The Daily Telegraph reports today that the Troika is suprised by the true situation in Cyprus: European Commission representative Maarten Verwey told the Cypriot Government:

“What we have seen is that your fiscal system is worse than we expected … prospects for growth are lower than what we expected, and as a result, there is a huge gap between your income and expenditure.”

“And no roofs, we are noticing also. We demand to know how and when these disappeared. What will you do when it rains? These pillars do not conform to EU Safety standards, and appear to have no insulating materials or glass between them. The reconstruction programme will cost millions and yet you have made no provision for it. We shall be reporting back to Brussels in a most negative tone.”

EU Commissioner for Economic Monetariness and Austere Fiscal Growth Olli Rehn said, “This is the same all over Cyprus: they half-build stuff and then go bankrupt without paying their taxes. It is typical. I am Finnish and there we finish everything, perhaps even the eurozone. This was joke, thank you.”