At the End of the Day

It’s a very brief one tonight. For months now, myriad Sloggers have been demanding I stop referring to those running the show at the moment as élites.

I understand this, I really do. For myself, I think of them as an Underclass who somehow jumped over the Moon. But they do need a name.

After mulling this over for some time, I have come to the conclusion that they should be referred to as cults. Not just because this enables us to use the collective term ‘a complete bunch of cults’, but also because the word cult per se suggests a rather odd, probably eccentric and dranged – perhaps even murderous – crew.

Cults usually wind up in some form of mass suicide, or killing all of their followers. In the case of those who continue to see themselves as ‘in charge’, it is hard to escape the conclusion that self-pitying suicide and retributional homicide are inevitable.

So, cults it is then.

18 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. “Cults usually wind up in some form of mass suicide, or killing all of their followers”

    Just the thought of it has cheered me up no end. Thanks, John.


  2. It’s a Junta, John.

    Just look at the historical similarities:
    “…unity was needed to coordinate efforts against the French and to deal with British aid, several supreme juntas—Murcia, Valencia, Seville and Castile and León—called for the formation of a central one”

    “it would be both the single legislative body for the whole empire and the body which would write a constitution for it.”

    “The juntas of the capitals of the traditional peninsular kingdoms of Spain styled themselves “Supreme Juntas,” to differentiate themselves from, and claim authority over, provincial juntas.”


  3. Can’t we just call them the “criminal class”? Or in deference to France’s rather efficient solution, “the decapitated class”?


  4. po-po-po…

    The Lancet and other medical mags have been publishing studies thrughout the last decade showing that 90% of modern CEOs and all the people we reward with the top salaries / maximum power are sociopathic and psychopathic.
    They are also narcissists, which means they are immune to psychotherapy.

    As a society now, these are the behaviours we seek out & reward to lead companies and countries.


  5. Not so sure of that myself John, as I & probably thousands of others enjoy watching certain films such as Blade Runner, Mullholland drive, Brazil, Mystery Train over & over again & constantly listening to bands like Captain Beefheart, Velvet Underground & The Grateful Dead.

    When the effluence finally hits the fan & crazed pea brained yokels gather in the streets armed to the teeth after finally realising they have been fed a staple diet of bollocks, they will not find any of these shysters who you now want to refer to as cults. No, they would all be long gone with ample police protection. Being a mob they will want to exact their frustration out on somebody & knowing my luck someone will mention that I am part of cult following with obvious disastrous results.

    So please give this some deep thought before finally deciding, just think of the possible massacres of people dressed up as Klingons or Darth Vader, although maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all.

    Beware of the Moonies & Scientologists they will not take kindly to being lumped together with such contemptible low life scum as those once referred to as the elite.


  6. Your alternatives are the likes of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

    And you know what John? After reading this short but succinct entry, I rather think those alternatives have their merits. Ignore the demonisation spread by american propaganda over the years and they have redeeming qualities coming out of their ears (or at least a few trickling out of one ear.)

    The current bunch of evil, back-slapping, leg-up giving, funny hand-shaking, privileged, public schoolboy, cocke sniffing (yes you read that right, take it how you will), “We were bred and schooled to rule the great unwashed by way of (inbred) bloodline so don’t stare at our unusually large foreheads and too close together eyes and merely respect our inherent authorataaa, ” — need culling as a matter of international priority.

    New slogan: Cull the Cults. Whether you’re a left or a right cult, we’ve had all’s we can takes, and we can’t takes no more.

