Brass Neck from those who have us by the balls


What I suppose American and Aussie Sloggers would call brass balls, over here we call brass neck – or, more informally, “A f**king nerve”. Tonight’s episode of How they’re screwing us over And they don’t Care if we know It takes a selection of news that arrived here in Slogger’s Roost during the day – via email, phone, the MSM, websites, one fairly eminent blogger, and three Sloggers.

First up I think has to be the piece in today’s Daily Telegraph, recording the fact that apparently, Sir Nigel Rudd, a former director of Barclays, has accused the Treasury Select Committee (TSC) of attacking the integrity of Bob Diamond, the bank’s former chief executive. Well now, you see the thing with Robert E. Diamond’s integrity is that it is damned difficult to attack, on the grounds that it is sub-atomic in size, and thus invisible to everything bigger than a God particle.

Diamond Bob is a man of whom it has been said many times, and very frequently indeed by the judiciary and umpteen committees on both sides of the Pond. During the Lehman takeover post mortem, a senior New York Judge referred to him as “an evasive, untrustworthy man who needs a tight leash at all times”. In a similar vein, a 121-page report into the scandal that saw Barclays fined a record £290m earlier this year said Mr Diamond’s evidence to Parliament “lacked candour” and was “unforthcoming”. MPs also decided the former Barclays boss had been “highly selective” with his evidence and described his version of events as “inconceivable”.

So we can see that Bob is a widely misunderstood man. In front of the TSC, for example, Robert the Spruce asked us all to believe that he had given an instruction to his Number Two, and this apparatchik had misunderstood him misspeakingly saying, “Drop down the Libor rate more than we’re doing already”. Bob says he told his chum  “Go down on the Limorator” or something, and you know what? For three whole years afterwards – seeing each other 300+ days a year – they never discussed it again. Incredible.

Anyway, Sir Nigel says the committee “did not provide sufficient evidence to support its suggestion that Diamond misled parliament in his testimony about the Libor scandal”. From my vantage point, I have to say that Wee Bobby provided sufficient evidence of blatant wriggliness to warrant  having his collar felt by the London Serious Fraud Office two minutes after he left the safety of Parliament, but what do I know? Only that, I suspect, ‘Sir’ Nigel Rudd is a man with whom close contact might require the enumeration of hand digits afterwards.

This next one comes from a Slogger, and isn’t the first time this exact episode has been relayed to me. His testimony runs like this: (my italics)

‘The other day I had a statement from a UK bank which seemed long overdue. Actually , it documented the closing of the account, dormant for some years and the transfer of a few hundred pounds to another branch of the same bank. The envelope was overstamped in large letters, and I quote: “Do not surcharge: correct postage raised by revenue protection: treat as first class”‘.

What this means is that the HMRC (those fine men who make the IRS look like the Salvation Army) had opened the letter just to check that this man wasn’t stealing anything from them. As in, stealing something that was never theirs  in the first place, but which can be demanded from said individual in order to correct mistakes as committed by the likes of much-misunderstood investment bankers such as Diamond Bob, and cerebrally challenged politicians who sprayed these idiots wiht our money….and then wondered why they’d run out of the stuff. As a result of this, they now need to collect more off us than before, and give us less – in some cases 100% less – in the way of services supplied. By them. To us. For whom they work. So they say.

But what about ‘revenue protection‘ eh – doncha love it? “These 464 cameras are here purely for your protection”. On and on the stream of bollocks runs, spewing from an over-active, infinite eruption of mendacious incompetence.

This year, of course, the Olympic Torch of bollocks has gone back to its homeland (newly claimed by Recep Erdogan of Turkey), the Hellenic Republic of Greece. Der Spiegel reported yesterday that the Greeks will need to cut an additional €2.5 billion in spending over the next two years to meet demands made by the dreaded Troika, the trio of Brass Bollocks who earlier this year forced Athens to sign up to a deal that (as predicted here) could only make the country’s sovereign debt deeper.

Citing an interim report by the troika of European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund, Der Spiegel said Greece would need €14 billion over the next two years to get its deficit below 3% by the end of 2014, up from a previously expected 11.5 billion. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras will meet the leaders of both France and Germany this coming weel, rounding off his whistle-stop tour by enjoying a cosy session with Angela Merkel in Berlin on Friday.

I suppose he could always casually remind both her and Francois Hollande that, had it not been for a €150bn arms order for Franco-German arms (that she and Hollande’s sleazy predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy refused to cancel) Greece would still be solvent. But then that would be ill-mannered, would it not?

