NEW ONS SHOCKER: Just 1 in 4 UK adults aged16-74 has a full-time job

THE FINAL PROOF: How neocons and liberals have accelerated Britain’s progress over the cliff

45% of all those currently in work don’t have full time permanent jobs, according to this month’s ONS labour market data .

While that 45% number reflects a reality in the UK Labour market highlighted by The Slog in previous posts, the cumulative result of adding up all the anomolies of our economy’s inability to employ people paints a very bleak long-term picture indeed.

The ONS also tells us that 22.4% of adults aged 16-64 are economically inactive. So that doesn’t include the retired…although of course some of them will be in the 45% of part-timers – thanks to the last fifteen years of Westminster policy shrinking their pension values.

But let’s start from one simple assumption: that very few people over 75 beyond Rupert Murdoch are still working. That’s 9.2% of all adults….but generously leaving out the 6.5% aged 65-74 entirely.

The aggregate comes to a staggering 76.6% not in a full time job. Only one adult in four – at the most – enjoys full-time employment in the United Kingdom.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why the statisticians are scratching their heads, and asking why unemployment is static or falling in the deepest recession for eighty years. The simple reality is that employment is changing: from long-contract, full-time career work to zero contract, short-hours part time or freelance work.

To paraphrase an old and dishonest Saatchi & Saatchi political campaign poster from 1979, the immigration/economic model/reduced welfare/globalist matrix being followed by Britain isn’t working. As The Slog pointed out eighteen months ago, we have far too many people living here for all of them to be kept fully economically active by the current economic model of globally mercantilist competition, and fiscal austerity.

To be precise, we can only provide that for around 25% of adults aged 16-74. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a pathetic result, and must join the Hall of Neocon Theoretical Infamy being compiled on this site.

We don’t need a Plan B in Britain, we need a different economic alphabet. And that’s something that none of the existing Wetminster Parties is ever going to supply.

We also need in Britain (and go away all racists, you’re not welcome here) a grown-up attitude to immigration and multicultural laissez-faire. It is a tenet of the K’ran that Muslims should reproduce as freely as possible so as to eventually turn the infidel into a natural minority. The latest official figures for England and Wales  show a market difference in total fertility rates (TFR) between Islamic followers and everyone else: people born in the UK had a TFR of 1.67, India 2.21, and Pakistan and Bangladesh 4.9.

Under the soi-disant anti-immigration Tory Party, barely a scratch – never mind a dent – has been made on the surface of new migrant totals entering Britain.

Put together, we have here neocon infamy and liberal insanity creating a recipe for socio-economic disaster. It’s why The Slog prides itself in being neither Left nor Right, but instead putting a Radical Realist pov when approaching our very profound problems as a nation.

Big hat-tip to Kevin Green at REC Technology for originally alerting me to the 45% figure.

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75 thoughts on “NEW ONS SHOCKER: Just 1 in 4 UK adults aged16-74 has a full-time job

  1. There are two certainties in my life:

    1) I am neither Left or Right, and
    2) Regardless of race, religion or whatever, the UK should only permit sufficient numbers into the Uk for which it has the resources to deal.

    If that means refusing entry to those who have achieved a right by virtue of the old Empire and the new EU, tough. Failure to impose a sensible policy in relation to this has simply hastened the demise of UK Plc.

    If Parliament had any use at all it would have passed the necessary legislation to make this possible instead of all the PC bollox it chose to pass instead.

    It is now though largely irrelevant, TPTB have to invent new ways to reduce the world population before it becomes a global terminal economic issue. No doubt they will show far more ruthlessness in achieving that than in achieving any of the sensible measures which could have been taken to prevent the situation arising in the first place.

  2. This business of contracts for employment is not altogether a good thing.

    Most of you know my affiliation with things Northern European – yet very few of you counter me when I speak up and say something that is negative about the area. You only round on me when I say something positive. That is not a clever trait.

    I want to say that here in NL, which is in employment terms rather more relaxed than Germany, contracts are seen as essential. They are guaranteed in ways that would make a British manager spring out in a sweat. Here it leads to the sort of caution that HR departments dream of. If you are a serious professional commodity – that is to say you have followed a career path directly into the cleft of a stick – you might find work. The problem is that it is rigid and inflexible, especially when HR drones get in on the act. There are ways around all this, and I know a good few of them. But I am a freelancer, and do not hold with contracts for employment as such.