    But what do I know, I’m just a pleb…


  7. A better word is ’[robber] baron’ which has already been used in this sense

    ‘Baron . . 2.b. A magnate in commerce, finance, or the like; a great merchant in a certain commodity, usu. defined by a qualifying word, as beef baron, coal baron . .
    . . 1885 Cent. Mag. Sept. 804 Who is responsible for [the depression]?.. Is it the ‘silver barons’ or the ‘gold bugs’?
    1887 Harper’s Mag. Apr. 822/1 When the great ‘coal barons’..deliberately combine to put up the price of coal.
    . . 1904 ‘O. Henry’ Cabbages & Kings 4 A rubber prince, a sarsaparilla, indigo, and mahogany baron.
    . . 1932 Ann. Reg. 1931 15 The ‘money barons’ were using the whole of their influence to restrict the raising of money for national development.
    . . 1947 J. Hayward Prose Lit. since 1939 47 Newspaper barons and film magnates have shown that it is not difficult to bend authors to their own desires.
    1958 Listener 18 Dec. 1030/2 He became one of those barons who advance their fortunes under the slogan of National Trade.

    c. Applied gen. to a person having power or influence in any sphere; in Prison slang: see quot. 1950.
    1876 R. L. Stevenson Walking Tours in Cornhill Mag. June 687 The great barons of the mind will not rally to the standard.
    1919 Athenæum 15 Aug. 759/1 Slang in War-time… Baron, army commander.
    1950 P. Tempest Lag’s Lexicon 10 A baron is one who always has plenty of money and/or tobacco.
    1958 F. Norman Bang to Rights i. 23 If people can’t be barons with out going around punching little geezers up in the air . . ‘


    ‘robber baron, n.
    1. A feudal lord who profits from taxing or robbing those who enter his land. hist.
    1829 Scott Anne of Geierstein II. ix. 281 How is he to get through this country, so beset with wandering soldiers, robber barons,..and roguish Italians?
    . . 1992 Eng. Hist. Rev. 107 284 De Lisle’s clerical status gave him a distinct advantage over other, secular ‘robber barons’.

    2. orig. U.S. An industrial or financial magnate who makes his or her fortune by exploitative or unscrupulous means. Also in extended use.
    1874 Rep. Sel. Comm. Transportation-routes to Seaboard 662 Vanderbilt, the robber baron of our modern feudalism.
    . . 1996 Observer 29 Dec. 16/7 The cynical notion that robber barons do a country a myth that must be debunked.’


  8. Cults have beliefs but this is a cult of unbeliefs : in democracy , social justice and social service ,hard work principals , work values , the truth , protection of their citizens ,i can go on and on .They dont even have good lines or catchphrases like cults have .They show medieval attitude ,blackmail populations and there are in style only few steps away from the grotesque and dull Kim Il Sung.


  9. In Godzone it is customary , when faced with a collection of these types, to say :- “you are nothing but a pack of cu*ts ” .(* substitute l or n as preferred)
    Just saying that the appropriate collective noun is “pack” !


  10. Dare to say is rather a “political theater” , with stock characters and plots , dramatic vocabulary and of course live audience .There is an interplay of tragedy and comedy (black included) ,a lot of puppets ,marionettes and shadow figures ,smoke and mirrors, tricks and con games, and the main purpose behind it is deception .When they all meet in a world level resemble a form of Kabuki .Having said all that though i must add they are bad actors that are not chosen for the virtues but some sort of management techniques.They have sieged powers but lost their heart and wisdom which is a kind of insanity.We dont trust them and when you dont trust someone he is soon to finish one way or an other .


  11. Yes – Cults has a ring to it viz:

    “My name is Ozymandias, Cult of Cults,
    Look on my works ye mighty and despair!”

    (With apols to Percy Bysshe Shelley)


  12. “The decapitated class” will do for me.

    Now, how can we ensure it’s appropriate nomenclature? Are “Tumbrils” listed on my Driving Licence..?


  13. JW stick to the word Elite, it describes what they are.
    An elite in political and sociological theory, is a small group of people who control a disproportionate amount of wealth or political power.
    But as Ted Treen said. “Cults usually wind up in some form of mass suicide, or killing all of their followers”. but then again so do governments.
    So our choice would only be in the manner of our subjegation.


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