Forging the truth: the internet was meant to set us free…

…..but now it’s able to counterfeit reality

What is real? Who is real? The Invasion of the ID Snatchers at The Slog has achieved, in some ways, exactly what the perpetrator(s) hoped to stop: raising awareness among all Web users that ‘Trolls’ can no longer be dismissed as only Lee Harvey Oswald style nutters. Those like our schizoid friend here with 17 IP addresses (and as many identitities as his usefully empty brain can come up with) can’t be quite so easily explained away.

At the moment on this site, visitors are confused as to whether MaxC, Liz O’Donnell, me or a hundred other contributors are who they say they are.

There is one short term solution which doesn’t involve me pre-comment approving (see earlier post today) but will at a str0ke nip this outbreak in the bud. So I’ll be using that when I once again have 24/7 access to the site.

Medium to longer term, let’s just say I’m talking to one or two people who this Invasion Fleet would have you believe are figments of my  imagination.

I am, by the way, truly reassured that after nearly 72 hours of limited access, there seems to me a predictable (and predicted) march towards Berlin playing the ‘ordinary German voters’ card to put Greece under yet more pressure.

It’s too close to call at the moment. I will post about it as and when I have solid information of some interest to genuine Sloggers.

57 thoughts on “Forging the truth: the internet was meant to set us free…

  1. People have often asked me in the past why the ‘powers that be’ are so keen to stitch up Julian Assange. And stitch him up they have – be in no doubt about that. I have posted many times before about my sincere belief that Assange is a disturbed and controlling megalomaniac, but there can be no doubt that his invention of Wikileaks was an act of genius that has evoked a massive Establishment backlash.

    However, we must be very clear about the specific Establishment involved here.

    Whether those of Right or Left like it or not, it was the financial nature of actual and promised leaks from Assange’s site that first fired up the Powers of Darkness. And Hague – who turned left to America rather than right to the EU on the day he took office – is taking his orders from Washington and Wall Street, not Brussels…the last of that trio being a City he rarely visits. (In policy terms since 2010, let’s face it – it shows).

    Hague would’ve made a first class Chancellor, but the job was of course given on the basis of the Bullingdon Leg-Up into Camerlot. Sadly, the Mekon is a washout as Foreign Secretary. Having done the business up every American backside, he now compounds the crime by knee-jerking to classic US ‘let’s storm the place’ by issuing a truly childish ultimatum to Ecuador. He has now, as the legal advice has finally been heard, been forced to back-pedal into ‘wanting talks’ about it.

    Last week, first Boris Gobson and then Gobeon Osborne had a crack at New York regulator Ben Lawsky…only to watch 36 hours later as the ‘entirely innocent’ Peter Sands fessed up to 250 BILLION bucks of wrongdoing…as opposed to 14 MILLION. I take the point of critics that SCB is stupid rather than malignant: but if that be entirely true, why feel the need to lie at all?

    Now a genuinely tragic dimension has entered the not entirely Standard behaviour of SCB and its advisors Deloittes, as news breaks that the family of a senior Deloitte partner has called for answers after he apparently committed suicide days after the auditing firm was linked to the Standard Chartered Iran dollar trades scandal.

    There is a great deal more to come out about this yet. But aproaching tricky issues with an Open Mouth has become a near-generic feature of the Coalition in general and the Conservative Party in particular. David Cameron himself led the way with his dismissive drivel about first Andy Coulson and then Rebekah Brookes, while his arch-enemy Boris dsimissed the entire Newscorp scandal two years ago as “Left-wing poppycock”.

    Surely we deserve better people in charge of the Nation’s affairs? People like…and….um, also….and then there’s, er, …..


  2. Listen up. There is only one slogmeister and that is me. Any fakes you see posted here are obviously, er, fakes. Please ignore them.


  3. John, I think you might be wrong to assume this is being done by one person. There are groups of trolls who travel the internet like those flash-shopping things we see on TV where hundreds of people suddenly turn up in a single shop and overwhelm the staff. All organised of course and they never buy anything.


  4. It is fairly common for blogs to temorarily stop all comments. Usually to stop spambots from flooding the comments, but also to stop trolling. So don’t worry about stopping comments for a few days.

    It is probably best to institute logon for comments. Then you can put new members on moderation for the first few comments to see if they are OK, then give them free access. And delete their signon immediately if they misbehave. That makes it tiresome for the trolls as they get banned after only one troll comment, then have to go through the new member procedure all over again. The moderation work is fairly light as it is only for new members.


