THAT ECB BUILDING: Is this why it’s half-done work?

Rumours were emerging from Brussels this morning (following the earlier Slogpost on half-built Cathedrals of Mammon) to the effect that work on the new ECB Frankfurt HQ was put on the back-burner last March in order to accelerate completion of the new ring road to circumnavigate the now outdated EU Constitution fiscal rules Treaty. (See also Lisbon, Rome etc etc)

The Slog’s Sprout Mole has forwarded to Slogger’s Roost here, somewhere in France, the exclusively-revealed new hub system, construction of which has unfortunately destroyed the legal basis it was originally designed to by-pass. The new automotorbahnroutepista has cut by 99% the length of time it takes ECB money to reach insolvent caja private banks, and opened up a valuable new route between the Madrid Central Bank and those very same cajas for the growing market in transporting debt to the indebted. The dotted-lines represent proposed emergency routes that have been open since 2009 but don’t exist as such while being chock-solid with junk bond logistics haulage on a daily basis.

“The new design has, I think, produced the world’s first fiat money merry-go-round,” opined Japanese limerick freak Herman the Ersatz German van Rompuy, “and as such has an ironic beauty that will stand for all time”. Mr van Rompuy (whose middle name is Achilles*) said he was delighted to have awarded the contract to Grecobank SA, to several of whose senior staff he is entirely unrelated. The Bank of Greece adopted the design for its own purposes last week, and has prounced it “a great improvement on the old seagoing route via Tokyo to Frankfurt”.

*Astonishingly, that bit is true.

Inspired by this snippet from seekingalpha today: ‘Spanish bank borrowing: Just to be clear, the banks are borrowing from the ECB to fund their purchases (and private investor sales) of Spanish sovereign debt. “This can only go on for so long,” says Peter Chatwell, a fixed-income strategist.

NB Although this post is strictly for laughs, I would have to refute the theory that the ECB’s ongoing not going anywhere new HQ Project is purely to do with construction workers going on holiday. Nothing much has happened on the Tower of Babel since March. Research shows that construction workers go on towel-throwing holidays in August.

20 thoughts on “THAT ECB BUILDING: Is this why it’s half-done work?

  1. Hello John,

    Love this…LingMAO. Nearly as good as ‘fiscalnacht’. Your black humour always cheers my day. Thanks so much…  :0)

    Sarah Browne



  2. We are at the point were we have to ask is all money corrupt,has the bond of trust broken,whatever document you signed was it fair even lawful,did you enter a contract that was or is a true or corrupted contract,which ever side you stand these transactions are onerous


  3. Max Keiser,who may sound looney but has painfully right over the years,has suggested that printing og 100Trillions EUROS by the Fed was occuring-has he totally lost it,or is his pun more correctly aimed?


  4. Never been to Frankfurt, I did go to Berlin once, bloody building site. I did get Michael Schumakers dad as my taxi driver though, in a yellow mercedes with 600,000k’s on the clock. I went to Hannover once as well, not much to recommend it, most criminal place in all of Germany apparently. Munich was alright though, nice beer. But as I was saying, Berlin was a construction site, you don’t want to go down that K’dam either. Bloody miles!


  5. Might we not additionally map the North Western Ring Road?…. where once the money arrives at the bust Spanish Banks, it is promptly taken out by their wiser depositors and sent round to those nice safe German Banks…..for them to deposit it back with the ECB ?

    Despite this desperate can kick……..Its almost a shame that there is not a cat in hell’s chance of it all lasting another couple of years until Draghi has to ask the banks of Europe (South) for the 3 year LTRO ‘loan’ money back………now that would have really been a laugh !

    A fun post JW !…. but I do wonder if a couple of those dotted ‘B’ roads might still have a few bridges that have not actually been constructed just yet, and where the architects models can be viewed in the Gold and Marble rooms of the Local Town Hall…………

    ……you know, the one next to the Mayors brand new private mansion ! ;)

    ………..but where any passing EU money has already been collected in ‘bridge tolls’ for the past year !!


  6. Achilles?? Achilles??!! If true that’s just amazing!

    After having such a moronic, baffling title thrust upon him, his outcome as a person was pretty much assured.

    I still think they elected him to be the fall guy for when it all falls apart. Throw him in front of the cameras to waffle whilst the masterminds beat a hasty exit out the back door.

    A noose would look lovely on him though.


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