HACKGATE DAY 616: Murder trail cover-up leads back to Newscorp

It’s murder being Murdoch these days

Theresa May between a rock and a hard place as Indie scoops murder and blackmail connection to Murdoch

In what Met Chief Inspector John Yates once described as “the most disgraceful episode of corrupt investigation in the history of the Metropolitan Police”, the murder of private detective Daniel Morgan has remained unsolved since 1987. But this morning it takes a dramatic new turn as The Independent reveals what many have suspected for years: that the cover-up involves a link to Hackgate.

The now defunct News of the World hired Daniel Morgan’s company Southern Investigations to spy on a former Metropolitan police commissioner: Lord Stevens, who led Scotland Yard between 2000 and 2005. But as it happens, Scotland Yard had an undercover officer – Derek Haslam – inside Southern Investigations….who warned police that the firm was also trying to obtain other embarrassing information on the former Commissioner. As well as selling the story to the News of the World, Haslam claims Southern Investigations also wanted to use the sensitive information to “control” Lord Stevens.

During his nine years as a police “mole”, Haslam claims he told the Yard the firm was committing a vast array of crimes – often on behalf of the News of the World.

Given the widespread criminality he was reporting back to his handlers, Haslam was astonished and confused when no-one was arrested. However, his suspicions were raised last July when the relationship between the Murdoch media empire, Scotland Yard and senior politicians came under intense scrutiny – after it emerged that the News of the World hacked the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, 13.

Indeed, one of Southern Investigations main clients was former News of the World executive editor Alex Marunchak whose name was “constantly mentioned” inside the firm, Haslam claims in a report leaked to the Indie. But the paper’s revelations about motive represent a potential political earthquake at Westminster – and possibly the end of the road for Newscorp:

‘[Haslam] claims he told the Met that Southern Investigations was “a corrupt organisation that was corrupting police officers and illegally accessing all sorts of confidential information”. He added: “I told my handlers that MPs, ministers and Home Secretaries were targets. They fell into two categories, one they could earn money from and the other was to use blackmail, influence, to do their own thing. Anything that put the Met in a bad light, or anybody they could infiltrate or put in a bad light. It was about money and influence.”’

Some of the names they allegedly set out to influence go right to the heart of Government: Haslam alleges Marunchak paid Southern Investigations to source confidential information from corrupt serving officers on celebrities and high-profile police chiefs, that reportedly included Tony Blair, Kate Middleton, Alastair Campbell, Jack Straw, Lord Mandelson, Lord Stevens, and John Yates.

But the current Home Secretary Theresa May is now put on the spot bigtime. Media sources suggested to The Slog yesterday that May and several Cabinet colleagues are minded to have a full judicial enquiry into the cover-up surrounding the Morgan murder; but Southern Investigations’ ‘corrupt’ relationships with senior Met police officers are also now seen to encompass the ever-present tentacles of Newscorp. I understand that David Cameron has yet to approve the enquiry.

Twelve days ago, The Slog ran a three-part investigation suggesting the possibility of a link between surveillance cameras at celeb haunt The Grouch Club in London’s Soho, and Newscorp’s seemingly universal knowledge about celebrity drug taking. New Health Minister Jeremy Hunt’s office is bankrolled on a regular basis by the Chairman of the Groucho, John Henry James Lewis.

Questions were raised throughout the Newscorp bid for BSkyB about the closeness between Hunt and the media giant. In turn, several senior media commentators declared themselves to be “baffled” not just by the Prime Minister’s staunch defence of Hunt, but also his bizarre decision the week before last to promote Mr Hunt to the Health portfolio.

However, these new allegations of cover-up and blackmail in a murder case take the Hackgate saga down to potentially new depths of political corruption, and media influence on the decisions of Ministers of the Crown. And the focus on it won’t be helped by former Newscorp hack and Number Ten communications adviser Andy Coulson appearing in Court later this week.

Stay tuned, this will get messier before it’s cleaned up: the issue of where sovereignty really lies in the UK is increasingly one that neither the Conservative nor Labour Parties can dodge.

Also at The Slog today: Murdoch drum-majorette Jeremy Hunt revealed as the employer from Hell

36 thoughts on “HACKGATE DAY 616: Murder trail cover-up leads back to Newscorp

  1. “BBC – The Report Programme

    Hacking Scandal
    Availability:over a year left to listen
    Duration: 30 minutes
    First broadcast:Thursday 18 August 2011 In an exclusive interview with Radio 4’s The Report, Tom Watson MP calls on the government to look again at the links between the murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan and the phone and email hacking scandal. As a result of evidence brought to light by The Report, Tom Watson states he will write to the Prime Minister the day before the transmission of the programme to demand that the 1987 Daniel Morgan murder case be reinvestigated as part of the Leveson public inquiry.”

    Worth listening to. I think it is still available on IPlayer


  2. It simply doesnt get dirtier or more murderous than politicians and politically connected people. You know the saying “power corrupts” but when the already corrupt get into positions of power it gets messy, very messy.


  3. Really is getting messy. Will T. May really grow a pair large enough to force the issue? I doubt it unless the media can raise the profile of the case enough. Some hope. How many read the Indie? Not many. Will the BBC? No. Does the ever slothful British public give a rodent’s rectum? No. Sorry JW it’s going to be hard to reach critical mass but I’m with you.