But one thing even the EU’s Brussels Necks will find hard to wriggle out of is this: there is  a clause in Greece’s €130bn bailout deal that says the deficit adjustment period could be extended if its recession is deeper than expected. Given that the recession is a good 30% deeper than the IMF’s forecast, Samaras reall has nothing to negotiate about: he has the brass necks by the balls. But like almost everyone in the Greek elite, the Prime Minister would rather do anything than stem the flow of gravy heading south from Berlin.

It promises to be a lively week.



81 thoughts on “Brass Neck from those who have us by the balls

  1. You only had to look at the man to see he was lying through his teeth when he appeared before that Committee.

    For Christ’s sake, we are expected to believe that a quadriplegic or a person with MS or cancer relying on disability benefits is guilty of benefit fraud unless they can prove themselves innocent while we are supposed to suspend disbelief in the teeth of every lie and obfuscation that these overpaid snake oil salesmen let slither out of their lips.

    One wonders how much integrity Mr Rudd himself can have, that he sees fit to defend Diamond Bob…


  2. This post is addressed personally to John Ward for his response.
    I cannot prevent other people from commenting to it, but I will not respond to other comments; only to JW himself if he deigns to answer.

    John Ward,
    In your thread “How Bankrupt taxpayer became BT and then Bonkers Troll“, you made a fair number of unqualified statements and allegations against me which were clearly intended to be accepted as proven fact by other readers. There can be no doubt about that, because none of your allegations were qualified with “in my opinion” etc. Your hardcore group of supporters have responded exactly as you wished by spewing out bile and hatred, without a single one of them asking for evidence. Most of the names are of no surprise to me. The decent people have stayed out of it.

    I am now giving YOU the opportunity of providing evidence for each one of these allegations. A man so mighty as yourself must surely be able to back-up what he claims as fact. I mean, that’s what you’d have to do in a court. Right?

    So here goes:

    You wrote:
    …over the last twelve hours: that over 50% of all Slog trolling since its inception has been carried out by one bloke with no fewer than thirteen aliases.”

    Please post credible evidence.

    You wrote:
    He’s been quite clever, Bankrupt Taxpayer aka MaxC aka Coco aka BT aka bollixdeconstruction aka all the rest of the IDs.”

    Where’s the credible evidence that I am/were all these people?

    You wrote:
    He posted in different tones depending on the ID. Sometimes he posed as Mr Angry, sometimes as Mr Reasonable, sometimes even as Mr Helpful, and frequently as Mr Don’t-be-so-hard-on-BT.

    Please provide credible evidence of this claim. Or is it a subjective throw-away comment which suits your agenda?

    You wrote:
    But the eventual supremacy of Mr Supremely Bonkers-Troll started appearing about two months ago.

    Again, where’s the evidence? Or is this another throw-away subjective comment that suits your agenda?

    You wrote:
    I asked him by email a couple of times if he was “alright” (he now claims I’ve never emailed him) but that only seems to have made things worse.

    I still flatly deny receiving any such e-mails. If you can please post a complete copy of all the e-mails you claim to have sent me WITH FULL HEADERS, we can take a look and see who’s telling the truth. Easy peasy.

    You wrote:
    However, there were three consistently obsessive thoughts running through his comments:

    1. Anti-semitism
    2. Resentment of success
    3. Violent hatred of all authority forms.

    Please provide evidence that I am “obsessively” any of these.
    I know you are WAY WAY off track, which is surprising coming from a person who claims to be a quasi-expert in anthropology, wouldn’t you say? So that leaves open the other option that it’s another set of throw-away allegations which suit your agenda.

    I have VERY serious doubts that you will even bother responding to this post — you might quickly delete it to avoid exposure –let alone provide one shred of *credible* evidence to back up any of your outrageous allegations. That will not affect my decision never to post on your blog again, but it will at least be informative to other readers as a lesson in how John Ward operates.


  3. John,

    “… What this means is that the HMRC (those fine men who make the IRS look like the Salvation Army) had opened the letter just to check that this man wasn’t stealing anything from them. ….”

    no, that has nothing to do with HM Revenue and Customs.

    It is a Royal Mail revenue issue for postage: means that the letter was not correctly franked or missing stamps for the postage, the postage was underpaid.

    “Revenue protection” are those staff at Royal Mail who check in the Sorting Offices that correct postage has been paid and if not they fix stickers to inform the delivering postman how much surcharge is to be collected from the recipient (if he wants it delivered).

    See example here:

    In the case you mention, it seems they already charged the sender (bank) for the surcharge (probably a whole tray or trolley of unfranked mail).

