Humiliated Hague, G4S investigating Iraq soldiers, and a £3billion project to upgrade Westminster

William Hague – the man with a reputed IQ of 144, and the wisdom of a barnacle – has (as predicted here) been forced to grovel in reverse from his ridiculously bombastic position on exhibitionist megalomaniac Julian Assange. (Now there’s a terrifying mental image)

Britain yesterday withdrew its gung-ho SAS style threat to enter Ecuador’s embassy in London to arrest WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

His diplomatic gloating almost audible, President Rafael Correa issued a statement on Saturday, saying “We consider this unfortunate incident over, after a grave diplomatic error by the British in which they said they would enter our embassy.”  This followed the receipt by Ecuador’s government of “a communication from the British Foreign Office which said that there was no threat to enter the embassy.”

On Day 2 at the Foreign Office in 2010, Hague got on a plane to Washington. His head has been up Washington’s backside – and all its US hegemony operations – ever since. Once again he has done their bidding. Once again he has come out looking like a clown.

But on Day 3 at the Foreign Office, Hague approved a massive renovation budget for the FCO offices. When it was completed, he wrote a piece about how the Foreign Office had been “restored to its former glory”. Shame about the idiots who work there.

Staying with the Defence of the Realm, it seems the Government is persevering with two controversial inquiries to run for up to another three years, with the total cost expected to exceed £100 million. Despite several years in search of war criminals among the UK’s armed foreces, the sum total of three enquiries to date haven’t bagged a single conviction of any British soldier.

But who’s doing the investigating for the next round of Hunt the Hobgoblin? Why, none other than those Olympian non-deliverables, G4S.

In 2007, the MoD chaps – who failed to give Iraq forces helicopters, jeep ID signal software, mobile phones or any accommodation beyond decrepit prefabs – built themselves a brand spanking new HQ. It cost £2.3 billion, and was slipped under the radar via the private finance initiative. Since the ‘cuts’ began, they’ve fired a lot of those long-suffering squaddies….but, despite three personal visits by Draper Osborne himself, have yet to dispense with the services of any of their own kind. As such.

G4S, eh? Who do G4S know that not only gets them out of scrapes (paid in full) but also plonks multi-million Pound new contracts their way? How was the bidding process handled for the Olympics security and this new nine-digit pointless investigation into ethereal wrongdoing that exists only in the empty head of Piers Morgan? Could that great manipulator of quangos he affects to hate Jeremy Hunt be in any way involved, do we think?

We do not know (yet) but one thing we should be fair about: we do definitely need some new blood when it comes to security.

This was brutally confirmed last Friday as some dopey Plod walked onto the set of the Assange siege, grasping the entire Assange battle plan on her huge clipboard. This was promptly snapped by a PA photographer. The notes said that the maverick Australian should be taken ‘even if he emerges in a vehicle, under diplomatic immunity or in a diplomatic bag, which may involve “risk to life”’.

My God, that must’ve been a blistering phone call from Hillary….ironically, it was probably overheard by the folks at Wikileaks.

But as their reward for rehiring security onanists, electing police chiefs to solve the problem of having no police, and making fools of themselves in diplomatic and defence circles, our legislators are to be given a massive vote of Treasury confidence: yes, the Houses of Parliament may well have to close for up to five years under plans for a £3 billion refurbishment.

Here it comes again…but it bears repetition until somebody wakes up: that is circa 22% of the total savings made to date by George Osborne’s great austerity drive.

Clearly, decorating is the new action. Wallpaper over a police chief. Paint a portbound aircraft carrier. Strip a Royal Prince. Whitewash a press standards enquiry. Skim over that Whitehall pensions scandal.

On the other hand, we could condemn the entire edifice and move in with bulldozers.

What do we all think, hmm?