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  5. Interesting issue. As I showed above the BBC have covered this story. I listen to a lot of BBC (Dowloaded to my Ipod) and I am constantly struck by the difference between the more serious radio programmes (Analysis, The Report, File on Four) and the crass and banal general news coverage on both the radio and television.

    It is almost as if the BBC have two sets of standards. Bury interesting information and views in the more obscure programmes and fill the more mass interest channels with triivia.


  6. Control the message via the media and you control the masses. When you can deceive the masses you can loot and plunder at your will, especially if you can also control the politicians via blackmail.
    You can guide legislation and judiciary to your agenda by the use of blackmail and promises of privilege .power and money.
    Sometimes I think the powers that be select these compromised individuals at an early stage and guide them to the pinnacle of their systems, already controlled,like weapons of mass destruction,primed and aimed at the target.
    The usual suspects are the guidance system, follow the money is simplistic, but true.


  7. As this has been going on here,what has been going on in America?When Fox,Murdoch Inc,used Glenn Beck to invite Congress and Senators to “spill the beans” with a backdrop of video cartridges,even the dumbest had to realise a message was being sent and I am sure received.So far the Murdochs have not even had a an investigation worth talking about in the USA.
    So blackmail by media and banks are now the defacto government,what choices do the people now have who are awake?


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  9. Agree but unfortunately I never listen to the radio these ,except TMS on my computer, and neither do the masses. (Radio doesn’t work in the car since they changed the battery.)

    BBC world TV is better than the domestic trash. i’m reduced to overseas TV stations these days since I got freesat.


  10. Migrate, but to where?

    JW, if you persist with this line of enquiry, you will most likely meet the same fate as Morgan in my untutored opinion. You need to get traction very fast to protect yourself.


  11. OAH
    I live in France and most of my listening is to an Ipod while working in the garden. We too have Freesat and get all the normal UK channels. The BBC is the channel I watch least for news. I do watch France 24, Russia Today and Al Jazeera to get other views and opînions. I have tried the US channels (CNN, Bloomberg and MSNBC) but I could not take the constant adverts and US centric coverage.

    I watched BBC World when I lived in Japan but was not that impressd with that either due to its constant repetition. However I do agree it was a lot better than the domestic dross.

    I fear you are right about the masses.


  12. More in the same vein: ‘Jeff Berwick-0% Interest Rates Until the System Dies’
    Jeff Berwick of Dollarvigilante.com says, “We’re on 0% interest rates . . . and quantitative easing (money printing) until the system dies.” Berwick is predicting “chaos” when it all comes down. He doesn’t know how exactly it will all shake out because, “We’ve never had a global system like this die before.” One way to protect your assets is to buy precious metals, but you better not wait too long to buy them. Berwick predicts, “It will be impossible to buy gold and silver in the next few years.” Berwick thinks the dramatic change that is coming, “. . . is going to be the biggest event that has ever happened in human history . . . most people in the U.S. will not see this coming.”


  13. This from PDP Compliance news:
    ‘Couple arrested for making corrupt payments
    A married couple from Surrey, UK, have been arrested by officers from the Met Police’s ‘Operation Elveden’ investigation, which is looking into allegations of inappropriate payments to police and public officials. The man was held on suspicion of corruption, misconduct in a public office, and conspiracy to commit both offences, and his wife was held on suspicion of conspiracy to commit corruption and conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office. The pair have been bailed until March 2012. Meanwhile, the Editor of the Scottish Sun newspaper has been reported by officers from Operation Rubicon, the ongoing investigation into allegations of perjury and phone hacking in Scotland, in relation to obtaining personal data of members of the public. She is the fourth senior News International figure to be questioned by Operation Rubicon officers.


  14. John: Totally OT but you may want to cover the lead piece in today’s Times. ‘ Challenge to Britain’s spy role in drone war’.

    Lord MacDonald, former chief of the CPS and now chairman of Clive Stafford Smith’s Reprieve, claims UK ministers are forcing some GCHQ workers and others to help the US in its spreading drone warfare and in doing so breaking international law. Essentially, our bum boys have sold out again but this time they are implicitly war criminals. There will be blowback eventually, drone technology is spreading fast. In five years our jihadis in Bradford will have them.

    Also .http://www.globalresearch.ca/petititon-end-the-secrecy-surrounding-the-use-of-british-drones/


  15. What does everyone say: we pool our wealth and buy an island of sufficient size (I hear the Greeks may be in negative equity and have one or 2 going cheap, with some rare-earth minerals to boot).

    We then all move there and start a new island state (I believe “common sense-land” would be a good title). We then build an equitable and fair society into which anyone is welcome, provided they can pass a general intelligence test and have never voted for either Cameron or Blair.

    No welfare, no police, only the simple rule of “1 crime, 1 punishment”, by which i mean the death penalty for everything. It’d keep us all in check.

    I pledge my money to this idea. after all, how could it possibly be worse than what we have now?


  16. I’m afraid I’d fail muster on the General Intelligence test. My memory is rubbish these days. Odd though, I still seem to be able to reason through stuff, it’s just that I can’t remember all the facts, figures, names and dates I used to and these blasted GI tests always rely heavilly on lots of those.


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  18. @ Chris Loughrey
    Great, only a few problems,
    1] Who will be in charge of this paradise?
    2] Who set the test for intelligence?
    Or will you form a committee of like minded people?


  19. I’ll be on charge: I’m tough but fair.

    I can also offer you a job as president, it’s largely ceremonial but comes with a nice expenses account.

    Oh wait, I think I’ve found a problem….


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