EGYPT: Mursi makes his move as two top Generals chopped

Mohamed…shows no Mursi

The Slog reported recently about the Islamist murders on the Egypt/Israel border where 16 Egyptian troops were killed by militants. At the time, I wrote, “I understand the general view in Tel Aviv is that the Army v Brotherhood thing in Egypt is still far from being a done deal, and that these clashes show the Islamists broadcasting that fact, and the army top brass demonstrating what they can do when necessary.” The latter point referred to air strikes conducted by Egypt’s military against ‘suspected Islamic militants’ in the Sinai peninsula.

In this game of delicately balanced power, Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Mursi made a major move yesterday, firing Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, ruler of Egypt during the interregnum between Hosni Mubarak’s removal and Mursi’s election. Also summarily removed was the military chief of staff Sami Enan.

Sources close to Mursi said that Egypt could not go on “having two heads”. Well, just about every country in the world has both a military and politicial head, although the politician usually has the final say – in theory. But in most cases across the planet, the two branches get on. These two were never going to, because Mursi’s Islamic Brotherhood is an intolerant fascist political Party consisting of very slightly less mad Muslims, emboldened by their new best friend, useful idiot Hillary Clinton.

The clash between the new president and the military council was expected, but the speed of his mini-purge caught most observers by surprise. In particular, it caught Britain’s FCO on the hop, in much the same way everything arabist is missed by Willy Hague’s army of Little Helpers. However, having been consulted in advance about this remake of Night of the Long Knives further move towards a democratic civilian State, the least surprised person on the block was Barack Obama.

Tantawi has been replaced by General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi….a spook. And naturally, as always happens under emerging totalitarian regimes, crowds gathered. Crowds always gather, mysteriously. Often, bayonets are involved. This particular crowd chanted, “President of the republic, your decree gets 100 percent support”. Given it had only just appeared on State media, I never cease to be amazed by the speed at which these snappy chants catch on.

It must be part of the Arab Spring bonus.



8 thoughts on “EGYPT: Mursi makes his move as two top Generals chopped

  1. Really as predictable as night following day. I hope for his sake that he has his escaape route via Geneva sorted and that his memory for recognition codes is good.


  2. Morsi’s actions in the last month have aroused serious concern in the United States and Israel. His coup Sunday will give them more unsavory food for thought. They will not have missed the sudden arrival of Egyptian army M-60 tanks (made in the US) right up to the Israeli border of Sinai while the new appointments were announced in Cairo.


  3. What the west forget is the fact that the Arab World are not used to Western Style [so-called Democracy] They are used to fairly benign, but strong Presidents/Kings. So to try to sell them our version of Parlimentery Dictatorship/Democracy. They will use it, and are help, for their own ends and then discard it when it suits.

    I just ask our elected Dictators to be wary what they wish for, as the devil they know, is much better then one they don’t know.

    Still look on the bright side, if they are fighting amongst them selves, they won’t bother us, YET. Plus what happens when someone starts to finance the Shites in Qatar, Bharain and Saudi. Just so they can get an elected democracy. [or regime change]

    In both Syria and Iraq, yes they have/had dictators. but they only played lip service to religious zealots, so non-muslims were left to run their own affairs.

    Last question, concerns a] the Tanks on Isreals border it may only be a question of time before they are destroyed in a pre-emptive strike [as per 6 day war] and b] Who will get control of Syria’s chemical weapons?


  4. I wouldn’t read too much dissension into this. Reports suggest that the army, or more correctly, I suppose, the Supreme Army Council, has been bought off rather than slapped down. This is far more worrying than anything else. It would be far better for the West and the region in general if the army remained aloof from geopolitics, concentrating on maintaining internal control and maximising profit.

    As I said previously, it is clear the army has been running things since Nasser and they have not given up anything in the way of their ‘assets’, that is their ownership/control of almost everything with real value within Egypt.

    To me it seems as though the MB has begun to activate sleepers it had ready and waiting within the army, gradually rebuilding their base lost in the purges after Anwar Sadat’s assassination by fundamentalist officers. Certainly the MB has shown itself to be highly astute at the game of politics and the army has always been the big beast of Egyptian politics, far too strong for mere politicians or other elites to topple or coerce which really leaves only subversion as the tool to gain control of it. If there isn’t a backlash that smacks Morsi down then things miught get very serious, very soon.


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