain ahead of the curve when it comes to cunning economic planning. Their idea is to create their own bailout, by skinning the populace down to the bone, before they need to ask for an EU version. This is a great scheme, because it means they can old off Brussels almost indefinitely, using the time to find their own debt holes, create their own fall-off in tax receipts, and their own austerity until they have to turn round and ask for the EU model. By then, of course, the requests will be emanating from several independent Iberian States. The negotiations will also, I’d imagine, be hampered by the existence of a full-scale civil war in the region.

Meanwhile, back in the cradle of nursery economic thinking, new figures from Greece do actually show a hitherto unspotted debt of €200bn. But this time, it’s owed by the small business sector to the State…and it has nothing to do with tax evasion: every cent of it has been acquired since the Milton Keynes economic strategy was introduced by the Troika, in association with surviving geriatric centagenarians in Berlin still able to remember the 1923 Weimar hyperinflation, but not who they are.

“We have looked very closely at the figures involved here,” Mme Lafarge did not say – but give her a few days, and she will, “and our conclusion is as certain as I was two years ago that French banks are impregnable. It is this: Greece’s small businessmen are deliberately refusing to become German like all good eurozone citizens must except we French because they are small-minded and that is why they only have small businesses and sub-atomic sized willies. Big businessmen are being far more sensible, and fleeing the country to buy expensive condos in Paris instead, because they know that Parisiens are the most sophisticated and civilised people in the Universe. I can see the nurse approaching, and so I must now sign off and take my daily dose of Monsanto NK630.”

Here on planet Earth, the dramatic drop in SME turnover, the extraordinarily high business taxes, and reduced access to bank loans are the genuine culprits in Greece. Add to this is the small matter of most SMEs being flat broke, and you wind up with an unpaid bill of €200bn. Once upon a time, well within living memory, the entire Greek debt was just €20bn more than that. But then the masterminds from Berlin-am-Brussels got involved, and the rest is mystery.

“We are ruled by clocks, liars and fools,” remarked GK Chesterton almost a century ago. He must be giggling in his grave.


29 thoughts on “THE NEWS-UNREAL

  1. “Once upon a time, well within living memory, the entire Greek debt was just €20bn more than that. But then the masterminds from Berlin-am-Brussels got involved, and the rest is misery. “


  2. It is hard to say. At the moment the EU oligarchy has control over soveign governments in virtually all matters. In a ‘many regions’ environment (which had not been ordained by the EU) it may be that smaller locally interested new governments would tell the ‘Grand Meisters’ to stick it in their ars*s ! Default if required and issuence of their own currency would allow them to recover quicker than if they are part of a large bloated ‘country’. Especially if the ‘region’ is basically prosperous.

    ~ Its a hard call on whether it is planned (and the groups pushing for the break up are already bought and paid for) or whether they see themselves as taking control of their own, for their own benefit.

    It is the problem with ‘conspiracy theories’. They often offer a grain of truth expounded and expanded to the n’th unbelieveable degree. The grain providing the ‘evidence’ that points at the ‘whole’.

    In the ‘Spanish’ situation, I cannot see the military not getting involved as the ‘Big Politicians’ are not going to like having their ‘power’ eroded. But…freedom will eventually win out even if ‘martyrs’ to the cause (not the 754 virgin boys type) a plenty are created. People always crave freedom and will only be governed by consent…………long term. Todays political class think they can pervert this particular instinct through force, propaganda and technology. They cannot ! Think Spartacus ………. eventually he won !


  3. One wonders if the Spanish government will be happy to default on their debts and leave the Eurozone for those shark infested waters that surround it.

    To be eaten alive in the feeding frenzy that follows the first to jump!

    Meanwhile the banks make money by getting governments to prop up the creaking system whilst with their other departments undermine it.


  4. Just back from bubbling Barcelona. The populace knows that the banks have pushed their liabilities onto the state.
    However many people bought and sold real estate at really silly prices.
    An example a close relation bought a very nice Villa north of Barcelona for about £100K in the early 90’s. She was offered £300K in 2001 from a developer, She eventually sold in 2004 to the developer due to illness for £550K. The developer then built six villas on the land and sold each villa at about £450K each. Today the current owners cant sell. The developer apparately made about £1.5M and has gone, the banks collectively hold mortgages on the six properties of about £1.8M. Some owners have only paid interest in small amounts to keep repossesion away. Banks would be lucky to sell all six villas for a total of £900K, but the banks dont want to write down the colaterall on their books.

    This is a microcosm of a vast lunacy across Spain over the last 20 years.

    The state will write down most of the government debt and the foreign banks will just have to accept it.


  5. It is all going swimmingly to plan as per the IMF mode of operation.
    Impose austerity, bring a nations economy to its knees, then loot the country by means of privatisation of its assets, electric, gas ,water ,transport , ports etc. for the benefit of the rentier class of financier cults.(sic)
    In other words neo-liberal economic philosophy, as propounded by Milton Friedman and the Chicago School of economic illiterates.
    Just a repeat of what happened in UK in the ’80’s under Thatcher. We are living with the results today.
    An economic wasteland of despair and youth unemployment.


