THE TROIKANAUTS: How familiarity breeds contempt

The Troika is still hard at work breeding extremism via barmy wish-lists and unpayable taxes

Like some State-sponsored IVF treatment for enabling the birth of hard Left and Right Parties, the Troika continues its triumphant tour through the ClubMed region.

I pointed out last week how the Greek neo-nazi Party Golden Dawn has gone from under 0.3% of the vote to being bigger than Pasok. Yesterday it was the Greek Communist Party’s turn to express their admiration for the neocon hit-squad

Waving the standard banners and anti-austerity slogans,  Greek Communist Party (KKE) trade unionists took over the Labour Ministry’s facade in Athens, effectively locking the Troika out from a meeting between Yiannis Vroutsis and the Troika scheduled for 1:00 p.m.

But the conference did eventually take place, and this is what emerged as the Troikanaut wish-list:

  •  possible rise in the retirement age from 65 to 67 years old.
  • a decreased notice time for lay-off from 6 down to 3 months
  • reduction in lay-off compensation by 50%
  • deecreasing employers’ contributions to social security funds/increasing those of employees
  • Increase of working week from 5 to 6
  • Lowering the already lowered minimum wage again from 586 to 500 euro.

A similar shooting-script is under discussion in Portugal, from where two separate emails came to The Slog’s attention yesterday:

“Did you hear about the latest austerity measures in Portugal? Workers who now pay 11% of their income for Social Security will have to pay 18%. that’s over 63% more…if this measure is approved, my wage will go back to the values of 10 years ago. I will not be able to meet my financial commitments”.


“For those who work for others (the ones that can’t flee with their money off-shores) an increase from 11 to 18 percent in the contribution to social security; for corporations a decrease from 23.75 to 18 percent in the same contribution. What was the “motive” for these measures? To tackle  unemployment! What crap! All companies will do with this money is take it into their bank accounts!”

 And of course, the Troika yesterday rejected over 40% of Greek austerity measures as unlikely to be effective.
In 30 minutes, the Karlsruhe Court rules on the legality of the ESM.
It promises to be a fun day. Stay tuned.

45 thoughts on “THE TROIKANAUTS: How familiarity breeds contempt

  1. If the present Greek Government is stashing some secret monies out of Troika reach, at least it is doing something right ! What Government threatened constantly with imminent bankruptcy would not try to have some funds available, as a contingency, should Grexit come about. All I hope is that no one sacks the last Greek Civil Servant who knows where the stash is…..and that it isn’t being ‘patriotically minded’ in a couple of Swiss Bank accounts named E. Venizelos and A. Samaras.

    Seriously, who can be surprised that the Troika cannot find another EUR11Billion ‘savings’ in Greece…..whether there is a secret stash or not……..Their report SHOULD be detailing the way that Troika policies have wreaked the Greek economy, that they never understood it in the first place and that because of their collective actions, the cupboard (certainly so far as the average Greek is concerned) is now is totally bare. The Troika risks causing a break up of the Greek Coalition and letting in Tsipras, who will kick them out immediately …..I’m now with the Greeks who reckon that anything like that would bebetter than the present situation.

    If the Troika tries the same stunt in Spain, I am becoming convinced that it could lead to the break up of the country into regions, while any future Troika intervention in Southern Italy would probably have them sent back over the Alps in boxes….ultimately Troika Austerity will be met by civil disobedience if we are lucky, or the gun if we are not.


  2. The EU has always preferred dealing with regions than sovereigns, even in the UK we have had EU imposed regional assemblies of which the voters knew nothing as well as regional planning that had no demodratic mandate.
    So the EU would welcome the break up of Spain, UK and others.


  3. Breaking news ..
    09:20 BST DETAILS
    By rejecting the complaint, Germany’s Constitutional Court has given the green light for Germany’s president to sign the European Stability Mechanism.

    That takes away the danger of the bailout fund being blocked.

    But there are also some key conditions:

    1) The court has rules that German liability to the ESM must not exceed €190bn without asking the Bundestag for approval.

    2) Both Houses of German Parliament must be kept informed.


  4. No surprise-German courts have historically been, shall we say, “flexible” on principles when faced with strong politicians.


