At the End of the Day

At the end of days like this one, laughter is the only way.

“I’ve come here in person today to Manchester myself to express personally as an individual just how sad I am about all of you who have to live here in this ghastly place, somewhere to the north of Tooting Norton, where people are killed on a regular basis because of drug warfare,” the Prime Minister David Cameo nearly said today, adding, “Quite frankly, I have no idea why things are getting so violent in Tooting Norton, but some of my best chaps have been rolling their sleeves up about this issue, and I think I can safely say that they think coke-headed toffs might be involved somewhere.”

It’s been that kind of day, really. Has anyone noticed that Ukip’s leader, by the way, is no longer a chap who rhymes with Lafarge, but has become a political figure rhyming with a northern garage? At least, this is the world as seen by BBCNews anchorpersons, who this lunchtime reported how Nigel Farridge had bitten the hand not extended by Dave, in saying that without the cast-iron guarantee of a referendum on EU membership, there would be no negotiations with the Conservatives. The two men are in complete agreement about this, in that the PM has said “there will be no EU referendum on my watch”.

The Slog suspects that this ‘Garridge’ mularkey is a wicked Beeb plot to keep anti-EU mad persons like Nigel in their place. But as ever, the man who might or might not stand in the Corby constituency formerly known as Menschville came to the defence of Ukip’s Nigel Average by saying he was “right to put Country before Party” on the issue. Perhaps that’s what an unwillingness to compromise means these days. It was but the first of many oddly obvious headlines today: in The Times, my second favourite was ‘Obama accused of changing policy to get swing-State votes’, although in the same paper  it was easily eclipsed by ‘Israeli strike on Iran would wreck peace treaties’. I have found – over many years of studying geopolitics – that this tends to be the case, but clearly the Newscorp Diggers are still catching up. I am awaiting more in this vein, for example, ‘Bob Diamond wasn’t entirely frank with Treasury Select Committee’ and ‘Culture Committee witness Murdoch found not to have Alzheimers after all”.

The world quaked in its boots this morning as news broke of a Chinese plan to launch a bond attack on Japan. The wickedness of proposing to shower such incredibly toxic weapons on a nation whose culture has spawned the admiration of no less a personage than Jeremy Huntcourses is beyond belief, and should evoke global outrage.

The globalisation of outrage is one of the least appreciated advantages of our current econ-communications model. Third-rate movies about the evils of Mohammedanist belief that would, at one time, have mouldered on a few Art House cinema screens, can now be spotted by diligent Islamic researchers, and virally engorged in a way hitherto unimagined by American ambassadors to Libya. As the process unfolded to the ecumenical advantage of everyone this last week, The Slog was enormously relieved to note that the Pakistani authorities called for restrained protests there. In a fitting show of solidarity with that plea, Pakistan’s police and security forces adopted a low-profile display of zero interest in nutters chucking petrol bombs at Western embassies.

As if to confirm that surreal criminality  is the new norm, a 34-year old Greek citizen on the island of Santorini complained to local police about two Nigerians who tried to sell him to a special varnish.

By using a unique paper and several chemicals, the African gentlemen tried to convince him that euro banknotes could reproduce, and thus spawn many further euros absolutely free. Police arrested the two men, found their immigration documents to be falsified, and recommended them for deportation. However, a Signor M. Draghi has asked to interview the Nigerians before they return home. As someone who has been putting a glossy varnish on grubby paper for some time now, Signor Draghi apparently hopes to profit from their knowledge.

8 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. “Third-rate movies about the evils of Mohammedanist belief that would, at one time, have mouldered on a few Art House cinema screens, can now be spotted by diligent Islamic researchers, and virally engorged in a way hitherto unimagined by American ambassadors to Libya.”

    That is quite correct, the film is truly a pathetic offering, especially the acting, but it does have one magnificent redeeming feature – it is based on facts that the sheetheads cannot dispute. In fact, according to a Mooslum apologist, the facts are not in dispute – their whinge is that Mo was depicted in flesh & blood!!

