200 thoughts on “In Cognito, nobody can hear you snore.

  1. Have a safe journey John. I missed a few days on the site and had a catch up. Wow , what I missed! Anyway, come back to your Blog and let rip! ASAP.

  2. To whoever it may concern
    Why do you do this stuff? It’s sort of unlikely that John will close down his blog in despair. There appear to be lots of folk irritated by what you’re doing. And you can’t actually do anything, other than post. So what’s is, in your humble opinion, the endgame here? John says sorry? I suspect you know that isn’t going to happen. So why not STFU?

  3. Now, BT is clever. Most of us agree on that. Back in better times his response was very highly valued.
    While the Slog is away, he has the ability I’m sure, to take over and actually become The Slog. On the other hand, perhaps he is already the Slog and vice versa?

  4. I missed a lot of days on the site. And it will take even more for me to catch up. No internet at home till beginning of Sept, and a helluva busy time at the office. I have been reading many of the articles (and comments) – but no time of commenting myself.
    My thoughts and feelings, in a few words:
    This is The Slog’s Speaker’s Corner – that’s how i think of it. JW’s blog, his virtual speaker’s corner. I find the content (comments included) highly informative at times, amusing at others, and always interesting to read,
    Arguing with the speaker – yes. But throwing stones at him? Trying to silence the speaker – bring him down? Trying to destroy the tribune with endless clutter?
    Childish, stupid, mean, rage…i’m not sure of the motives behind all that.
    But it looks like some people are in desperate need of a blogjob…
    Greets to all sensible fellows and have a nice trip JW.

  5. To BT,

    GOLDEN RULE: A Blog will not solve your problems. Life would still be sh*t if God were the blogger.

    Taking your frustrations out on JW will not make life easier, only Death will do that.

    MY SUGGESTION: Enjoy The Slog for what it is. A well written Blog with excellent personal research that can’t change a thing. Enjoy JW’s effort and drink yourself to Death.

    PERSONAL NOTE: The Slog has a S&P AAA rating from GarryTheSnorkelParka.

  6. John de Melle

    Indeed! They do claim that the plastic was getting old, and eleven years in the cold winters of FFM age plastic …

    … a return to the DM would put Germany in the driving seat. They can handle details like a hike in their currency (no doubt having learned a few tricks from the EU?).

  7. Note to JW
    [off topic]
    you could allow BT one email address and one IP address. That way he would be able to post. You would have to first check his email credentials though. Had you checked my email address and my IP address you would have noticed that one came from NL and one from the UK. Since you know where I live, it would take very little nous to work out which was my troll – not that that took much nous either (!)

  8. JW, applogies, that should have mentioned the fraudulent use of my email address in December last year. It was claimed that it was not possible to determine which was genuine and which not (an excuse I found baffling myself). Gemma.

  9. On the one side it’s good that JW is roaming for a couple of days – now I can get some jobs done in the house & garden before the snow arrives! Meanwhile, I found these gems a few minutes ago:

    “In any agenda, political or otherwise, there is a cost to be borne. Always ask what it is, and who will be paying.

    If you don’t, then the agenda-makers will pick up the perfume of your silence like swamp panthers on the scent of blood, and the next thing you know, the person expected to bear the cost will be you. And you may not have what it takes to pay.”

    “Preferaby an uncertain freedom than a safe dictatorship!”

    “A nation that can be conned into drinking alcohol-free beer is also likely to vote for a competence-free government.”

  10. That would depend on intent, if total carnage is the intention then not a lot can be done, if someone is using the TOR network then it would be quite hard to determine who’s who as the exit nodes of the network are constantly changing i.e IP addresses, this is what makes the TOR network so useful if hiding your identity or location is required as in file sharing etc, although the people running the servers do tend to get slighlty pissed when people use it for this kind of traffic

  11. @filthy mcnasty. Wow, I had no idea his sort of thing went on. I was vaguely aware of GCHQ monitoring but didn’t realise governments / big businesses hired people to discredit blogs by trolling. The tip given in your link is a good one.
    If people haven’t followed the link, it’s well worth a read. If not, the tip is to identify the disinformation technique the troll is using and point it out in a reply (I.e. we know your little game). It’s probably a more positive step than responding in the way one would really like to.

  12. It would be wrong for Gemma to have the last word here. As one who has been informed and entertained by this Blog for at least the last two years but have never commented before it seem’s on occasions she has almost commandeered the comments section. In my view Abraham Lincoln got it in one. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. Mr Ward keep up the good work, your erudition is an example to other Bloggers, and your mistakes from time to time are easily forgiven as human error in your quest to inform.
    Best wishes and I look forward to reading @The Slog for a long, enjoyable time

  13. “Meanwhile, I found these gems a few minutes ago”

    ‘Cos the problem I have now is that I’ll never be able to regard coach drivers as mere equals in the future, they clearly have a lot more up top than I do. Cheers V J.

  14. Ditto hmmmmmmm. My aged Mother mentioned to me the other day, whilst I was sat with her trying to fathom out some of the more bizarre clues in the Sunday Times cryptic crossword (she is a retired GP by the way), that she had identified, many years ago, evidence of people who genuinely had multiple-personality symptoms (I shall not be presumptive enough to label it as a “disorder”). Well, get this, as a venerable Slogger herself, I showed her some of the latest (being polite) “goings on” here and, do you know what? Mater drew the same conclusion as the rest of us Sloggers! Oh, wicked Octagenarian that she is. BT and all of the various personae he has is (sorry, are) more than welcome to drop round to Mater’s whereupon she has promised to help with providing MPSD (Multiple Personality Symptom Deconstruction).

  15. Brilliant – you have just invented a new word: “blog-job” – brilliant…I shall notify GOD (Greater Oxford Dictionary).

  16. Garry

    since JW claims to be a gentleman, he could come to a gentleman’s agreement with BT? I do not know BT’s intent in his use of the TOR network, and that is a question you must put to him yourself, not to me.

  17. Super Sid

    why indeed. There is the small issue of freedom of speech, something I am sure that JW applauds. However, freedom of speech is something that needs active participation. Democracies become moribund after too much sloth, and the Slog is one small attempt to deal with that.

    That BT is not wanted around here – as many around here have said that of me – does not mean that what he has to say is incorrect. That he couches it in ultra-right-wing terms does not help his case though. Look past the “you are a socialist” rhetoric and there is usually something of worth.

