Concerted Trollism: This attack on The Slog is is an attack on free speech – nothing less.

What began as a series of oddly agrressive comment threads 3-4 months ago from a Slogger registered as Bankrupt Taxpayer has, as some have already grasped, turned into a 24/7 attack on The Slog growing in intensity as time goes on.

The piece of photographic artwork at the header of this post is merely a simple method of establishing that this post is from me, the site owner. The image can easily be copied of course: but I’ll know if it is.

I am now back at my own pc. BT’s latest IP addresses have been banned. He/they will soon find others, but it will not help his/their cause. I will post at greater length later on why, but for the time being let me say I retain an open mind (re what has happened here) as follows:

1. The real BT has had some kind of catastrophic mental breakdown

2. He has been cloned and impersonated, and is unable to communicate this fact

3. Poverty has forced him to work freelance for an organisation opposed to The Slog

4. He was a sleeper Trollvirus from Day One.

Up until three days ago, I was 90+% convinced the anwer was a variation on 1 above. This would still be my favourite interpretation, but he seems to have more IP addresses than….dare I say it, BT as in British Telecom. Perhaps this is part of the joke.

I could of course institute universal pre-moderation here, but that’s the objective of this attack: it’s time consuming and a horrendous inconvenience in exactly the same way universal air travel checks are. So I’m not doing that – not now, not ever.

I’m not getting a whole lot of help from WordPress at the minute, so any encouragement aimed at them to do more than stick me on some pointless forum would be appreciated. Otherwise, I will go as high as it takes to stop this.

Keep reading: all the classic signs of concerted Troll attack as outlined by are present. I will not be cowed.

Ignore all comment threads using insulting language, and stick with it: whoever started this have shot themselves in the foot with clinical accuracy.

Thanks for your tolerance.

John Ward

115 thoughts on “Concerted Trollism: This attack on The Slog is is an attack on free speech – nothing less.

  1. Welcome back JW. It’s so true – BT’s advice to turn this blog moderated is indeed aimimng at
    a) slowing you down. This blog is a one man’s job and your devoted 24/7 already. you will have to produce less articles if you are to modetare all comments. And it will be exhausting.
    b) the comment threads will lose their spontaneous, live-chat character that they have at the moment.
    So they are trying to kill your productivity and the genuine comments/links/all interesting conversation in comments.

    I don’t know if/how i can help – but just send me a private email, and i will be there with all means that i have available.


  2. Was begann eine Reihe von seltsam Agrressive Kommentar-Threads 3-4 Monaten aus einem Slogger registriert als bankrotten Steuerzahler hat, wie einige bereits begriffen haben, verwandelte sich in einen 24/7-Angriff auf die Slog wachsender Intensität im Laufe der Zeit.

    Die fotografische Kunstwerke in der Kopfzeile dieser Post ist lediglich eine einfache Methode zu etablieren, die dieser Beitrag von mir, der Inhaber der Website ist. Das Bild kann natürlich leicht kopiert werden: aber ich werde, wenn es ist.

    Ich bin jetzt wieder auf meinem eigenen pc. BT neuesten IP-Adressen wurden verboten. He/sie bald andere finden, aber es wird nicht helfen, seine/ihre Ursache. Ich will später ausführlicher Beitrag, warum, aber vorerst möchte ich sagen, dass ich behalte einen offenen Geist (wieder was hier geschehen ist) wie folgt:

    (1) Die echte BT hat irgendeine Art von katastrophalen mentalen Zusammenbruch hatte.

    2. Er wurde geklont und imitiert, und ist nicht in der Lage, diese Tatsache zu kommunizieren

    3. Armut zwingt ihn zur Arbeit freiberufliche für eine Organisation, die gegen die Slog

    (4) Er war ein Schläfer Trollvirus vom ersten Tag an.

    Ich war bis vor drei Tagen, 90++ % überzeugt die Anwer war eine Variation 1 oben. Dies wäre noch meine Lieblings Interpretation, aber er scheint mehr IP-Adressen als…. haben wage ich es, BT wie British Telecom. Vielleicht ist dies Teil der Witz.