  5. HI John, managed to read your previous missive on my phone in the last hour. Was shocked to hear of your tribulations, It does prove though, that what you’re saying is very close to the truth, and they don’t like that!

    Keep up the good work, and there are many of us reading your blog and fully agree with the vast majority of what you have to say.

    Good luck…


  6. John
    I’ll say it again – not everyone has a fixed IP address.
    Multiple IP addresses is not proof of conspiracy.
    It sounds like the trolls are winning if they inducing this degree of paranoia


  7. JW – this is in ideal circumstances not the moment to take issue with a post.
    However, rather than indulge you, let me take your latest post seriously: You write:
    a predictable (and predicted) march towards Berlin playing the ‘ordinary German voters’ card to put Greece under yet more pressure.
    Not sure where you get reassurance from. That Merkel might, in the short term, play this card YES. Will it work or last NO. Samaras woh’t play ball. The weaker his economy, the stronger his political clout. The less he has to lose – and Merkel has far more to lose – the stronger he is.
    Let’s see what happens after Samaras has seen Juncker, Merkel and Hollande in that order and Hollande has dined with Merkel in Berlin.


  8. @BillK,
    Your comments are not welcome here at Sloggers Roost. I have spent the past week carefully constructing a fake solid case that all of this trolling is being done by one person. BT. And now you come along to puncture my bubble.


  9. @BT: brae as you obviously are. Why don’t you post using your actual name?

    Your keyboard has made quite a warrior out of you. You’re so cool. ;)


  10. Over the last few days – coincidentally – I have been listed as a spammer. Notwithstanding that I occassionally forward a few jokes I wouldn’t know how to spam (spam fritter perhaps). Odd thing is none of the joke recipients have problems. I’ve noticed on a few blogs etc that attempts at meaningful debate and information sharing get hijacked.

    I must be getting old – but I do see some of the disruptions as being too organised and too informed. Watch the DT. There are loonies out there but occasionally it looks too trite.

    I await my nemisis doppleganger with interest…

    And I really do not try to do conspiracy theories as a rule – but you have to take the world as you think you see it.


  11. John,
    I created a channel on YouTube that got over 460 million views and along with that I had a WordPress site that got over a million page-views a month and I had a problem with Trolls as well (on YouTube and my site).. and the thing I learned as to simply ignore them.

    By ignore, I mean DO NOT BLOCK THEM, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM.. JUST IGNORE THEM 100%. Your readers will protect you (by pointing out their ridiculousness). By you responding to them you are playing into them as that is all they are trying to do is get a response out of you.

    Now.. if you have people impersonating people.. I believe that has some system in place to counter that… of they don\’t then you can look into moving to a self hosted and using Disqus for comments.. but I really don\’t think you have to do that. Just ignore them and your life will be so much easier and you can then focus on writing your posts.

    There is no 100% way to get rid of people on the net as people can create email addresses all day long using proxy servers.. etc.. But what works is ignoring them.



  12. “I take the point of critics that SCB is stupid rather than malignant: …”.
    I initially thought that this was Wall Street attacking UK banks, then that it was minor but a quick read of the “indictment” which details SCB’s exploitation of poor design in the wire transfer system indicates that there was clear intent to avoid detection. The question is how far up the chain of command at SCB did it go.


  13. Well,Garry,the Rt.Hon.member for Kirkcaldy is also suffering an internet attack from Brazil,which may explain his £74,000 bill submitted to Parliament for ‘communication expenses’ over the last month( you heard it here first),but, grosso modo,Syria,Iran,Israel,QE,Spanish banks,Greek taxi drivers,French farmers are all signalling a massive market sell off,any day soon.


  14. Dear John
    It is just possible that what you are witnessing is simply a reaction to your bombastic style. When I first came across your blog I thought it was great. Well written , insightful and full of inside track information. As time has gone on I realise I am only impressed when you write about things about which I have no knowledge. The minute however you started to write about things that I have real world experience I found the tone simplistic, patronising and basically wrong. Feel free to ban me but you reap what you sew.


  15. @theydontknowhat… That is a fair comment. Some may agree with regards to some threads. Why would John ban you for saying that?
    I don’t think John will be having much to do with ‘sewing’ he is crap with a washing Machine! ( self confessed)
    Oh? Oh!, you meant reap what they sow? as in planting seeds? diffferenciating between wheat and chaf… Ahhhhhhh…

    Damn this keeps asking me to put in my email and name again…


  16. @theydontknowhat – Well said. I am sure a lot of people privately agree but wont speak up for fear of being attacked by the vigilante mob or banned..