    Harold Blair


  4. BT, old chap – I’ve had my own disagreements with JW but seriously, I’m not sure what you hope to achieve by carrying on as above. It’s pretty clear that JW has an idiosyncratic approach to his hobby and there are plenty of people who hang on his every word and take it as gospel. I still come back here from time to time but on the whole I stay away – a bit like turning the TV off rather than taking offence at something you don’t like. I can’t see anyone being persuaded by your campaign and on the whole, I’d say life’s too short to get het up by the acres of opinion on the internet, here or anywhere else.


  5. “Do not surcharge: correct postage raised by revenue protection: treat as first class”

    Wouldn’t that be the Post Office revenue protection department who check on size/weight etc. to make sure sufficient stamps are put on an item, a letter from a bank would be stamped by one of the banks own franking machines. The revenue protection team would check a sample of these items periodically to make sure the business was paying up (if you send a million letters a year there may be an incentive to underweigh your letters).


  6. It is not just JW who thinks you are a nasty piece of racist scum – as I publicly commented a couple of months back when sufficiently sickened by something you had written to make a rare comment on a threader. Let’s hope your „threat“ to depart this site for ever is carried out.


  7. Seriously, who reads just one blog to get to the truth? Yes,one can disagree with or even be offended by a post here but its just another source for opinions and even information coming from all sorts of people. Praise should be given to the owner and participants for their time and energy to be part of it. I see no hidden agenda or profit in the whole process to raise questions of integrity or motive. A hobby it might be but it beats MSM hands down.


  8. BT

    JW checked the IP addresses, and claims that you have used two (one I presume in the UK, the other, Brazil). If the posts emanated from the same IP address, it would have been reasonable to assume it was you.

    However, if it is using the same email address, that is less easy to prove. My own email address was misused after a hack on my WordPress account. If your primary email address had been taken by someone and used maliciously, it would not be possible to tell them apart whatever names or silliness came after.

    I do feel that for a blog that claims “evidence based” etc, some evidence should have been given and not just in a follow-up comment.


  9. Roll up, roll up – get your cut-price clogs here! And a happy hour in the Kanalstraat!

    “Bailout bank endangers stability of the state budget

    Crisis grips Netherlands: Homeowners cannot pay back loans

    In the Netherlands, the banks have reported a massive surge in loan defaults. Because this also affects the state-rescued SNS Reaal, the state is threatened by a default of 700 million euros.

    The Dutch banks are being confronted with significant credit losses. On Friday the SNS Reaal announced an increase in loan defaults during the first half-year of 38 percent. With that, 42 percent of all property loans granted by the Bank are no longer being serviced. Should this trend not experience a reversal, the bank itself cannot then pay back a loan it received from the Dutch State as part of a bailout. Because the SNS Reaal must use the greater part of their 700 million euro reserve for equity capital formation.

    Thus, the Dutch government is threatened with a veritable hole. It can only be filled by creating further debt, because economic development in the Netherlands is also negative. The SNS Reaal gave warning that they do not expect any improvement in the near future.

    Even the ING Groep is making the unfriendly market environment responsible for their own problems. At ING, losses from real estate loans have doubled on a quarterly basis.

    It is anticipated that there could now be an increasing use of foreclosure in the Netherlands. This development, which is currently making life hard for the American middle class, was until recently considered almost inconceivable for the Netherlands.”

    It would be nice to think that the cloggies could perhaps ratch-up the production of Edam & Gouda cheese. But, the top-selling Edam & Gouda cheeses in Holland are now produced in the UK – and apparently taste better than the home-produced stuff!

    At the other end of Europe:

    “Export of gold has increased fivefold

    Portugal impoverished: the population has sold its entire gold

    To secure their survival despite the strict austerity measures, the Portuguese have sold their jewellery and their gold. The private gold stock is running low. There now threatens a further exacerbation of poverty.

    Because of the euro crisis, the Portuguese have disposed of most of their gold and their jewellery. Even in 2011 the number of gold dealers increased by 29 percent. In the meantime, many of the shops have had to close again, because there is simply not enough demand. “Everyone I know must struggle. Even the gold traders are empty, because nobody has any gold left to sell,” said a gold dealer to the news service Bloomberg. Just a few months ago the business was ticking over “magnificently.” Nowadays, however, it is “terrible,” said another gold trader.

    The supply of gold in Portugal, which is fed in part from smelted jewellery, declined by 7.7 percent in June. Exports of gold from Portugal have increased fivefold in just two years: In 2009, 102 million euros worth of gold were exported. Last year, it was already 519 million euros. This was announced by the statistics office in Lisbon.