    The real downside, especially here in NL where pride in one’s work is a long forgotten happening, is that people do get away with doing the least possible. This is what sparked my thinking about the bottom line. It is not only multinationals who think this way, but entire communities. I have spoken out about the poor workmanship here (last December in fact) and in the ensuing time, things have not improved.

    It is a sad fact that people employed here can think in this way. It cannot make them happier to work their lives away by doing things that are so meaningless to them.

    It is a sadder fact that the UK business model abuses this freedom. There is a lot that the UK can teach the rest of Europe, but it will take the UK to listen to what we can tell you first if you are to make any headway here. There is a very great deal that the UK can learn from Europe.

  3. Good piece JW.
    It should be seen that people looking for work (any work) and need full time employment in order to pay their way, will often search for ‘full time’ jobs. Many (especially retail) jobs are as you say ‘part time’ contracts (which allows them not to give ‘week long’ paid holidays to staff). They cover the rest by demanding overtime cover (at basic rates) and also this way pension contributions become minimal. You would have thought that some clever politician would see through this secondary ‘time bomb’ for all the ‘must have a personal pension contributed to by employers’ legislation.
    Starvation and homelessness are down the road for another generation in thrall to the global corporative paymasters.
    Compulsary double time pay for overtime worked would be a good answer to this ‘short time working’ farse and ‘company contributions’ to be the equivalent based on a 37 Hour week minimum may help to encourage the ‘corporates’ to behave ! You would have thought that Zero hour contracts would be illegal (can you claim JSA whilst having one of these if you take a holiday ?). All the government has done with the ’employment’ legislation produced ‘to protect workers’ has done is to have got the ’employers’ to look for loopholes in order to shirk any responsability to their employees which they can well afford. (I understand the difference between small businesses and Multinational Global Corporates and agree that the differential needs regarding in law.) And no – I am not a lefty either, nor a righty………a ‘mutually balanced’ viewholder is how I consider myself.

  4. It also occurred to me that as they are holding down the price of gold, is this so the high net worth individuals can buy cheaply and then they let the price rise and, Hey Presto they are worth even more money.

  5. Politicians could easily enforce stricter border controls if they so wished. It’s blatantly obvious to all and sundry that the UK is awash with far to many people. The question you have to ask yourself is why are they allowing this to happen?

  6. Yes, JW, but a very big hmmmm when it comes to your rather enochian treatment of birth rate stats. None of what you analyse leads to the conclusion you draw that followers of Islam have and will continue to have more children than the Christian, Jewish or atheist infidel. Think social class, tradition etc when it comes to birthrates. More interestzing than the figures you produce are the birth rates of second or third generation people with Indian, Pakistani or African or Caribbean antecedents.
    Stay away racists, you say. But a simplistic treatment of stats, a (in)judicious admixture of anti-immigration talk, a misreading of what multiculturalism is all about (namely the tolerance of difference that I know you approve of) and what do you have? An invitation to those you ask to stay away. And what – in a rapidly changing social and economic world so different from the full-time job that I, too, enjoyed when I started work – is so wonderful about the full-time job that opnly 1 in 4 enjoy? I suspect that the current model of employment – which you seemingly deplore – would also be the model under the mutualised, cooperative type of economy you plead for.

  7. For the neocons:

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  8. As a Ps,

    I should have added that if a properly constituted immigration policy had been formulated with some ethics in it, the UK might not have been able to so easily rape other countries of their own limited medical professionals, as we appear to have done. Heaven forbid, we might even have understood it was time to invest in training our own.

    Let’s face it, the successive UK governments since goodness knows when have been a shower of morons and other countries given the chance could then have been better equipped to sort out their own issues.

  9. I always enjoy reading your comments Chris but now I have to add *viewing* to the list. (I worry you have too much time on your hands though, that surely took ages to construct never mind the conception.)

  10. Nice one Chris – how do you do that? Especially the finger nails? But I do have long fingers
    :……………………… / /
    ………………………/ /
    …………………./´ /
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  11. Even copied from Word, it doesn’t work for me
    :…………………… /` ´/
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.•´

  12. Would that be the official or unofficial ‘real’ figures Ioannis. I ask because in the UK I feel the stirrings of a burgeoning black market in ’employment’ that hasn’t been significant up to now. I suspect that Greece would have cause to be ahead of that particular game, it being the only game in town, as it were.

  13. But Mo, all of that comes under planning and isn’t that what governments and the hugely expensive civil service are supposed to be for?