  5. Dear John,


    “This can only get worse” certainly and not only for Hellas.
    Things to come !!
    The deplorable Troika requires now 6 working days per week, 13 hours working day 78 hours per week the only commitment from the other side is 11 hours rest per day, ( very generous , are they ?) and this for both Public and Private sector.
    They provoking us.
    Still all these bums and thieves are in power supported by the European Political elite however at the end , there it will be an end, I hope that all the deplorable Hellenic political elite and their collaborators will be excoriated and hanged at Syntagma Sqr.
    Currently there is no hope and there is nothing to be lost for us and this the worst situation for “them” to face.


  6. Interesting points

    On point 1….Considering that the ESM can demand amounts it deems necessary and the cash must be transferred within 7 days. So basically it is a nod on the head as the German Politico’s are as bought and paid for as the UK ones, judging from their support……..its a sop to make the politico’s feel important.

    Point 2….They’ll be informed as in – Give us the money and don’t bother saying no as you have already legally agreed to hand it over.

    All this proves is that all courts and those sitting on them have been corrupted. The “Rule of Law” has been abandoned Europe wide. I had better hopes for the German court (than our own politicised monstrocities) but obviously the (promise of ESM) brown envelopes have been tempting enough to sway them.

    The ESM treaty could never on the simplest of terms be considered constitutional in that it hands powers to an unaccountable (foreign) agency with no legal answerability to anyone, to make unrefuseable demands on the funding availability (taxpayers) of any signatory nation. As far as the Germans are concerned, suppose say EU 25 Trillion is demanded – the only option ‘like it or not’ would be to print the cash and deliver it gift wrapped……….I wonder whether those ESM accounts will be audited by anyone but themselves………..brown envelopes all round and not a single thing anyone can do about it…………..

    Whats the name of that Greek Square again ????


  7. A travesty. Can’t say I am surprised but, I had secretely hoped for more. The obvious abject corruption is endemic even in Germany. There is no hope now.
    Interestingly, did Barroso know in advance of the court’s ruling I wonder? I suspect he did.


  8. Reblogged this on Machholz's Blog and commented:
    Thank you for sharing your inspiring article! As I write this from Ireland ,I am hearing Emanon Gilmore (the vice prime minister of Ireland ) waffle about the Irish labour partiers resolve to stay the course and do the necessary to help get jobs and save the health services .Since He and his other liars in Government got into office we have witnessed disastrous cuts to every single public service not to mention the hundreds of thousands of job losses. This puppet has broken every promise he and his party made to the Irish electorate .Mr Gilmore is an out and out Troikaroite -freak.
    The Irish labour party has ditched their loyalty to the ordinary working man in favour of the secure pensions and perks of high office and they are now diligently carrying out the disastrous policies of the Troika dictatorship that is placing an unsustainable burden on the shoulders of the Irish taxpayers who are now expected to pay in full the gambling debts of toxic and corrupt bankers without question. Gilmore has swallowed in full the notion that it doesn’t matter that these debts placed on the shoulders of the Irish people are private Bank debts, no, what matters is that a corrupt politician agreed with the equally corrupt ECB that no European bank should go belly up and that all banks debts should be socialized and thus the responsibility of the ordinary people. So the champion of the working man is now the cheerleader for the Bankers. His declaration that the Croak Park agreement will continue to be supported is just Nuts!
    This political waffler and self-serving leach is protecting a cost to the nation we cannot afforded Gilmore is protecting his own voter base and to hell with the rest of the country .Gilmore and his party are nothing more that puppets in the hands of the Troika .The labour party has abandoned the ordinary people of Ireland to the financial slave traders of Europe.


  9. @ kfc……..I’d also hoped for better…..but that EUR190B limit raises a few interesting questions…
    1. If the ESM is supposed to have a Capitol of EUR500B, can anyone tell me which countries are going to come up with the other EUR310B ?
    2. If the ESM can demand ‘unlimited’ funds in 7 days, but anything over the EUR190B has to be ratified by both parts of the German Parliament, what happens if more money isn’t ratified?…if German MPs start getting cold feet as elections loom, or indeed if a more Eurosceptic coalition is voted in a year from now that says No to the ESM? !
    3. If Spain is gonna need most of that £500EUR that does’nt exist yet….does Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovinia, (italy?) get so much as a look in on any ESM money at all?