    Because many Portuguese no longer earn enough to be able to finance their daily lives, they have sold their gold. Now that these reserves are depleted, the collapse of the gold market could be followed by increased impoverishment amongst the population.”

    Both stories to be found here:


  10. Two previous posters have already pointed out the bollocks in the ‘revenue protection’ / HMRC conspiracy theory in the blog.

    I concur with them: ‘revenue protection’ is an internal department of the Royal Mail. The mailing house that sent the mail out (on behalf of the bank) will have entered the wrong postage amount on the envelope PPI. Royal Mail has obviously discovered this at the sorting office. Rather than return the entire batch of mail to the mailing house for re-processing, Royal Mail has internally stamped it and sent the mailing house (or the bank) the correct bill for the posting batch. Simples. An everyday fcuk-up due to the increasing complexity of Royal Mail pricing (which now requires at least a Masters, preferably a PhD, to understand).

    Here you go – only 24 pages to work your way through…..


  11. @Gemz
    It’s JW’s blog. There is (or used to be) an etiquette requiring good manners to be shown when commenting. If they were breached then the offender would be ejected.
    What part of that do you not understand?


  12. pps – pages 17 to 20 of the booklet have all the relevant pricing for business mailings, including statements.. Do we know if the mail was OCR / barcode readable? High sort or low sort? OK, enough now,….


  13. @Gemz: I have seen no post from Ward saying that. Whatever, I already posted to him that in Brazil I post through TOR and so do a lot of other people. Meaning, TOR IP addresses are not personal and there is no way he can tie an IP address on his blog log to THIS BT sitting here. Someone also posted yesterday that it could be a group of trolls having a LAN Party but I notice Ward deleted that post very quickly. He CHOOSES not to understand these techy issues and cherry picks information to fit into his devious gameplan. Similar situation with the forgeries in your posting name: he knows exactly who it is but takes no action. The forger may be close to him…


  14. Sir, and BT,
    and everyone else except Ioannis

    Sorry, I thought that I had been banned, but as everyone is putting their tuppence in I thought I should as well. I am like a coiled up spring waiting to cascade my tuppeny nonsense on an unsuspecting gathering of authorative inteligencia.
    My IP hackgate e mail threading post in Brazil has been subjected to naked derivatives by the ECB and will no longer be posting.

    Gemz Babes


  15. This article may explain a lot of what seems to be going on at this (and many other) non mainstream blogs.
    Read it and you’ll see through a lot of the BS. I read this blog and subsequent comments every single day and I’ve seen the comment section on the Slog deteriorate rapidly in a very short space of time. Read this article and you’ll be educated as to why.
    Let’s try and put a stop to it.


  16. @Sodazed
    Very informative article, thank you. All of the features mentioned have been employed by JW’s troll. He must keep the manual close for constant reference.


  17. Yap. All very odd indeed. But if this is an organised attempt to disrupt the forum of discussion here, then surely the correct response is to continue undeterred while exercising judgement – as before.


  18. MarkyMark
    Do you or anyone else see me denying this was wrong?
    We all make mistakes, I posted something puzzling from a concerned Slogger, others pointed out he had nothing to worry about, the matter is solved.
    Now, if I remove the para, trolls will appear and shout “SEE!! He’s a censor!” And if I leave it in, they will say “SEE!! It’s bollocks!”
    So pray tell me Mark, what would your policy be? If you had a blog, that is?
    I see this as the Web working in an exemplary fashion. No?


  19. Harold,

    “Revenus protection” is an interesting phrase. On two or three occasions when I’ve had to go to the local collection office to pay the extra postage cash is handed over and no receipts are given. I think even the most junior trainee auditor would recognise that this system is wide open to abuse…..


  20. We should be building statues in memory of these people for all time. Could I suggest in the front of the houses of parliament a group one of Thatcher, Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Cleg and Cameron, In front of the treasury Darling and Osborne. In front of the bank of England Diamond, Goodwin, Hornby and Heston – everyone of them hanging their heads in shame as they should be.


  21. Stan B

    There is (or used to be) an etiquette requiring good manners to be shown when commenting. If they were breached then the offender would be ejected.

    That is a very interesting concept given the appearance of my Troll again. It seems these things are relative, and this is after all, JW’s playground. Bluestockings are not welcome.


  22. Yer, offff thimgummy. Watchouwt A troll is admyring you. You know when they gets clowse coz you can smell dem.


  23. Made me laugh. HMRC don’t have the staff to open hundreds of letters ! Anyway HMRC is such a shambles I don’t they would know where the Post Office was.