  14. Dress it up anyway you want but you can’t escape from the fact that we have an aging population and to support it we need more young people (plus jobs to occupy them). We either breed our own young (which means women stopping work to drop sprog after sprog ‘for the good of the nation’, or we import them from elsewhere.

  15. Actually the stats prove the opposite of your conclusion. The fact that such a large proportion of the population can be sustained with the necessities of life while not actually working means that the current economic model of globally mercantilist competition (as you call it) is doing something right. The system is so efficient that only 25% of people need to work. 100% of the people work in North Korea, but it doesn’t make them better off than us now does it?

    Its perfectly possible to conclude that if more of the 75% worked then we might all be better off still, but to decry the system that provides a standard of living for the poorest person in society that 85% of the worlds population would give their right arm for, seems a bit churlish.

  16. Interesting debate to be had there I feel.

    The UK used to have a higher birth rate but progressively it declined, why? No simple answer I know, it was a combinations of circumstances but governments can encourage reproduction as easily as they can discourage it, but they have chosen an alternative, again why?

    In my lifetime I can remember being told first it was my duty to reproduce, then it wasn’t then it was, but who could afford it and now it isn’t again. Gets very confusing for us simple folk.

  17. Known it for a long time the issue is not the level of unemployment or part time workers it is the number of work hours in the economy. Way too few and alot of non-jobs created just to employ people.

    A massive time bomb coming for the pension scenario and they talk about it for a day and the contemplation is OMG bury head in sand and hope it goes away. To all those that have done this like Major, Thatcher and all the other motley crew in the last 30 years it didn’t go away did it??????

    So the number of fully empoyed in the new pension idea thing are going to make the difference when the part time far outweigh the situation and are unable to earn enough and save anything.

    I only believe in one thing now everthing government provides is ring fenced and you pay for “only” those services you use. The rest stands or fall on its own merit and worth and if peope do not sign into it then it falls.

    You can also that anybody politically wishing to stand states how much they are prepared to do the job for and you can vote on value for money.

  18. 25% of our population may be in full time employment, but I wonder how many are earning a wage that is the national average. Probably less than half.
    Equally of those with several part time jobs, perhaps some are earning MORE than the average.
    There are many in the private sector, hubby included, who have worked harder and harder each year, to meet tighter targets/deadlines etc and yet have had no pay rise for years, so, like ZIRP and pensions etc, are being stymied at every turn.
    The immigration issue will always be an issue that invokes racist claims; perhaps the Nation needs to change tack entirely and make EVERY citizen fulfill certain criteria to be ‘entitled’ to any benefits, regardless of their place of birth. Accepting ‘forced contraception’ if you are unable to be a basically nice human might then gain you minimal benefits but at least the likelihood of you perpetuating the problem is solved. Having worked in an Educational establishment where pupils have been excluded from mainstream schooling, and where they are 4th generation in the same situation, THIS is what needs to addressed. Great Grannies can be aged early 50’s in some poor parts of the world, but not in the Midlands, surely?
    Unless something changes, ‘nice folk’ will continue to question if they should have children, and how many…in such a big bad world. I know the planet changes polarity every now and then, can’t help but feel humanity is going to be due the same earth shift soon, if something doesn’t change.

    Just so’s you know, one of my offspring’s godparents is invisible in the dark unless he has his eyes open or smiles. Regular guests to the house are young muslim women, and my nephews are german ;)

  19. I also think it’s a sad reflection on our educational system when, a teacher has to take a pupil over to Europe to teach her how 30 goes into 15……

  20. “Just so’s you know, one of my offspring’s godparents is invisible in the dark unless he has his eyes open or smiles. Regular guests to the house are young muslim women, and my nephews are german”

    A pretty sad indictment of the power and distortion of the ‘PC’ crowd Joanna if we all feel we have to prove our credentials before we can make a comment about ‘our’ own country and it’s policy on immigration, birthrates, welfare and the like.

  21. Next time you see a Government Minister boasting about how many jobs they have “created”, silently point out that its jobs they have “fragmented”. There is a difference.

  22. Some years back,John Read ,the boss of Citibank,pronounced that ‘nation states’ could not go bust,as he embarked on a massive financial entry into South America.Take a close look at Greece and Spain. Europe is the new South America,minus the growth.

