OLYMPIC GAMES: Debunking the ‘local economy, trade and investment’ link.

A slogger writes that:

‘….the Frogs believe that we have been tampering with the wheels on our bicycles, which is why we got 7 golds in the Velodrome and they didn’t…’

Yes, very French that. On the day that terrorists bombed the London Tube in 2005, a Le Monde editorial proclaimed, ‘Today, every Frenchman is a Londoner.’ But within 24 hours, Le Figaro was claiming we’d won the Olympic venue through bribery. And they refer to our style as ‘la perfide Albion’. Oh well.

However, there is one intriguing economic dimension pointed out by the self-same Slogger: ‘According to Chris Hoy the wheels Team GB use are made in France’. And he’s right, they are.

This reality is what no amount of invented jamborees can hide. The Diamond Jubilee was lovely and all that, but over 70% of the flags were made abroad…and the celebrations lost us enough productivity to put the UK technically ‘back’ in recession.

The Coalition has inherited this ‘Olympic ideal’ bollocks production from the Great Dissembler, Tony Blair. Cameron wished to make it a weapon of distraction, BoJo is hoping for an ascension on the back of it, and *unt prays that it will preserve his job. Lord Green of Drugbarons has used it to evade arrest, G4S used it to make a lot of money from Locog incompetence, and Muhammed Bari got himself onto the Board of Locog to ensure that some Burqas would be included in the opening ceremony. Finally, the multinational brand Nazis used the Olympic Games the way they always do: to promote products antithetical to health and fitness in almost every way.

There are but two groups who have enjoyed the Olympics for what they should really be about: the maximisation of personal achievement through endeavour. These are, the paying public and the magnificent athletes.

In terms of usefulness to a hopelessly indebted Britain well, the jury is out. So far we know that (1) It will cost the London retail economy dear (2) Valuable workdays have been lost to sickies and ‘not getting caught out (3) no big deals have been announced as such, and (4) the cost is already more than double the original budget.

This last point is really very important, and has been neglected by the MSM. If the original rationale for pitching as a venue was sold in on the basis of return on investment, then it is patently obvious that the original return calculations must be miles out. We thus await facts, figures, charts and an absence of bollocks from Monsieur le Maire once the pissup is over, and we are left at last to face the certainty of Britain going down with SS Brussels.

46 thoughts on “OLYMPIC GAMES: Debunking the ‘local economy, trade and investment’ link.

  1. If there is one over-riding impression for me during these games, it is the fleeting and ephemeral nature of physical excellence. The look of timeless joy on the faces of those superb athletes as their gruelling training regimes pay dividends is wonderful to behold. I hope they make the most of it and keep it going for as long as they are able.

    There was a time, decades ago, when I could lift nearly twice my own bodyweight above my head and reliably put an arrow through a playing card at thirty paces … it feels like it was last Thursday … the only exercise I get these days is a bloody good cough first thing in the morning.

    If the only people who are truly immortal are those who live in the eternal present, those kids are gods for the day. Good for them.


  2. I thought it was the IllumiNazi XXX Zion 2012 London Olympics organised to celebrate a New Jerusalem in England green and pleasant land. I think William Blake even conveniently died a couple of hundred years or so ago on the 12th August!

    Closing celebrations 12th August!.


  3. Sadly it appears that the Olympics is not about the athletes, it’s about our (fill in country of choice) athletes. Watching the BBC it seems that only TeamGB are competing. And it’s not about all our athletes, it’s about those that won a gold medal (note the tear-filled apologies from the loser that got silver, and the coverage of those that didn’t place). So the UK spent £12 billion for a 2 week party where 22 people got gold medals so far. That’s nearly £600 million per gold medal. It’s a good job the economy is humming along like a Bentley. If it’s true that those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad, they must be pretty grumpy with us right now.


  4. “We thus await facts, figures, charts and an absence of bollocks ….” You can rest assured, John, that by the time the facts, figures and charts appear (the first with any validity in about three months) the MSM and the public will have completely lost interest and the only comments that will emerge will indeed be total and absolute bollocks, whether for or against.

