At the End of the Day

Message received by the Climate Change Commissariat at The Guardian tonight:

To whom it may concern

We are Popular Occluded Front for the Liberation of United Kingdom from the fascist rain-like-cats-and-running-hyena weather systems created by global Pentagon-Wall Street-Zionist conspiracy intent only on the destruction of free-thinking peace-loving peoples who know one true way like us otherwise will be garrotted.

We hereby give notice of fully justified terrorist attacks on bourgeois revisionist Metereological Office in pay of the Tory Scum Jewish Coalition responsible for totally unjustified capitalist cuts to sunshine over Summer, brought down upon fellow-travelling idiots by the Prophet may he be praised but never depicted, otherwise surround TV station with mob chanting in favour of individual freedom to behead blasphemers inside Satanic Channel Four.

Let it also be known that when Sunnist Republic established, all clouds will be shot at by vertically aimed guns and all rain stoned to death before it can touch ground, also all Shi’ite weather will be ended forever. All women will also be free to enjoy everlasting sunlight from inside tent in thick black robes while looking after children and cooking for men in between trying to win Miss Ogynist Obedience contest as shown live on Al Jazheera television.

Long live non-decadent Sharia high pressure! Death to Unpopular Warmist Front of East Anglia! May Allah scatter showers on Christian Unbelievers and bestow longer Sunni intervals upon Alahwite plonkers in Syria!

27 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Very subliminal message their John,your lawyers ever work at blemihein East Anglia hey who would have though,king John’s treasure might be found
    by a illiterate peasant or is that pheasant


  2. Just read your post script you are doing exactly what your are suppose to be doing ,in exactly the right place and time, hope your good wife is well wishing both of you good will


  3. Shame that there are some weirdos that want to destroy the Slog. Must be getting too annoying and close to the truth to certain parties.


  4. JW Tsk tsk you’ve been visiting those funny sites on the web havent you. Ah well, it is the end of the day…… Btw you left out Icke.

    Agree with Sid- keep it up sport it’s hit a raw nerve somewhere.


  5. Agreed that there are maybe one or two disaffected former contributors who are trying to nick the ball in this playground. They will be seen for what they are.
    As to the piece – I’m a simple man, but do I see here a spirited defence of the English North Western micro-climate? If we have to have rain, then everyone does!


  6. Well, it’s Friday innit?
    Or maybe there’s a clue in the first coupla sentences of that postscript. Maybe whoever posted it has been recently banned.


  7. this is the real DomesticExtremist.
    I don’t think he has brought it on himself.
    I do think there are some real sad armchair
    warriors out there who need to get a life.


  8. Never quite understand what motivates “trolls”.

    Maybe it’s because I am an admittedly simple soul with little imagination, but if I visit a site which I find doesn’t resonate with me then I simply don’t go there again. Not frightfully complicated I know, but there we are.

    I am, however, willing to wager a pound to a pinch of Chinese smelly stuff that trolls are dreadful drivers with a penchant for tail-gating and other disappointing road manners :-)


  9. I sometimes get the impression they’re motivated by spite.
    In my view, their behavior is cowardly.
    If we were all sitting in a group face to face, would they behave like that?


  10. Gawd ‘elp us all, I’m thinking there’s a few empty gin bottles rolling around a few living room floors tonight.


  11. Please note:

    1. Reposting your own self congratulatory spoof post no less than 3 times dramatically undermines any comedic value it may originally have possessed and makes you look a bit daft.

    2. Criticising the activities of the incumbent Government, even in a highly speculative manner, does not automatically make one an adherent of the opposing political credo. Suggesting it does makes you come across a little bit daft.


  12. It looks like JW might have to upgrade his commenting system if the trolls are going to try impersonating other, more reasonable, posters and putting words into their mouths.

    The aim is clearly to disrupt and destroy – which seems petty and childish to me.


  13. Tough week? Take it easy, lemon-squeazy.

    A bit of decent weather wouldn’t go amiss. WTF is this government playing at? :)


  14. Here’s a lefty poem:


    What is this life if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare.

    No time to stand beneath the boughs
    And stare as long as sheep or cows.

    No time to see, when woods we pass,
    Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

    No time to see, in broad daylight,
    Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

    No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,
    And watch her feet, how they can dance.

    No time to wait till her mouth can
    Enrich that smile her eyes began.

    A poor life this is if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare.
    William Henry Davies


  15. The Slog ‘USED’ to be an intelligent forum with serious discussion participated in by serious bloggers with professionally good ideas.
    In my humble opinion, the FRUSTRATION of seeing NOTHING DONE by our ‘DEAR LEADER’ follow me i’m right behind you has allowed this blog to evolve into a banter circus of the 3rd degree .


  16. I think BT is not a happy bunny. JW you appear to have been right to cull him. Now pretending to be you… and your dog. Pathetic. What an idiot.

    BT may I ask you politely, on behalf of people who enjoy this site, to PISS OFF and not come back.


  17. I agree.
    John, you seem to have lost control.
    Probably one idiot with a chip, now joined maybe by a few destructive tw*ts, a good place has been ruined.
    Now JW, I have a great regard for your abilities and talents, so this problem should be easily resolvable.
    Btw AN Other has also posted as me recently too, not badly, but nevertheless…….


  18. If you come to the comment threads on my blog – WHICH I OWN SO I’M IN CHARGE – to correct my factual errors or expose me as a socialist, you will be censored banned. Banning folks for such things is not censorship, it’s culling. I know that’s true because I just made it up. Remember, I’m an old ad-man and I know all there is to know about wrapping up shit and selling it on as a bunch of roses. Dispute my dodgy and incomprehensible “facts” with real provable facts of your own or solid logical opinions, or disagree with my naive assessment of complex global affairs, and you will not get a hearing if I’m in one of my bloated-ego moods, which is most of the time nowadays. Expose me for not really knowing WTF I’m talking about and not having a clue about politics, geo-politics or any other politics, let alone football, and I will hit the spam button straight away. Chips cost extra.

    The Slog is meant to be a site where reasonable, civilised people can coalesce around MY opinions, agree with MY assessments of events and point up MY tissue of blatant lefty lies, notwithstanding the latent dissembling that I am fed 24/7 by people of all right-wing politicals, civil servants, implicated MSM titles, bankers, multinational headcases, right-wing zealots and anybody who believes in globalisation and the 13th Imam. Also from MY secret sources. Socialist fluffies always tell the truth. I know that too because I am a champagne socialist and among the richest 10% in Britain. Beat that.

    It is a site looking for new lefty ideas, especially Radical Realism and old prejudices (of which I have plenty), bitter resentment (that too), rude insults (those too and I don’t charge) and unfounded allegations against anybody who disagrees with my opinions. Anyone who marrs the overall concealed Progressive Lefty ‘feel’ will disappear very quickly. The spam button. Chips cost extra.

    Remember this and you will probably avoid being censored banned: SYCOPHANTS and YIP-YIP-YIP YES-MEN ARE WELCOME HERE.
    Anybody who has opinions which differ from mine better watch out. Doggy biscuits are in good supply now that coco has been put to sleep.

    Thank you.


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