Bloodied but unbowed, The Slog notches up its 3000th post

The Slog celebrates by spotting seven loads of old bollocks in 34 minutes

Banned incessantly, turned off twice, and trolled to extremes, today Your Soaraway Slog makes it to 3000 posts.

You can get the potted history of highlights and headlights at the newly created page SLOG AT 3000  but as it’s always a shame to waste an upload on mere trumpet-blowing, here’s a small selection of today’s more obvious deception and distortion…aka, bollocks:

• Newscorp says it showed us (hands over) Harry’s willy to ‘give our readers a chance to see it’. But that meant they had to pay Roop: whereas on the internet, they could see it for free. Sort of sums up the gaping hole in your business model there, Roop. And, of course, your ethical logic…but then we always knew about that one.

• Security firm G4S says the contract to provide security for the London 2012 Olympic Games has cost it £50m (BBC). But it still made £61m at the last count….and has just been awarded the contract to hunt for Iraq squaddie wickedness. And got paid in full by Locog. Smelleeeee.

• Crude oil market adequately supplied, has adjusted to loss of Iranian supply (Reuters). It was never under-supplied. This was just a bid for more black crude from the Black Dude, in order to get the pumps price down. Screw the truth – let’s get elected here, guys!

• Spain sells €1.67B of 3-month debt at average yields of 0.95%, well below the 2.43% it paid in July. And blow me down, yields also fall in an Italian bond auction. The Treasury sells €3B of 2-year bonds at a yield of 3.06%, down from 4.86% last month. (Seeking Alpha). Er…Spain is to get a bailout, and Mario needs some new bond-wallpaper for his office: he’s tired of the Euros pattern.

• Eurozone private-sector loans from financial institutions +0.1% in July vs. -0.2% in June. (ECB) Or put another way, still almost nothing.

• Greek government signs €330m settlement with Siemens. (Telegraph) But must still carry on and pay the £150bn it was gently pushed into paying for Franco-German arms…including a submarine it bought twice. Ausgezeichnet!

• Banking revolution planned for high street. (Telegraph) Er…this is one report from Boston Consulting Group. Nobody has signed up to it. See that pie, see that sky, see that air, observe those castles.
That compilation took me precisely 34 minutes to compile. Bollocks deconstruction is the UK’s fastest-growing market sector, with unlimited potential. It is the shale gas of online journalism.
Thanks for your support thus far. Keep spreading the word, and keep sending me your stories, bollocks observations and bent-folks bananas to

25 thoughts on “Bloodied but unbowed, The Slog notches up its 3000th post

  1. And you can add to the list the biggest bollocks of all… spouted for the past 11 years about the events of 9/11.


  2. And still the sun comes up, the local market is as busy as ever, people getting on with their lives……….

    Meanwhile, my Slog inspired wager on just 1 country by end of 2012 at most leaving the Euro is looking ok-ish.
    Plus, the charity bet with Michael, that Dixons will still be in business is looking fine – Michael are you there?? :-)

    Interesting that William Hill currently off 4-9 on the Euro still being in place by 2015. (Will the Euro still be used as a currency by 31st Dec 2015? Bets settled on whether the word ‘euro’ is used in any European country’s currency).
    That looks quite good – 44% tax free return over 3 years. Just need one country to still use the word ‘Euro’. What do you think?


  3. You have a way to go yet John. When you catch up to my 13,300+ posts even though if I took the vularisms out that would probably cut it to about 300. Well done on getting to 3000.


  4. First place I visit and last thing at night. Congratulations John, dont know how you manage it but whatever it is you’re on, keep taking it.


  5. John, Trumpet Blowing never did Louis Armstrong any harm …

    Quote from John “But that meant they had to pay Roop: whereas on the internet, they could see it for free”.

    Heehe I said that on another Forum the other day!! Some people are soooooooooooo slowwwwwwwwww challenging the ” Freedom of the press” indeed… nice one Editors- not buying it, but nice try Roopsie!


  6. Interesting report on the 9 11 attacks.


  7. Cronshd
    Sorry, but I can’t connect with any tribe, 72% of whom think Harry’s behaviour was AOK. That would be to aim low and miss…like Roopydupe.


  8. Congratulations on the milestone JW. Your blog is a great mix of quality and quantity which I enjoy reading and cogitating on.


  9. Many felicitations John. Your work ethic and output is admirable. It seems no time atall since we were celebrating your 2,000th post. There’s been a helluva lot of bollocks since then & no doubt loads more to come. Thank you for your constancy.



  10. Totally deserved success John.

    It will seem like no time has passed at all when we’re reading your 5,000th! (probable title: “Prime Minister Mandelson up to his neck in it. Again.”)


  11. This afternoon I took my young daughter to the cafe at Duthie Park, Aberdeen, (Duthie Park is currently being renovated with many millions of Lottery funding – so much for being the oil capital of Europe with that wonderful investment private companies bring – not!

    I ordered a pot of tea for myself and was duly presented with a small steel tea pot. Inscribed on the lid were the words –
    “Wards 1 & 2 A.R.I.”. (Aberdeen Royal Infirmary).
    It would seem that when the local council outsourced the running of the cafe to a well known bakery company, they gave them a free tea pot from our local hospital, (one of the largest acute services units in Europe). Or perhaps the bakery company can’t afford the tea pots, so cunningly get their staff admitted to hospital just so they can pinch the required equipment!


  12. The same for me and from. We are indeed doomed but I would rather know why and enjoy myself during the dooming.

    Keep on slogging JW.


  13. Well done John.

    I’m trying to work out whether it’s worth buying a house or whether the world will end in November (Iran/Israel/bombing/petrol/nukes) and make all that effort pointless.


  14. @JV

    There are none so blind as those who will not see. Just open yours eyes, unless of course you are part of the “official” conspiracy theory cover up bollicks. What brought down WTC building 7?


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