  24. Let us not forget that the first banks rescued in the “big collapse”were in the off-shore centres first!
    Meanwhile Tapwire is being used to follow fugitives from Russian justice in London,whilst the same Tapwire is being used to spy on people who are using it to spy on us-nutty eh!Meanwhile the grand thieving continues.


  25. This is my first comment regarding the BT saga. In all honesty I used to look for the Bankrupt Taxpayers comments all the time amongst others, including KFC. I have to say that this blog is in my opinion, and I am entitled to that opinion, is worse off without the BT comments. Bankrupt Taxpayer your insight is missed from this forum.


  26. I posted this yesterday, in case anybody missed it here it is again. It’s where I’m at. I’m very puzzled by all this, I don’t think this is as it would appear.
    ‘I have to say I am saddened by what has happened with the ‘BT’ affair. I don’t understand it. I liked BT, he is in my opinion an educated intelligent individual, and I always found his comments to be informative and educational. I wish it didn’t have to be this way.’


  27. At some personal risk, could I ask JW, on his return, to use the delete key with a bit more enthusiasm? Acres of rubbish are to be found here recently, but I’m off to work, not to add any more.


  28. Nigel cRudd is a typical financiers shill. By going on the attack against the Treasury Select panel,he hopes to deflect and distort the allegations of financial malfeasance against Bob Diaperfull and Barclays. This is an old Establishment scenario, but we no longer swallow the MSM lies,deceits and propaganda. Life has moved on and a revolution in news and information has taken place,thanks to the internet.
    We the people are on the move.


    The Royal Mail does not usually return undelivered letters these days unless it has a return address on the outside of the envelope. So always put one there (either with one of those little labels which charities send or a rubber stamp, if you don’t want the bother of writing it).

    In this case, it appears they may have some sensible arrangement with the banks to deliver mail on which postage may have been short-paid and still deliver the letter.

    Letters are no longer just classified by weight (easy to check) but also by size. This is because of EU regulation. So you may stick a first class stamp on an ordinary sized envelope with a weight less than 100 grams but if it is more than 5 mm thick it will be short paid. Your intended recipient will receive an invitation to go to the sorting office and pay £1 plus extra postage to receive it. Many people disregard such messages and so the letter will remain undelivered and you won’t know. Without a return address it won’t be sent back to you.

    The local post office will put any fat looking envelopes through their gauge before you post them, if you ask. That too is worthwhile doing.


  30. Surely Google would be the first point of call to allay concerns over such a message?

    That was the route chosen by fools and gay Northern bikers (revealed when I typed in ‘Do not surcharge: correct postage raised by revenue protection: treat as first class’ into the search box).

    TPTB at Google have placed ‘Brass Neck’ 3rd in the list and rather amusingly, or perhaps worryingly depending on your POV, expurgated the article so it reads as if the concerned posters stamp recollection is attributed to the Daily Telegraph!

    The Barclay mob will be none too pleased with JW, although I guess they weren’t too pleased with him to start with…


  31. @Sodazed
    Thnx 4 the xcllent link. Imho an education.
    What bothers me is a spoofer using a trusted poster’s i.d.
    So, one replies to him/her and gets taken for a ride.
    Perhaps it’s paranoia, but I think there’s a serious attempt in progress to destroy JW’s blog.


  32. Another ex-Barclays director, Taylor (from memory), in a recent article said that he regretted not letting B. Diamond go when Bob was head of the Russia desk in the late 90’s when a very large trading loss was discovered which, surprise, surprise Bob knew nothing about but even then apparently he ‘loved Barclays’ and this ‘robust professional’ defence was adequate for them (says much as to the quality of Barclays management (yes I have personal deep scars from Barclays management from being a personal and sizeable corporate client)).


  33. My dad was a postman for half his working life and member of the trade union and I can remember him grumbling about the “Trouble Shooter” who came in to the Post Office, and upset the work force right from the very first meeting by assembling and addressing all the men by the words “Right, you bastards”. That was very upsetting for all the workers, especially the older ones, to be addressed like something a dog had deposited on the gutter. I think the Trouble Shooter thought he could say what he liked to the men (there might have been one or two women there as well) because they were all low faid drudges. One of my dads friends died on the steps of the Post Office of a heart attack, the other men found him there when they came in, he was always the first one in and had the key, three of the men to my knowledge ended up having heart attacks one of them was my dad, he was always complaining about the huge amount of junk mail they all had to cart round, I tried to pick up my dads mail sack that he had to carry round one day, it weighed a ton, my dad told me off, he said no-one was allowed to pick up the Royal Mail apart from postmen, but I only wanted to help him because his face was bright red and he looked really exhausted, and thought I could help him deliver the rest of the days mail, but he wouldn’t let me.