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  24. Dear Fullstop, I don’t believe that the shower in power could plan their way out of a wet paper bag! Or any of the ‘showers’ of the past 40 years, come to that!

  25. @Full Stop: ‘A pretty sad indictment of the power and distortion of the ‘PC’ crowd Joanna if we all feel we have to prove our credentials before we can make a comment about ‘our’ own country and it’s policy on immigration, birthrates, welfare and the like.’
    That’s what is has come too these days, my wife’s boss was called a ‘Racist’ by the local Council for pointing out that he didn’t think Rottingdean (East Sussex) was suitable area for the local gypsy community to set up shop. They threatened him with legal action if he persisted. That’s today’s world.

  26. Dear Jim, but we are only able to do it through borrowing more & more & more. Every month it goes up. It’s unsustainable in the long term. However the plonkers in the ‘ouse can only think in 5 year terms. Do they borrow any money in North Korea? Sooner or later the bailiffs will be called in, as in Greece as in Spain. Is that a good idea,just to maintain a standard of living not enough people are earning? Our grandchildren will never forgive us.

  27. You forgot to mention all those in full time employment who only work some of the time. the lazy arses sitting about the place checking their facebook during the day and sending emails to their mates. It would be an interesting statistic about who puts in a proper days graft every day. In other news I can confirm that the modern age is better than the olden days. Just thought I’d clarify that

  28. …………………./´¯/)
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  29. Does the part time jobs statistics take into account that some(maybe many) people have 2x, 3x or more part time jobs?
    I know plenty of people with full time plus part time jobs as well as people with multiple part time jobs to survive.

  30. ITG
    As we both know better than most, statisticians get it wrong when they assume (1) the past is a guide to the future – it isn’t: Islam today is very different to how it was 20-30 yrs ago; and (2) people lump together ‘immigrants’ as a group – they aren’t: the professional/retail driven Chinese, Indian, Polish and Jewish immigrants have very different effects on the future of society than Afro-Caribbean and Islamic cultures.
    My interpretation of the stats is far from simplistic on that basis, and the entire concept of ‘injudicious immigration talk’ is precisely what got us to where we are now. No racist I, sir: but I am a culturalist, because the evidence in favour of my discernment is overwhelming.
    As to a fulltime job for only one in four well – that would have NO part at all in my mutualist model: none, zero, nul. I have long believed that self esteem for the vast majority of individuals comes from having a sense of belonging and contributing – with at least some degree of security that never becomes dependancy. And fulfilled self-esteem is the biggest single factor contributing to social stability…ask any social anthropologist or CBT practitioner.
    Did you know, for example, that over 40% of all 60+ depression is diagnosed as ‘loss of point of self’?

  31. “Its perfectly possible to conclude that if more of the 75% worked then we might all be better off still,”

    But worked at what Jim? We are already being told that we are using too much of the World’s finite resources as is. We are already being told that technology is rendering more and more of us surplus to requirements. We are already being told that there aren’t enough people producing to support those that aren’t. We are already being told…..etc.etc.

    So if you could just square that circle for me?

  32. Saveph
    Correct. I vote for the former approach, but with quality control.
    The Power Shower are almost as pointless as Flower Power. :-))

  33. Jim
    The rules of this blog forbid me from giving a full and frank answer to that response. All I can say is, “Stop f**king about Mr Hunt, we know it’s you really”.

  34. Kentucky
    Under the Slog house rules, you are docked 0.5 snake points for that appallingly incorrect observation, and awarded 5m ladder points for the amusement value.

  35. Sand
    Spot on. V funny tweet to that effect came way way this morning. Tell me, how many Kiwi streaks of piss are sitting about the place checking their facebook during the day and sending emails to their mates? ;-)

  36. …”But I am a Freelancer…”
    In Great Britain we call part time cash work, or selling dope, and fortnightly Benefit cheque ”MOONLIGHTING”,
    We assume this must be the Netherlands equivalent.

  37. O/T However, Question Time should be interesting tonight, especially if the subject of the Rochdale Grooming Review comes up, particularly as Harriet Harmthem and Mendhi Hasan are on the panel.
    Will they have the humility to squirm or even blush? Somehow I doubt it.

  38. @OAH.You are right.’Bright sparks’,the language of the past.My gut feel is that Europe,including the UK,may become 20 percent cheaper ,quite soon.

  39. According to MSM reports, he had been working through the practical multiplication task for many months. I can only assume that he decided it was time to move onto French oral.