    @bongo bongo – Is “boring” the only English word you know?


  17. Welcome back, John! I have been following this BT saga thingummywotsit with a mixture of amusement and dismay. What the hell has or may have happened with/to Bankrupt Taxpayer resp. BT I’ve no idea, suffice to say that I enjoyed the exchanges I used to have with him.

    However, this troll episode may yet be only the start of your martyrdom! As you may be aware, I am also a daily visitor, and occasional contributer, to the German website “Politically Incorrect”. For those not familiar with it, it is very anti-Islamic (Theme Nr. 1 for them), decidedly anti-EU and all it stands for, and not very enamoured with those of a leftie/totalitarian inclination. In short, it is not popular with TPTB. Of late, it has been increasingly reporting about the developments/events of the Eurozone crisis.

    Plus, WordPress does not allow me to post links to PI articles. Why not?

    In May of this year PI was subject to many DOS attacks, which were eventually traced back to the Near/Middle East as their origin. Not really much surprising about that! To cut a long story short, for a while they opened up an ’emergency’ blog on WordPress to use as a sort of “Alamo” position.

    So, I thought I’d check out the page a few minutes ago. Nothing doing! Over to the WordPress edition, and what do we find there:

    “PI News is currently offline!


    We ask all PI readers to be patient! This time there is a major attack … (22:00)

    Offline: 22.08.2012 15:15 clock -> Online?
    Offline: 22.08.2012 00:00 clock -> Online: 22.08.2012 04:00 clock
    Offline: 17.08.2012 17:30 clock -> Online: 17.08.2012 21:30 clock
    Offline: 08/08/2012 22:10 clock -> Online: 08/08/2012 23:10 clock
    Offline: 04.08.2012 07:30 clock -> Online: 04.08.2012 11:30 clock”

    The Near/Middle East again, or perhaps closer to home?

    Kwik Kwezzie – can you also be the subject of a DOS attack or is WordPress somehow immune from such shenanigans?


  18. The internet RIP. It was wonderful whilst it lasted as the darkness of night envelops the so-called developed world.


  19. OAH

    Do not be disheartened. There is not enough darkness in the whole of the universe to put out the light of one candle.

    That is as true today as when it was first imagined two thousand years ago.


  20. I’ll leave Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore in general to the experts.. Boring people, in the end, suffer what they fear most; interested people stay interesting. @william’s sang froid is probably best; after all, nobody likes to be ignored. Greetings to all.


  21. More creepy crawlies coming out of the woodwork tonight.
    I know it’s all warped mischief, but I have such a boring life that I need my daily fix of Slog bollocks.


  22. @ Charles…………I agree and think that if JW stopped commenting on any of the comments on his Blog for awhile things would calm down. If others chose to take on the troll it will only prolong the problem. Don’t respond to silly posts.


  23. All posts before 01:06 23/08/2012 are not by me :) They are the idiot troll who if he had anything to say that anyone else wanted to read – would start his own blog.
    Feel free to delete them JW ! compare IP from post on last thread if you wish to check ! All my posts are from this IP address.
    Don’t let the b’stards grind you down John !


  24. So, you sew what you stitch, and sow what you reap – and take the hog to the sow, the ear of which you sew into a silk purse.
    C’mon work on it.
    John, don’t bother explaining


  25. I have decided to post this piece as a comment addendum not as an essay, to avoid too much publicity.

    There are times in life when the truth is often stranger than fiction. This is one of them.

    I have never visited South America but I have several impeccable sources there and what follows comes from one of them.

    The post from Rupert Blanketstein on 19th August about BT which you can read HERE was largely correct (except the bit about treacle on the door knobs which no one can confirm). But his known resume ended way back after BT left Special Operations Executive, adopted a new identity (mandatory) and went into private industry where Rupert lost track of him. BT worked for a very large US multinational corporation for a number of years for a number of years at a senior consultancy level.

