The foresight saga: interesting things happen after a Slogpost

A quick roundup of some MSM stories that began here

The arrival of one lone (professional) troll to The Slog this lunchtime shows, I hope, that this site is at last beginning to get under some important skin. His succinct ‘this is all small-numbers crap from backwater site etc etc’ is from the classic mould – and a known source….which I must confess left me vaguely flattered that such folks would take the trouble.

The list of people, titles and places banning The Slog gets ever broader, as does the range of MSM titles overtly embarassed by being so often behind the music. To be banned by the New York Times, the Federal Reserve, the Kremlin, the EU Commission, all Washington government buildings, The Guardian, The Mail, China, Argentina, the Foreign Office, India, Albuquerque and Huffington Post seems to me a range in search of a pattern, which is probably as it should be.

The Berlin government’s diversion of all my links to gay Austrian sites was perhaps the most entertaining yet, and closely followed this piece written about Geli the Osti Changeling some months back. Without any collusion by either party, respected author Gertrud Höhler has written a book called “The Godmother,” about Merkel’s rise to power. As per The Slog’s January piece, Höhler points out how Merkel has orchestrated the end of the political career of literally every powerful governor or other potential rival within her party — one after another. She doesn’t share Western democratic values, argues Gertrud, she is ruining the euro, and all she cares about is securing more power.

Gertud sounds like my kinda gal. Also she looks like Lauren Bacall.

China’s decision to build a whopping 18,000 tonne strategic stockpile of rare earth reserves(now that there’s a glut thanks to falling global demand) may not interest many people; but it does support The Slog’s long-held theory that China has no imperial or globalist ambitions: all Beijing wants is near-infinite self-sufficiency. Once the country reaches that point, its leaders will look happily on as bonkers mercantilism tears itself apart elsewhere, until China becomes the most powerful nation on Earth without every leaving home or firing a single ICBM.

The other Asian monolith India still struggles with blackouts and power shortages. But now an energy plan based on thorium – an element with the potential to replace uranium as an ultra-cheap and ultra-safe nuclear energy source – may fundamentally alter the nation’s and possibly the world’s energy future. Thorium’s potential was featured here some weeks ago, and attracted a never less than lively comment thread. Much of the piece focuses on the US invented excuse of thorium as a means of trapping Iran into accepting it as a future generation raw material for power generation. It perhaps also suggests a new Law of Geopolitics, viz: ‘If you rush into Iran and steal Uranium, Iranians may not accept your thorium, especially if the theorem of the thorium is less fissile than Iranium’.

Meanwhile, more disinformation and doublespeak from the Kanzelerin, whose close associates told Bloomberg that Germany will stand behind the Greek government as it struggles to overhaul the economy, when sources close to her were busy telling Reuters that she had no inetntion of ceding to Antonis Samaras’s pleas for more time to meet the tough terms of Athens’ international bailout.

The latest Slog instalment used sources close to Berlin and Paris to offer more alleged details about the deal that will be hammered out soon enough. Let’s see if these sources are closer to the mark than Merkel’s spin doctors…or what one might now start calling her bamboozle boys.



66 thoughts on “The foresight saga: interesting things happen after a Slogpost

  1. “The Berlin government’s diversion of all my links to gay Austrian sites was perhaps the most entertaining yet.”
    Nah. As was said at the time, you have malware.


  2. I spotted that troll before: if he was a pro then he needs to have his pay docked for not trying hard enough!

    And in my usual Friday post to the GCHQ/CIA spook tasked with monitoring this board:

    You are an eternal disappointment to your friends and your mother. You work for an organisation that claims to protect freedom whilst it orders you to monitor and disrupt free speech. I bet when you got the job you thought it would be all like James Bond, action packed and righteous. More fool you dumba**!

    I hope this weekend you get food poisoning and crap your pants in front of your eternally underwhelmed in-laws. Ta ta!!


  3. May I take this opportunity to second the thoughts/comments of the honourable Slogger who posted above.


  4. Perhaps Viking Jack could confirm this (or the Maulwurf?) after all, in the Netherlands it is possible to get the Slog without any problem. That includes links. When you have a problem of this kind it is always best to double check.


  5. Congratulations John…..What must really be flattering is that if you are being banned by the “New York Times, the Federal Reserve, the Kremlin, the EU Commission, all Washington government buildings, The Guardian, The Mail, China, Argentina, the Foreign Office, India, Albuquerque and Huffington Post” etc……..some poor sod at each of those institutions must be having to be carefully reading all your posts to see what in the hell you are going to uncover on them next and then have to write frantic reports to their BigWigs!