    Ich könnte natürlich Institut universal Pre-moderation hier, aber das ist das Ziel dieses Angriffs: Es ist zeitaufwendig und einen schrecklichen Unannehmlichkeiten in genau der gleichen Weise universal Luft Reisen-Prüfungen sind. Also bin ich nicht, die – tun, nicht jetzt, nicht immer.

    Ich bin nicht immer eine ganze Menge Hilfe von WordPress in der Minute, also Ermutigung darauf abzielen, ihnen mehr als mich auf einige sinnlose Forum Stick geschätzt werden würde. Andernfalls gehe ich so hoch wie es braucht, um dies zu stoppen.

    Lesen Sie weiter: alle klassischen Anzeichen von aufeinander abgestimmten Troll Angriff wie beschrieben sind vorhanden. Ich werden nicht eingeschüchtert.

    Ignorieren Sie alle Kommentar-Threads, die beleidigende Sprache verwenden, und bleiben sie dabei: Wer dies begonnen haben sich Eigentor geschossen mit klinischen Genauigkeit.

    Vielen Dank für Ihre Toleranz.

    John Ward


  3. @John,
    If as you claim a lot of ip addresses are used, do you actually have any evidence these are all from BT or could it be a collection of people?


  4. Roger, I know it is BT. There is not another person in this world who dislikes me. I mean ,I’ve only deleted 100 or so comments from maybe 20 people whch disagreed with my opinions .


  5. ########################################

    Welcome back Mr Ward. good to see you.

    Enjoy the show.



  6. Good luck John. I hope the powers lined up against the Slog are not beyond the law. But this episode is a great example of the extent that various interests will go to get inconvenient voices silenced. I do fear number 3 above.

    Another point, I see an ad from UFX markets under your commentary.


  7. My computer is acting REALLY strange all of a sudden it is super, super slow… and I am having trouble staying online, posting, I am afraid to open my email, eBay, do banking, etc. so… something is up. I think BT has hijacked it. I talked to a friend who is my computer guru and he invited me over for coffee and a look at my machine. I will be leaving it with him so I may not be posting for a couple of days. Thanks for suggesting the drive wipe… it’s what my friend said on the phone too. Anyway, if whoever did this thinks it’s going to slow me down, or shut me up they are very mistaken… I hope folks understand those posts aren’t mine, I hope this is not going to happen each time!! my post on


  8. Ask not for whom the bell trolls it trolls for thee.

    What you need is 24/7 moderation of the Blog’s comments. It’s obvious that you don’t have the time to do this but perhaps some of your Sloggers can help out deleting unwanted comments. Either that or require a subscription with a single IP address to access the Slog, this will stop the problem.


  9. +1

    As an aside, JW might allow BT one email address – the one he sent me months ago started with aracari *** That would be the “genuine BT” let us say? There would then be no copy-cat trolling as has happened with my email addresses and Gravatars. In the last comment section there were several postings from Liz O’Donnell which seemed genuinely odd – and would have come from a different email address given the automatically generated Gravatar image (an example of copy-cat trolling). Not so hard to spot when you know what to look for.


  10. It will be no 4. Some nutter putting on a sane and reasonable act for a while then the masks slips.

    I have been on forums where people spent months cultivating reasonable personas, with associated sock puppets, only for the whole edifice to, predictably, crumble when their attention seeking expectations are not met to their satisfaction. Thte effort that is put into online trolling by the mentally unwell can be quite astonishing.


  11. A lot of BT customers don’t get a fixed ip address – I know I don’t. Numerous ip addresses could be one account and one computer.


  12. Yes indeed, welcome back John. I second Bill’s subscrption idea.It would hardly be prudent to finance all those aliases.


  13. Firstly, the IP addresses. Easiest way of seeing what’s going on with them is to do a whois on each address, and see if they’re all from the same ISP. If they are, odds are the sender is on ADSL and whenever he/she starts up their modem, it pulls another IP from the ISP’s pool of addresses, in typical DHCP fashion. The ISP in question will certainly have a record of who gets what IP address; it’ll likely be a radius server which when a user logs in records this login, records the MAC address of whatever was logging in and records what IP was assigned to it. When the modem logs out or drops the connection, the radius server will record this and release that IP back to the pool.

