From yesterday’s Dacre Wail….the sting is in the italics:

‘Tory chairman Grant Shapps has been accused of changing entries on his Wikipedia page to make it read more favourably. Among the deletions are references to his school results and a section on political gaffes…The original entry read that in May 2008 he had ‘taken large donations from companies related to his frontbench portfolio’ and that this was ‘potentially damaging for Mr Shapps given the extent of the donations…Sources say the reference to the donations was deleted from Wikipedia because many of them were set up by his predecessor Michael Gove.’

A threader here yesterday referred to The Slog’s discernment of a clear pattern to senior Conservative ministerial actions as something I’d covered ‘ad nauseam’. Perhaps that’s because this lowlife is at it ad nauseam, but let’s just look back over the last week here and define what it is The Slog is really trying to point out.

In its encapsulation, this senior Coalition ministerial strategy is undiluted genius. It is nothing less than the transmutation of sleaze into being Open for Business. If David Cameron takes a £3.5m bung from the construction industry, it’s done to get the economy moving. If Jeremy Hunt snuffles at the Newscorp bum, it is to improve plurality in our media. If JHJ Lewis is quietly allowed to continue his Groucho Club fun, it’s to kick-start the tourism industry. If Mayor Johnson invites Rupert Murdoch to the Olympics, it’s to show that he has the ear of those who create jobs. If Michael Gove takes money from a Pizza retailer, it is a means to an end of improving our job skills. If anyone knocks the bankers, it shows we’re anti-business.

The whole scam is worthy of ‘Lord’ Mandelson at his worst.

Read that line in para 1 again: ‘he had taken large donations from companies related to his frontbench portfolio’. As did Cameron from builders. As does Hunt from Lewis. But this is now called ‘research and fact-finding’. No it isn’t, it’s corruption, pure and simple.

It is the same corruption of democracy that allows Ed Miliband to be elected leader on the basis of one trade union – UNITE – swinging its support to him in a deadbeat dead-heat election contest. The same corruption that gave Harriet Harman a massively subsidised GMB mortgage twenty-five years ago to buy her house in Herne Hill. The same corruption that allowed Tony Blair to stop a police investigation into BaE corruption, bully his Solicitor General into giving the Iraq War a thumbs-up, and use his position at JP Morgan to cheat the UK taxpayer out of the only bits of Northern Rock that were worth anything. The same depravity that allowed Brown to threaten him with exposure unless he left Number Ten. The same degeneracy that allowed the Camerlot Shadow Cabinet to ignore clear evidence of Brown’s mania, failing eyesight and depression in order to give themselves an easy target in the General Election.

None of these instances represents an indiscernible pattern. On the contrary, they all reflect a reality: we elect these people, but they don’t work for us. Let’s take a look at the people they actually do work for.

Newscorp, a purveyor of half-truth, celeb obsession, cultural destruction, gender cruelty, police coruption, and criminal privacy invasion.

Domino Pizzas, a purveyor of high-fat food low in roughage that leads to obesity now and ill-health in later life.

The construction industry, a sector that has done well from overpopulation, familial splintering, sexual amorality, and erect corporate phallic symbols in East London…and now wants to destroy the Green Belt to increase its profits housing people who have nothing whatever to do with the real housing shortage in Britain.

The Banks, who more than doubled the National Debt, starved entrepreneurs of money, and aided in the sort of mergers that kill jobs or move them offshore.

The senior Whitehall civil servants, who know where all the bodies are buried, and were thus allowed to casually vote themselves massive pension imoluments…huge increases that were never once put before the sovereign Parliament.

There remain (and this I have written about ad nauseam) two clinical ways to stop this takeover of the political process:

1. Stop all political donations, either personal or Party, local or national.

2. Apply online pressure where it really hurts – in the sales of unelected concerns who clearly now feel they have the right to run governments without recourse to the People.

In recent weeks however, I have also observed in extreme close-up just how large a generation gap there is in the Anglo-Saxon West today between the ‘anything goes’ 30-45 crowd and the 55+ ‘this surely cannot be happening’ oldies who grew up in an era when Jeremy Hunt would never even have been elected or selected, let alone been elevated to the job of ‘running’ the public Health portfolio.

This too is something I’ve posted about before: the existence of several concentrations of Silver voters in coastal constituencies. My view on this is a straightforward one: if George Galloway can do it, so can the Baby Boomers. It is purely a question of having the will to flex political muscles.

And, it goes without saying, this applies to every EU Member electorate as well as the US, the UK, and Australia.

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