  18. Somewhere over the rainbow: If that quote from Abe Lincoln was to illustrate that you believe Gemma is a fool, then sir I have to tackle you there. I agree that her constant airing of her troll spat with JW is irksome, and her near naked contempt of all things Albion smacks of bitterness, but a fool she is not. I disagree with her comments regularly but it can never be said that they aren’t well constructed and informed.

  19. VJ: “A nation that can be conned into drinking alcohol-free beer is also likely to vote for a competence-free government.”

    Brilliant! From who’s razor sharp wit cam that particular quote?

  20. Freedom of speech is inextricably linked to the freedom to ignore, particularly if the content is repetitive in its dullness…..

    Freedom of speech is inextricably linked to the freedom to ignore, particularly if the content is repetitive in its dullness…..

    Freedom of speech is inextricably linked to the freedom to ignore, particularly if the content is repetitive in its dullness…..

  21. I too have been travelling for a few days and still hav to catch up on all this cufuffle. I do remember John’s contacts list being used last year by someone, perhaps ‘redtopped’. I also remember various similar attempts on the AEP postings at the Maily Telegraph with “Chelyabinsk” getting subverted by several levels of trolling.
    I guess there are all sorts of people out there, with lots of different agendas, many of which I would disagree with, but I really appreciate JW’s take on reality, so another ‘boa viagem’ and ‘até jà’.

  22. @We_are_doomed

    Both you and your splendid mother are truly enlightened people. I, regrettably, do not qualify for that august assembly and would prefer the deft application of a length of lead piping about the more tender of his extremities … I am a failure as a human being.

  23. @Gemma (replying to Super Sid)

    Yes, but the problem for JW is that BT admits to posting via TOR which if I understand correctly makes it difficult to be sure that he is BT (no constant IP address) rather than someone who has hacked into his account, or another troll. BT’s valedictory speech (see in previous Brass Necks thread) may have started out fairly rational but before long degenerated, finishing with a venomous flourish against “greek goats’ and the like. He just cannot hold it together. If it *is* BT it’s sad. And as others have said, he should start his own blog.

  24. Caractus: That be old school multiple personality disorder treatment eh? Not available on the NHS anymore :-)

    Although methinks it would be effective nonetheless.

  25. @caratacus
    I am old enough to remember the correct functionality of lead piping and even though in my day it was intended to convey “clean, fresh water to our ancient pile” I do genuinely believe that your proposed use of said pipe is far more appropriate and relevant in the year of our Lord DOB (Deconstruction of B etc).

    Trust me, you have not failed in any respect. Those of us who read and contribute to JW’s observations (in my view sometimes brave masterpieces of acute insight and intelligent dissemination) and who truly appreciate the magnitude of the extent to which most of us have been effed over by a bunch of greedy, disingenuous CSFs (apologies, male-chicken self-imbibing effwits – the most popular abbreviation at my place of work) will agree with you.

    I hate to say this, but I call myself We_are_doomed for ALL of the various things which JW espouses: and I am not a sycophant. I have a first class honours degree in Physics, am well read (please will any disbelievers run home and read “Road To Wigan Pier”, “1984” and “Animal Farm” by George Orwell as just 3 examples from ONE author from yonks ago who predicted and correctly assessed the same bollocks then as we have now?), economically and politically aware and equally effed off that those of my peers and their offspring who were none of these things and never will be have run this country and potentially the world into an early grave as a direct result of their own greed and bollocks-perpetuation policies and manipulation which are all of the things which JW is trying to deconstruct: can’t we do something positive about this, as Sloggers, before it is too late? I hope so.

    Ioannis: I feel for you…any ideas?

  26. Gemz, he had freedom of speech but decided to abuse it and has been culled as per the rules of the guy who runs the blog. Tough.

  27. Aflatoxin

    given that BT has said that he uses TOR and the like, perhaps the two of them could get together and sort this out? Surely BT could use his own internet address if only for posting on this site? There must be some sensible solution to this other than outright banning (which in the circumstances is unlikely to be effective in any case).

    @Monk – what on earth are you trying to prove? That you have a memory disorder?

  28. Super Sid (sorry our posts crossed in the ether).

    The problem here seems to be of impersonation, not of BT alone. Since I do not have access to the statistics of this site, I could not tell you what is going on. Were it possible, I probably could unravel a few of his BT impersonators for him.

    Much of my own posting is countering Trolls. They are allowed in what I see as a clear contradiction of JW’s rules.

    @Super F (above) thankyou. I appreciate what you say. I post not that people should agree with me, but that they might find something useful to respond to. With that I am also the wiser. Not all Europeans think like the British after all.

  29. @ we are doomed (@caratacus)

    Hate to tell you this but our dear PM also hath a first (in PPE no less)…..which goes to show it’s no indication of ability in anything

  30. @Jon
    SNAFU, STFU it is all the same my friend.

    I agree with you: JW – stop sneaking off on breaks and carry on with your, politically incorrect word, I know, “crusade” of trying to educate some of at least, if not the “masses”, of the totally testicular place that we find ourselves in. Without the likes of your good self, we would all, truly, be scrotumised.

  31. @Gemma “perhaps the two of them could get together and sort this out?”

    JW said at some point that he had privately emailed BT to ask him if he was ‘alright’. BT claims he did not receive those emails. (Of course if BT was using TOR those emails may not have reached him, I am not au fait with such things).

    Personally I think that was very kind of JW. What more can you do?

  32. @aflatoxin

    Let me say that I have never claimed any ability in anything, let alone be paid for any such claim. My academic record speaks for itself and I should like to think that my intellect and ability to engage in any discourse is not in any way limited to the technical nature of my studies.

    I digress.

    I know that education has been dumbed down over the years since I graduated, but to compare a degree (of any “flavour”) in PPE to one in PHYSICS borders on the insane! To explain, obtaining a top degree in Physics involves accruing a fundamental understanding about how to analyse, through experiment, the world around oneself and then to create a model which can accurately predict and reproduce measurable and repeatable experimental data, whereas a degree in PPE reflects merely the very bollocks which JW is at this point trying to deconstruct! Why? Because the very bollocks which is PPE is by its very nature incapable of rigorous analysis through experimentation and is therefore by definition bollocks.

    Sorry, that was almost a rant: to conclude: bollocks is what bollocks is…the remainder is either the truth or theoretical Physics (which in itself, with a hint of irony I have to admit, will ultimately prove to be the truth).

    (With apologies to Prof Higgs and all of my postgraduate colleagues.)

    Remember – E (will always) = mc (squared) regardless of what any PPE graduate (classified or not) thinks!

