(Not Responding)

Mozilla Firefox (Not Responding)

Thanks for that, but I had noticed. That’s why I’ve been sitting here for five minutes pressing ‘End Now’, and watching nothing happen.



Right, so I can’t reply Chris? What was the point of sending it then, given you proposed a course of action I can’t take?


Try FAQs first!


Did you find the answer here? 


Why not ask the community?

I’d rather ask you – you f**ked up, not the community.

Ask the community! But first, you need to choose a forum and sign in….


An unexplained error has occurred.

You want maybe I should explain it?


We want to hear from you!

Fine, but the only way you’re going to do that is give me your email address or phone number.


Euro banknotes exist in seven different denominations: €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500. They are legal tender throughout the euro area. They feature architectural styles from different periods in Europe’s history.

Fascinating. Now, once again, how many are in circulation?

Various security features have been incorporated into the euro banknotes. They will help you to recognise a genuine banknote at a glance.

Very reassuring. And how many are in circulation again?

The charts on the right show the change in the total value and number of euro banknotes in circulation between 2002 and end-2010.

Fine. It’s September 2012 now -what happened to 2011?


Yes, the document has been studied.

Have you studied it Minister?

The document has been read.

Yes, but have you read it Minister?


Service suppliers and Governments don’t respond because they don’t know, don’t care, or would rather you asked a different question. Occasionally (for example with Microsoft) it’s all three. The final brass neck with Microsoft is that when their software crashes, freezes, closes without warning or swallows your work, they ask you to send them a failure report.

Give these buggers another ten years of taking the piss, and they’ll be asking us to pay their salary bills. I have been trying for seven long years of bad luck to persuade various comms Ministers, Ofcoms, media select committees and anyone else with influence (up to senior Cabinet Minister) to bring forward one simple bill making it illegal to supply internet connectivity and software services without supplying, clearly on the main website, a direct email address and/or a manned Helpline with skilled people at the other end. None of them will countenance the idea. This is because the ISPs won’t countenance it – and without the ISPs, the Government’s little snoopy-doo GCHQ couldn’t function.

I posted earlier about applying pressure to the political system from the outside. This is a classic example of what I mean. I await the response of any and every interested party, with a small p naturally. I rarely ask for this, but would you mind emailing, tweeting, comment threading and generally spreading the word on this idea? Thanks: it’ll provide some evidence as to the proportion of folks awake out there.


23 thoughts on “(Not Responding)

  1. The only time politicians care is when they want you to vote for them. Then they quickly forget. Why Talktalk is allowed to continue trading is beyond belief. But then governments think it is quite acceptable to have parking ticket machines which don’t give change: would a shop be allowed to trade on that basis? No-one in Britian seems to have any concept of democracy, accountability, civil rights….look how the social services can take your children away on a whim. Terrifying. Our local MP is a LibDem – very deedy and hard working – I wrote to him years ago about the EU and just got platitudes in reply – similar response re ‘Child Protection Services’. He took time out to write a book about the death of David Kelly but has gone silent on that topic since the ‘coalition’…..plus ca change!


  2. “one simple bill making it illegal to supply internet connectivity and software services without supplying a direct email address and/or a manned Helpline with skilled people at the other end.”

    I’ll only support that idea if you also insist that the people using these internet services are prepared to go on a computer basic training course first and get their computer user certificate.
    There is a reason why computer experts refuse to admit to computer knowledge at social gatherings. Just as doctors don’t admit to being a doctor either.


  3. Yes well, apologies JW but this sorry state of criminal bollux has been the norm for so long I don’t know anyone who actually regards it as otherwise.

    Of course for the ‘norm’ read acceptable. So, quality rant, you’ve still got my vote but speaking for myself I am beginning to grow weary of being a pariah everywhere I go because I want ‘acceptable’, which appears to be several degrees of impossible above the service actually available.