    So my greetings (and a big wave of a couple of digits) tonight has to go to all those ‘wage slaving’ at the places on that list above, all over the World, who HAVE to read these Slog Posts and all our Comments for a living !!!

    …..Personally I feel that I’m very lucky to be able to read The Slog and chip in my two penniesworth for the sheer joy of it …..(and without being ordered too by someone else)………a fine and novel slant on a received Press Freedom perhaps ? ;)) Long may it last !

    “Have a nice day out there ya’all !!”


  6. “‘If you rush into Iran and steal Uranium, Iranians may not accept your thorium, especially if the theorem of the thorium is less fissile than Iranium’.”

    Don’t know how you do it….very good though.


  7. If its true:

    that’s their job. Just ponder that fact for a moment. What a waste of human potential.

    What do they say they do if they go on a blind date? “I’m a professional arsehole! Can I get you a drink?”


  8. Gemz, as I read it JW claims that if he Googles one or more specific (but unspecified) German sites then if he clicks on the link he discovers a gay Austrian site. This only happens on his PC(s?). This he attributes to spooks. Myself I think that he’s got a Google redirect nasty but I’m not aware that he’s done any research. Why spoil a good story?


  9. I’m a bit behind the curve on this one (and if I am using that awful phrase correctly, I have at least at last understood what it is supposed to mean), so I puzzled by your suggestion that your are being banned, diverted and whatever. I don’t read an awful lot of these comments, so I didn’t know you had been advised that the redirection of your site to an Austrian gay porn site was more than probably malware, but I do suggest that is far more likely than ‘Berlin’ setting aside resources to ensure das deutsche Volk doesn’t get a sniff of your insights. There’s no easy way to say this, but a public proclamation that they are out to get you does sit rather ineasily with many of us.

    I am also rather sceptical of any claim that official resources are being put aside in any Western country to put a spanner in your works digitally. I know the Commies and Yanks got up to all sorts of silly tricks in their war against each other but – please don’t be angry – I’m not too sure you are quite as prominent on the radar as you perhaps believe.

    (Incidentally, I heard just the other day that the CIA apparently clandestinely subsidised various Western orchestras and art exhibitions etc in an attempt to convince the opposition and home-grown sceptics that they weren’t the gunho philistines they were made out to be. The irony was, of course, as was pointed out, that arty folk worldwide are never averse to a glass of subsidy or ten and the real puzzle is why the CIA felt obliged to do so in secret. But they did get up to all kinds of whackiness – trying to get Fidel Castro to smoke an exploding cigar was one such wheeze – and most certainly still are.)

    I would prefer you to pass on the titbits and gossip that come your way, but would also warn you that those who are adept at these things have far more faith in disinformation than much else – to adapt a well-known phrase, sowing doubt is its own reward – so I would be doubly careful about what your sources tell you.

    [Is this all right, James? It’s more or less along the lines you suggested, and I’ll post it as a comment on the chap’s blog as soon as you and H3 give me the OK. I’m off to Wiltshire in a few hours time and shan’t be back till Wednesday, so if you could give me the yea or nay sooner rather than later. P.


  10. “As per The Slog’s January piece, Höhler points out how Merkel has orchestrated the end of the political career of literally every powerful governor or other potential rival within her party — one after another. She doesn’t share Western democratic values, argues Gertrud, she is ruining the euro, and all she cares about is securing more power.”

    Quite so – but methinks she is heading for a big fall, and it’s going to come soon! Rumbles of discontent are starting to be clearly heard over here from certain quarters and, who knows, it may make the “Night of the Long Knives” seem like a stroll in the park.

    Meanwhile, she is being caricatured quite effectively by certain elements. Unfortunately I can’t track it down, but I saw one recently where she was lampooned as “Ülbrichts Rache” – “Ulbricht’s Revenge”. She looked quite fetching with a DDR-style steel helmet on her head!

    The caricature on

    (My Last Shirt) is also rather telling. This is a websit dedicated to stopping the ESM. True, the text is in German, but the depiction of her middle finger says it all.


  11. @ Gemma

    “Perhaps Viking Jack could confirm this…..”

    I have no problem at all logging onto The Slog. The nitty-gritty of IT is not my thing, but the explanation given by Jon sounds plausible. The question would then be, how did the bug finish up JW’s computer? Pure coincidence, bad luck or as a result of ‘enemy action’.