    Secondly, viral infection of machines. Go get one of the ISO images of Knoppic Linux from (remembering to get an English one if this is your native language) and burn it to a CD or DVD. The DVD has more software on it, this is the only difference from the CD. Once burned, boot the PC from the CD or DVD. Knoppix Linux is a Linux distribution which is designed to work exclusively from the CD drive; it is next to impossible to install onto a hard drive, and you run no risk whatsoever of accidentally wiping your machine’s hard disk using this Linux.

    When running, the PC is using only the CD drive and the system memory and isn’t touching the hard drive at all. So, if the PC runs perfectly happily under Knoppix but miserably slowly on whatever’s on the hard disk, odds are you’ve got a virus on the Windows install. If however the machine is still dog-slow under Knoppix, the problem lies elsewhere. If the programs load decently quickly but the Internet is slow, then this is your problem. Try changing the DNS servers from whatever your ISP supplies to those of OpenDNS or Google ( and respectively); these will respond fast, and will uncover whether the problem is with a slow DNS system. This is actually surprisingly commonplace; as DNS is one of these essential services which is absolutely vital yet returns no tangible benefits until it breaks (whereupon nothing works) it is common for management to horribly under-fund the DNS servers. Switching to DNS run by people with functioning intelligence works a treat.

    For anything else, hire in a decent systems administrator to troubleshoot for you. Money well spent, trust me on this (trust me, I’m a doctor. Not in any subject relevant to the subject here, mind.)


  14. Glad your’e back JW, I suppose that the closer the whole shebang gets to the cliff edge, things like this will happen……but perhaps I shouldn’t listen to my sons & their C theories……


  15. My experience, for what it’s worth, is that Internet blogs and similar forums attract obsessives, whose lasting anger can be generated by a single unthinking remark.

    Once upon a time I used to review things for Amazon, in the probably naïve belief that my reviews would be helpful for prospective purchasers of the products in question. As well as writing reviews, I used to read other people’s Amazon reviews and sometimes I would comment on them.

    On one such occasion, I made mild fun of some ludicrous spelling mistakes and grammatical errors by someone claiming to be a professor, and the result was that I was hounded up hill and down dale, not by the person whose comment I had criticized, but by a crazed obsessive female who (I suspected) was probably his mother. Every one of my reviews that I had previously written was defaced by this wretched woman, and I simply couldn’t shake her off – and Amazon was no help at all. Eventually, she gave up, I guess out of boredom more than anything else, but by then I had become fed up and eventually stopped reviewing for Amazon altogether.

    What my reviewing experience taught me was that the Internet is full of eccentric and immature lunatics, many of whom have nothing better to do but to vomit out bile and make life unpleasant for others. Attracting such individuals is one of the downsides or running a discussion-based blog that’s open to the public, and you’re jolly lucky, John, that BT is the only such clown that you have attracted so far. If you succeed in squashing him, then fine, more power to your elbow, but be aware that sooner or later, another similar unpleasant bluebottle is bound to come buzzing along.


  16. I repeat once more, everyone: read only those comments from me with my usual gravatar, or when I’m away from my pc (as now) from just plain The Slog.
    But you can usually tell the sane manners from the mad blasters, lasters, masters and…etc etc.


  17. Dan H, of course the ISP knows who had which IP address at which time. Getting them to tell is another matter. My last brush with this stuff took four months and a court case before BT came up with the answer.


  18. JW, here is a solution which should satisfy all loyal followers who enjoy reading your blogs.
    Close and achive the existing, but keep it available for access as at present. At the same time open an identical blog, but cut out the comments facility – for the time being at least.
    Your valuable contribution to the deconstruction of those who are hell bent on the destruction of you and everything else here in UK can continue, but without our reletavely worthless comments.
    Any advance on this anyone?


  19. David,

    There is a salutary lesson at the end of the video clip for the Trollmeister. The protagonists shake hands and then get on with life……


  20. One solution would be to institute a registered login for posting comments. The blog would remain open to browsing but to post a comment you must be registered and logged in. I am assuming WordPress does offer that facility, if not other blog hosts do. Registering does of course put some people who choose to remain as immaterial as possible off and you would lose them, still it is a solution.

    This is not a perfect solution, you would have to maintain the member list after all, and it is possible for this to be circumvented, of course. EUReferendum had this problem as I understand it, this was his solution, strengthened by only accepting new registrations at random intervals over a short time frame.