    The best we can expect when it eventually materialises that we have effectively poured billions down the drain for no return, that there is no resurgence in grass-roots sport and the entire country fails to take up running, cycling and gym subscriptions in preference to lager, fast food and reality TV 90% of the public’s response will be, “So what? We all knew that would happen!” accompanied by a shrug, totally oblivious to the horrendous loss and waste, unable to comprehend that it is THEIR money that has been pissed away.

    The only bright spot is that the London council tax payers might just have enough wit to be very, very angry, but I won’t hold my breath.


  5. Was there ever an Olympics that returned a profit to the people? Was there ever an Olympic stadium which, after the games, continued to be used by the ordinary people?


  6. As someone who has spent quite a lot of time in France in the last 20 years, I have to disagree. The French people I meet are generally friendly, polite and helpful. Older ones are delighted when an English person can speak French and younger ones are happy to switch to English. We shouldn’t judge a country by the pronouncements of their politicians or press.


  7. The 1908 Olympics made a small profit, and the White city stadium was well used in various ways for many years.
    And the 1948 games used all old facilities, profit I know not, and the LA games only had two new venues for cycling and swimming paid for by sponsors so there is another way, all the rest have been a financial disaster of varying degrees and many venues a total waste.


  8. What form was this tampering supposed ti take? Short pf putting concealed motors in the wheels, I can’t think of any tampering that could improve the performance of bike wheels.


  9. Positives: getting to see sports you’d never normally watch, getting to see sports people so much more humble and down to earth than the celebrity sports people we’re used to, the fact that england have done well and dispelling the myth that english people lack the mentality to be “winners” I’ve oft heard following a penalty shoot out…

    …the Negatives: the cost obviously – and who paid for it; people who gained non of the benifits, the raping of the taxpayer and future generations of tax payers to pay the governments friends, the fact that no one in all the thanks speeches has mentioned the poor old tax payer; army thugs walking the streets of london in their thousands; the socialist revisionist opening ceremony; the queen; prince harry and william and kate; David Beckham; the ridiculous focus on only the sports that britain are good at (which happen to be the pretty boring rowing and cycling) at the expense of more interesting sports – pingpong, wrestling, judo, water polo to name but a few; sebastian coe; the missiles on roofs; mcdonalds, coca cola etc being allowed to dicated what others can and can’t sell/do; the raping of small businesses, 80% of the BBC interviewers being half wits…

    Well, anyway, I’m looking forward to going into central london again next week once its all over. I have a feeling there’s going to be some truely horrible economic data/events going on that will need to be digested; so I’m looking forward to doing that over a coffee and a muffin…


  10. That’s not true. Atlanta 1996 looked at the legacy of debt left by all previous games and made the sponsors fund EVERYTHING.

    Sure people complained that the Games were over commercialised, but only those who partook, paid for the privilege.

    I don’t know if the Atlanta Games made a profit, but at least the legacy wasn’t higher taxes for Atlanta’s citizens and they are mighty pleased about that.


  11. Of course they’re polite, friendly and helpful. But that doesn’t stop them sniping. Anymore than it does us. It’s a love/hate relationship which, as far as I’m concerned, gives the relationship vibrancy.


  12. They were suspicious because the Team GB race wheels were put into wheel covers when not in use, but they didn’t think to ask why.

    The actual reason is that doing so reduces the amount of dirt getting on the tyre tread and hence improves the adhesion the tyre has to the track, then it is possible to corner faster.

    As a rule the technical side of Team GB has looked for 1% improvements in tiny areas, adding these up then gives significant advantages. By the next Olympics everyone will be doing the same.


