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Revealed: Tsipras isn’t a mad Commie, and even Venizelos’s surname is a fraud

Greece is turning steadily to the Left – at all class levels. Partly from a feeling anong most people under 40 that the existing Establishment are a bunch of deadbeats (they’re not wrong, either) and partly because of the plain-speaking charm of Syriza’s leader, Alexis Tsipras (left, in every sense).

A leading centre-right Greek intellectual writes this to me:

‘In both [2012 Greek] elections I found myself incredibly impressed by him, and actually growing to like him….especially his (for me) rather charming voice, which is the exact opposite of an orator’s: naturally broken and rough…the charm being that this rather broken voice says intelligent things [in contrast to the other pols] in a measured way, at most rising to emphatic. He is naturally self-controlled & factual. He’s an engineer and that’s exactly what he sounds like, a conscientious engineer who does the research and opens it to the public. Ergo, a lot of people who were not attracted by Syriza 4 years ago, have come to trust him.

Further, his response to the crisis has been to invite in everyone to shape and find new policies. So the party’s positions have matured considerably, while he opens up Greece’s multiple options – for we DO have options – to public discussion and debate. He educates, even as he is being educated himself. In this ridiculous, terrible reality, this is powerfully attractive.
I did not vote Syriza, because of its blanket support for the unions. I support unions absolutely – but there are good unions and bad….and in our case the government-supported unions are a HUGE part of the problem. Now? I’d probably vote Syriza.’
The opinion polls (and their demographic breakdowns of support) add quantitative evidence to suggest that my correspondent is right. I am not a chap of the Stateist Left myself, but I think I’d rather vote for an Elgin Marble than, say, Evangelos Venizelos.
Talking of whom, did you know his name isn’t Venizelos at all? It’s true: Eleftherios Venizelos was, earlier in the last century, a sort of Hellenic Winston Churchill – the greatest statesman and hero of modern Greece. Evangelos Veryblobulous was born into a completely unrelated family with a different last name. He made the change while a student – by deed poll, supposedly as an act of ‘homage’, ha-ha-ha. The blob’s real family name is Turkoglou, so you can see pretty immediately one good reason for changing it to a name that isn’t Turkoglou. An anagram of Turkoglou is Loot K. Guru, by the way. Not many people know that.

27 thoughts on “Greek symbols

  1. Tsipras is no different than the rest of them – they all piss in the same pot. His party was/is quite happy to accept 8 million Euros from the State and every MP to have 5 members of staff paid for by the state. All the while the State has not paid the pharmacies, so many of them have gone bankrupt. One I know would have done so if I hadn’t lent him x thousand Euros. It is a strange order of priorities when the State wont pay its bills but willing doles out cash to political parties to do what they like. Tsipras is likeable enough, but he is a typical lefty – an economic moron.


  2. Totally Agree…..The sooner it all comes apart, the less ordinary citizens of Europe will be impoverished, starve or get ill from the winter cold. Tsipras seems to willing and able to break crockery….and thus the Sprouts are utterly terrified of him….For that reason alone…if I was Greek, he’d sure get my vote!


  3. I disagree GrahamD. Tsipras is a liar and he is conning the Greek people – he is just a jumped up little Fascist. The sooner the Greek people face reality the better it will be for them. They should NEVER have entered the Euro and certainly shouldn’t stay in it. For Greece, and others, it has been a complete and utter disaster. But this is not some bolt from the heavens. Many people predicted as much myself included. One of the best was Bernard Connelly with his fantastic book ‘The Rotten Heart of Europe’. It should be required reading. Wardy please note.


  4. The decision for Greece to enter the Euro was a “political” rather than a financial one and was not taken by the Greeks alone. However, the huge deals made by mostly German and French companies during the last decade for military equipment and public infrastructure is indicative of what politics really means within a Union of so different States. Greed was the key that opened the door to Brussels for Greece, don’t you think? Or was it Goldman Sachs’s shenanigans? …..Interestingly, my Swype_keyboard predictive text function gave “Athenians” as a second choice to “shenanigans”.Makes me wonder….


  5. No indeed it was ‘political’ both on the part of Greece and on the part of Germany and France. BUT that does not alter the fact that you Greeks applied to join and seem wedded to this silly and stupid project, while (as your post shows) blaming everyone and anyone (save yourselves). I love Greece and Greeks very much but it is high time you took responsibility for your actions, and perhaps it would be a good start to sort out your rotten political class. I’ll pay for some ropes.


  6. “… Objective of tyranny is to bankrupt the citizens, on the one hand, in order the guard of the regime to be maintained with their money, and on the other hand , the citizens to be occupied so no time to remain to them for scheming.
    To this result aims so much the imposition of high taxes, the absorption citizens fortunes , as well as the construction of big works that exhausting the state finances….”


