THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Invasion of the body-politic snatchers?

What readers of this site – and other thinkers who are drawn in by the recent Slog Hunt-Groucho four-poster – will I hope take away to ponder is the fear that this process of promoting Jeremy Hunt may be more than simply ironic and high-risk. I would invite every reader to wonder whether the sick ambitions of megamoney are engaged in a survival plan on several levels, and that Our Jezzer is some form of front-man (conscious or otherwise) for this systemic heist.

I’m not talking coordinated mad neocon James Bondesque cat-stroker conspiracy theory, because on the whole I think most of that stuff is risible paranoia aimed at the gullible. More accurately, what I suspect we are watching is a part free-for-all, part copycat and part megalomania dash to be in position and controlling the important levers when the sh*t finally hits the fan.

I think there may be a book in this, but a book this time based on hard evidence, behavioural clues, policy analysis, and a carefully assembled psychography of the people involved in this anarchic trend. I repeat: it is not a plot. But it is a reality.

That reality gets harder and harder to deny on so many levels. These include:

  • QE that is quite obviously not working except for a tiny minority of the wealthy.
  • Manipulation of the gold, libor, property and silver markets in favour of the megamonied.
  • The bizarre defence of such sociopathic behaviour by their political and media puppets.
  • Hopelessly unethical political Executives like Romney, Hunt, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Mandelson, Osborne, Paulson, Sarkozy and Obama being forgiven on spurious bases, and being lauded for fantasy ‘achievements’.
  • Connected to the above, the steady triumph of pro-money and anti-social fairness Ministers in the UK. Hunt is the most obvious bum-boy in this process, but Cameron’s other shuffles produced more evidence of the syndrome. Although personally sceptical about most things Green, I cannot ignore the fact that a keen exponent of fracking is now Environment Minister, and the Energy chap is pro industrial rather than ‘natural’ energy production.
  • The spreading mendacity and intrusiveness of unresponsive ISPs, raised above the law by the needs of politicians and the security services.
  • The steady politicisation and corruption of policing via Westminster and media proprietors.
  • The brazen attempt by unelected officials in Brussels to stamp on electoral will, personal liberty, and cultural variety; and again, the unreasoning defence of the EU by a British Establishment that looks more and more like corrupt acquiescence, rather than insouciant blindness.
  • The tightening grip of Establishment Parties both in the UK and US, despite glaring evidence that close to a majority of citizens don’t feel represented by either of them.
  • The very clearly systematic transfer of wealth – from blue and white collar workers and pensioners to those who are already wealthy – via Zirp, the compromising of currencies, increased taxation, and reductions in reasonable forms of welfare and health provision.
  • Above all, the inability of the ordinary victim to get proper redress from the Law, and the growing tendency of the most powerful in our society to use the law as a bar to investigation of their activities. Without equality before the law, there can be no justice. Without justice, there can be no equality. This is a universal rule without exceptions.

The trend has had a helpful catalyst in the shape of 24/7 news stations. It is today perfectly possible to hide incriminating news, obfuscate bad statistics, tell bare-faced lies, make inaccurate accusations, make an insensitive remark, or simply say something brain-assaultingly daft with relative impunity. The sheer volume of news, speed of presentation, and finite time for analysis is a gift for dissemblers and crooks everywhere.

Lord Mandelson was the first public figure to recognise this, but now others have learned the knack. Recent examples include the assertion by the Bank of England that QE “has made a profit”, Jeremy Hunt claiming an Olympic ‘bonus’ despite acres of statistics suggesting the opposite, Boris Johnson making Rupert Murdoch his personal guest as Mayor of London at the Olympics, and – germane to this Slog series – the ridiculous explanation of how the Groucho ‘accidentally’ let in a paedophile element to its members’ forum, or the Newscorp lawyer arguing that a guilty phone-hacker was the victim of sticky-fingers syndrome via the phone in his pocket. Needless to say, were Labour still in power, we would have their enthusiastic liars persuading us that NHS observers were medical staff, PFI disasters didn’t count, selling gold was a wise decision, 24/7 booze access was the way to cut alcohol consumption, the Iraq war was legal, and Gordon Brown never considered calling an election in 2008. The badges may change, but the criminal pathology remains ever-present.