    Anyway, I have to conclude that you yourself are somewhat of a scientific nature, having chosen the ID which you have, presumably very carefully, and I should be delighted to receive from you a logical explanation for that choice (“Aflatoxins are toxic and among the most carcinogenic substances known” – blimey the power of Google and at which point I should remind everyone that the “Internet” was invented by a bunch of “us Physicists” (NOT PPE graduates) at CERN some years ago)…whilst I am not naive enough to detect perhaps the most subtle of ironies here, I think, perhaps, that you owe it to your fellow Sloggers to give a raison d’être!

    I, at least, explained why I am “We_are_doomed”!

  33. @Garry:
    It is indeed impossible to trace a TOR user due to random exit node IP addresses and also that TOR nodes do not keep logs.

    Of course, this raises the huge question of why none of the shoot-first-ask-questions-later gang have bothered to ask Ward how it is that he finds it so easy to keep track of all my alleged sockpuppets and post a running commentary of them. Truth is he hasn’t got a clue and is lying.

    I use TOR in Brazil simply because it’s 100% portable.

  34. @filthy
    Thanks FMN. – that opened my eyes too! My uncle Pete used to work at GCHQ and he NEVER told me about this! Mind you, he retired long before the internet was invented.


  35. @aflatoxin:
    You are being very disingenuous and making insinuations…
    1. I know Ward claims he sent me several e-mails and I have asked him (as has another commenter) to post copies of them with FULL HEADERS for inspection. He has ignored these requests. Why do you think that is?
    2. I can assure you that TOR has nothing/zero to do with me not receiving e-mails alleged to have been sent by Ward…two different systems altogether.
    3. I did not “admit to using TOR” as you claim. I “informed” Ward that I use TOR for the reason explained to Gemma above (portability). Sadly, Ward chose to ignore that and continues to expose himself as a liar by posting a count of alleged sockpuppets I’ve used through one IP address.
    4. My reference to the goat was fair…..take one look at the vile abuse he flooded several threads with.

  36. @MaxC, Alfatoxin, Bill Casso
    As I mentioned we have Sodazed to thank for that link.
    He says he’s seen the comments section of the Slog deteriorate rapidly in a very short space of time – due to the reasons in the article.
    Interesting you pick number 6, Bill.

  37. Now I am a Chaucerian thikke knarre whose few qualifications from a splendid grammar school include a yellow stripe for swimming a width. But I do remember a simple homily on the three main sciences which ran along the following lines:

    You walk into a laboratory and observe that an experiment is under way.
    How do you identify which class it is?
    If it’s green and won’t keep still, it’s biology.
    If it smokes and stinks like a truly awesome fart, it’s chemistry.
    If it doesn’t bloody work, it’s physics.

    Unhappily, the physics teacher was a spiteful sod who used a length of rubber hose like a bosun’s starter on the less mentally agile amongst us. Upon such simple things are one’s paths through life determined!

  38. @BT Thank you. You have exposed yourself to be more interested in your own paranoid ego than in any intended objectivity or sympathy I have tried to give your case. One can hardly blame JW for giving you shorter shrift than I. QED

  39. Sir,
    As you will see above, I have been able to unveil my vast knowledge again, this time, again, about a subject that I know NOTHING MUCH about.
    I apologise to all Sloggers for dominating today’s Blog with too much more nonsense and hope you will excuse me on this FINAL OCCASION .
    I must run now because I have an early start. I am taking my lorry to Duseldorf, and he likes to be warmed up before we set off, so I will start him up and let him run while I cook my sausages for breakfast. I have an important lecture to give at the Institute of Finance on my specialist subject:
    Everything that you always did not ever need to know under the heading GENERAL IRRELEVANT MADE UP NONSENSICAL RUBBISH

    Gemz babes x
    ps ….super F*ckker are you married good sir, i likes your style and your muscles photi ;-)

  40. @ we are doomed….

    You must excuse my feeble attempt to inject a little levity into the day’s discourse… You have dealt with it magnanimously.

    Nope sorry I shall remain a tad coy. Toxic by name toxic by nature….

    At least no-one yet has felt it necessary to call themselves ‘God Particle’.

  41. Sir,
    My lorry won’t start today. He just coughs, but no whirring sound.
    Can anyone help please?
    I am now running late for my hairdressers appointment as I want to be blonde when I do my nonsense lecturing in Duseldorf later this afternoon.
    I love to be blonde on my travels, maybe some german hunk will chat me up and take me out for a romantic Spud-U-Like treat.
    Gemz babes (blonde today) x

  42. Sir,
    He started whirring now, so I can set off for the autobahn.
    I must just go and fetch my blonde eyebrow tint from the bathroom and put it in my handbag……why do men always check my eyebrow colour..??
    Any answers on a postcard please ;-)
    Gemz babes (blonde today) x
    ps..are you married good sirs..?

  43. I believe that some of the most miserable people i know are those who are obsessed with themselves . The ones that complain and go into extreme arguments and fights because they think is only about them .To those i have to say , please relax a bit , take seriously that which it should be taken seriously but the same time have some laughter even with yourselves , bring in a touch of humour and some good for every body , dont cook big storms that affect other people .Dont make a great fuss of matters of small consequence.Dont let grudges become serious maladies and absorb all your time and attention .Is not all about you .Look around you , the happiest people by large are those who lose themselves at the service of others .The ones that make others feel better, taller, clearer, smarter, wiser, more aware .Thank you JW .Please carry on .

  44. Wotchowt Germenneyt – dat man is cumming yer wey. He got hig h heeeeles (likes lots fo lettters tugevver). Dt troll got webbbbbed feeeet toooo.

  45. I just posted this under Brass Neck story in error ! Not awake yet ! Better here !

    Probably nothing and quite possibly O/T but if JW or any other Sloggers are planning to travel by air in the next few days (or weeks)…..Katla, the Icelandic Volcano that is about 10x the size of Eyjafjallajökull (remember the ash cloud?) had a magnitude 3 earthquake this morning (Tues) at 6.20GMT at a very shallow depth of 1.1km. There was another similar Mag 3 over last weekend. It regularly has 2-2.5s but 3’s are very unusual. Hopefully no need to panic, but here’s the link to the Icelandic ‘Met Office’ if Sloggers want to keep an eye on it ….

    Icelanders believe that an Evil Troll lives in Katla…..I could go on, but have decided to stay well out of this one !! Good luck to JW and all travellers !!

  46. Agree… thats the thing about ego though…. and about standing and being correct over everyone else… it gets you nowhere

  47. @ We a D
    Well, we’ve got the word…
    Can we please now have the official dictionary definition?
    I look forward to your reply with interest – as they say!

