HACKGATE DAY 619: Ofcom delivers verdict on James Murdoch…


But why?

Let’s take a look at this watchdog called Ofcom.

In May of this year, it was mainly engaged in clearing Menopausal Man Jeremy Clarkson of some sort of ism to do with comparing an ugly Japanese Camper Van hybrid to Joseph Merrick, the so-called Elephant Man, saying that the car looked like something you would not talk to at a party. Co-presenter Richard Hammond called it the elephant car. Shock horror. We are appalled. But less so, it seems, by James ‘Gay Robot’ Murdoch. Murdoch Jr spouted hour after hour of mendacious, evasive, slippery corporate jargon as a means of foxing Ofcom, and this was enough for them to decide that

“In our view, the evidence available to date does not provide a reasonable basis to find that James Murdoch knew of widespread wrongdoing or criminality at NoTW…”

Why did Ofcom produce this anodyne whitewash? Cast your cynical minds back to the story of earlier this week in relation to the still unsolved murder of Daniel Morgan. And then review some of the main players in this game:

Ed Richards is the Chief Executive of Ofcom, appointed in October 2006. Previously, he was the Senior Policy Advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair for Media affairs. During the period that Blair was still actively in bed with Murdoch.

Another key figure at Ofcom is Colette Bowe. She joined at the start of 2008, and is now its Chairman….having been strongly pushed forward for the role by Peter (now ‘Lord’) Mandelson. At the time Mandy was still very close to Newscorp, and pushing the ‘plurality’ line hard. Bowe and Mandelson are personal friends, and on securing her appointment, Mandelson said “The communications industries have huge significance for our economy during these challenging times, and Colette’s knowledge and experience will be invaluable at Ofcom in helping deliver greater choice and innovation across the sector.” Bowe was, many observers accept, a person who would look kindly upon both him and Newscorp.

Norman Blackwell was appointed to the Ofcom Board on 1 September 2009 for an initial 3 year term.  Lord Blackwell, a Conservative peer, is currently Chairman of the Board at Interserve plc, which has contracts totalling £1 billion with the NHS. On 7th September 2012, The NHS Trusts of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland chose Interserve to take on the seven-year contract, under which it will provide support services totalling £300m. Newscorp admirer and friend of James Murdoch Jeremy Hunt is the new Secretary of State for Health.

Stuart McIntosh is the Competition Director at Ofcom. He therefore dealt personally with Newscorp Drum majorette Jeremy Hunt whenever he intervened in Ofcom business to insist on plurality – Mr Hunt’s euphemism of choice for promoting the interests of Newscorp. On March 2nd 2011, McIntosh highlighted concerns that the BBC’s proposed streaming syndication policy was anti-competitive, and wrote a letter saying as much to the BBC Trust.  The company shut out of carrying a version of the BBC iPlayer was Sky.

There is no suggestion at all here that anything improper has taken place as such. But all of the above characters are open to the observation that they are extremely unlikely to be boat-rockers. By any objective standards, when it comes to ruling upon the existence or not of a culture of management criminality at Newscorp in the UK, these are people who were around when Iraq invasions were being planned, around when PFI spends were being shoved off-balance sheet, heavily committed to good relations with the Department for Health, championed by Newscorp bedfellows, and fully conversant with Jeremy Hunt’s management style.

Independent they aren’t, and so cultural criminality they did not find. The senior people at Newscorp would be enormously grateful for that…for several reasons – as we shall no doubt see anon.

16 thoughts on “HACKGATE DAY 619: Ofcom delivers verdict on James Murdoch…

  1. Would appear the Ofcom board are all peeing in the same potty,scratching each others testicles, patting each others backs, riding the same pony, slurping from the same gravy train, snouting from the same trough and definitely not rocking the NewsCorp boat.
    In other words,we have an Establishment,smoke and mirrors,obfuscation cover up.
    No sheet Sherlock,what to expect in todays Britain?, the whole pile of excrement is putrid, media, judiciary,police ,political,financial.


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  3. But John the USA, via the CIA have been pushing for a united Europe, with the UK inside, for years. We cannot rely on them. The Americans, as we have seen for years, are fair weather friends. They are in bed with the Germans and the woman who would be President of the United European Democracy.


  4. It amazes me sometimes just how blatent and blazé these people have become about being corrupt………..they really do not care if we know it and can see it. They have the power under their control and the independent ‘public services’ such as the police are all in cahoots and refuse to investigate anything unless it is ‘one of their own’ raising the complaint.

    The word ‘independent’ has become like the word ‘democracy’ (in N Korea etc.) – to mean – ‘me and my mates’……………I want to do the camera work on execution square just so I can make sure I get a clip of each of them pissing themselves as justice is done…………..


  5. The most effective way to deal with a fractious public is simply to spin the issue out over several years. Almost everyone will have moved on to the next awkward issue by then. Enquiries by half-witted quangos are one of the best ways to extend the time axis.


  6. Precisely. That is why we should be independent of both the EUSR and the USSA. Our nukes should be targeted ‘a toutes azimuths’ to use Charles De Gaulle’s phrase.


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  8. Any society that prints money in order to create and then sustain an illusion must ultimately manufacture the ‘truth’ in order to support that illusion; casual mendacity, truth avoidance and delusional belief are the inevitable result. This delusional behaviour has now reached such epidemic – or even pandemic – proportions that one can only conclude our society is hell bent on its own destruction. You really don’t need any tinfoil to work this out; the idea that truth is merely a matter of perception is all very well but sooner or later one must confront the fact that the consequences are far from academic.


  9. Nope, they are all corrupt, and as stated above they really don’t care who knows. Their contempt for us mortals knows no bounds.


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