    But you know, once a spook always a spook. He was years later again asked by HMG to work as a specialist network consultant for MI6. He now spends much of his time working with CIA front organisations around the world advising and tracing terror network systems and spam sources. Some of this involves educating the local bongo bongos in how to understand and read network activity logs and the like. The time he spends in Brazil is actually with the FBI/CIA tracking down terrorist perps who write serious destructive malware and spam outfits selling dangerous fake drugs etc, many of whom decamped to Central/South America after the FBI began closing in on them back home. Apparently he knows a lot about the TOR network and has a great interest in it. Everybody knows the TOR is only used by criminals and paedophiles.

    This all makes me think whether the troll attacks on The Slog are organised by him as part of a training exercise or whether it’s got any real meat behind it. What do other sloggers think?

    I’m told BT always lawfully carries a weapon and knows how to use it. That fits. I’m told his speciality is blowing up Internet servers belonging to criminal organisations mentioned above. That also fits. He is also a martial arts kingpin, a bit like the shadowy Steven Seagal who he knows personally from time spent together in Asia around the time of the Vietnam war and special ops work they carried out together against the commies. Enter Frank Camper, another friend of theirs. Read about him here http :// .

    If you want to know why BT always rants about socialism, look no further than his life history. MI6/Special Ops spooks are farther right than The Mekon. I know that for a fact. Some say they hate socialism because they’ve experienced first hand the destruction it inevitably causes wherever it emerges. I wouldn’t agree of course, they can’t be talking about fluffy socialism that I often support.

    That’s all for now on this.
    If any more nuggets come through, I’ll post them.

    Stay tuned.


  26. I was a troll on TableTalk for 17 years. My trolldom was defined as not being a good leftist and there were many nasty comments. I am currently a ‘troll’ on along the same lines as Salon because most members are ex-Salonistas.

    I have not posted in a while here and hope nobody used my moniker in an unseemly way.

    Sorry to hear about the troubles, but Bill is right: ban that offensive member and force them to re-register. Salon did that buy many ‘trolls’ just picked a new IP and a new mail addr and continued on.

    I am familiar with this problem on Salon, Slate, People’s Forum, The Well and other sites. Most employ a Thread Nanny with a whack button and delete posts.

    Good luck John.

    Regards, rycK


  27. Stay on message JW. You need to stop pandering to all this drivel… you see you are now more involved on this trolling than focusing on getting valid information that people can read and form other opinions than that of a blinkered view.

    Just keep getting comment-based articles out that get people thinking!!!

    It not about being right or wrong… its about food for the mind to get people thinking, and to NOT rely on being force fed by the crap on TV/Newspapers etc etc


  28. Fascinating stuff John. I had assumed that Rupert B was in fact BT.

    Is this BT working alone or in his official capacity? Who knows but my guess is the latter.

    Regardless, it might be better if you closed the comment section until you find a cost effective method of dumping the trolls who have been successfully achieving their goal of degenerating the blog.


  29. I visit this blog from many places and using several different computers etc. Wouldn’t that also mean that if and when I post, I would have several IP addresses, that is, is there necessarily something sinister in having several IP addresses? I ask because I’m not much up on the technical side of the net.


  30. The only explanation of the changes to this blog must be that someone else is now writing it? Or everyone has regressed to commenting on comments on comments ad infinitum.
    I agree, RIP virtual world, I am glad that there is still a physical world out there to live in.


  31. He could have a million IPs since he is travelling a lot but only one alias.
    I stayed away from commenting with all that’s happening on here.Wishing that you and everybody will sort this out.Regards


  32. TOR is The Onion Router, according to Wiki a system to ensure anonymity. I am posting this because I thought there might be other people like me who had never heard of The Onion Router before googling it.
    I always had a bad feeling about the Anonymous movement. Some of my anti child abuse friends have been sucked into it, but the way I feel is that as a victim of crime why should I want to be anonymous?
    I have read the WIKI entry on TOR and it is interesting to me that it was origionally sponsored by the US Naval Research Laboratory. I am interested in the origins of Parental Alienation Syndrome and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, and their involvement with Eagle Associates, part of Lockheed Martin. Eagle Associates got Richard Gardner the man credited with inventing Parental Alienation Syndrome to come to the UK and other places to give talks on child protection, even though Gardner expressed opinions publicly about paedophiles ought to be given access to children and that mothers who complained about paedophiles were overreacting.
    I know I am a broken record on this issue, but I can’t help it because Gardner’s theory caused me so much personal distress and I ended up seriously ill in hospital with pneumonia run down to a frazzle because of the barrage of persecution of the secret family courts using his clap trap to persecute me with, so I am a very angry woman.


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