A slogger writes that:

‘….the Frogs believe that we have been tampering with the wheels on our bicycles, which is why we got 7 golds in the Velodrome and they didn’t…’

Yes, very French that. On the day that terrorists bombed the London Tube in 2005, a Le Monde editorial proclaimed, ‘Today, every Frenchman is a Londoner.’ But within 24 hours, Le Figaro was claiming we’d won the Olympic venue through bribery. And they refer to our style as ‘la perfide Albion’. Oh well.

However, there is one intriguing economic dimension pointed out by the self-same Slogger: ‘According to Chris Hoy the wheels Team GB use are made in France’. And he’s right, they are.

This reality is what no amount of invented jamborees can hide. The Diamond Jubilee was lovely and all that, but over 70% of the flags were made abroad…and the celebrations lost us enough productivity to put the UK technically ‘back’ in recession.

The Coalition has inherited this ‘Olympic ideal’ bollocks production from the Great Dissembler, Tony Blair. Cameron wished to make it a weapon of distraction, BoJo is hoping for an ascension on the back of it, and *unt prays that it will preserve his job. Lord Green of Drugbarons has used it to evade arrest, G4S used it to make a lot of money from Locog incompetence, and Muhammed Bari got himself onto the Board of Locog to ensure that some Burqas would be included in the opening ceremony. Finally, the multinational brand Nazis used the Olympic Games the way they always do: to promote products antithetical to health and fitness in almost every way.

There are but two groups who have enjoyed the Olympics for what they should really be about: the maximisation of personal achievement through endeavour. These are, the paying public and the magnificent athletes.

In terms of usefulness to a hopelessly indebted Britain well, the jury is out. So far we know that (1) It will cost the London retail economy dear (2) Valuable workdays have been lost to sickies and ‘not getting caught out (3) no big deals have been announced as such, and (4) the cost is already more than double the original budget.

This last point is really very important, and has been neglected by the MSM. If the original rationale for pitching as a venue was sold in on the basis of return on investment, then it is patently obvious that the original return calculations must be miles out. We thus await facts, figures, charts and an absence of bollocks from Monsieur le Maire once the pissup is over, and we are left at last to face the certainty of Britain going down with SS Brussels.