  4. It’s also in my book akin to these ‘feedback surveys’, we used to call them ‘CSQ’s’ Customer Satisfaction Surveys’ As I recall Computercentre were about the first to introduce them in the IT service arena. The ones you get these days, only ask questions which ensure them, they get feedback they require. Then they present the results to the relevant marketing or management group with a huge self-satisfied smile and pat themselves on the back for such wonderful achievement.
    I have posted on JW essay.


  5. This happened once before,When I came to your door,No reply.They said it wasn’t you,But I saw you peep through your window.I saw the light,I saw the light.I know that you saw me,’Cause I looked up to see your face.I tried to telephone,They said you were not home,That’s a lie…..


  6. Yes, Linux is the way to go. It’s free and functions in a far more intelligent way than Windows. However support does depend upon the “community” and their knowledgeable answers proved more arcane that I could cope with.
    If you need support, go Apple Macintosh. I’ve always used Mac at home – take it out of the box, plug it in and away you go. It just works.
    Using Windows at work is such a frustrating experience.


  7. … after moving to Linux I had the feeling after a while that something was odd ….what could it be? Ah, that’s it! Running 2 years, and it still hasn’t broken. No more wasting my richest vocabulary in the direction of Redmond, just keeps going.

    …. now it’s 10 years (wow, tempus fugit) and it still hasn’t broken, not once.

    Cost free, fast, free upgrades, (and stunningly good online support for my favourite blend, if ever I need it) ….. bliss!


  8. JW: Why is another Chris allowed to use my ID? I have posted on this site for some time (although not in the last month) so this must be newcomer? Have you had a new registration system installed?


  9. The politicians – and the masses – have been duped into thinking that “high speed” broadband is somehow essential for national survival. Like HS2, pure bollocks.

    Really heavy data capacity is needed only for research (= nuclear physics, and they’ve had it for years) and for video transmission (=entertainment). Exclude online TV, and the ‘bandwith’ requirements for commerce and communication are really quite modest.

    What is really lacking in the UK is not “high speed”, but reliable service at reasonable cost from ISPs in a genuinely competitive marketplace (as opposed to a cozy cartel).

    F’rinstace, Ofcom (what a joke) insisted that all BT exchanges had to be opened up to other ISPs (‘local loop unbundling’). That should have been completed years ago … but it was quietly dropped leaving BT with a defacto monopoly on some 30% of exchanges (whoever does the billing) …. captive customers, high prices, poor service.

    Ofcom’s ineffectuality seems to be approaching legendary status, even amongst quangos …. is there really a revolving door, warm seats arrangement there? (It would be very interesting to know the actual extent of job transfers twixt BT and Ofcom).


  10. I went mac 2 yrs ago and the thing has never had a problem. I no longer get any attacks from virus’s etc. It costs a lot more, but it is worth the money. Clean lines, a wireless mouse, a plug in keboard and thats it. One plug for everything.


  11. It really is frustrating that it seems impossible to get a straight answer or talk to a real human these days. I would hope such cost-cutting (or just plain lazy) practices will lead to an open niche for more customer service oriented businesses to thrive but who am I kidding… the behemoths out there will just buy the little guys and implement their horrible systems and the cycle will start anew.


  12. Max,
    You may be right about Apple Macintosh, but with Apple’s recent bullying (and winning) over a shape that was in use before the iPad was even thought of, the exposure of the working practices of the company they use in China last year and the overpricing of its products because, ‘Well, we’re APPLE’, I will NOT be persuaded to buy Apple. I don’t have any of its products, and don’t intend to.



  13. My computer was hanging all the time. I was using Firefox. For some reason after doing every thing I could think of, I updated my Windows explorer and all is well for several weeks now. Microsoft do piss me off, as some time ago it started a pop up that kept telling me my Office Professional was not legal, when I know that it is. Since updating the explorer, that pop up has ceased.


  14. I posted my first ever comment on your website 4hr 10min ago and it is still awaiting moderation. Why is it taking so long? I didn’t say anything out of the ordinary – or did I? Please let me know.


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