    They provoking us.

    The deplorable Troika requires now 6 working days per week, 13 hours working day 78 hours per week the only commitment from the other side is 11 hours rest per day, ( very generous , are they ?) and this for both Public and Private sector and this for our benefit and to save the future of our children.
    Hellas has 1,300,000 unemployed people increasing by hundreds per day, over 25% unemployment rate , and in the private sector there are 700,000 working people who they are not paid for over 4 -7 months. This can only get worse” certainly and not only for Hellas. I believe these are the things to come !!
    This what you could call Gebelism, Germans are excellent in this , any way they have the experience of two bloody World Wars they have caused , soon they will be the most hated ones, they are already here , and they will pay for this.

    The Troika and our Troika Government have destroyed our economy and our society

    Still all these bums , thieves and traitors are in power supported by the European Political elite however at the end , there it will be an end, I hope that all the deplorable Hellenic political elite and their collaborators will be excoriated and hanged at Syntagma Sqr.

    Currently there is no hope and there is nothing to be lost for us and this the worst situation for “them” to face.

    I have voted for SYRIZA , I had my reservations at the time that they are probably the new “φερετζες – yashmak” of the system. Although it is most likely that they will be pushed to be the next Government.

    They should have taken us out on the streets protesting for the destruction of our Hellas and our families future.

    When they will do it ? When all these deplorable measures go through the Parliament. The Portuguese and Spaniards are on the streets shouting , “We do not lets you destroy our countries” .

    Soon SYRIZA will go back to its 3-4%

    All our politicians are traitors and collaborators , could someone please name a PATRIOT out of all of them ?

    The point is what we Hellenes we will do , the only way is that WE HAVE TO IT ON OUR OWN.




    We Hellenes have to weak up and get out on the streets and this it will only happen when our Hellas will be destroyed and when “starvation” will come for all.

    WEAK UP.


  7. Is not an exaggeration to say that for the last 20-30 years in Greece EVERYTHING was political and we reached 2012 and there is not such a thing as greek economical mind .Became extinct .No decision was taken on the ground of what is right , where we will be 10-20-30 years down the road, there was no planning, no direction, no accountability, no fear, no sense of proportion , nothing .The crisis in our country is so bad not only because of the debts and the mismanagement but because no one knows any better . Is an intellectual emergency .


  8. Very hard to chill out when the main thing that characterizes our politics and culture is criminality and stupidity .For the ones that can see it , very hard to show restraint .


  9. I’m playing with words here but once you are ”chilled” you can also be ”ψύχραιμος” -cool- enough to organize your defence. You know as well as i do that we don’t fight back as much as we should. We don’t have the equivalent of ”Occury Wall Street” but we should.Given the ‘soft’ Policing we enjoy (still) in Greece we could be heard all over the world. Andy, accused me of always blaming others but i know it’s only our fault. We must persuade him however that collective responsibility in a Democracy doesn’t mean collective condemnation of the people. So as long as we don’t rise up in an organized and mature way noone will believe the Greeks (and others) are victims of local and foreign financial criminals. Restraint is hard Yana, but absolutely essential.


  10. Never noticed Greek “uprisings” to be organized exactly, mature at all, or even remotely “chilled out”… don’t think this one will be either. Having said that… as the older generation does not have the energy for an uprising and all the youth have left the country for Germany, Australia, etc… or are too busy texting about stupidities… I don’t think anything will change.


  11. As large-scale revolutions are not in fashion and also they scare the hell out of the most of us that know what they take ,lets start with a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.I still believe the majority of us are nowhere there yet ,Dont have the clear picture , dont have the consciousness .Once this is happening lets then understand that the effort for change and progress emanates from the minority and not from the mass . A small group with backbone ,skills , integrity ,sense of reality and that can hold our unity too . Not the current politicos either the left nor the right .More or less they all created this together .And in Einstein’s words “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
    Recent history has proven that they are such people of all races : Lee Kuan Yew ,Vaclav Havel , Mandela , not career politicians gathering votes , not seeking powers , not playing charm .


  12. Dear Ioannis,

    We must not exaggerate the situation ,the youth has not left the country they simpy do NOTHING.

    The majority of them is drinking “frappe coffy ” at the “cafeterias” wasting their time and life.

    You very well know that we made them like this , we are responsible for this.

    I hope that this crisis will force them to become more responsible and become better than us because they do have the potential.


  13. Dear Yana,

    What you saying is correct but I believe that we are very short of time and things changing , certainly to the worst, at an exponential rate.


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