    Whatever else, I hope you are successful in your battle.


  21. This may be the only eventual solution. I’ve been a follower of the slog for almost a year now and look forward to it every day, regardless of whether I agree with the conclusions. I don’t always read the comment section and up until recently had never felt the need to comment myself.
    It would be a shame if the comment free idea was the only solution but I for one would happily continue to read JW’s postings and the trollsters, amateur and professional alike, would have to slither off elsewhere.


  22. Hi John,

    I’ve been reading The Slog pretty much daily from the beginning of this year and have enjoyed (near enough!) all of it.

    Without been too patronising, what you write is excellent stuff and it would be a shame – to say the least – for it to be ruined by certain jealous individuals.

    The Slog gets a S&P (Snorkel&Parka) AAA rating.


  23. hI had a similar troll on my blog earlier this year. I wasn’t the only target of the troll. A whole bunch of smokers’ blogs were attacked by the same antismoking troll. He also posted using multiple IP addresses: there are web portals that allow people to do that.

    My response was to require people to log in before they could post comments. That put a stop to it. Fortunately I had enough dedicated readers who were prepared to take the trouble. I’m sure you do too. But it was also what the troll wanted (just like your troll). He wanted to make my blog relatively inaccessible.

    Eventually someone (not me) used a special web tool to find out his real IP address, and informed his ISP (which was Virgin Net, I think) what he was doing, and he got banned. But only for a month, unfortunately. But while he’s been back since, he seems to have lost a bit of his edge, and isn’t a big problem.

    I hope this comment reaches you. Even though I have a WordPress account, my few comments here usually vanish into oblivion when I use that. I’ve logged out to try to post this one. And switched to Firefox. And changed my name. Even the email (which won’t work). Here’s hoping that it makes it through.


  24. Mr Ward, you write “this attack on the slog is an attack on freedom of speech – nothing less.”

    This post go right to heart of big problem you created, so probably pretty quick is wasted by you

    There are minimum two very big ironies in what you say.

    (a)Free speech not extend as you think to you manufacture malicious and vindictive lies about other people and posting on your blog, as if they are well known proven facts, for sole purpose of character assassination. The thread on BT and now this one equal two examples. You do same about other people. If you are asked for evidence for your claims, you ignore and continue. Your gang of left-hand wing Liberals play role of troll mob shouting down anybody who disagree with you.
    I asked for evidence of your claims about BT before and I note BT himself later asked. ALL IGNORED BY YOU. Sensible people know you have no evidence and just make up lies to get rid of him.
    This is abuse of free speech by you. I amazed that man with claimed career history, never learn this lesson.

    (b)Secretly deleting very many comments from people – as you do regularly – for only reason they disagree with your left-hand wing opinion. an act of repression of freedom of expression by you

    Do you see ironies? You must think about it.

    I don’t know who trolls your blog but looks to me like someone very angry at you for dishonest behavior, unethical behavior, double standards and abuse of power. Still, I can offer no solution, because it looks like you already done the damage. Your only hope is for trolls to have their day and go away.



  25. Dear John, I was going to suggest this idea from Richard North. I dont begin to understand how it works, but you have to register and jump through many hoops (which are quite difficult for a computer-illiterate like me). Anyway, I managed to register, and then he changed things and I cannot now comment! It is too hard.
    I still read the blog and comments avidly.
    Maybe you should try something like that.
    All the best.


  26. It worked! As an afterthought, when I was being trolled, it occurred to me that TPTB may not like anonymous comments. By forcing people to log in, it makes them much more easily identifiable. That might have been the reason for my troll’s activities. I was left alone once I’d got people to log in. It may also be the reason you’re being trolled.

    Personally I’ve never cared if I can be identified or not. But some people do.


  27. One sure way of spotting a troll is the spelling, grammar and general incoherent use of the language.
    Most of us just skip through those comments……


  28. Your solution is a bit drastic, not only because quite a few commentators are good reading but because dialogue is of the essence to a site such as this – and it seems that JW does appreciate feedback. If, however, alternatives – such as restricting comment to an arbitrary maximum length – can provide no solution, then what you suggest may well be worth JW’s considering (?) Energy in combating fools and villains could be spent in more worthwhile ways.
    I very much agree with you that seven-eights of a loaf are better than no bread.