  13. So far the french are covering mainly the events that the french are in, like handball, basketball, volleyball, some of the athletics, which is ok if one likes that sort of sport,(I always thought they were classed as ‘pastimes’, but hey, what do I know?) The only winner ceremonies they cover are french ones, so we haven’t had to listen to the Marcellaisethat much.
    I find the idea of the waste of money quite obscene, I found the opening ceremony tasteless, but then I’m just a grumpy old git, as all my aquaintance found it ‘all a bit of fun’.
    The whole thing was for me, an opportunity for our Lords of Misrule to parade themselves as super heroes, & to hell with the cost, popularity is the thinglet’s forget we’re broke, etc…..


  14. You forgot to mention William & Kate. – They’ve been there every day I believe, ‘Selling Britain’!!
    Their first customers were the Cameroon team who have defected and claimed assylum. – In the next Olympics they’ll be British and running for us.
    More to follow – yes, most probably!
    Plus another 50,000 who came to watch and decided the offer was too good to refuse.
    All in all not a bad fortnights work. Well done all concerned.


  15. Well the “accidental” cock up of G4S not having enough security people very nicely enabled the powers that be to get us all used to the idea of the streets of Britain being policed by our miltary forces.

    How long before a false flag event in London or austerity riots or similar bring the army back to our streets I wonder. Are we being prepared like sheep and cattle?


  16. Henry Kissinger in an address to the super secret Bilderberg Organization meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992 said the following as transcribed from a tape recording made by one of the Swiss delegates:

    “Today American’s would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.” ___


  17. Ask the Greeks if the Olympics were a good investment….apart from the purchase of German Submarines, the Olympic Games probably rank fairly highly in that wot dun it…at least initially before the regular scumbags made it much worse

    A quick drive around the Athens roads surrounding the Greek Olympic site last Autumn revealled rusting and padlocked venues left for the foxes and rabbits to decide if one could produce faster that the other could catch.

    There is a slight chance, and I hope to hell that the coming financial tsumami does not wreak it, that these London Olympics will inspire just enough of our UK kids and teenagers to make much better of their lives than if we had not won these games.

    We should not just look at the bottom line on spreadsheets here….mebbe the medal count will not be as good in Rio, but if enough UK kids from all backgrounds are inspired to have a go at getting there next time…we might have something wonderful…… that is not tangable in nice bottom line numbers….unless of course you want to forward project in the cost of the really bad London riots of 2014….


  18. Maybe the defecting Cameroons will follow the example of other plastic Brits like the sainted Mo Farrah – you know, he’s the one who spends all his time in Oregon with his American coach. So that way, they’ll only ever be over here to collect the sponsorship dosh and the benefits.


  19. But not as pathetic as some countries whose govts. absolve their energy security to private companies of other nations as the U.K. has done; E.D.F. will be building the new nuclear power stations using old and tried all be it expensive technology which means us who live over in ‘small minded’ France get our electricity bills subsidised by the British citizen, maybe the French are not so ‘small’ minded after all.


  20. Leaving aside VAT and fuel duties, there are not all that many people who (net of tax credits) actually pay UK taxes. The few that do are shackled to the PAYE system.


  21. Wow, grumpy old men et al…..
    My cup is still half full, we are doing ok, and I have yet to meet someone who is not inspired by Team GB.
    As I understand it (AIUI) in new speak, we will find out the real (lies) costs at a later date, but in the meantime, I fail to see the corruption in someone running their legs off,or similar.
    At what point did pride and feel-good become swear words?

    On the other hand, it might be boring if we all said, ‘Hell yes’ to our GB successes……..

    Haven’t yet come across someone who isn’t weepy at our medal success…we must all be part of that 99% (or 1%) or whatever…as we have to boxed somehow.


  22. The problem is that France, a strongly socialist country, manages just as well as we do in economic terms. I have often wondered how, with their massive employers’ social contributions (apparently they deter employment in the UK but not in France), and the generally higher level of taxation there, not to mention far superior state pensions. It can’t all be down to their expertise in funnelling CAP funds to their farmers.


