OBAMA: Obvious election-rigging scam of the week

Barry the Black Dude is going to release strategic oil supplies.

Old US political adage: “Nobody ever won an election with high prices at the pumps”.

And to think that, four years ago, some folks thought President Obama would put a stop to naked Federal manipulation of the paper-tracker gold market.

Oh how we who once were babes are now rendered tired.


24 thoughts on “OBAMA: Obvious election-rigging scam of the week

  1. So let me get this straight. When the war starts after the election (seriously, everyone knows about that right?) and oil prices shoot the moon… the US will have already released it’s strategic oil reserves?

    Does anyone else see a planet-sized problem approaching?


  2. Not that much different to ‘Givaway’ UK budgets a few weeks/ months before an election…….. (pay later you sukkers !) …we bin there too !

    ( Greece sure does not have the copyright on that trick ! )…despite some fine recent very unoriginal entries for the prize……

    Next line will be….”A vote for Romney is a vote for higher pump prices”…as by November 7th the petrol givaway will be pretty much factored out…except that by now you have got Joe America droolin over cheap gas……So goin to knock the Sh**te out of IRAN on 8th Nov ..’cos them Dudes is theatening to close them Gulf waterways and screw the price of gas for decent home luvvin Americans……….should get full public support.

    It sounds a lot easier to sell (explain/ defend) to a nation (where foreign policy starts at Anchorage and ends at New Hampshire) than ‘why we are supporting Israelies attempt to subjugate the entire Middle East and the Muslem Brotherhood to keep our finger in the black guey stuff’ …both at the same time’

    ….As I said before……In America ya gotta have “Goodies and Baddies” or nobody understands nothin,,,


  3. Good evening.

    Mr Obama, is the man of the moment.Releasing oil reserves to make him look great, is of course no surprise.Much like the Strauss Khan/Assange style character assassination of Herman Cain, who seemed to me, a thoroughly decent chap, who had the severe disadvantage of potentially splitting the black vote.

    Keep up the good work Mr slog, I appreciate your clear insight into the financial aspects of the madness particularly.



  4. I used to enjoy your blog until; you decided to print “non-stop” the same kind of disinformation in support of the corrupt Greek elite (“the US will bail out the Greek slime for “geopolitical” reasons that I can’t describe because my reasons are TOO STUPID for anyone to seriously believe”). I can only conclude that you have “become” that which you used-to-describe to be against. Too bad.


  5. Re coco-pooch
    This sounds like yet another Troll who despises me for having a holiday home in France.
    What thinks we all – stay or go?


  6. A formerfan
    Off you go, then.
    Everyone else
    This chap pretends he can’t read: in the last nine posts on Greece, I have slammed the Greek elites every last time.
    Except that he knows this perfectly well.
    In the States now, Troll-swarms are standard practice against sites that slam Obama and his band of sociopaths.
    There is currently a swarm (I think) aimed at The Slog on all matters EU and Wall Street.
    I have to say, I’m terribly flattered.
    BT, on the other hand, is just a sort of Lee Harvey Oswald figure with many aliases. He should probably be banned from entering tall buildings.


  7. a former fan

    I think we must’ve been reading different blogs. Because if John has been supporting the Greek elites (elites everywhere for that matter) in his opinions, I’d be interested to read his writings if he hadn’t been supporting them!


  8. The MacDaddy and his communist friends will do anything to get re-elected. Just watch for the next ‘bribe’.


  9. It’s the same the world over, the US electorate has a choice between someone who has broken most of the promises they made to get elected and may go to war with Iran by the end of the year, or someone who is going to break the promises they make to get elected and will go to war by the end of the year. Or they could elect Ron Paul but……..


  10. I guess Obama should be relieved that the Chinese have yet to choose to tell the world what their current reserves of gold are. Why would they when they are swapping all that useless US paper bond ‘money’ for it and effectively at a huge discount.
    When they do tell the world what they have for sure we will say goodbye to US$1600 for ever. Tick Tock


  11. No big deal to release some of the SPR before an election, almost standard practice these days, a small perk of office and, yes, Obama will be reelected. As i said before, if you have choose between syphillus and gonorrhea go for the latter every time.


  12. Oldasia
    What an absolutely brilliant analogy.
    To continue it, in the UK we the choice of syphilis, gonorrhoea or chlamydia. Problem is that the choice of any of them has long term complications for fertility.


  13. a former fan
    Whether you like the blog or not is immaterial. You have the option not to read and comment don’t you?
    Disagreeing with someone’s point on a particular subject is what healthy debate is all about -providing you evidence your disagreement.

    I find your post sadly childish in nature.


  14. If you come to the comment threads on my blog – WHICH I OWN SO I’M IN CHARGE – to correct my factual errors or expose me as a socialist, you will be censored banned. Banning folks for such things is not censorship, it’s culling. I know that’s true because I just made it up. Remember, I’m an old ad-man and I know all there is to know about wrapping up shit and selling it on as a bunch of roses. Dispute my dodgy and incomprehensible “facts” with real provable facts of your own or solid logical opinions, or disagree with my naive assessment of complex global affairs, and you will not get a hearing if I’m in one of my bloated-ego moods, which is most of the time nowadays. Expose me for not really knowing WTF I’m talking about and not having a clue about politics, geo-politics or any other politics, let alone football, and I will hit the spam button straight away. Chips cost extra.

    The Slog is meant to be a site where reasonable, civilised people can coalesce around MY opinions, agree with MY assessments of events and point up MY tissue of blatant lefty lies, notwithstanding the latent dissembling that I am fed 24/7 by people of all right-wing politicals, civil servants, implicated MSM titles, bankers, multinational headcases, right-wing zealots and anybody who believes in globalisation and the 13th Imam. Also from MY secret sources. Socialist fluffies always tell the truth. I know that too because I am a champagne socialist and among the richest 10% in Britain. Beat that.

    It is a site looking for new lefty ideas, especially Radical Realism and old prejudices (of which I have plenty), bitter resentment (that too), rude insults (those too and I don’t charge) and unfounded allegations against anybody who disagrees with my opinions. Anyone who marrs the overall concealed Progressive Lefty ‘feel’ will disappear very quickly. The spam button. Chips cost extra.

    Remember this and you will probably avoid being censored banned: SYCOPHANTS and YIP-YIP-YIP YES-MEN ARE WELCOME HERE.
    Anybody who has opinions which differ from mine better watch out. Doggy biscuits are in good supply now that coco has been put to sleep.

    Thank you.


  15. It will be really interested to see what will become of some of these rigging companies after this next election. I hope that eventually we can start to open more rigs in the United States. Then we are not so dependent of the Middle East for oil.


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