  40. Professor

    for such a learned person, you show very little of it in your comments.

    The Netherlands has some very strict rules in force, and they are used. Do not think of coming here with the attitude you hold. You have been warned.

  41. Asking questions that really deserve an honest answer must not be asked under any circumstances, after all, ‘ I didn’t get elected on the promise that I would tell the truth, did I? Oh, nobody told me…..

  42. The black economy is flourishing due to the penal tax and VAT rates now being inflicted upon everyone. Most tradesman want paying in cash and to hell with the Government and its 20% VAT demands. Cash means no paperwork and the tradesman or supplier doesn’t have to declare the income to the tax man. Only our stupid politicians seem to be surprised by this situation although many are quite happy to pay the East European Au pair or housekeeper cash in hand.

  43. @kfc Sadly, I can’t help but agree with you, it seems that the corrosion of collusion and corruption is far too deep and widespread for these poor children to be championed by anyone in authority. Justice, therefore, well nigh impossible, as the current phrase being attributed to 13 year old victims is “it was a lifestyle choice.”

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  45. The majority of East Europeans save like hell and send their money back home. Approx 43% of the Muslim population are unemployed. A huge number of jobs are now being outsourced to countries with lower labour rates. Most immigrants to this country work in low to medium paying jobs and get financial assistance from the state one way or the other. How are these people going to help Britain’s elderly?

  46. If we didn’t have an astonishingly large deficit, and if material living standards weren’t falling, and bound to fall further, you might have something resembling a pretty feeble point.

  47. When speaking of part-time or full-time work, whose definition are we using?

    I work 20 hours a week.
    According to the Job Centre, I work full time (!)
    According to my employer I work part-time.

    So, am I one of the few who work full-time, or one of the part-timers?

    It feels like part-time to me. . . . (couldn’t get full time because those who advertised for a secretary suddenly changed to “actually wanting an office junior” when they realised my age – and at the time I’d just turned 40).

  48. John – I’m not really sure about your source for the PT jobs figs.

    This is an excerpt from the ONS Labour Market Stats Bulletin Sept 2012

    ‘The number of full-time workers increased by 102,000 on the previous quarter to reach 21.44 million and the number of part-time workers increased by 134,000 to reach 8.12 million, the highest figure since comparable records began in 1992. The number of employees and self-employed people who were working part-time because they could not find a full-time job increased by 24,000 on the quarter to reach 1.42 million, the highest figure since comparable records began in 1992.’

    The figs do, however, show the PT employment – particularly for those that would prefer a FT job on the rise.

  49. I attended a lecture recently on the subject if all social media access should be blocked at workplace or if the time wasted is the equivalent of time spend chatting while making coffee or chatting in the bathroom or on the phone etc and research apparently has shown that is about the same .There will be always employees who waste time one way or an other and in both cases with a small break and a visit to facebook or an email people get more invigorated and productive .So the question was only if is it “healthier” to interact with your colleagues in person or post on facebook .

  50. Yep, where the hell does this 45% come from, let alone the 74% extrapolation?

    Quick maths from the figures show that only 27.5% of the employed are part-time and yet that number even includes the self-employed as being part-time!

    Of employees, only 14.5% are part-time… So what are you going on about? Then how many lap it all up without even checking it out? Two legs good four legs baad, baaa

    And what’s with the BNP style deliberate misrepresentation of TFR rates in poor areas compared to the general affluent population and representing that difference as a plot by Muslims to take over the world? “I’m not racist, but…” is how you start that section too.

    Never read a non-banking Slog post before – this one sure shows you up!

  51. Nat
    ‘BNP style deliberate misrepresentation of TFR rates’.
    Like most people who know everything, you’re also a mindreader too. There is no misrepresentation here, and no intention to portray a Muslim plot. The TFR rates are a UK average accepted as correct by most objective observers, and the K’ran is the K’ran. Read it some time.
    ‘where the hell does this 45% come from’. Um, the XL spreadsheets from the ONS maybe? If 36.7% are economically inactive, that leaves 63.3% who aren’t. Then you cross-tab between those employed full and part time, and the figure for full is 45%. Then you add part + inactive together, and cross check-it against all those in full, and presto! It’s the same number – 26.4%. Or 1 in 4.
    Nat, what’s thrown you here is that I don’t come either from your tribe, or the tribe with whom you’re at war. This isn’t the site for you. Come back when you’re more interested in stats interpretation than agenda.

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