  29. Ioannis,
    Why don’t you SHUT UP POSTING RUBBISH about your wretched computer. Get back to swatting flies and watching television.

    “toxic by name, toxic by nature”


  30. WordPress does have a login option. See dashboard –> settings –> discussion. But rather than a login for the Slog, it’s a WordPress or Twitter or Facebook login. You have to have an account with one of them.


  31. I would suggest that someone, possibly a banker or, a cabinet minister maybe is extremely upset by JW’s opinion of them, and they are determined to destroy this blog. We, the faithful must not allow this to happen. I think there are enough of us to withstand this sustained attack on free speech, don’t you folks?


  32. John,

    Just a suggestion…


    Just let your tormentors all post comments. We all know the trolls from your usual posters.

    And to the ‘usual posters’….don’t get sucked in to responding to these ‘troll types’. It does no good and only encourages them and exasperates you even further.

    John, the response you are giving to these posters is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT FROM YOU.

    It is wearing you down and distracting you from your regular tasks.

    AND, it is putting a strain on your ever aging body, heart and other organs.

    LEARN TO LIGHTEN UP OLD CHAP. You aren’t going to change enough in this crazy world to do much good before you expire, except to INFORM your followers of the increasing criminal activities of the ‘elite criminals’ in our midst. After that, it’s up to US to spread the word and act upon it in whatever way we can.

    You should not ‘butt heads’ with those in your life that you want out of it. Rather, you should ‘assist them’ to move through and OUT OF YOUR LIFE as quickly as possible by NOT RESISTING THEM!

    Think of it as a dance with a clumsy partner.


  33. What is real? Who is real? The Invasion of the ID Snatchers at The Slog has achieved, in some ways, exactly what the perpetrator(s) hoped to stop: raising awareness among all Web users that ‘Trolls’ can no longer be dismissed as only Lee Harvey Oswald style nutters. Those like our schizoid friend here with 17 IP addresses (and as many identitities as his usefully empty brain can come up with) can’t be quite so easily explained away.

    At the moment on this site, visitors are confused as to whether MaxC, Liz O’Donnell, me or a hundred other contributors are who they say they are.

    There is one short term solution which doesn’t involve me pre-comment approving (see earlier post today) but will at a str0ke nip this outbreak in the bud. So I’ll be using that when I once again have 24/7 access to the site.

    Medium to longer term, let’s just say I’m talking to one or two people who this Invasion Fleet would have you believe are figments of my imagination.

    I am, by the way, truly reassured that after nearly 72 hours of limited access, there seems to me a predictable (and predicted) march towards Berlin playing the ‘ordinary German voters’ card to put Greece under yet more pressure.

    It’s too close to call at the moment. I will post about it as and when I have solid information of some interest to genuine Sloggers.


  34. all this troll stuff is really annoying me. i read this blog to enjoy johns splendid , entertaining informative writing. also the wisdom of the comments .i will not stop coming to this blog. trollers please realise this and kindly f*ck off!


  35. You bring new meaning to the word ‘prat’.
    I bequeath to you the most appropriate song for your ilk.
    go to Utube and search for ‘The Dickhead song’

    It fits you like a glove, nay a fitted glove.


  36. That of course was aimed at the Troll John. Is there any way of switching on the ‘edit post facility’?


  37. Roger Lurker

    You mean a collection of dickheads? Sure of course it could be. I don’t suppose for a moment that there is just one Troll like BT. Our very society spawns them like parasitic larvae.


  38. Cedric yours is the sensible answer. I confess it is hard not to respond to the idiots posting as trolls. I have to say that they’ve won really, because if I were in the same room I’d be provoked beyond the point of physical restraint……..

    Nah, I’m fibbing. Those dickheads couldn’t find their own ass with two hands and a torch. If I were in the same room as them I’d be laughing so hard at their feeble attempts to muzzle you that I’d need a corset to restrain myself from injury.


  39. Solution: get rid of the comment section.

    TomDispatch, Michael Hudson and others have no comments.

    Coming to the conclusion that comments on something other than a large public chat site are a waste of time.