The vicious circle was finally completed when multinational bozos realised that they too could (a) offer incredible excuses to ‘explain’ malfeasance and (b) indulge in Class A drugs at will pretty much without fear of prosecution. Thirty years ago these were communications guys having their noses rebuilt in Australia and other equally discreet places. Today they are manufacturers and bankers doing the drug-money laundering as well as the drugs.

In the last month alone, Bob Diamond, Peter Sands, Lord Green and various Bank of England employees have blustered their way out of what in other walks of life further down the scale would have earned a 10-15 year jail sentence. I also confess to finding Hester’s RBS ‘glitch’ explanations equally unconvincing.

Everyone involved on the Government end of the Olympic Games has seen it purely as a way to make money and land business deals…and in reality, the sport ‘heist’ is now more or less complete. The Premiership’s effective ownership by Newscorp, and the World Cup’s Blatterised corruption on venue choices, are all part of the same syndrome. The losers in these three examples were ordinary London workers who saw little of the top Olympic events and were advised to stay off the tube system; traditional British soccer teams; Scottish football; the English national soccer team, which hasn’t won anything of value for 46 years; and the older traditional footie fan who can no longer afford stadium prices, and is thus forced to listen to some bonehead talking tactics on Sky as the price for watching a game. (Neat little circle, eh?)

The media, the multinationals, the financial districts, the drugs, the celebrity obsession…it’s the munneeeee. The pols are, as I’ve said many times before, simply the Useful Idiots passing the laws and applying the gloss.

It is indeed a money supply issue. Stop the supply and you stop the rot. It’s that simple, and always was.




58 thoughts on “THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Invasion of the body-politic snatchers?

  1. There is finger pointing needed at the libdems.

    Follow the latest moneyearner who will get the kick backs from the new runways fiasco.


  2. I think you are spot on in your analysis – it is indeed the money that is the key. We are 40 years into a fiat money experiment, and historically speaking, they tend to end badly. I think the pols know we are screwed, hence the desperate attempts to keep all the plates spinning – QE etc. Every pol that gets into power has but one fixed idea – try and keep everything going until I leave power, then its someone else’s problem. In the meantime get as much out of it as I can. They are all terrified of reality hitting the people – the true level of wealth in this country, and the true standard of living we can afford.

    When reality does hit, it won’t be pretty.


  3. They all worship at the same altar irrespective of religion, their god is the Great and All Powerful Being. Money.
    The rot is too endemic now to reverse, starving the corporates of income is virtually impossible and they know it, people will not give up their mobile phones, flat screen televisions, cars, computers etc. etc. We now live under the false impression that we couldn’t live without them. Bollocks, we could. They have indeed done a good job on self preservation they are guaranteed income from the people. Supermarkets were the first to spot the opportunities and subsequently swept away the competition. The others quickly caught on. No, the only way now is complete collapse, start again from scratch but, I fear in time we would be back here again as the inherent nature of man is greed, and greed is what brings us to where we are today.


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  5. Timothy 6:10
    “For the love of money is the root of all evil ..” etc (It’s the love of the stuff that is ‘evil’, not the means of exchange itself).

    I always liked the bit about ‘having food and raiment let us be therewith content’ but I rather fancy that the money-grabbing bastards in Westminster and the City would give that scant regard.


  6. GCE Advanced Level : Critical Thinking : Time Allowed – 3 Hours

    If Mr Ward is correct, greed prospers because human societies have no mechanism to stop it from prospering. Would the development of such a mechanism be possible if individuals were more focused on the achievement of objectives, and less on the adherence to processes? Can cultural and educational changes bring about such a change of focus? What other effects would this change have on society?


  7. “I fear in time we would be back here again as the inherent nature of man is greed, and greed is what brings us to where we are today.”

