1. Since a Tory Whips job is to ensure discipline in the ranks, I cannot see how he can possibly command any respect among his colleagues after this, and thus, whatever your politics, Andrew Mitchell is now totally incapable of performing the role of Chief Whip and must therefore ‘resign’.

    In the days of Blair and Brown, and more recently too, Ministers of the Crown have discovered all sorts of wondrous hidden banana skins to slip up on……but loosing a political career to ‘which gate you use to leave 10 Downing Street’ has to be some sort of a true milestone in idiotic ministerial exits and at least on a match with Jacqui Smith’s husband renting his porn films on her parliamentary expenses !!

    Someone PLEASE tell Mitchell not to try to ‘hang on’. I cannot stand the thought of the BBC making this idiot the lead story all next week while Spain going totally bust gets relegated to 30 seconds just before The Weather Forecast !


  2. Be interesting to see if he gets away with it………all those court cases where plod are giving evidence and the defence suggesting………..but are not the police liars and make inaccurate notes in their notepads according to a minister of the crown…………… :)

    Keep digging you scumbags (the Grubbyment not the Plods).


  3. I sent him an email yesterday to say just that – “hang on in there”. Andrew Mitchell was my constituency MP for many years (Gedling, Notts.) and I found him consistently extremely helpful, interested, diligent and … extremely courteous. He invited me to meet him several times when I sought his help and advice in raising finance for my biotech start-up (seeking to cut through the utter mendacity of the “Small Firms Guarantee Loan Scheme”), once at his ministerial office at Portculllis, once even at his home in Nottinghamshire (he lived close to his constituency). All I can say is that in his dealing with this constituent he definitely went the extra mile. It seems that he was performing his recent role at DFID with characteristic gusto and genuine enthusiasm – and it was probably moronic for Camoron to shuffle him out of that post … prob has coloured his mood. This is a mighty storm in a cracked “Sun” mug of tea … and expect many more opportunistic hatchet jobs from that direction in revenge for cleaning up the sh*t-hole that was the Murdoch press. I’m a LibDem : (


  4. I’m fairly certain that Bercow has his supporters too, but I’m rather afraid that doesn’t stop him from appearing to be an oleaginous little squit with an over-inflated sense of his own importance. Speak as one finds, I suppose.

    My sincere condolences on your choice of political association, by the way – it can’t be easy for you ;-)


  5. Can’t help but wonder …

    Its the Sun wot got him. Can we believe anything they say? And coppers have been known to lie! Is there a reason why both senior plod and News Intl want to get rid of Mitchell and replace him with some Hunt-lite puppet?


  6. Not sure why you needed the last bit CY unless it’s there as some sort of atonement or possibly to give an over-rider as to what went before it?
    I know Lib Dems are getting to be persona non grata but it really isn’t that sort of “meeting”………


  7. No-ones doubting the cops can be a buch of officious pricks sometimes, but it’s the sense of entitlement that stands out. A true representative of this government by the underqualified, who got in by not being the “other lot”.


  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t deliberately malicious Chinese whispers orchestrated by Murdoch to discredit another Cameron loyalist after the phone hacking debacle.


  9. On the other hand ….

    Anyone who is prepare to stand up to the state’s officious officials, where bearing arms or not, deserves our support. No-one wants to live in a police state, do they??

    p.s. Did those present get to check their notes together before writing their report?


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