OFFICIAL: Revenue going online now twice that of old media in the US

..and bloggers beat the MSM online

I saw this graph at the site earlier today:

It shows that in real, uninflated Dollar terms, the print media in the States have an advertising revenue back where it was in 1950. And of the net $43bn per annum they have lost since 1999, I can also tell you that blogs and websites born online now have a bigger all-up revenue than the old MSM titles.

The writer  at caduceusx claims this means blogs et al now have more influence than, for example, the Washington Post or the Wall Street Journal, but that doesn’t follow at all: what it means is that the alternative online news sources like us us now have more money. Given our income is clean – and rarely used to hire the best politicians money can buy – it most emphatically does not give us more influence than Newscorp. We still don’t seem to be able, for example, to bribe cops, bankroll pols, blackmail Home Secretaries, and aid in the covering up the murder of whistleblowers. That’s what we confirmed believers in press freedom call real influence.

Are we winning? Nope not yet: but the other side is losing.

10 thoughts on “OFFICIAL: Revenue going online now twice that of old media in the US

  1. My daily diet of the FT(£2.50) and The Times(£1).,before we get round to the weekend,plus Friday’s offerings from the Speccie and the ever slimmer Investors Chronicle is now being reviewed by the financial controller.Any chance of the Slog going public,like Kalamazoo,which was controlled by the Kalamazoo Workers Alliance(no, I am not making this up).


  2. Well….. you also get a better class of well informed international readership, who are generous with proffering their opinions, John ! ;) tee! hee!

    No wonder they are loosing…….The great plan was obviously that if 24hr wall to wall TV news could get the stories out there faster………Hardcopy MSM could still do much better on in depth commentary and anylisis.

    …….The two or three online blogs that I read online most days, (including your good self)….sure blow that idea out of the water !


  3. This will of course inspire those that can collude to choke off the internet so as to attempt to restore their fortunes, will it not?
    That’s one chunk of money to say goodbye to. Can’t see them giving up without a fight, perhaps this was the inspiration behind the EU’s interference in internet access to the bloc.


  4. As blogs become more successful they will become more house-trained as the big money buys them up (eg. Huff Post) and they will become the new MSM with all the negativity of the old MSM. However, with luck, the internet may remain free enough to allow new uncorrupted start ups, but I wouldn’t want to bet on it, darkness will find a way through.


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  6. Good point. There are also other issues. The loss-making papers that remain will be even more dependent on their maleficent benefactors’ largesse or on the government through the allocation of public sector job adverts. I also suspect that when a paper downsizes it will be the poorly paid correspondent living and working in some far-flung country who loses his or her job and not the highly-paid columnist talking off the top of his or her head when not recycling past articles and tired arguments.


  7. It’s blogs like yours, John, that show how useless the MSM mostly are. They made the mistake of taking their readers for granted. Good luck to you in getting the truth out!


  8. There’s a handful of very good blogs who do the job the MSM is supposed to do, and arguably once did.
    This is one of them.

    Its a bit of a pain in the arse sometimes actually. I go maybe a week without reading John, and it turns out i’ve missed a superb bunch of peices on the Groucho/cocaine/hackgate/Cameron/Hunt nexus. WTF was THAT about?

    And the link with the peado website!!

    Surelly Cameron isn’t being blackmailed? If there were video of him snorting a fat line off a tiolet seat in londons clublands, and making some Romney style comments when doing it, that might explain Hunts continueing employment.


  9. I suspect it also means that the fewer dollars are concentrated on the largest, so the really MSM have more influence where money and blackmail counts. Game far from over,


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