  48. GrahamD reports “Icelanders believe that an Evil Troll lives in Katla”.
    The evidence from this blog proves that there is a race of Neandertrolls

  49. Repost

    What I suppose American and Aussie Sloggers would call brass balls, over here we call brass neck – or, more informally, “A f**king nerve”. Tonight’s episode of How they’re screwing us over And they don’t Care if we know It takes a selection of news that arrived here in Slogger’s Roost during the day – via email, phone, the MSM, websites, one fairly eminent blogger, and three Sloggers.

    First up I think has to be the piece in today’s Daily Telegraph, recording the fact that apparently, Sir Nigel Rudd, a former director of Barclays, has accused the Treasury Select Committee (TSC) of attacking the integrity of Bob Diamond, the bank’s former chief executive. Well now, you see the thing with Robert E. Diamond’s integrity is that it is damned difficult to attack, on the grounds that it is sub-atomic in size, and thus invisible to everything bigger than a God particle.

    Diamond Bob is a man of whom it has been said many times, and very frequently indeed by the judiciary and umpteen committees on both sides of the Pond. During the Lehman takeover post mortem, a senior New York Judge referred to him as “an evasive, untrustworthy man who needs a tight leash at all times”. In a similar vein, a 121-page report into the scandal that saw Barclays fined a record £290m earlier this year said Mr Diamond’s evidence to Parliament “lacked candour” and was “unforthcoming”. MPs also decided the former Barclays boss had been “highly selective” with his evidence and described his version of events as “inconceivable”.

    So we can see that Bob is a widely misunderstood man. In front of the TSC, for example, Robert the Spruce asked us all to believe that he had given an instruction to his Number Two, and this apparatchik had misunderstood him misspeakingly saying, “Drop down the Libor rate more than we’re doing already”. Bob says he told his chum “Go down on the Limorator” or something, and you know what? For three whole years afterwards – seeing each other 300+ days a year – they never discussed it again. Incredible.

    Anyway, Sir Nigel says the committee “did not provide sufficient evidence to support its suggestion that Diamond misled parliament in his testimony about the Libor scandal”. From my vantage point, I have to say that Wee Bobby provided sufficient evidence of blatant wriggliness to warrant having his collar felt by the London Serious Fraud Office two minutes after he left the safety of Parliament, but what do I know? Only that, I suspect, ‘Sir’ Nigel Rudd is a man with whom close contact might require the enumeration of hand digits afterwards.

    This next one comes from a Slogger, and isn’t the first time this exact episode has been relayed to me. His testimony runs like this: (my italics)

    ‘The other day I had a statement from a UK bank which seemed long overdue. Actually , it documented the closing of the account, dormant for some years and the transfer of a few hundred pounds to another branch of the same bank. The envelope was overstamped in large letters, and I quote: “Do not surcharge: correct postage raised by revenue protection: treat as first class”‘.

    What this means is that the HMRC (those fine men who make the IRS look like the Salvation Army) had opened the letter just to check that this man wasn’t stealing anything from them. As in, stealing something that was never theirs in the first place, but which can be demanded from said individual in order to correct mistakes as committed by the likes of much-misunderstood investment bankers such as Diamond Bob, and cerebrally challenged politicians who sprayed these idiots wiht our money….and then wondered why they’d run out of the stuff. As a result of this, they now need to collect more off us than before, and give us less – in some cases 100% less – in the way of services supplied. By them. To us. For whom they work. So they say.

    But what about ‘revenue protection‘ eh – doncha love it? “These 464 cameras are here purely for your protection”. On and on the stream of bollocks runs, spewing from an over-active, infinite eruption of mendacious incompetence.

    This year, of course, the Olympic Torch of bollocks has gone back to its homeland (newly claimed by Recep Erdogan of Turkey), the Hellenic Republic of Greece. Der Spiegel reported yesterday that the Greeks will need to cut an additional €2.5 billion in spending over the next two years to meet demands made by the dreaded Troika, the trio of Brass Bollocks who earlier this year forced Athens to sign up to a deal that (as predicted here) could only make the country’s sovereign debt deeper.

    Citing an interim report by the troika of European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund, Der Spiegel said Greece would need €14 billion over the next two years to get its deficit below 3% by the end of 2014, up from a previously expected 11.5 billion. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras will meet the leaders of both France and Germany this coming weel, rounding off his whistle-stop tour by enjoying a cosy session with Angela Merkel in Berlin on Friday.

    I suppose he could always casually remind both her and Francois Hollande that, had it not been for a €150bn arms order for Franco-German arms (that she and Hollande’s sleazy predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy refused to cancel) Greece would still be solvent. But then that would be ill-mannered, would it not?

    But one thing even the EU’s Brussels Necks will find hard to wriggle out of is this: there is a clause in Greece’s €130bn bailout deal that says the deficit adjustment period could be extended if its recession is deeper than expected. Given that the recession is a good 30% deeper than the IMF’s forecast, Samaras reall has nothing to negotiate about: he has the brass necks by the balls. But like almost everyone in the Greek elite, the Prime Minister would rather do anything than stem the flow of gravy heading south from Berlin.

    It promises to be a lively week.

  50. Given the lack of news views and muse, I’ve taken to looking at the slogs site traffic meter.

    It is as dull as it sounds but not quite as dull as you think.

  51. I’m going to have limited access to funds for a few months.
    I would appreciate it if members could deposit some as a ‘loan’ and I will repay you all before Christmas .Please, no dodgy QE funny munny –
    John Ward
    Lloyds sort code 30 92 30
    Account number 00035862

    Please confirm what you have donated to me using the above email at the top, I will acknowledge your mail and thanks for helping me out of this tight spot – more when I return on Weds / Thurs
    Thank you

  52. Specifically @ nobody in particular

    I’ve read them so many times, I’ve almost got an ology in them!

    Auntie will be pleased…

  53. @ Jack Schitt.
    Good grief. I wonder if they’ve got his real bank details.
    Are they the real McCoy, Jack?

  54. My computer is acting REALLY strange all of a sudden it is super, super slow… and I am having trouble staying online, posting, I am afraid to open my email, eBay, do banking, etc. so… something is up. I think BT has hijacked it. I talked to a friend who is my computer guru and he invited me over for coffee and a look at my machine. I will be leaving it with him so I may not be posting for a couple of days. Thanks for suggesting the drive wipe… it’s what my friend said on the phone too. Anyway, if whoever did this thinks it’s going to slow me down, or shut me up they are very mistaken… I hope folks understand those posts aren’t mine, I hope this is not going to happen each time!! my

  55. Ioannis:-
    Why don’t you SHUT UP POSTING RUBBISH and throw it away. Get back to swatting flies and watching television.