  40. KevinR
    What is a left hand wing? Your language construct suggests that your post is a translation at the very least, at best it is poor English from a native of these islands.

    Anyway you raise some interesting points about the freedom of speech.
    Yes it would be wrong to simply delete all opposing views BUT this is a privately owned blog and therefore does not come under the banner of free speech merely because it is privately owned.

    This means that the owner has the right to moderate, delete, remove or ban posters who are an impediment to the points they wish to raise.

    The purpose of JWs blog [I suspect] is to look at events and maybe give them a different spin/ remove the spin that we get from MSM. At the very least it causes us to think -and sometimes disagree with JWs conclusions.

    However, readin the blog and posting on the blog are not mandatory and are always at the discretion of the owner.

    Therefore JW I would urge you to arbitrarily remove posts which do not contribute positively to the thread they appear on -when you get chance to do so.

    for everyone else who enjoys to read an alternative view of things, maybe we should as Cedric says, ignore the provocation.


  41. Yes, I agree with this, I enjoy reading the comments, but not more than the articles that JW writes. It is so good to know that there is someone out there with some critical faculty left about what’s going on in UK & EU. If the comments disappeared tomorrow it wouldn’t stop us reading JW’s blog, as the information it contains is so valuable.
    Someone doesn’t want people of independent minds coming together in this way & contributing to the fund of knowledge, so inevitably you get this sort of disruption. The question is Qui Bono?


  42. John
    Just something I have realised over the past few weeks: I log on to you every day – just like many of your sloggers. In Windows 7 when you open a new tab, it automatically lists the sites you visit frequently. Yours used to be on there. Now it isn’t and instead there is a list of sites that I have probably only visited once. Strange. Now I have to memorise your address and type it in as it isn’t even listed on the drop down area – even if I had logged on the previous day. I know you have had your problems and ranted about Microsoft in the past, so maybe they are getting their own back.

    Living so near to the GCHQ site at Cleeve, North Cornwall I wouldn’t put anything past the capability of these Spooks.

    Just shows you must be getting too near the Truth for them.

    Good luck.


  43. Sounds like a good idea. You know it just occurred to me that this may be a function of something current or ‘in the air’ in some sense which is hard to fathom distinctly, not only because so many Sloggers are mentioning these things about other blogs, but here in the states I’ve also seen a number of very prominent bloggers go to a non-comment mode quite recently — in their case they are generally very high ranking fellows who attract thousands of comments and not only can’t possibly read them all, they also get a fair number– in the low single digits of a percent of total–who are either: a) real cranks with an agenda not worth either responding to or most in fact, being associated with in anyway, or b) professional political hacks who have rather well developed professional journalistic skills and all day long to put them on parade.

    Guess I’m wondering if ’tis the season or something.


  44. I have read with ‘some’ interest the recent threads, and I agree that it does actually raise issues of identity such as have been dealt with by RD Laing. But I always used to feel Bankrupt Taxpayer had something interesting to say, until maybe early this year or late 2011 there was a post that characterised the Slog as a domain of the elderly, and hence not relevant.
    Remember also the “Spanish Appeal” last year to John’s Contacts List?
    These aren’t the acts of people like the Dirty Digger because they have more important things to attend to. They very probably do come from someone with a smaller mind who would like us all to stop reading about Hunt Balls and who has employed the services of a spoiler who has overtaken Bankrupt Taxpayer’s logon.
    Zerohedge suggests we hide our identities; other commentators say that we would be better using our real names. I wonder what other commentators to the Slog think?


  45. JW – just set up a “subscriber blog service” where only real email addresses can be used. Our Troll or Trolls may get bored reinventing themselves every nanosecond when they realise how quickly they can have a blog-job done on them and be switched off.

    The latest Troll’s translation into German of your latest post merely shows that it has learnt how to cut and paste and drop into Babelfish…he has probably never read Hitchiker’s Guide etc but I have a fear that he may have read the cover of a Tom Holt book once (hence a lot of Schitt flying around).

    Anyway, welcome back JW and remember: nil carborundum illegitimi.



  46. Great idea – but let the Sloggers create their own forum to communicate with each other as we choose. Trolls will be bored of slagging us off if that’s all they can do.