    Most apt, indeed we as a species have been here many times before; look at the end period of virtually any empire and similar patterns of greed, corruption and inequality can be seen. One could say we have only ourselves to blame.
    Ona slight aside, one theory I particularly like is that humans are most naturally equalitarians with a preference for group size of 150; over time as the group grows and resources per capita decline equality vanishes to be replaced by hierarchy and dominance. I’ll see if I can find a reference…


  8. John, I believe you have summed up the System very well. You do not have to be a conspiracy theorist to see that there is a co-ordinated plan to plunder Sovereign nations and enslave their Citizens to the money machine. This is not new, and has been going on for centuries, but modern technology has brought it to its peak and a complete collapse of the system is close at hand.
    The Eurozone and its bastard currency the Euro is one such tool. This is now controlled by ex Goldman Sachs alumni such as Draghi .The Fed in the US and the US treasury has been run since Clinton days by Goldman Sachs people.
    These MoneyPower people like to work in the shadows and put a suitable controlled sock puppet out in front to deflect the ire of the people, when the system turns sour.They are Masters of deceit, dissemination, obfuscation and distraction.
    They control the politicians, the judiciary and the Mainstream Media. Everything is ordered to prevent any deep searches into the means they exploit the Economy to plunder the wealth of a nation.
    The politicians introduce legislation to de-regulate the Markets, as happened in London in ’84 and the repeal of the protection of the Glass-Steagall Act under Clinton in the USA. The repeal of these laws allowed unbridled pillage of the Economies, by the City of London and Wall St.
    The politicians are rewarded for their co-operation with cozy non-jobs at JP Morgan and the speech/waffle circuit pays Clinton $250k a pop to blow smoke up peoples rear –ends.
    There is a well known Control System in place. The old carrot and stick routine. The carrot is the lure of imaginary power, privilege and money.
    The stick is the old blackmail system. Find a weakness, be it money, sex , drugs or ‘cottaging’. Record it ( as in Groucho Club) and use it to influence the required outcome.
    The Money Power also have their influence in Academia and only Economists who spout their false doctrines are sinecured and rewarded.
    The Pharmaceutical industry is another one of their big money earners and ties in nicely with the drug business. Get a monopoly on a disease and a pill to protect against it. Any alternative research or cures are derided and starved of research facilities.
    They are forever looking for ways to leverage their profits. The new big scam is the Carbon Credit system. Where they have Govt legislate and the citizen pays through the nose with increase fuel and energy costs, for what is junk environmental research.
    We have to remove the money creation power from these Fraudsters, but we need Statesmen with courage to take them on and put them back in their box. That is the $64k question. Where can we find such a Man.
    In the meantine ,we can act in mass and move our money from the major banks to the credit unions and co-ops. Arrange our own pension and insurance method, where the law allows.
    We need to starve the beast of our money. We at present are feeding this Beast to enable our own destruction.


  9. That man is Germany. Currently ‘they’ are pulverizing him into submission. Our only remaining hope is Germany, if they stand up for what is right then we’ll all be saved – in weeks! If not……….I will not see the end of this in my lifetime.


  10. Zoompad – I was 13, I think, when I first heard Crowley’s statement, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” and was very shocked. The Latin master at school – a careful, methodical and logical man – explained the thinking behind it. He was no satanist I should hasten to add, very far from it, but he made me think. He described the theory which proposes that people only ever do what they want to do. And he was right. In the fifty odd years since I’ve never come across an argument that successfully counters that. A sociopath will find all sorts of self-justification for their questionable behaviour and thereby sleep well at night. What we see in the shabby corridors of ‘Power’ is as splendid an example of this as one may wish.

    I believe it is one of the Christian Scientists’ little catechisms that says, “Self-will, Self-love, Self-justification”. Look for it and you will see it in it every walk of life, every minute of the day. You will see it at its best in the likes of Hunt, Mandelson and all the other excrescences so ably identified by John.

