Bubbling under

Smelly things rising to the top

This may be a new series, may not. We’ll have to see how it goes, but this is the idea: I push out some intriguing tips not going anywhere very much as yet, and assorted Sloggers, whistle-blowers or spiked hacks offer their two pennorth in the comment thread….or by email if they’d prefer – jawslog@gmail.com.

1. One or two nuggets leaking from former British Council members regarding the extraordinary closeness between Virginia Bottomley, and rising Brock’s thrupenny rocket Jeremy Hunt.

2. Newscorp back once again to playing hardball with litigants re phone-hacking and collateral damages. It seems to be related to a rather disturbing clause in the Digger’s public liability insurance contract.

3. Things taking shape in the Torykip tendency, in particular among the Old Guard admirers of things to the Right of Baroness Thatcher. But things may not be looking quite as cosy for Boris as they have seemed of late.

4. Mining in Marikana: is this the prelude to South Africa melting down into one big ANC protection racket? One thing seems certain….this is not a straightforward dispute between the mine owners and their workers.

5. Former highflying Sun News desk and NotW highlifers are expecting the manicured fingernails of Plod upon their collars in the next few weeks, it seems. This has resulted in some doorstepping of Kelvin McKenslob as rival hacks shout through various London and Home Counties letterboxes.

6. Jeremy Partridge-B’Stard, contrary to previous suggestions in the media and his cv, appears to have had a very sudden conversion to politics in 2002. Did he choose the Conservative Party, or vice-versa? And why was he chosen?

7. Questions have been raised here and there about the composition of the Hillsborough Enquiry membership, and one or two interests that have remained mysteriously undeclared.

8. We can be proud of our Olympians and their Herculean performances on track, field and water. But there are whispers along the corridors of sport about chemical help being administered here and there.

I’m researching other stuff at the moment. More of a eurooean flavour. More later I hope.

32 thoughts on “Bubbling under

  1. meanwhile in other news – China about to do something naughty with/to Japan, ditto Israel/Iran. And we have a choice between a buffoon and marxist in race for POTUS…. what could go wrong?


  2. Kelvin and door-stepping: The other buffoon in this episode is Alex Thomson (C4).

    Thomson has recently written the forward to a book that was to be serialised in The (Scottish) Sun…..until it was retracted due to the author being ‘…tarred with a sickening sectarian brush.’

    A more loathsome pair of idiots in the one place you couldn’t hope (?) to meet…..it’ll catch on, i tells ya !


  3. Re Marikana.

    Forms part of a power struggle in the ANC in which the Youth League leader, Julius Melema was expelled. Malema…earlier nicknamed Pothole for his ability to fix roads in return for the folding stuff in his own area…is trying to oust Zuma and this strike…the strikers largely involved with an independent union not aligned with the ANC affiliated NUM…was a first class opportunity to get publicity for his policy on nationalisation while demonstarting how the ruling faction of the ANC are out of touch with ordinary people.
    Malema is keen on following the policies of Mugabe in respect of land grabs and his call for mine nationalisation may be because he is keen that businessmen in the black community, having been effectively given significant holdings under black empowerment legislation (BEE), are finding themselves in difficulties and nationalisation would give them as life line.

    Looking at the state of South Africa I can tell you I didn’t march against apartheid to get a result like this.


  4. “We can be proud of our Olympians and their Herculean performances on track, field and water. But there are whispers along the corridors of sport about chemical help being administered here and there”

    I’m surprised its taken this long for the whispers of PEDs to come out.

    Reality check:- the Olympics is the testing ground for each new generation of doping. The detection systems are always 18 months behind the doping systems. Team UK did very well, I’d suggest that 20% of their haul was down to PEDs. or more accurately, they doped better than the other countries.

    I’m of the opinion that they should legalise everything, from testosterone to alien robot legs, and level the playing field. It would make everyone drop the charade of fair play and get on with what it really is about…competing.


  5. You must also remember that when apartheid finished and so called democracy began in South Africa, the central banks and every pension plan that white South Africa had were retained in White South Africa’s hands. Black South Africa to this day still has its hands tied by central banking.