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  7. If it makes so much economic sense for all countries to join a single currency then why not the Dollar or………. (insert currency of your choice)?


  8. Could well be the long term plan……there is no way that any government would be able to foist the ‘Eurozone federalisation’ plans onto the British people and they know it, via referenda. It would be political death and cremation should any of them try or even suggest it.
    However, if the Eurozone can get all of its activities and structures in place before the UK has to agree to any of it……..then one day in the future the government can issue by decree (no treaty to sign) that the Euro is now the ‘sovereign’ currency in the UK and just impose it. Nobody will get up and stamp their feet, kick their butts and revolt………..because they will just be using different coloured notes when they go shopping. The value of the their wages will not change even though it is denominated in Euro’s rather than Sterling.
    We changed from £, ‘ & ” without so much as a by your leave (even though the people did not ever ask or require the change). It was foised upon the Country by government…………it will probably happen again.
    Adopting the Euro will take us into the Federal EU by default and not a vote cast will be able to do anything about it………long term connivance will have its way whether the plebs agree or not. The various ‘treaties’ signed by successive governments along the road show that they will take us where they will, whether public opinion is supportive or not. The only difference being is that they LIE brazon faced if they feel the need to involve the Demos in their plans in however small a way………

    My suspicions (and expectations) for what they are worth :)


  9. Perhaps not really OT, because Monsanto is mentioned not only here but also has its own entry today with the German blogger site ‘Kopp-Verlag’.

    Unfortunately I don’t have time to translate it all, but it is worth going over there anyway to view the pictures of white rate with tumours – after feasting on Monsanto maize. But, amongst the noteworthy information to be gleaned from it, these tidbits:

    “Death before Life

    Monsanto’s products have a lethal effect. They endanger and destroy life. Monsanto GM maize contains a toxic chemical in each individual grain. And this corn is then eaten by humans.”


    “Mastery over technology before the sharing of knowledge

    Monsanto does not create technology to then share the knowledge it has gained with farmers. Instead, the Group arranges for its GM seed be patented and then claims a monopoly over it. This patent is used to punish other farmers!

    Should namely Monsanto’s GM seed be blown by the wind onto the fields of farmers who are farming without using GMOs, Monsanto uses its patent “rights” to sue these farmers in court, for the alleged “theft” of Monsanto’s property !

    This is just one example of the pure malice in which Monsanto regularly engages. From the top management to low grade staff members, all who are working for Monsanto participate in promoting a disgusting, unprecedented evil that is spreading like a slimy black cancer tumour over the planet.

    This is not a coincidence, when one considers that the consumption of GMOs causes massive tumours.”

    If your German is really up to it, you can also order 2 books and a DVD: Their titles, loosely translated –

    “With Poison and Genetics. How the Bio-Tech company Monsanto is changing our world” (Book)

    “Monsanto – with Poison and Genetics” (DVD)

    “Agricultural Genetic Technology
    The creeping toxification of land and food” (Book)

    Bon appetit!


  10. Further to the above:

    Scroll down to “New Health Ranger Videos”, the current top of the list is about the rats with tumours.

    Plus, lots of other things that are worth knowing about can be found there – resp. things that certain vested interests would prefer that you didn’t know about!


  11. Um….not sure one can be quite so emphatic about the significance of the tumours due to problems with experimental design (see my post to @bodge yesterday). And if the article refers to THAT experiment, here’s the original report (in English, with the rats if you can bear it):

    Nonetheless agree re Monsanto’s evil strategy. It is indeed like an insidious cancer (who needs rats to prove it?).


  12. Dennis Healey – read all about it here:

    Rather interesting: he will soon be a centenarian (in 2017 – which means he is still drawing in lots of pension money), he too was a Royal Engineer (the military landing officer for the British assault brigade at Anzio) and the origin of the proverb, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” is credited to him.


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  14. The actual Chesterton quote is even better than your summarised version:
    “Men are ruled, at this minute by the clock, by liars who refuse them news, and by fools who cannot govern.” – G.K. Chesterton, ‘The New Name’, Utopia of Usurers and Other Essays, 1917


  15. Terrible betrayl from 20 yrs of Europa.. Bad mistake and no-one checked the original Delors plan…to avoid to over-dominance of the single sovereign state problem……Brussels is to blame.

    Now leaving vulnerable Spain to the pikey’s ….that’s the way it’s going, folk take all monies out of banks, and then the stupid banks plead for more cash. Utterly daft way of going on.


  16. Stop that socialist nonsense. Don’t like it, don’t eat it!

    > Monsanto does not create technology to then share the knowledge it has gained with farmers

    Wow, fxxx me! I am shocked! Are they a humanitarian organization? No? Well then shut up and move on.

    > Should namely Monsanto’s GM seed be blown by the wind onto the fields of farmers who are farming without using GMOs, Monsanto uses its patent “rights” to sue these farmers in court, for the alleged “theft” of Monsanto’s property !

    What a cretenic concept! Fix the justice system and respect property rights and such lawsuits will lose merit. In fact the farmers should saw MON over the pollution.

    I won’t waste my time on this nonsense, I hope above bits prove how stupid this socialist propaganda is.


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