  56. Best way to address this is by going in to the command prompt and typing del *.*. And when it says Really type Y

  57. @atafloxin
    Well said my toxic friend and I agree with you: the Slog is not quite ready for the emergence of either an anthropomorphised intermediate vector boson or a Higgs meson!

    PS I truly enjoyed your levity injection – it emboldened me to say what I said (with slightly less levity I sadly confess).

    Keep slogging Slogger: I seriously do enjoy reading your posts and, like the complete God Particle himself, I do not play dice…

  58. @snorkel
    Definitely agreed. Shall we set up a new alternative: S&P’S WAD Store?

    We could sell wads and wads of junk bonds and pass it off as real money!

    What sayest thou?

    Your Partner-in (crime)-awaiting

  59. @aflatoxin
    Brilliant deduction and so correct: a veritable “Eureka!” moment!
    “…clack, clack, clack across the rickety bridge he went…”

  60. Well it was only a matter of time I suppose.

    To all sloggers, you can see what’s happened.

    I dont normally post that often and wont be posting until JW’s next instalment, so if any further are received supposedly from me, they aren’t.

    Incidentally, to post on this thread yesterday I had to re-register. I wondered if it was JW’s ploy or something less ‘orthodox’. It would seem to be the latter.

  61. This place needs a tidy up, I will do that later overnight so don’t be surprised if a few of your posts are zapped .


  62. Bloody shame, Of course it might also be the GREAT TROLL Microsoft who’s updates (when you least expect them) are by no means always an improvement…….

    Anyway..good luck and we’ll look forward to having you back online soon

  63. This place is looking like a dump – I will clean it up overnight so don’t be to surprised if some of your posts have gone AWOL

  64. BT, you know somthing, being in the top 10% of UK wealth is really no big deal. All you need is c£170K, that’s all, surely you can beat that?
    Even being in the top 1% isn’t a massive success story, and it gets easier as the poor immigrants pile in too!!

  65. Mike, please dont call me BT, you know much I hate that basatrd. And I know for a fact he eats babies ..I sent him at least three emails telling him to stop.

  66. @Real John Ward (NOT)
    I have it on good authority (and you know I have many contacts in High Places) that you do in fact eat babies but only the boys – is it some fetish thing with boys, why leave the girlies out – do tell .

  67. Calm down everyone,and particularly the new trolls,who seem totally ignorant of Gary,the architect of the destruction of the UK,his friend MarK,the financial genius at the Old Lady,and Pavlov,the third member of the Havana 3.We are days away from an impasse on September12,and a financial panic.The master of this site will,as always,be on the case.

  68. @william

    I am the master of this site and don’t you forget it .I sit here for hours on end researching the data, a chin-wag with those important fluffies and all for nothing – do you think I am made of money ?

  69. Now I am a Thikke in Chaucer gun that some Qualifikationen from a wonderful high school largo contain a yellow Strip for swimming. But remember a simple sermon on three major Sciences, which ran along the following lines:

    Go to a lab and keep in mind that it is an experiment in progress.
    How to identify which class?
    If it is green and is not biology.
    If you smoke and smells like a fart is really awesome chemistry.
    If bloody doesn’t work is physics.

    Unfortunately, less mentally agile, starter, who was the physics of a spiteful sod, a length of flexible rubber as a Boatswain. The paths through life are certain about these simple things!”

  70. Here’s my previous article in Korean for my readers over there:

    미국 및 호주 Sloggers 무엇을 가정 황동 공 이라고, 여기에 우리는 황동 목-전화 또는 비공식적으로 더 “는 f ** 신경 킹”. 오 늘의 에피소드는 방법 그들은 우리을 통해 섹스 야 하 고 만약 우리가 여기에서 도착 Slogger의 휴식처-하루 동안 이메일, 전화, MSM, 웹사이트, 한 매우 저명한 블로거 및 3 Sloggers을 통해 뉴스의 선택 걸립니다 알고 상관 없어.

    먼 저 내가 생각 오늘날의 데일리 텔 레 그래프는 분명히, 선생님 나이젤 러드, 바 클레이의 전 감독 비난 했다 밥 다이아몬드, 은행의 전 최고 경영자의 무결성을 공격할 재무부 특별 위원회 (TSC) 사실 기록에 조각 될 수 있다. 글쎄 지금은, 로버트 E. 다이아몬드의 무결성을 가진 것은 그것이 저주 공격, 경내에 크기, 하위-원자 어려운 고 따라서 신 입자 보다 더 큰 모든 것을 보이지 않는 볼 있습니다.

    다이아몬드 밥입니다 누구 그것을 하 고 여러 번의 고 참으로 자주 매우 사법부와 연못의 양쪽에서 umpteen 위원회. 리 먼 인수 하는 동안 게시물 부검 수석 뉴욕 판사 라고 그 “는 회피, 믿을 수 없는 사람은 타이트 한 가죽 끈 모든 시간 필요” 합니다. 비슷한 맥락에서 바 클레이 레코드 £290 m 올해 벌금을 보았다 스캔들에 121-페이지 보고서는 의회 미스터 다이아몬드의 증거 “부족 공평 무사”와 “출간”는 말했다. Mps는 또한 전 바 클레이 스 상사 “매우 선택적” 왔다 결정 했다 그의 증거와 함께 “되 냐”로 이벤트의 그의 버전을 설명 하 고.

    그래서 우리 밥 널리 오해 사람 볼 수 있습니다. TSC, 예를 들어, 로버트는 가문비나무 우리 모두 그가 그의 수 두에 지시를 부여 했다이 apparatchik misspeakingly 말 그를 오해 했다 믿고 요청 앞에서 “드롭 다운에서 Libor 평가 우리 이미 하 고 있어 보다 더 많은”. 밥 말한다 말했다 그의 “가 아래에 있는 Limorator” 또는 뭔가 미끼 그리고 당신이 뭘 알아? 3 년 동안 전체 나중-서로 1 년-300 + 일을 보고 그들은 결코 그것을 논의 다시. 놀라운.