    Much more importantly, the garden’s looking lovely today. Dew spangled cobwebs first thing, and a blue sky filled with the promise of fine day. Time for a snifter I think :-)


  11. “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years……It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”
    ― David Rockefeller

    “The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”
    ― David Rockefeller, Memoirs

    “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
    ― David Rockefeller


  12. Richard Gurney

    Yes. I think there’s developed a divergence between the promise and the intention, The promise has suffered a grade inflation over the years, so that it’s no longer any good to commit to making ones best effort to achieve a particular outcome, one has to commit to actually achieving the outcome. Notice the subtle change of words – from “I’ll do everything I can” to “I’ll do everything that’s necessary”. Several worrying things result from this change, and two of the most striking are:-

    1. The number of promises escalates in an attempt to fill the news media with stories about the present and the future, and leaving no space for the reporting of the fact that more and more promises are not being fulfilled.

    2. There’s a growth in the number of “forced fulfilments”, where absurd amounts of resource are thrown at relatively minor problems, and unwelcome side-consequences ignored or covered up, in order to deliver on a promise which the mass media refuse to give up.


  13. @BobRocket

    Fair comment – glad you didn’t take the points to heart as they were not meant that way :)

    I still tend to think that Hitchens reads that which he comments on – but in all fairness – I could be wrong (at least in this case) or that he could interpret what he has read differently to others.

    As regarding the penalties espoused – they may act as a deterrent to some but you can be damn sure in this day and age that they will never get the maximum the law allows and they will unlikely be prosecuted until they have an arms length of arrest sheets. Then when they get sentenced they will get the time halved.

    Compare that to someone who does not/cannot pay their council tax…..full extent of the law – quick as you like :)

    Which alternative provides most compliance with the law would be Peter Hitchens next peice of reason……and mine, come to that !


  14. God is a God,he plays chess with the devil,with pieces they can persuade and tempt but not move,the parable about the sun & wind with the man with a coat on comes to mind & that is why Blair has been the greatest socialist of all time


  15. Well said SL.

    Where can we find such a Man. Indeed. Jesus may have overturned the money tables, but not simply because he disliked usury or the System. His philosophy, if you will, was holistic and compassionate.

    Until a critical mass of us can get beyond seeing material things as a need or as an end in themselves we shall stay stuck with our current ghastly paradigm. TPTB will do everything to perpetuate and reinforce it. People too are happier to exist with the comforts/discomforts they know, even if they feel abused by the system, rather than to reject them for something unknown because any alternative threatens to feel uncomfortable or illogical.

    But….it has been said that it would take only 1% of humanity to consciously bring about crystallisation of an alternative, more holistic view of life for the existing dominos to fall. There are plenty of movements around which espouse such metaphysical approaches. So it really is up to us.

    Great post John. Much food for thought.


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  17. @Simon. It’s even worse than that- they announce the same promise at regular intervals, each time dressed up as ‘new’ and reported by the MSM as the latter.


  18. Did I miss it? In your list you didn’t include my favorite, government spying on it’s citizens in the name of security.
    If I had to chose I would rather have the government take my money than my privacy. All these comments above are stored somewhere to protect us from ourselves. Somehow that doesn’t make me feel safer.


  19. SL,

    It seems to me that the attitude of a lot of people is:
    “If this thing is called apathy then I don’t care about that either…..”


  20. @kfc “the inherent nature of man is greed” It *seems* so doesnt it. I’d say “the will to power” which I guess amounts to the same thing.

    But actually my view of the nature of man is far less misanthropic. Call me Pollyanna-ish but we’re also capable of love and compassion and often that’s what comes to the fore in times of great distress or hardship. Dont ask me *why* our true nature appears to have become so deluged by self-interest, I truly dont know…though I do know how, and it’s not just about money or power. But this blog isnt the place to start explaining. Suffice to say we have to begin by recognising that each of us is universal in being.


  21. Iain, I have saved the quotes on my computer from previous research, but if you Google ‘David Rockefeller quotes’ you will find a wealth of information on what this elite bankster has said or written to support a new one world order…. with the wealthy running the show!.


  22. Ron Paul springs to mind but look where he’s got – nowhere; I just don’t think we can rely on 1 person, it needs larger groups of,people to start the snowball rolling.. I firmly believe there is an awakening happening and that will get larger and larger and will become impossible to stop. The Money Power is the Great Satan and will not survive – just hope I’m around to see it die!