  34. And they also changed the Christmas Bonus, insted of giving the men some extra money at Christmas they gave them something, one year it was a packet of flower seeds and a packet of brussles sprouts seeds, my dad and all the other men were really angry but it ended up as a family joke, because at the end of the day some things are so ridiculous all you can do is laugh otherwise you would just cry.


  35. I have looked back over post a couple of years back, and your comments are thoughtful, insightful, inteligent additions to the threads. Either you have been hi-jacked by a troll, or you have, for some inexplicable reason, turned in to a troll.
    Either way, f*ck off and stop being an annoying twat. You remind me of my ex wife, she never knew when to shut the f*ck up either.


  36. Please, if you don’t want to read this, move along. It is not an exercise in hubris or anger, just my desire to get the facts out in the open.

    Reference my previous post above to John Ward…..

    Despite requesting him to, as I knew all along John Ward would not provide a shred of credible evidence to back-up his outrageous allegations against me in a previous thread and elsewhere. The simple reason is that he cannot because it doesn’t exist. Not one of the absurd allegations he made about me in his ridiculous article contains a shred of truth. It’s all Ward lies. One example: According to him I have a “Violent hatred of all authority forms.” Duh! Does he think I spend my time attacking forms of authority with baseball bats? LOL. The guy’s fallen off his trolley.

    I also note that — despite posting a quick thread this morning to inform his flock that he’s off for a coupla days — he still managed to find time to post several new lies about the growing numbers of sockpuppets he claims that I use. Anybody who understands IP Addresses and the Internet (Ward most certainly does not and finds it convenient not to) will know that his allegations simply do not stand up to scrutiny. But that doesn’t worry our psychotic ego-tripping blogger because he has a gang of jackal followers prepared to believe anything and everything he posts and attack others when he issues a call-to-arms. Too bad they don’t have the presence of mind to see through his giant manipulation charade, because that’s what it is. The only allegation he hasn’t made about me is that I eat babies…maybe that’ll come next week, and I guarantee some people here will believe it and call me a monster.

    John Ward has now been exposed as a bare faced liar and a manufacturer of whopping stories which contain not a scintilla of truth.
    He is clearly quite happy to ignore facts, change facts and create facts to suit whatever story he’s peddling today. John Ward — far from deconstructing bollix — actually spends a lot of time creating it. Despite ranting about lying political elites and banksters, he is just as bad himself. His demonstration of rank dishonesty and absence of ethics places Ward down the bottom of the pile along with ‘the mob’. I have no desire to associate with such people.

    That should raise serious questions about how many other lies he posts on this blog.
    This may look like a conspiracy theory, but there are a number of things about Ward and his blog which don’t add up. Is the whole blog just a journey through Ward Fantasyland?? Does he really manage to run this blog all on his own from a rickety laptop infected with malware?? from Lyme Regis and France?? or does he have a team of people rattling the keyboards 18 hrs a day?? Perhaps he’s a convict, running his blog from inside the prison library?? He wouldn’t be the first and it would certainly explain the sheer amount of twaddle he finds time to research and post. Is John Ward his real name?? Does it not strike you as rather odd that despite his large claimed audience, as far as I know there is not one person posting here who knows him personally?? Who knows the answers to all these questions and many more. As I say, it doesn’t all add up.

    IMHO he is almost certainly mildly psychotic/psychopathic. There are a lot of people in society with this affliction, many of them are in prison because they commit a lot of crimes through a belief in their superiority. And the Internet is a natural place for them to be as it provides the opportunity to exercise power and control over others. All they have to do is hold other peoples’ attention. Google that condition and you will learn a lot about such people.

    One major reason he and I fell out in recent months is that I found many of his assertions, claims and statements of ‘fact’ increasingly suspect and I found he cherry picks info and ignores/changes relevant facts to create a false case against whoever/whatever. Sometimes it’s due to him misunderstanding complex issues (he’s out of his depth on geo-politics), other times due to him not really understanding human psychology (despite claiming to have studied anthropology) and of course the strong thread of deep hatred that runs through his comments towards southerners, especially the Tory Party and anyone remotely connected to it. Telling him politely that he’s posting utter bollox and lies is not easy, hence we had our frictions. I really began to wonder if he actually has ‘sources’ inside Brussels and Frankfurt and wasn’t just making it all up to impress readers and hold their attention. Or whether they were just cab drivers or bus-boys in local hotels & restaurants who pick up snippets of gossip and pass them on to him for dressing up as ‘breaking news’ on his blog. The jury’s out on this. What I can say is that his moles are NOT in any important decision-making loops, so they have limited value in the overall scheme of things when it comes to understanding the complex EZ crises. All they provide him with is their version of tittle-tattle.