    어쨌든, 선생님 나이젤 위원회 “제공 하지 않은 다이아몬드 Libor 스캔들에 대 한 그의 증언에서 의회를 그릇 인도 제안을 지원 하기 위해 충분 한 증거”를 말한다. 내 유리한 지점에서 말 꼬마 바비 런던 심각한 사기 사무실 2 분 후 그는 왼쪽의 회의 안전 하지만 내가 무엇을 알고 생각 하는 그의 칼라 데 영장 뻔 뻔 스러운 wriggliness의 충분 한 증거를 제공 해야 합니까? 만 그 용의자, ‘선생님’ 나이젤 러드는 누구와 가까이 접촉 나중 손 자리 열거 해야 하는 남자.

    이 다음 중 하나에서 Slogger와 서 처음으로 나에 게이 정확한 에피소드를 릴레이 하지 않습니다. 그의 증언은이 같은 실행: (내 기울임꼴)

    ‘ 다른 날 나는 듯 오래전 영국 은행에서 문을 했다. 사실, 몇 년과 같은 은행 다른 지점에 몇 백 파운드의 전송에 대 한 휴면 계정 닫는 문서화. 봉투는 큰 글씨로 overstamped 그리고 난 인용: “요금 하지: 우표 수익 보호에 의해 제기를 해결: 퍼스트 클래스 취급”‘.

    이것이 의미 하는 HMRC (그 좋은 남성 구세군 처럼 국세청 보이게) 그냥이 남자 그들 로부터 아무것도 훔치는 아니 었 확인을 편지를 개설 했다. 에 뭔가 훔치는 그는 결코 그들의 첫 번째 장소에서, 하지만에서 요구 될 수 있는 다이아몬드 밥 등 많이 오해 투자 은행의 좋아하는에 의해 커밋된으로 실수를 해결 하기 위해 개별 말했다 cerebrally이 바보 …. 우리의 돈을 뿌려 고 왜 그들이 물건을 밖으로 실행을 궁금해 하는 정치인을 도전. 이 결과로 서, 그들은 지금 필요가 해제 하기 전에, 우리 보다 더 수집 하 고 제공 하는 서비스의 방법으로 우리에 게 덜-덜-일부의 경우 100% 줄. 그들. 우리. 누구를 위해 작동 합니다. 그래서 그들은 말한다.

    하지만 ‘수익 보호’에 대 한 응-doncha 그것을 사랑 해요? “이러한 464 카메라는 순전히 당신의 보호를 위해 여기”. 에 새 됐 어 실행, 허위 무 능력의 이상, 무한 한 화산에서 분출의 스트림.

    올해, 물론, 불 알의 올림픽 성화 사라졌다 다시 (새로 터키의 레제프 리드가 의해 주장), 그것의 국토를 그리스 그리스 공화국. 슈 피 겔 보고 어제 그리스의 무시 무시 한 트로이카, 올해 강제 가입을 거래 하는 아테네 사람 황동 불 알의 트리오에 의해 요구 사항에 맞게 향후 2 년간 지출에 추가 €2.5 억 잘라 필요가 있을 것 이다 (로 여기 예측)만 나라의 주권 부채 깊이 만들 수 있습니다.

    유럽 위원회, 유럽 중앙 은행과 국제 통화 기금의 트로이카에 의해 중간 보고서를 인용, 슈 피 겔 그리스 필요가 €14 억 향후 2 년 동안 이전에 예상된 115 억에서 2014 년 말까지 그것의 적자 3% 아래를 얻을 말했다. 총리 Antonis Samaras co를 즐기고 하 여 그의 휘파람 투어 반올림 프랑스와 독일이 오는 weel의 지도자 들을 만날 것입니다.

  71. WTF, somebody here has taken over my computer, it’s weird – it is re-booting all on its own – i’m fairyly sure it is someone here at the slog – who is it, wot do you want

  72. @Ioanniss – Why don’t you take it to pieces. I am reliably informed that if you tak e something apart and put it back together again enough times,
    eventually you’ll have enough parts left over to build a second one.

  73. I think the gist is that Bob Diamond would have been found guilty of political divergence had he appeared before the Pyongyang judiciary despite Rudd’s protestations to the contrary.

    Googles Korean translator is so last year, him wrong un was the dear leader of the Peoples Popular Bank Barclays whereas……..

  74. I used to enjoy reading this blog, and now I am thinking it is not worth bothering with, as there is so much spurious posting and general silliness of an unamusing sort. What a shame.

  75. @small voice – When you become a big vpoice with money I begin to listen. In the meantime remember I own this blog and its about bollocks construction…whooops deconstruction. I will clean it up before I monetise it for big lolly. If you want to take this to email, email me privately at jawslog@gmail.com

  76. @aflatoxin,
    “Incidentally, to post on this thread yesterday I had to re-register.”

    No you didnt. Nobody has to register to post on this blog and your post contains no avatar so you were not posting through a registered account. Why are you lying? Stop it or I will cull you. This is your final warning.

  77. This place wreaks of bullshit and sweaty bollox – it’s in every thread, can’t you smell it or have you become imune to it ?

    What happened to all that Euro bollox and inside information from those moles, the Euro should be on it’s knee’s by now but it isn’t, infact it will still be with us next year, won’t it John ? And Greece should’ve been down and out by now and fumbling with the Drachma – what happened John ?

    You do talk bollox but then you need your audience, don’t you ?

  78. To all genuine Sloggers: Ride out this troll sh*te. We can outlast them. Stay strong. They will move on. This site is a resource. Remember that.

  79. @ Tony – give me a break. I had a top quality Greece exclusive from my Frankfurt chauffeur and corroborated it with data supplied by the tea lady on the 3rd floor of the bundesbank. How was I know they got it wrong.?

  80. @supafeckinmingster – yes yes. must remember. er. er what I must remember please. I forget already thankyou thankyou.

    chian lang.

  81. Thanks for the warning GrahamD……..I say that sincerely because I know how the aviation authorities treat this type of even. By that I mean that they totally panic at the first sign of ash. I have quite a lot of experience in dealing with flying around erupting volcano’s. First in Iceland in 1972 then around Mt St. Helen’s in 1981 and several eruptions in the Aleutian islands in the 90’s. The first pilot to take off from Anchorage in the morning would report if a volcano in the Aleutian chain was ” cooking off” we would then plan our flights accordingly. The panic I have witnessed from the latest Icelandic eruption shows the ignorance of the aviation authorities.

  82. @Ioannis
    Hope your guru can give you the help you need to use your pc safely and with confidence. Look forward to future posts from you. Maybe this blog will have returned to some form of normality by then.

  83. @Sfm
    I surely hope so, and that whatever else JW is doing, he is trying to find a way to get rid of this utter nutcase.