    I’d give the markets about 24hours of EU-foria before someone starts getting out their abacus and discovering that the sums don’t add up. btw I hope the Germans remember that they will also be underwriting a fair bit of Mr Draghi’s new shopping trips. Roll on them trying to get Eurobonds past this lot…..or anything else much at all !

    I am also delighted that Barosso wants a new EU treaty….Just one paragraph anywhere on ceeding of UK soverenty should do the trick….can’t wriggle out of that promise, Dave…….lets bring it on and get the hell out of here !


  10. I think when the next GE happens instead of Labout, LimDem, Conservative, etc. etc. On the ballot papers, it should say, HSBC, NatWest, Lloyds, etc. etc…..After all, it ain’t the governments that are runnings now, is it?


  11. GrahamD
    The ESM is more like €700bn of which Germany are committed to €190bn, France €143bn (if you believe France will contribute anything in reality) and then believe it or not, to bail out Spain and Italy, Spain must contribute €83bn and Italy contribute €125bn.
    If Spain can afford to contribute €83bn, why do they need a bailout for their banks? It is also not clear that the €700bn is actually there to be spent, as it states ESM will be set up with €80bn paid in capital, and the rest “authorized”.


  12. I don`t wish to be cruel but the Irish people at least had a referendum on the fiskal pact did they not?
    And voted yes. People get the government they deserve. No?
    Just as the Greeks had the opportunity at the last election to vote for a party (Syriza) that openly said it would throw the Troika out.
    `Tis a wonderful thing….democracy.


  13. @kfc. Your comment highlights an often-forgotten point when commentators say the EU is “the death of democracy”.
    Today’s democracy consists of being given the choice of people who in real life you wouldn’t allow past your own front door, bankrolled and controlled by puppet masters deep in the background. Was there ever a true democracy? Even the original democracy, way back in ancient Greece, was based on a slave-owning society.
    The EU has got powerful enough to dispense with the pretence that we ever had a real, meaningful say in things.


  14. Whilst the situation in Ireland is clearly “disappointing”, Ireland got two opportunities to say “No”.

    Not everyone else being financially raped by the EU can say the same. So, given that my taxes are underwriting Irish/EU largesse, I’m afraid that I have little sympathy for you.

    I do find it interesting though that all of the countries in the Eurozone experiencing difficulties where all in the middle of a mini or even major boom times when they were in receipt of Billions of Euros in EU structural grants. Of course, as soon as the EU cash is switched off, those previously poor countries find themselves quickly back on their knees.

    The only country in the Europe that is in boom just now is Poland and it’s because Billions of EU Euro’s are being pumped into Poland and they’re enjoying the property boom that Spain was 5 years ago. The problem is that when the EU Billions stop, Poland will be just another EU nation with lots of new and shiny infrastructure that it and it’s people can’t afford to run.

    Spain was due to become a EU Net Contributor this year, instead it’s clear that like every other smack-head nation, it’s become addicted to and dependent on Billions of Other Peoples Money, namely EU Structural funds.

    I’m British, the only year we have ever received more cash from Europe than we paid in, was the year that our Government, the BBC and all the other useful idiots colluded to “lie” to the people about the nature of the EEC.

    Personally, I’ve never been asked if I want to be a good European citizen, I’m just forced to pay for it, so I’m sure that you’ll forgive me if I have little sympathy for the Irish, or the Greeks or the Spanish who were all warned that the Euro would enslave them, but wanted their Jam today because they weren’t paying for it.

    Be careful what you wish for, because you are paying for it now. Unfortunately, so am I and I have Never been asked.


  15. There is a sting in the tail. They have limited this to 190bn – that will limit the options of the ECB. Quite what the Judges will do if the ECB wants to invoke its

    para 8: To the extent necessary to carry out the activities provided for in this Treaty, all property, funding and assets of the ESM shall be free from restrictions, regulations, controls and moratoria of any nature

    remains to be seen. Somehow, I think Germany would sit down and say “You and who’s army?”. The German army is only half the size of Britain’s, but it is still bigger than that of the EU …


  16. MaxC. As you rightly say the democracy in Greece was a totally different animal. The right to vote was a privilege that was earned. Slaves and women were not allowed to vote. But it worked.
    Frankly it was a better system. eg. if women had no vote in the UK then maybe the latest crop of pretty boy tossers would not have been in contention. Ditto if the men were only given voting rights after service to their country….as it was back then.
    Ah…the good old days..sigh
    Rant over!