    Extracts from an evaluation of the film as undertaken by the Islam-critical website PI:

    “Fact Check – Innocence of Muslims”

    The names of the people in the video playing a larger role are, Khadija, Abu Bakr, Omar, Aisha, the donkey Yafor, Safiya and Kinana from the Banu Nadir, Umm Qirfa, Hafsa. The film’s episodes are all documented by Islamic sources (even if sometimes presented a little freely):

    01. Mohammed as a two year old
    Fact: (…)
    02. Mohammad and Khadijah
    Correct: (…)
    03. The donkey Yafor
    Absolutely right! (…)
    04. Mohammed’s visions
    Absolutely right! (…)
    05. Mohammad and his bandits
    Correct: (…)
    06. Mohammed can have all the women he wants
    Right! Is exactly as in the Qur’an 33:50. (…)
    07. The death of the 120 year-old Umm Qirfa
    Absolutely right! (…)
    08. Safiya and Kinana
    Right! (…)
    09. Hafsa catches Mohammad in bed with her Coptic slave Maria:
    Correct: (…)

    So much for the facts. But once again: this in the West completely unknown clip was but a pretext. An excuse for the riots, to finally force the West under the blasphemy laws of Sharia. Criticism of Islam is to be banned and criminalised. The next opportunity is already being searched for.”

    Unfortunately there is a bit too much to translate it all and WordPress seems to not like links to PI. So, let’s see if it can be tricked – if you have an understanding of written German and no fear of a little copy & paste, it is quite an enlightening read


    More to follow – especially if I’ve tricked WordPress

    Nope, it refuses to be tricked – so let’s try again


  2. Right, so now I know how it can be done –


    A reworded national anthem for us – but make sure you have taken your beta-blockers before viewing it. The German anthem is also being re-worded – in a similar vein.

    Meanwhile, in the country that brought you the “Gebruder Grimm” and merry tales of Rumpelstiltskin and others:

    “Federal Government plans repatriation programme for Muslims

    The federal government has, largely unnoticed by the public and media, launched a repatriation programme for Muslims. This emerges from a confidential strategy paper by the planning staff of the Federal Ministry of Interior, which is in the possession of the Süddeutsche (newspaper). Accordingly, the repatriation programme carries the working title of “Measures for Reconstruction and for technical-scientific Development of Muslim countries under bilateral transition and development partnerships” and should, according to the report, be adopted in the coming week by the federal cabinet.

    The programme, with a special budget of initially 35 billion euros (stage I), has the objectives that Muslims in Germany who return permanently to their home countries are granted re-integration and development assistance, with the aim that their knowledge and experience acquired in Germany is used in the interest of their home countries, and to help support and intensify the technical and scientific development of these countries. The further stated aim of the programme is to prevent the disparities between, on the one side, religion-conditioned backward Islamic countries and, on the other side, the western industrialised world, becoming larger. The program is embedded in the overall project “Development Aid 2020″.”

    Naturally there is a whole lot more of this crud in the article, much too much to translate at this hour. It is enough to say, the claims that the Gerries don’t have a sense of humour are completely wrong!


    I think the clue to this is MANCHESTER .
    The BBC has moved much of its staff there. So ,in compliance with their policy of preferring regional accents to RP English, they are following the local usage just to show the favoured ones, remaining in London, ‘ow grim it is oop North.


  4. And of course we must not rule out the potential coming WWIII, the tensions are building up, all we need now is that black swan thingnameejig.
    Nobody ever predicts that one till it happens.
    Hopefully it will all simmer down but I “aint” holding my breath.


  5. Has it ever occured to anyone that the labour party let in millions of foreigners in order to keep the housing market buoyant? Apart from the obvious political reasons, there were also a lot of people at the very top who had a financial stake in a strong housing market.

    Now we are paying the price. Long held and respected traditions of freedom of expression are being blown away in pursuit of short term political gain by the chosen few.


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