  84. My only regret is that computers are unable to pass on the smell of these posts. I’m not sure of their odor, now what is it?

  85. @ Sfm, LO’D
    May I put forward my amateurish opinion, having watched this drama unfold over a few hours.
    I don’t think it’s the work of a ‘nutcase’ or even a gaggle of college boys.

    I think it has been a text-book attack carried out with military precision. Do I need to add ‘in the interests of national security’?
    I have to say I’m impressed. They’ve completely destroyed any debate this evening. So they can repeat it any time they like.

    Personally, I’m not bothered – but I know this site is important to some people.
    Perhaps I’m wrong. As you said the other day, Liz –
    time will tell.

  86. I really enjoy this blog and although I get to read it long after everyone else, still enjoy it. I have a married daughter living in Europe and reading John’s views is invaluable as there is nothing much in the Murdoch papers here. John I hope you have/had a great trip. It will probably be over when you read this. Like ‘Sandy’s view’ (above) hope all is well with everyone.
    With the weather in Europe being so hot, my only advice to the other bloggers is ‘stay cool’.

  87. @ filthy mcnasty
    Somehow your reply to Sfm and I doesn’t surprise me. After all, it has only been a day and a half since you issued a full apology to BT. Had you forgotten you had done this? It’s quite inconsistent with “Personally, I’m not bothered-”
    No matter how hard one tries, it’s difficult to disguise a particular style of writing.
    Just Saying- which reminds me, where is he these days?

  88. @LO’d
    My apology to BT was an attempt to correct my own behaviour, an issue of morals. I thought I had taken an incorrect stance.
    That doesn’t imply I was supporting BT.
    Actually I havn’t read his stuff enough to be familiar with him.
    Why ‘not bothered’? well, I don’t feel any fighting spirit as Sfm –
    ‘We can outlast them’… ‘Stay strong’….I don’t feel any of that about this site.
    And actually, if the attackers are who I think they are, I feel a bit put off about posting on these sorts of blogs.
    It’s difficult talking through print only, without tone of voice, eye contact, gestures. Perhaps leads to misunderstanding.
    Yes, where is BT this evening? I can’t believe he engineered that astonishing attack.
    They said they are going to wipe a lot of our posts overnight.
    ‘Time will tell’

  89. @Liz O’Donnell
    I didn’t hear back from you re ‘not bothered’.
    Where I live it’s getting light so I’m going to bed.
    adieu – not au revoir.

  90. @ Nobody in particular
    Ah, the EGO has landed!
    You’re slipping up BT, the very prominent APOLOGY was a thread from two of your other ids, namely, Filthy McNasty and Lurker in a Burqa. What’s wrong have you lost too much sleep?
    Far from being a ‘military operation’ carried out with precision, this the sorry tale of a sad little man with an over-inflated egm, who has lost the plot.
    As other sloggers have remarked in the last few days, I enjoyed your threads on this blog and learned from you. Yes we clashed a few times, me being one of the Lefties that you despise so much. However, that admiration turned initially to anger and now it’s just pity. To harbour as much venom and anger as you so obviously do is very bad for the soul.

  91. @ xbassist, nobody in particular, lurker in a burqa, just saying, just asking, filthy mcnasty, gemz, the real gemz, BT, uncle tom cobbley and all

    What a shame, I missed all of you by 3 minutes. No doubt, singly or collectively, you’ll be back.

  92. Ok everyone, seems it’s my turn for the inadequate(s) to clone. Those who wish can see the avatar is not the same as mine, therefore obviously not genuine.

    I will not post under this ID again so please ignore all and any that appear under Jwoo.

  93. @Jwoo
    I think that everyone at this blog knows you are too much of a gentleman to write such drivel. When I first saw it last night I thought, uhoh this is payback time for Jwoo, as you were one of the first to challenge him when he first became abusive towards JW. Who’s next???

  94. @LizO’Donnell
    frm xb, nobody, lurker, filthy.
    I believe one should never part company on bad terms.
    I have only ever been polite and respectful towards you, and I wished you a civilized ‘adieu.’
    I am sorry your parting words to me have been less than friendly.

  95. Katla seems to have calmed down a bit today ;) (Wed)

    The link in my comment is a site that I still check out a couple of times a week. I got into the habit during my last full year teaching at Uni when a number of my students were grounded on final projects and field trips all over the world and could not get back for their Finals Submissions. It lead to a bit of a ‘Dust Up’ (sorry could not resist that one!) between myself and the Uni’s Exam Boards…which I won in the end by making them class it as an ‘Act of God’, allowing for late submissions without loss of marks !

    Katla’s last big eruption was 1918 and lasted 24 days (just think what that might do to the European economy)…..hence I still just keep an eye on it from time to time. Many thanks to Bill C for the additional expertise above!

    September looks ‘interesting’ enough already without ‘mother nature’ joining in.

  96. First off — @nobody in particular (you know who)
    “And actually, if the attackers are who I think they are, I feel a bit put off about posting on these sorts of blogs.”

    Classic number 2: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/08/the-15-rules-of-internet-disinformation.html Read up on this article and you may just find every single tactic deployed just in this one thread. JW can’t come back soon enough.

    Now down to business, Mr morally-Bankrupt non-Taxpayer. How is business? Oh, sorry for hitting a raw nerve, it must have been devastating for you. totally screwed over by the bastards weren’t you? One day they’ll pay won’t they?
    Mind you, I hear on good authority that it’s not only taxes you fiddle with but I won’t go in to that just yet, it wouldn’t be fair would it? ‘Cos life’s not fair is it?
    The info I hold will be given to the person most in need of it once his email has been purged of your filth (or if he has to open a new one) so sit tight Mr morallybankruptnontaxpayer *****fiddler. Oh and if I were you, I’d think twice as to which websites you visit in the next week or two. Just sayin’.

  97. Graham D

    “September looks ‘interesting’ enough” – to be honest, I just see more fudging of the books by whatever powers that be. The equinoctial gales are another thing altogether.

  98. Dear All
    I still don’t have access to my site, for all kinds of reasons.
    No doubt this commenting address will be cloned as well, but be reassured: only a message with these exact syntaxes and sanity is mine.
    This is a temporary glitch, nothing more.

  99. @nobody in particular
    Indeed they are, soppy bloke has his Bank details on his Lappy, in the Cache saved FFS

  100. First off — @nobody in particular (you know who)
    “And actually, if the attackers are who I think they are, I feel a bit put off about posting on these sorts of blogs.”