  23. Joanna, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Olympics as far as sport is concerned. All very good. But we have all been suckered into believing that sport requires a truly tremendous amount of money to be successful. That was part of the show and tell by Blair when London was chosen, disguised from the people at the time by the idiot Jowell. I don’t mean the few £hundred million spent on training and support, I mean the assumption that we can’t have this sort of thing without building outrageously expensive buildings that have no likely use afterwards. Sport does not have to be ‘done’ in the most lavish imaginable surroundings and surrounded by the ultimate in razzmatazz. You can get as much role model creation from a very great deal less and still have decent facilities and classy opening and closing events. The first figure that was quoted (£2.4bn) was perhaps too low. The current one (people say around £12bn) is just an outrage in a country that is borrowed to the hilt and can’t afford to fund its health service, road networks etc etc properly. Some perspective in this sort of thing would be appreciated I think.


  24. I wouldn’t actually agree there, Carys, the majority of working people and pensioners are tax payers, especially when you include council tax, car tax, TV licence and so on, all those things are forms of taxation, even the levies and charges utilities and such pass on to the customer like the climate change levy and renewables obligation, now accounting for 20% – 25% of our energy bills, are taxes, just hidden.

    Nor is tax per se the only cost to the individual, every £ government spends is a charge to the individual, the tax businesses pay and the money government spends act to depress wages, pensions and even welfare. Outside of monopolies, competition for labour ensures the more profitable a business is the higher wage it will pay, just look at the pay in financial services. Every £ government spends is cut off from the overall wealth of the country and that affects everyone. Any true accounting would see all government expenditure expressed as a debit against GDP.


  25. Spot on BT. The bit that really enrages me is we all know what strokes the French are likely to pull but our politicians always let them get away with it.


  26. All over the country sports facilities are being closed down due to cuts in funding and schools have been selling sports fields for decades At the same time the moron Cameron was on the radio exhorting the nation.

    Does he not see a conflict in what he wants and what his government is doing?


  27. It’s an outrage! We don’t need expensive stadia to put on a global sporting event. Let’s just go down the rec or the village playing field and hold it there! We must stop this Olympics madness now!


  28. Hang on, Wiggi dear boy. Our leader, grumpy ole JW himself deplores, no – HATES – the takover of the Olympics by sponsors (Coke, MacD, et al) so you’re not on the right track at all. I’m not sure who he’d rather pay for the whole thing – us taxpayers maybe? – but of course he’s not saying…..


  29. “Army thugs walking the streets of London in their thousands”
    Probably the safest place to be on planet earth no thanks to g4$.
    Thugs? why? explain yourself.


  30. well if you feel safe amoungst jackbooted government thugs, you must be different from me. The army are killers, racists, idiots, and incompetants.


  31. “The army are killers, racists, idiots, and incompetants.”

    Well that’s the reasoned debate out of the way, what shall we try now?


  32. Or even grant free entry to all those people who wish to exercise in such places which are not closing/closed ! No free seats to the ‘spectacular spectacular’ for politico’s and their buddies in that solution. No chance to rub shoulders with ‘the great and the good’ for a photo opportunity ‘supporting the hero’ camera shots on the free pass of the British taxpayer which of course can be dished out to anyone who will ‘improve your image’.
    Respect (sincere) only for those who have worked their socks off to be the ‘trained monkeys’ providing the show…………


  33. “There is a slight chance, and I hope to hell that the coming financial tsumami does not wreak it, that these London Olympics will inspire just enough of our UK kids and teenagers to make much better of their lives than if we had not won these games.”

    It’s really, really unlikely. There’s no evidence from Sydney or Greece that more people take up sport after the Olympics.

    The problem is that most Olympics sports are obscure and either boring, or require a huge amount of specialist equipment. Outside the Olympics, almost no-one pays to see competitive swimming, canoeing and rowing. If they did, the canoeists and rowers wouldn’t be living off the lottery.


  34. Rollo,

    The difference between the Olympics and the football, cricket and rugby world cups is that they make use of existing stadia because there is a constant demand for those sports. No-one regularly uses a large athletics stadium or a velodrome.


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