    Another reason is that it became very clear to me that John Ward is a Lefty. Other posters believe this too and at least one other slogger has called him a champagne socialist on account of all the wealth he claims to possess. In the top 10% of UK wealth. Yeah, right, maybe. But he flatly denies being a Lefty and claims he’s non-aligned. Well, as I’ve said before he may be non-aligned to the Labour Party or LibDem Party but he most certainly is aligned on the left side of politics, evidenced by his regular vitriolic attacks on anything politically Right of Centre, especially the Tory Party. Quite often his articles are simply utter bollocks construction. Another slogger who left last week (and who’s comments I always enjoyed reading) got the nasty Ward elbow treatment when he suggested that Ward’s solutions were “recycled Marxism”. That same slogger commented that having to deconstruct Ward’s bollocks made him feel like a conservative apologist. I know the feeling well.

    The final reason we fell out is that several months ago I noticed that comment posts were being quietly and secretly deleted by Ward. He never mentioned a word about this, so I posted about it. Initially he deleted posts by people who politely disagreed with his assessment of something or where someone expressed an opinion about his political leanings. More recently and especially over the last week, he’s been deleting dozens of comments from people who have posted to support my goodself or virtually anything else he disagrees with. He deleted two posts of mine the other day, yet neither of them violated his so-called rules. Ward is travelling down the road of censorship (“culling” in Ward-NewSpeak). As one slogger wrote the other day “the purges are beginning”. He is quite right…censorship is what every control-freak in history has resorted to, to stop the truth getting out. Tyrants are always frightened by anybody who knows better than they do, and seek to eliminate them. They are seen as a threat to superiority and power. And have you noticed that despite all the exposures of Ward over recent times and his utter bollix, he never posts any apologies or expresses any regret. Obviously a man completely obsessed with his own importance and self-righteousness, like all psychotics. He’s on a giant ego trip and doesn’t want anybody to stand in the way.

    That’s it from me. I hope you found these views interesting even if you don’t agree. If not, move along. This is my final post on this blog. I wish all the decent people left here good luck and a happy/healthy future. You know who you are. To the gang of wild jackals and the Greek goat, please keep taking the pills…


  37. I think you have run your writ of Aliucew through the looking glass.

    Time to gewt a grip or just get lost, please


  38. You should get a blog of your own, clearly much to say. For the record though, and though I’m not sure why I am bothering to reply. I know him personally, he is my friend and you are wide of the mark in every respect old chap, if you are a chap. Let’s get one thing clear. JW does the slog as a sort of hobby/something to do during the day as he is retired. It is HIS blog, not the bloody financial times and as you don’t pay to use it you don’t get to decide what goes in or out of it. Its a blog, not the BBC!. Many people read and learn stuff and enjoy the banter in the threads. I know how he makes his blog and it is just him, informing people of things he is interested in. FOR FREE IN HIS OWN TIME! Now on your way mate as you clearly have too much free time of your own. Cheers


  39. @Sandy: You should choose your friends more carefully…
    Frankly, asserting that he owns the blog and does it in his own time are feeble cop-out excuses for such appalling dishonesty.

    You might just as well argue that if your neighbour turns up his hi-fi to max and shakes your house to pieces, that it’s ok because he owns the kit and is doing it in his free time. Few sane person would accept that.


  40. You really should get your own blog BT, you will undoubtably attract readers, some that agree and align themselves with your view, some that won’t. It’s the ones that don’t agree with you that are the most difficult to deal with, especially if they’re in the right, but that’s all part of the fun isn’t it?

    Usually they’re the very ones whose disagreeability make it just a little more interesting, even if the righteousness of one side or the other can be a little wearing….. ;-)


  41. “You should get a blog of your own, clearly much to say”

    Trouble is though Sandy, when you are dealing with someone like BT, who has obviously never revovered from his mother refusing ( some would say quite reasonably ) to breast feed him after his tenth birthday, you have to accept that his feelings of inadequacy can never be satisfied other than by being a juvenile disruptive influence. I think we should all be concerned for his wellbeing, perhaps assist with a subscription to a mental health program of his choice?