  23. Greed is constrained by Fear. The politicians have failed to make banksters and the other shysters afraid, because they and their voters were greedy.


  24. Ron Paul actually had a lot more people supporting him than the US media were prepared (or courageous enough) to report. I suspect he was very close to having enough momentum to declare himself a third-party candidate after the Republican convention. He wanted to stay inside the system and the party because it would give him exposure, but didn’t quite know how to beat a system that changes the rules every time you look like making progress. A big lesson was learned, but they have to wait 4 more years, and by then there will be a lot more disinformation and propaganda created against Ron Paul. And a lot less freedom in USA.

    (Ron Paul doesn’t need to be right on every issue, but he is head and shoulders and chest and waist above everyone else on the things that matter about state power.


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  26. Don’t sit there quietly and wait for our polyticians to finally lose control and call on a foreign army to get you and your family out of your house to an interment camp for re-education. Most of our polyticians are traitors and should be viewed with suspicion.

    Prepare, get your news from reliable sources, get your money out of the system, don’t tust in their justice because that’s a scam, seek out like-minded people and wait for critical mass and the innevitable…revolution. We never did have a proper revolution in the UK.
    This time around, if/when it happens, it will not end with a gov’t lackey stabbing the main protaganist in the back(favourite trick of cowards). I can’t see Boris fulfilling that role, but you never know.

    We need a new broom approach to include the corporate system and structures as well as the political. We owe it to our kids as they are the ones that will reap what we sow or allow others to sow for us.

    Come on people, how many warnings and shots across the bow do you need before you realise that some one is shooting at you?


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  28. JW,

    Am I in a minority of one (my normal state) when I believe that unless one is not in a constant state of ‘ positivity (ugh)/passion or having a vision’ one is not a go-getter/leader?

    In my long distant youth having visions frequently led to visits by people in white coats armed with straight jackets and too much passion my generation believed led to premature blindness.

    Understatement also was admired, today it is, it appears to me frowned upon as to many have had irony bypasses.

    To Caracatus Ayn Rand was enamoured with a convicted sexual pervert, Hickman, because he did what he wanted, and much to society’s cost her faux philosophy has unfortunately gained transaction since Reagan/Thatcher along with the big-lie strategy.


  29. What’s the problem? Aren’t they saying we’re in a recovery? Plenty of jobs; TSA, HLS, DOJ, IRS, FDA, EPA, FBI, CIA, FEMA camps, Secret Service, domestic data mining and growing. And don’t forget manufacturing; surveillance cameras, smart meters, bullets for domestic use, drones, pepper spray, tasers, riot gear, razor wire, prisons ……..get it? And if your background includes financial fraud, perjury or racketeering try the Fed, rating agencies, SEC, CFTC, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, I understand they need lots of help right now.


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  32. The money supply for the nation starts with the Bank of England and ends with every bank that creates ‘Credit’ from thin air, as if it was ‘money’, i.e. Cash.

    If only more people understood this biggest of all con tricks by the ‘financial economy’ in general and The City in particular.


  33. Right on the money, Salford Lad!

    One could think of putting taxes into a ‘trust account’ that governments only get access to once the trust conditions are satisfied. A ‘war law compliance trust’ has already been set up and more will follow in due course!


  34. Neither apathy nor discouragement are an option. We each have to continue to do our best, but, hopefully, in a bit more connected way – thanks to technology!

    E.g. A follow-up from our last meeting with John Hemming MP where John contributed has now been scheduled on “Secrecy – the cloak for criminality?”

    It’s announced on the MeetUp site of ‘victims unite’: and invites readers to formulate questions that I’ll put before John Hemming.

    For we’re all now victims! Whether it’s sexual, fiscal or generally economic abuse, secret surveillance, legalised child snatching in secret family courts or legalised asset stealing in courts of ‘protection’.

    We all have to become starfighters and follow the whistleblowers! Thanks for leading the way, John, by analysis, ‘tamed cynicism’ and incessant blogging!


  35. Yes justice is crucial for everybody no matter what,this should be made law for every person in every country throughout the world……….. End of story!


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