It’s a very brief one tonight. For months now, myriad Sloggers have been demanding I stop referring to those running the show at the moment as élites.

I understand this, I really do. For myself, I think of them as an Underclass who somehow jumped over the Moon. But they do need a name.

After mulling this over for some time, I have come to the conclusion that they should be referred to as cults. Not just because this enables us to use the collective term ‘a complete bunch of cults’, but also because the word cult per se suggests a rather odd, probably eccentric and dranged – perhaps even murderous – crew.

Cults usually wind up in some form of mass suicide, or killing all of their followers. In the case of those who continue to see themselves as ‘in charge’, it is hard to escape the conclusion that self-pitying suicide and retributional homicide are inevitable.

So, cults it is then.