    Classic number 2: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/08/the-15-rules-of-internet-disinformation.html Read up on this article and you may just find every single tactic deployed just in this one thread. JW can’t come back soon enough.

    Now down to business, Mr morally-Bankrupt non-Taxpayer. How is business? Oh, sorry for hitting a raw nerve, it must have been devastating for you. totally screwed over by the bastards weren’t you? One day they’ll pay won’t they?
    Mind you, I hear on good authority that it’s not only taxes you fiddle with but I won’t go in to that just yet, it wouldn’t be fair would it? ‘Cos life’s not fair is it?
    The info I hold will be given to the person most in need of it once his email has been purged of your filth (or if he has to open a new one) so sit tight Mr morallybankruptnontaxpayer *****fiddler. Oh and if I were you, I’d think twice as to which websites you visit in the next week or two. Just sayin’.

  101. Here’s an Italian translation of my post above for my fans in Italy

    @ Nessuno in particolare
    Ah, l’EGO è atterrata!
    Sta scivolando in BT, le scuse molto prominente era un thread da due dei vostri altri ID, vale a dire, Filthy McNasty e Lurker in un Burqa. Che cosa male hai perso troppo sonno?
    Lungi dall’essere una ‘operazione militare’ effettuata con precisione, questo la triste storia di un triste piccolo uomo con un egm gonfiato, che ha perso la trama.
    Come altri sloggers hanno osservato in questi ultimi giorni, ho goduto il tuo thread su questo blog e ho imparato da voi. Sì siamo scontrati un paio di volte, a me di essere uno dei mancini che si disprezzano così tanto. Tuttavia, che ammirazione inizialmente si rivolse a rabbia e ora è solo peccato. Per porto tanto veleno e rabbia come fai così ovviamente è molto male per l’anima.

  102. telegraph this morning
    Air Passenger Duty: 100,000 holidaymakers back campaign

    The campaign, launched in June by an alliance of more than 30 airlines and tour operators, allows Britons to register their opposition to the tax directly with the local MP.

    Visitors to the website http://www.afairtaxonflying.com are required to enter their name, postcode and email address – a template email is then automatically sent to their MP expressing disapproval at the “unacceptable” level of tax paid by travellers flying from the UK.

    Following the most recent rise in APD, an eight per cent increase in April, a family of four travelling to Europe must pay £52 in tax, while those flying farther afield are hit even harder.

    A family of four flying to New York, for example, are liable for £260 in APD, one visiting the Caribbean must pay £324, while a those heading to Australia are hit with a £368 tax bill. Those figures are doubled for anyone flying in premium economy, business-class or first-class cabins.

  103. NotsoSuperSid — why are you posting off topic rubbish from the torygraph?This is your final warning,stop it or off you go.I’ve already sent you several emails about this ridulous behaviour.

  104. Super Sid

    Be careful. Someone is now misusing her name too. Look at the Gravatar image, they aren’t the same.

  105. To Tony Bliar and other interested parties —————-
    Tone,I have always been one of your greatest admirersand I cannot wait for the day when you become the president of the European Union.I know you have a lot of great ideas for destroying Europe and leading it into eternalwar. Bring it on.thats what I say.

  106. John. When you get back here. Remember …
    “If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools”

    You’ll be a man, my son.

  107. @WAD…Sounds good to me! Of course that would never happen in the real world, who in their right mind would be junk bon….oh wait….get me Draghi’s phone number…

  108. @Super Sid
    Too numerous to mention Sid. But I’m actually hoping to branch out io Brazil, which will allow me to perhaps visit my old chum BT. I just hope he’s not too busy with his Lady Boys. They’re teaching him the Lambada, you know (amongst other leisure activities) so he can impress his china Jeremy *unt, when he gets back to Blighty.
    Whoops!- I hope I haven’t let the cat out of the bag.

  109. John,
    Thanks for the shipment of chemicals, same again next week, same contacts – same price £2m ?

    Pres. Assad

  110. @MaxC,
    Why don’t you SHUT UP POSTING RUBBISH and get back to swatting flies and watching television.I do not appreciate your sycophantic comments ,they give the game away.I’m in the mood to do some more culling-watch out .

  111. Amen to that MaxC.

    John’s posts are far too valuable to be drowned out in this torrent of stupidity. It is up to us to trawl through the comments and ignore the sewer outflow …

    Lord give him the strength to KBO.

  112. Heres a Russian translation of my comment above for my fans over there.

    @ Супер Sid
    Слишком много, чтобы упомянуть Sid. Но я на самом деле надеясь филиала io Бразилии, которая позволит мне возможно посетить мой старый приятель BT. просто надеюсь, что он не слишком занят с его леди мальчиков. Они учат его Ламбада, вы знаете (среди других видов досуга), поэтому он может впечатлить его Китай Джереми * ЕНТ, когда он получает обратно к родина.
    Ой!-я надеюсь, я не говоря кота из мешка.

  113. WAD, I really shouldn’t worry about split infinitives. The only reason for the stigma is because one can’t split an infinitve in Latin. How weird is that?

  114. @Super Sid
    Once again Sid, I’ve lost count. However I’m visiting Moscow very soon to look up some old comrades. I have been asked by my old crony BT to act as Special Envoy for the Pussy Riot trio, to take them to Brazil. He is a man of great stature and influence, he will keep them under house-arrest, as his She Males need to be toughened up
    somewhat, in order to keep him happy
    happy. The PR trio can teach them these specialised skills and will fit the bill nicely!
    I can’t wait for the Japanese translation, so we can talk about the Geisha Girls. Imagine how clever he must be to push all Google buttons.

  115. @Super Sid & Sfm
    How come a dozen or so threads from Aug. 20tg & 21st have suddenly appeared just above here?
    Does the damage being carried out on this blog, against the owner’s wishes, not constitute some form of criminal damage?

  116. @lz.
    then wot abaht the fraudulent use of a bona fide slogger’s name?
    Does that not constitute some form of deception?
    Oh, sorry – this whole blog’s abaht deception and distortion innit?

  117. Jo…..
    Well say it then. Really loud. Be our guest.
    Probably do you the world of good.
    I find it’s most effective shouted backwards, three times,
    standing on my head first thing in the morning –
    but any time is ok really.

  118. blog-job (n.) – popular slang; the act of terminating a Troll (post) in the act of trolling) post, usually in a fatal fashion.

  119. I think it is +93 273 366733
    (which, oddly, spells out “we are doomed” on my handset!

    We are in business!

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