    Message to all Trolls: come and meet us in


  47. They have not quite arrived to take me (and my multiple Troll-selves away), ha, ha.

    To repeat the above and below requests: ease take a random bee-walk and don’t come back…there are thousands of other blog sites which are far worse than this and which might even benefit from your “constructive” criticism.



  48. @aflatoxin
    If you are British, I urge you to desist forthwith. I should advise that under the Race Relations Act the Police have the power to prosecute perpetrators of such abuse as you have spouted and I can confirm that they also have the ability to track you down via the Internet access protocol records.

    On a personal note, please go away.


  49. Just an opinion and no insult intended but it ends with a morale. Sometimes your thoughts may not be precise, it is a perspective as are my own thoughts.

    The real contentious issue is this though 1 + 1 = X, it does not equal anything else but X okay “an abslute truth”. The thing is all those in power or othes are seeking to do at the moment is to convince the population by any means possible that 1 + 1 X “not an absolute truth”

    The morale is this …

    For me this unique X and all those in power are through all the multiple values of X they quote are suggesting it is no longer an absolute value.
    That is their lie, hey 1 + 1 could equal 3 but by that measure it cannot equal 4 else 1 + 1 = 3 = 4 so 3 = 4 and up = down, cut = spend and all other suggestions. Hence man did not go to the moon, he came from the moon and left all that lovely cheese behind. SOUND FAMILIAR FOR WHAT WE ARE BEING TOLD ALL THE TIME? I think so.

    It is your recognition of the contradictions being uttered that is resulting in you being trolled. As for the trollster, look for somebody who would benefit and they may only be low level. To be a junior politician you got to troll for the big boys else you will never progress kind of thing. The current politicians were the trolls a decade ago and look where they are now soon.

    Carry on Mr Ward and good luck to you let the contradictions keep flowing it is only serves to awaken the minds of other who do not see this YET!


  50. I disagree, not everyone can be articulate with Grammar and spelling in the English Langauge, indeed many very intellegent people, I know, can barely write letters that can be read! I include GP’s and public servants in high office – they have secretaries to do that for them.(!) Trolls will use devient means to try and disguise who they are, by using bad grammar and capslock. Boring posts can be ignored.


  51. I would still read John’s blog whether there was a response to threads or not. I would prefer this version for the following reasons:
    1. It has been mentioned on a few threads that many people can read and share/encourage others who are like minded but of different backgrounds.
    2. It must give John encouragement that ‘real’ people are interested in his work, and he can be encouraged by feed back which isn’t nasty and derogatory to himself or other Sloggers.
    3. John has created a healthy discussion forum- issues up for comment- input gives a good feel about the subject matter.
    That is only my opinion.

    Zerohedge suggests we hide our identities; other commentators say that we would be better using our real names. I wonder what other commentators to the Slog think?

    I think if the Trolls are in place to disrupt/intimidate/destroy this site then we should dissist the temptation to hand over control by being apathetic and submissive.
    If we are being coerced into giving our ‘real’ names then the troll has won. Perhaps those who want to know more about the readership can intimidate/stalk/torment users of this site. I have nothing to hide by not revealing my name, my reason for with holding it, is for my personal safety. John, I hope you can persuade your sloggers to not respond to the trolls and keep this version going. Don’t dispair! it is only words on a screen they type, nothing serious.

    NB: there is a couple who have paid trollers who seek out sites which mention their name so that they can bring liable actions against them..So many forums and sites have been threatened or closed. Yes, and they have lawyers who work behind the scenes- free of charge, even though they have “not committed any crime” Some would say that is ‘word play’ and what they mean is they have not been convicted of any crime. Hmmm… So, John you may be hitting a nerve or ten in the UK,EU, AND USA Governments.


  52. kfc
    just before I came to your post I thought this has got to stop, the best site I visit is being ruined. I would log in or go through any security measure to read John’s pearls of wisdom. I will follow the blog regardless of outside interference.


  53. A few internet cafes could well be the answer to multiple IP addresses. Not so common these days in the UK but still widespread elsewhere. And didn’t BT in his saner days tell us he was in Brazil ? Just a thought :)


  54. Totally agree. I just wish normal service would resume with John posting insightful articles and regular folk ignoring the sh*t comments.
    You mention Zero Hedge. Have you read the comments posted there? A lot of them are utter drivel, whether from genuine borderline crazy people or professional trollsters.