  12. John, If you’re being banned on all these sites, perhaps that’s because they regard you as a troll. You know, like our departed friend BT…..


  13. @VJ

    virusses/bugs and the like are extremely easy to pick up these days. There was a report in one of the more technical blogs that I subscribe to saying that measures had been taken by Microsoft to stop infections that avoided the administrator password.

    With Microsoft operating systems a regular check – that is to say, weekly – is a must. Sure, there isn’t likely to be anything there, but if there is it can be sorted out whilst you have time to deal with it and before it gets to frustrate you. For John I would recommend a paid subscription to AVG or a similar high quality service. They can check for rootkits too, which are all but invisible to the naked … (this is a family site).

    I doubt very much that there was any “enemy action” involved. If you see the amount of spam I get through my squirrelmail interface, there is no lack of opportunists out there. The authorities closed down a server site in the Ukraine a while ago, and it did diminish. It is now back to the usual level. I suppose I deserved it, all those backlinks from link-farms that wanted to display your email address without taking the trouble to encode it.


  14. quote from JW-To be banned by the New York Times, the Federal Reserve, the Kremlin, the EU Commission, all Washington government buildings, The Guardian, The Mail, China, Argentina, the Foreign Office, India, Albuquerque and Huffington Post”.. and my aunt Mauds 70th Birthday party…( Talking politics are banned).

    Wow you are getting yourself a ‘Rep’ it will soon be uber cool to follow the slogg and sloggers. That’s what happens; one minute we all hate vandals spraypainting we pay courts to fine them and clean off their trash then…next thing you know we hail them as ‘arists! Yes I know! I will be checking under my bed every night just in case… John, you really are the little boy who stood in the knowing crowd and called to the Emperor “look you have no clothes on!” That is all it takes: a little knowledge, and courage… to rattle em cages!


  15. @S&P
    Like it. However, Thorium as a fissile elemental-substitute for U235 ain’t the answer. For once, JW has missed the point: the ONLY answer to the World’s desire for (electrical) power is through FUSION. Guess who is investing the most in attempting to harness nuclear fusion? China…but he is right about everything else: add limitless energy supply to China’s asset base and I shall start to learn Mandarin tomorrow.

    WAD (BSc PhD – Nuclear Physics)


  16. @ Börjesson

    Loosen up old mate! What’s the well known saying, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” – or does that only apply to professional ladies?. Being banned by such an ‘illustrious’ bunch surely gives one all the bragging rights one might ever need – and the world should know about it.

    For myself, the only nameworthy organisation that I’ve been ‘excommunicated’ by is the German “Stiftung Warentest”, it’s sister organisation in the UK being “Which”. I did some bollocks deconstruction on a so-called product test that they had published and boy, they were not amused! Particularly as it appeared on the website that I was running at that time. Believe me, these shiny tin gods just don’t like being exposed as the incompetents that they are.

    I am still in possession of the letter they sent me, the one saying, more or less, “we refuse to communicate with you, both now and in the future”, but in German! Should a project that I’m currently working on come to fruition then VJ is going to be back in the public eye; and this letter too, on their headed notepaper!


  17. With all due respect, the fusion boffins have been saying “fusion’s right around the corner now” — for the last 40 years. Thorium in LFTRs is achievable now, and has been since the MSR experimental reactor at Oak Ridge in the 60’s. It’s low-hanging fruit. Grab one.


  18. @WAD

    I was going to try and write something witty about the EU fusing with the middle-east but gave it up.

    Fusion is a great concept but at the moment seems more scary than fission. Just look at those football pitch sized lasers focusing on something the size of a marble! Even the boffins are scared to crank that thing up to speed.

    I suppose making a controlled Sun God is no easy task.


  19. Lol are we having a group confession session? I got my ‘nick’ sorry,’ earned’ my nick ‘Misbehaving’ Due to a few posts on an American Internet forum. The blogger did a piece about kickin Suddam and All them arab terrorist’s they all deserved to die and God was on their side ( God chose the Americans side). I did a response about the war being illegal… blah blah. He came back with We (mericans have a goddam right to enter any country who hide terrorists). I said “when can we expect you over in the UK then- more to the point Bradford area” … OR” where were you when the UK was being ‘terrorised by the IRA? funded by AMERICANS” his response was…. “you are banned for misbehaving”. I Kept the name cos I liked it. It is so me! : )


  20. Am I the only one who thinks all this ‘OMG the Powers That Be are out to get me!!’ shtick is all a bit tin foil hat brigade?