  6. OAH: Agreed. At least Marxism is an ideology. You may agree with it or not, or facets of it. That is your choice.

    Being the public face of the usual behind the scenes corporations and financial interests isn’t an ideology. It’s empty puppetry.


  7. I was just disappointed they didn’t have some real fisticuffs. Would pay to see someone flatten that scumbag McKenzie. Hope he goes to the slammer with Bubba as his cell mate.


  8. So here we have it: JW publishes a list of hearsay, rumour and scuttlebutt and asks if anyone can add anything. I’d say this is the direct equivalent of The Sun’s infamous ‘Have you got a story?’ phone line. It’s certainly not ‘bollocks deconstruction’.


  9. Yes, just like all the other articles he writes, every day. They all have no background research and are mostly just based on rumours he heard on these comment threads.

    Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound right…


  10. Sometimes he’s right (as he’s happy to tell us), sometimes he’s wrong (we hear less about that) but being publisher of the blog means never having to say sorry…

    My point is: you can hardly accuse the tabs (the MSM, the horror of it!) of laziness and shoddy standards if you’re using the same techniques to source or stand up stories.


  11. It seems to me that the people who read this blog are largely not sun readers.

    The other thing is that this is a community of very diverse and well informed people as well. It has great potential in terms of gathering and corroborating information. Using that resource every now and than seems like a good idea, not a lazy one.

    It seems unlikely to lead to “Simon Cowell ate my hamster” stories.


  12. You serious Chris? I thought the point of sport engaged in by humans was supposed to test the human who could push the limits naturally. Even if humans do best at cheating, what would be the point of them competing to see who had the most effective drug enhanced limits?


  13. ‘Slog readers smarter and better informed than Sun readers’ sounds pretty elitist to me – the sort of rubbish you’d expect to find in the Guardian.

    Of course there’s absolutely no guarantee that stories sourced from readers of any paper, journal, blog or anything else are reliable, accurate or agenda free. Do you really believe that JW’s ‘Bankfurt Maulwurf’ is any more reliable than Ambrose Evans-Pritchards (of The Telegraph) Frankfurt insiders? Or the FT’s? I don’t. They all have their agendas, as does JW, and frankly I’m as sceptical of him as I am, say, of Polly Toynbee who purports to be an informed expert on any topic she chooses to write about. Sure he’s doing it for free but let’s face it, he’s a sort of latterday, digital Victor Meldrew filling his retirement by railing against anything or anyone that displeases him.


  14. If you hadn’t marched against apartheid, the black majority might not have had votes or influence, but they would have been better fed and better employed.

    Most of the blacks say things were better when the whites were in power. I am sure you don’t like that, but it’s true. It goes double for Zimbabwe. Not a single confiscated farm has been run well by the new owners.

    Just out of interest, what did you actually think would happen?


  15. Interesting to recall that, for the week before it started, all key players in Team GB were taken overseas (Portugal allegedly) for ‘preparation’. Away from the prying eyes of others, they would be able to make (or take) their ‘preparations’ without let or hindrance, giving time for any evidential residues to dissipate.
    Either that, or it was just a bit of beach free-time to top up the tans ready for all the post-win photo-shoots – you decide.


  16. Now that so many of the MSM are censored or forced to adhere to the owners’ agenda, it is only on the Internet that the truth stands a chance of getting it’s boots on before the the lie is halfway around the world. I find most of these threads quite fascinating. The likelihood of real whistleblowing on this blog is far higher than the letters’ pages of the Telegraph.


  17. @JV

    And your well researched and informed Blog is to be found where exactly ?
    Criticism where credits due……….now where have we seen that before ?


  18. Not trolling – expressing my sincere disillusion that the rigour promised in the slogan ‘evidence based bollocks deconstruction’ is too often abandoned in favour of axe grinding based on antipathy.

    And I’ve made no claim to be any more authoritative than the next man. But I no longer believe JW is either. Which is about where I started in my first post.


  19. Jack Vin i am in a different time zone here and i read this blog every morning when i get up and i read all your comments and look , you have disillusioned me too and i havent had breakfast yet .


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