    Subsequently I still go there and scan the articles of interest to me but lately I’ve given the comment section a wide berth. It’s long since past the point of being useful and is, by and large, a seething cesspit of the worst forms of humanity — but you know what? The website still thrives. Why? Because the ZH team just gets on with doing what it does and ignores the constant troll attacks and petty games. The pro trolls know this and only continue so that ZH continues to be known as a subversive, “crackpot” site which should be avoided by “normal” regular (brainwashed) people.

    That’s what John needs to do — just get on with what he was doing and provide an alternative to MSM BS. Regular readers will learn to ignore or at least scan the comment section and after a while it won’t make a difference what sh*t the scum smear there. I’d be quite happy not to read the comments at all just as long as John resumes normal service.
    Is it a deal John?


  55. This comment was not by me :) Thus the simple minded troll shows his lack of intellect – to pretend to me me he would have to immitate my style of postin which is damn near impossible – as I can only ever do it once myself :) BT you really are a sad little boy. Throwing your toys out of the pram just because the blog owner does not conform to your jaded and incorrect views……….what a sorry little boy you are.

    Hi John – if this waster keeps posting (and it is not this IP address) feel free to delete as soon as you spot it. If you get one of mine by mistake – my ego is not so great that it’ll bother me one iota :)

    Welcome back.


  56. @Garry
    Agreed. That’s why I wound the troll up earlier today by linking him with the esteemed (Lambada Dancer par excellence) Jeremy *unt. So much so, he cloned me. (As he has done to many others)


  57. I never read the comments anyway, assuming most are from nutters with nothing else to do in their little attic rooms somewhere beyond the arctic circle. Just keep up your posts and ignore the chatter. Don’t let ego get the better of you.


  58. Miss B, very sensible post, re Zerohedge, you have to register to comment on there. They claim to do some kind of checks and registration is not automatic. I registered but it took so long for them to come back to me, like 4 weeks that I’d forgotten the details i’d originally set up so never bothered posting. I have not seen anything like the Slog’s troll on ZH and I read quite a few of the comments which are usually quite interesting.

    Hopefully JW is upsetting some tit at the top, keep it up mate.


  59. Unfortunaely, counterfeit IDs and plauisble comments are the stock-in-trade of these gargoyles…especially when employed by larger organisations. So the ‘John Ward’ drivelling on below isn’t me. In a minute, ome other jerk will come along and suggest this isn’t me either.
    There is no end to it until one pulls the nuclear lever. Which, as of 0900 today (Thursday) I have.


  60. John Your blog is too valuable to be allowed to sink under trolls.
    To try and ‘weed em out’ is probably not worth your valuable time and effort. You and we certainly don’t want a long war of attrition with them.
    As others have noted, trolls usually have a specific objective – not simply mischievous or time wasting but to destroy free speech and hard hitting criticism of the powers that be which you give.

    My suggestion is drop the comments section for a while – the trolls will drop off like rotting maggots. 99% of us may be content to read your blog without comment – at least for a while. You know you have an appreciative readership which looks at the Slog daily.
    Resume the comments section again when you feel right, and if necessary repeat process. The rest of us will understand and still read the blog with great interest and profit.


  61. Hand the IP addresses of the ones who spout violently anti-semitic rubbish to the Israeli Embassy and to Special Branch. Bizarrely many of this tyope of pster think they are sake from being tracked because they use masking IPs by going via TOR etc. A stupid misbelief.

    By handing in their IP address they run a real risk of being rejected for visas to the US etc or gaining employment where they need an enhanced CRB.


  62. @kfc Yes (and it’s me, the real aflatoxin this time).

    To all sloggers please ignore my abusive doppelganger. Dont even bother to reply to them.

    I can assure you all that any posts I do make (which will be few as I follow this site mainly to become informed) will not be abusive. Though they might well contain a mite of jest!


  63. It seems to me that since we know who is and who is not a troll for the most part that simply ignoring these people is the best course of action.

    It is no use to a troll to be ignored. He gets no fun out of that.


  64. Pingback: Potpourri of wastage, blighting and suppressed free speech | Orphans of Liberty

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    that I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me.
    I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!


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