    Mr Ward, your blog is entertaining, it gives some potentially informative insights into international finance/diplomacy, although the true record of actual prediction is perhaps less impressive than you make out. However it is not rocking the foundations of the Western world. The Powers That Be do not give a monkeys about you or your blog. Most likely all the ‘cyber attacks’ on your blog are mere IT issues that we all deal with.

    Sorry, but you are starting to sound like a nutter.


  21. &GTSP (not as good as S&P!)
    We already have uncontrolled printing presses in the US, UK and Merkelelania: which is more likely to cause catastrophic damage?


  22. @Jim
    With respect, JW started a long time ago (but not as a nutter) whereas you, in fact have only just started: if you attach any credibility to the “powers that be” then you indeed have started off like a nutter.


  23. @robin
    The only low hanging fruit is exactly what this site is all about: bollocks. Why do you think it is that China is taking Tokamak research to new boundaries? They know that Th (been around since the ’60s bollocks) is merely a politically correct fusion technique since in theory it is hard to create weapons-grade material from that process…50 years on, where is the operational Th fission plant? Nowhere. So bollocks it is then.



  24. I was merely pointing out that stating that you are ‘banned’ by an impressive list of important and powerful organisations, and the German State is trying to discredit you by online dirty tricks, shows a somewhat over extended concept of ones own importance. Whereas all those things could very likely be explained by IT issues such as viruses etc. If one is trying to access websites with an infected computer it is entirely likely that you will indeed be banned. But not for being a thorn in the side of authority, but for being a danger to their systems.

    Make your choice. JW is either such a danger to the powerful they are trying to silence him, or he’s got IT issues, and delusions of grandeur.

    I know where my money is.


  25. garrythesnorkelparka: “Don’t know how you do it”

    A bloody good handle on the English language coupled with a boastingly rich life experience methinks is the recipe.


  26. @ Sodazed or it could be #16

    When you are more concerned about what others are thinking about you than you are about anything else. This will increase to the point of being suspicious that others are conspiring against you ………and this becomes a preoccupation of your mind….these thoughts become addictive….and they dont stop. Your confidence slowly gets chipped away and then you start believing in what your fears are telling you


  27. As its a nickname does that mean you’re not necessarily a Miss, Miss?

    Might make giving one a below average monasterial fiver a bit awkward MBH ;-)


  28. @WAD tokomaks huh? Well I’m no physicist but these things have been around since WW2 and have yet to deliver. So what’s China’s got that’s so special?

    btw I thought thorium reactors were a politically correct fissile technique rather than fusion…

    @GSP At the moment we seem to be stuck with JET- a classic example of european fusion, pace all the well-meaning scientists involved


  29. I most definitely am not under any bridges. I have been reading , and commenting under the same name, and from the same computer, on this blog since its inception, after the JW ‘Gordon Brown is on antidepressants’ story (which by the way was an impressive bit of investigative journalism).

    I merely am noting that IMO JW appears to be showing signs of thinking everyone is out to get him.

    That is not usually a good sign.


  30. I am definitely not BT, whoever he/she/it might be. I have been far too busy over the last 10 days out working in the real world on my farm making hay to be commenting 24/7 on threads on here. Its only now thats its raining that I’m back in the office at the PC.


  31. Agreed, the paranoia does seem to be showing lately. Which is a shame because the quality of the investigative stuff is good. Maybe it’s a personal life issue.
    I would be much more impressed about spookery if there were some evidence of swapping PCs between neighbours and ISPs in order to prove that a specific IP address is being diverted. But, as I’ve said previously, a little undetected malware is so much less of a story than spooks.


  32. breath of fresh air in the shithouse my very eloquent mate once described two girls who arrived at BAOR and not military gals either.
    Bit different from the norm and while not guaranteed to tell the truth were always listened to


  33. @WAD – the same question can be asked of your tech preference: i.e., where’s the operating commercial fusion reactor? The only thing missing from operating Thorium/LFTR reactors is $1 billion of development costs per Kirk Sorenson of Flibe Energy. We’ve thrown multiple billions at fusion without success. Fusion is a jobs programme for boffins.


  34. Jon et al (Yawn)
    Just for the record.
    I have two pcs. They are checked for malware daily. They both have the same difficulty with Austrian gays.
    This correspondence is now closed, because I’m fed up of people not listening. No offence.


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