GREEK POLLS UPDATE: Syriza out in front.

Tsipras’s hardline stance pays dividends

This from a regular Athenian source tonight:

I read your article today for the Greek crisis. What you probably do not know is that a new poll from VPRC today  (a very good company in polling) puts Syriza in first place with 30%, New Democracy in second with 28% and Golden Dawn in 3rd with 12%. Pasok is in 4th place with 7.5% . Venizelos is feeling the breath of Panos Kammenos of Independent Greeks on his back (7%) while Kouvelis with Dimocratic Left is on a slipery downtrend (4%).

So the Socialists are in the ascendancy, and the Nazis have 80% more support than Pasok.

Moral of the story: if you don’t want to lose the respect of the Greek people, don’t offer your bumhole the Troika.

17 thoughts on “GREEK POLLS UPDATE: Syriza out in front.

  1. “Moral of the story: if you don’t want to lose the respect of the Greek people, don’t offer your bumhole to the Troika.”

    Pithy and apt, thank you for making me smile, have a great weekend!


  2. @RU
    No, JW has taken 80% of 7(%) which equals 5.6 and added it to 7(%) to arrive at the percentage support for the Nazis…not a very clever analysis really but reads a bit like a headline-grabber…


  3. There are certain sections of the press that would have it as somehow immoral that politicians in Greece court popularity by `pandering` to the people who voted them into power.
    They forget that that this is the reason why these people were elected….it`s called democracy. Greeks take a keen interest in politics and are quick to condemn those who disappoint them….unlike the couch potato society in the UK who vote for the usual suspects time after time.
    For my money Tsipras is telling it as it is…hence his popularity. I wish him well.


  4. When I read this I reached (metaphorically) for the vaseline and found this:
    The word is believed to come from German Wasser (water) + Greek έλαιον [elaion] (oil) + scientific-sounded ending -ine.
    And I always thought oil and water didn’t mix……


  5. I may have posted this opinion before, but sending Samaras back home to Athens totally empty handed and humilliated, might be a crowd pleaser in Germany, but IMHO is gonna backfire massively in Greece and thus come back to bite the enlarged Geli bum. I am happy to bow to the superior knowledge of our expert Greek Sloggers here, but I do wonder if we are about to watch the Greek coalition break up in acromony. If only Greece could find a decent statesmanlike leader to take them through the next few years (…..excellent post yesterday Yana, btw)

    NDs main ticket was to renegotiate Austerity, which many older Greeks seemed to think was a safer bet than Syriza…..I’ll bet they are regretting it now….as this latest poll shows. I suspect that the Troika report will be ghastly …..(shame it is unlikely to contain an apology to the Greek people for wreaking their econamy)….and this combined with the German taxpayer finally awakening to where Frau Angie is taking them, is going to lead to very little choice but a Grexit… which case I think that Spain may go too or get booted pretty soon after, certainly once anyone independant takes a look at their Toxic Banks and Regions “proper” balance sheets and the Black Holes therein. Personally, I rekon that in the longer term, the Spanish are in a much more hopeless situation financially than the Greeks !


  6. The average Greek has to choose between thieves (Nd + pasok )and Looney commies … and now ultra Looney nationalists…

    The only party with decent views was drassi- dimiourgia Xana but their liberal views were rejected by a public that still believes win a free lunch.

    Having lived the dot com bubble burst, the 2008 credit crunch, I must say that what is happening here I never seen it before in my life… it is the absolute collapse of the economy


  7. “The average Greek has to choose between thieves (Nd + pasok )and Looney commies … and now ultra Looney nationalists…”

    Well put. I voted Drasi-Dim X who started off with a strong chance of making it into parliament in round 2; this was totally derailed by the non-stop threats & propaganda blasting out of Berlin/Brussels in favour of ‘their’ guys, turning it into a race between Tsipras & Samaras. The oldies voted Samaras in droves so as not to ‘lose their money’. Sad.

    “Their guys” were Samaras & especially Venizelos – the ones they loudly deride for venality & corruption, but the only ones they are prepared to sit at a table with. Venizelos cut a deal with Siemens AFTER the election (and why was Venizelos in charge of that?), awarding Siemens the Athens metro extensions 1 & 2 in a “closed competition” of one company, more or less equal to the amount of fines they owed Greece – a public EU tender breaking every EU rule. The small change (ie the only money they WILL pay out) is destined for a few scholarship funds and other small-scale community things. I’m holding my breath.

    So it is all very much business as usual.

    Tsipras is young, ex-KKE, a socialist, as yet untarnished, has a heart, and has his head on his shoulders according to his lights. We could do a lot worse.


  8. I hope that no matter the color all seedy Hellenic political elite and their collaborators will be excoriated and hanged at Syntagma Sqr.

    There is only one way and that is that :



  9. GrahamD, i support your above opinion. So Samaras will not be left empty-handed. And the Greek coalition will not break up. Well at least not in 2012.
    The Draghi-Merkel agreement intends to give time/room to Spain (mainly) and Italy. So Grexit must be avoided – domino theory again – Greece could be the Leeman of 2012 in Europe and “draghing” the big clubmeds down….
    The whole plan “smells like US spirit” – another Slogger (i think kfc) pointed that out a few days before. The word coming out of White House is “no European Calamity till November”.
    O/T, but since my work week has been totally hectic, allow me this link to Peter Sellers (born 8 Sept 1925):


  10. Careful of Tsipras. If you bite that yogurt and honey treat you may find it filled with vinegar… and then realise its “Made in America”. Time will tell and show this of him.


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