Why United fans hate the Glazers: All you need to know.


Manchester United falls under IPO price to $13.96

9:42 a.m. Aug. 13, 2012

Manchester United shares gain 2% after slow start

10:07 a.m. Aug. 13, 2012

Manchester United stock drops 2.5%, sub-IPO price

12:13 p.m. Aug. 16, 2012

Manchester United shares sink 5% below IPO price

12:44 p.m. Aug. 16, 2012

At this rate, by December 4th the ‘stock’ will be worth 17.5p.

Great call this one, you Jefferies guys. Christmas will be early this year.

6 thoughts on “Why United fans hate the Glazers: All you need to know.

  1. But at what point between now and 17.5p do the United Fans buy the lot for peanuts (or more likely something closer to actual worth, so peanuts plus a penny) and end up thinking ‘didn’t we do well’ and thanks for the Glazers?


  2. Well, at least, for once, it is the ‘right’ people loosing money hand over fist in this story ! If Man U can cough up £23M for Van Persie, they can’t be that skint….just yet anyway !

    The entertainment here is going to come from Jeffries buying up and trying to fiddle the shareprice shortly after the IPO. They are now holding lots ‘n lots of rapidly sinking Man U shares…..No doubt the Glazers bribed them well in fees….but mebbe not well enough to stop them unloading the lot very fast (somewhere between $12 & $10 a share?). After that methinks Man U shares will do a good impersonation of that Universal Studios ‘broken lift ride’ in their theme park !!

    I’m not a Man U supporter, but this time, I could almost feel sorry for their fans (…..but not entirely !! Heh Heh !) ;))


  3. I guess the real question is “why would the Glaziers care?” They’ve got their money and, IIRC, they’ve given up less than 1% of the proper voting stock to get it.

    It doesn’t appear to be in their nature to think of long term consequences and you can be sure that they’ll try this again when there is another cash call. And probably they will will get away with it.


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  5. Same happened in 1991 when Martin Edwards floated United on the Crooked Mile’s bent stock market at 375p/share. Argument given was to.fund development of the Stretford End. Mmm a cash rich debt free club like United having just won the European Cup Winners Cup could have paid for a new Stretford End with cash and still have change to buy Schmeichel,Kanchelskis and Parker.
    Shame Martin liked peeping in public toilets belonging to the fairer sex. Well karma dis get him back via Michael Brown the fraudster


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