Mozilla Firefox (Not Responding)

Thanks for that, but I had noticed. That’s why I’ve been sitting here for five minutes pressing ‘End Now’, and watching nothing happen.


Right, so I can’t reply Chris? What was the point of sending it then, given you proposed a course of action I can’t take?


Try FAQs first!


Did you find the answer here? 


Why not ask the community?

I’d rather ask you – you f**ked up, not the community.

Ask the community! But first, you need to choose a forum and sign in….


An unexplained error has occurred.

You want maybe I should explain it?


We want to hear from you!

Fine, but the only way you’re going to do that is give me your email address or phone number.


Euro banknotes exist in seven different denominations: €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500. They are legal tender throughout the euro area. They feature architectural styles from different periods in Europe’s history.

Fascinating. Now, once again, how many are in circulation?

Various security features have been incorporated into the euro banknotes. They will help you to recognise a genuine banknote at a glance.

Very reassuring. And how many are in circulation again?

The charts on the right show the change in the total value and number of euro banknotes in circulation between 2002 and end-2010.

Fine. It’s September 2012 now -what happened to 2011?


Yes, the document has been studied.

Have you studied it Minister?

The document has been read.

Yes, but have you read it Minister?


Service suppliers and Governments don’t respond because they don’t know, don’t care, or would rather you asked a different question. Occasionally (for example with Microsoft) it’s all three. The final brass neck with Microsoft is that when their software crashes, freezes, closes without warning or swallows your work, they ask you to send them a failure report.

Give these buggers another ten years of taking the piss, and they’ll be asking us to pay their salary bills. I have been trying for seven long years of bad luck to persuade various comms Ministers, Ofcoms, media select committees and anyone else with influence (up to senior Cabinet Minister) to bring forward one simple bill making it illegal to supply internet connectivity and software services without supplying, clearly on the main website, a direct email address and/or a manned Helpline with skilled people at the other end. None of them will countenance the idea. This is because the ISPs won’t countenance it – and without the ISPs, the Government’s little snoopy-doo GCHQ couldn’t function.

I posted earlier about applying pressure to the political system from the outside. This is a classic example of what I mean. I await the response of any and every interested party, with a small p naturally. I rarely ask for this, but would you mind emailing, tweeting, comment threading and generally spreading the word on this idea? Thanks: it’ll provide some evidence as to the proportion of folks awake out there.