  42. “This is my final post on this blog.”

    That was at 5.08pm, preceding this one, so another lie from the heroic BT. You have to love a tosser.


  43. @BT
    What a spectacular falling-out!
    Viewed from a position of neutral allegiance, very interesting and entertaining.
    Farewell BT, Good luck and take care ;-)


  44. @Sandy
    That was a very nice gesture to defend your friend JW publicly. It only confirms what we genuine sloggers already knew and hold dear.
    However, as far as BT is concerned, I doubt it will hold much sway. He’ll be back again trying to convince everyone how wronged he has been about false allegations made against him. Meanwhile, he’s trying to force-feed us with some pretty wild stuff about JW. His hypocrisy knows no bounds. I sincerely hope he seeks some help for his many and varied mental health problems. Or maybe seek some solace in the local Lady Boys, if he’s still in Brazil.


  45. Probably nothing and quite possibly O/T but if JW or any other Sloggers are planning to travel by air in the next few days (or weeks)…..Katla, the Icelandic Volcano that is about 10x the size of Eyjafjallajökull (remember the ash cloud?) had a magnitude 3 earthquake this morning (Tues) at 6.20GMT at a very shallow depth of 1.1km. There was another similar Mag 3 over last weekend. Hopefully no need to panic, but here’s the link if Sloggers want to keep an eye on it ….

    Icelanders believe that an Evil Troll lives in Katla…..I could go on, but have decided to stay well out of this one !! Good luck to all travellers !!


  46. As others have pointed out John, I think you may be wrong about “revenue protection”. I had some dealings with royal mail for some years and each RM mail centre has a revenue protection office. They are there simply to prevent the RM losing revenue through incorrect postage applied to letters, parcels etc. they take a small % of post and check its validity.
    The rail companies do the same. Not long ago on either Sheffield or Doncaster station I had to pass through an extra barrier, internal to the station, it read ‘Revenue Proctection Checkpoint’.

    But clearly you making an error here or there simply means you are human and does not undermine any of your previous blogs -that is if you [the person reading] is rational at all.


  47. Sorry JW. I hadn’t read that you had commented on the revenue bit subsequent to your blog post. One of the reasons was that I kept on have to scroll down to avoid large tracts of text from BT.

    I rather wish he would piss of elsewhere, I don’t mind reading a long comment if it has a purpose but simply running down the owner of the blog is not a ‘purpose’ in my book.

    So I repeat, BT wherever you are BUGGER OFF and bother others.


  48. @Liz O’D
    Are you the real Liz O’Donnell?
    It’s just that you don’t come across as quite so polite in this comment.
    I apologize if I’m jumping to assumptions.


  49. #######################################

    Good day Mr Ward. Welcome to the show.

    A feast for the eyes will be happening. Stay tooned.



  50. @Troll number thertey fiyv (Cambs, Oxon or Cantab?)

    Verily to youI say: Le Coq Sportif, n’est pas?

    PS Sod off, set up your own site and we promise not to post on it.


  51. @ITG sorry about the all above- looks like i’ve been hijacked. I have posted on the next thread that I shan’t be posting any more till JW returns so please ignore….as I’m sure you have.

    It’s the school holidays….sigh….


  52. Classic, poisonous, trolling attacks by TPTB, designed to destroy debate by sowing confusion, paranoia and general distrust. You are witnessing democratic destruction through ‘intoxication’*. Freedom of speech? yeah, right…

    *(‘Intoxication’ being the correct spook word for the technique, from the 60s onwards against dissidents of all shades)


  53. Incubus
    Any idea why InTeleGent spend his time calling everybody a racist scum? Beats me. Getting fed up with his nonsense. I’ll cull him if he doesnt stop.


  54. Dear All
    The identities are coming through thick and fast. I’m using another pc in extremis at the minute (see my last post) but be assured this is me and the one above isn’t.
    Clearly things cannot continue like this. Something will have to give and it won’t be me.
    I will continue banning his IPs and applying deletion as and when. In the meantime, ignore it if you can.


  55. JW-at the very least you are going to have to tediously pour through every individual comment, and keep a list of the dodgy IP addresses and the pseudonyms- this in itself will be time consuming and thus a form of sabotage in itself. Still, the only consolation is that you have got on somebody’s goat, somewhere. I don’t entirely agree with your world view, but the info you have is priceless, as is your freedom of speech, and your commenter’s freedom to debate.
    As Percy Bysshe Shelley said- ‘What stands if freedom falls?’….and-‘Death to Tyrants!’


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