  17. Thanks for the correct numbers Georgie…..Since France, Spain and italy have all signed up to ESM…..I’ll be facinated to see when / if /how they all manage to find and handover those sorts of sums of money !


  18. ESM = castrated. Good job Karlsruhe. I love the smell of EU institutions being napalmed in the morning.

    Now let’s see if geert wilders can really turn up the heat on it.


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  20. @zeusgoose
    Greeks had the opportunity to vote……..

    Before you should call this wonderfull thing…. democracy.

    I would like to inform you, in the event that you do not know, that for a month even more the whole of this slimy European political elite and their collaborators, and not only theme, they were terrozing us that in the case of voting SYRIZA.

    They were saying that on Monday after the elections no money in the ATMs , no food supply in the super markets, no petrol for the cars, no milk for the babies, no medicine….etc.

    I am not impying that SYRIZA could save Hellas, probably is the new “φερετζες – yashmak” of the system.Although it is most likely to be poushed to be the next Goverment.

    But please do not call this democracy.

    On the other hand let’s wait when Hellenes we will get out on the streets……..

    Starvation Day.


  21. This is old news. Wake me up when they announce the next stage: UBoE (United Bank of Earth). There’s some prime real-estate in that thar’ soly systum …


  22. @zeus: yep we had a referendum. Our electorate is, by and large, very stupid and scared. Hence easily led. The word “government” doesn’t really apply here either: Enda Kenny is the troika’s handkerchief carrier, nothing more.


  23. This will not end anytime soon unless the common citizen gets off their collective arses and stops it. There is no knight in shining armour, there is no political party, there is no politician, there is no law court who will stop this. Voting is futile, praying for devine intervention is futile, expecting the elite to change is futile. The die is cast.

    I have read above and for weeks, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, British, German, Dutch and many others bitching, complaining and blaming. No offence meant but have a good look in the mirror, there you will find the culprit. When the good times were rolling, not a peep, just give me the cash. The Celtic tiger economy, wages tripling in the med countries, new cars, 2 or 3 holidays a year, bigger houses, better area, night at the opera, day at the races and on and on. We were all bought off willingly, while our freedoms were erased, our futures and our children’s futures stolen. (Apologies to the few, the very few, who knew and tried to warn us)

    Decision time approaches. Decide wisely.


  24. Bemused

    On the whole I agree with your analysis – save for one point. German and Dutch workers have seen their wages eroded in the last ten years. Sure they have seen modest increases, but not at the scale of other countries in the EU.

    This was forseen – but not by those in charge at the ECB who willingly colluded with the bank’s lending since it “seemed the right thing to do”. Had Germany’s severe lending restrictions* been applied Europe-wide, the banks would have been effectively muzzled. At least to some degree.

    *Internal. It is not possible to get a mobile phone contract without a credit check – let alone a house (as was possible in the UK/US – quite astonishing to most Germans).


  25. Yes kfc its fascism pure and simple! And the useful idiots bringing this to fruition do not realise they are enslaving and impoverishing their own with it!


  26. Ever notice how all the proposed “reforms” the Germans demand are for reduced labor costs, and favor with industry… yet they blame rich Greek tax dodgers for the situation… not one proposal about reforming tax collection… not one insistence that they go after the traitors that have abandoned their own country’s future in exchange for German bribes, and Swiss accounts… what a joke… flood the country with cheap “arab spring” dirt bags then exploit the shit out of them by destroying all labor rights, and union power… no banking reforms sought, no tax evasion sought, only a consistent, insidious attack on the average working Greek, and the old and sick… what cowardly scumbags.


  27. This what you could call Gebelism, Germans are good in this.

    The point is what we Hellens do , WE HAVE TO IT ON OUR OWN.

    All our politicians are traitors , could someone please name a Patriot out of all of them ?


  28. ” So the champion of the working man is now the cheerleader for the Bankers. ”
    No doubt with the help of a fat brown envelope (gr: fakelaki) aka Cayman Island acct


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  30. .. must be kept informed.. ?!?
    is that legal language? Does it mean anything? How can they write that (or is it a poor translation)
    I have the authority to shoot you, but I am obliged to inform you of this; perhaps before, but more likely after ……….


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