At the End of the Day

As Buddhists are fond of remarking, everything is connected.

I think one or two Sloggers had doubts /couldn’t follow/detected hype in relation to this site’s earlier post today about what Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Syria and Iran all have in common for the United States.

So let’s start with Greece. Athens media assert that the Troika is suddenly far more reasonable about Greek debt: it is now discreetly pushing for easier terms for the Hellenic Republic. The Slog thinks this is not unrelated to American and Israeli schmoozing of Athens in recent days: Brussels senses that one of its easily-bullied satellites might be defecting. For example, while insisting that it is ‘speeding up’ Greek asset sales,
the Samaras Government continues to cite its two recent elections as contributory factors in the delays to something – indeed anything – happening.

Lest we forget, Athens initially targeted privatisation proceeds of €50 billion by 2015, but cut the target to €19 billion after ‘making a slow start’ to the programme.

A short distance across the sea lies Syria, a country The Slog has insisted will be given to the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood by the US, because that’s what Clinton’s State Dept is backing: Sunni Muslims…they being the right sort of Saudi Arabian Muslims. Well, today Syria’s Prime Minister Riad Hijab fled the country, denouncing the “terrorist regime” of Bashar al-Assad. Hijab is a Sunni Muslim, and  the United States was quick off the mark in hailing “the highest level government defection yet” as a sign the Syrian president is losing his grip.

But surely, this same United States that condemns Iranian terrorism cannot be siding with a Sunni brotherhood consistently targeting non-zealot anti Bassad rebels for assassination? Well, Zero Hedge today reminds us that the Director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan – Lt. General William Odom – made a point of testifying that “Because the United States itself has a long record of supporting terrorists and using terrorist tactics, the slogans of today’s war on terrorism merely makes the United States look hypocritical to the rest of the world…by any measure the US has long used terrorism. In the period 1978-79, the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism – in every version they produced, the lawyers said the US would be in violation….”

Everything is connected. Greece is connected to Cyprus, which is connected to Turkey – and massively connected to EU debt and the Aegean, which is connected to energy and rare earths, which is connected to Israel, which is unpleasantly connected to Syria and Iran, which are connected to the American desire for Sunnis to triumph, which is connected to the fact that Saudi Arabia is overwhelmingly Sunni.

If people think this is conspiracy theory, then the human being is not a synapse-connected skeltal structure, but a delusional conspiracy theory concocted by blogosphere nutters. Surely, people of reasonable intelligence can agree that a major power in decline will try to secure the supply of industrial materials and economic energy vital to its survival. And surely those same people can accept that it will interfere in the affairs of everyone and anything involved in order to achieve that end…..especially if the overwhelming ethic of its commerce is one of ‘do what it takes but don’t get caught’.

For some months now, The Slog has argued – using both testimony and behavioural evidence – that the US is engaged in a process of triumphing over the EU, avoiding any contagion therefrom, and remaining the dominant influence in oil-rich Arab Africa. It remains a mystery to me that many people still refuse to see the connection. But as I have said ad nauseam previously, Homo sapiens’ ability to deny is unequalled by any other species.




23 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Well read Mr ward. I am glad I caught this gem of a piece. There has ALWAYS been a ‘special’ relationship between the Saudi’s and the Americans- look at GW Boosh Jnrs oil barron days ( sniggers). There has also been a strong ‘Jewish’ lobby and ‘Irish’ lobby which was at the heart of the USA Government. a hand in many pies if you will. My own theory is the Saudi’s need the Americans to protect their kindom control – the Americans need that god damn oil land under it’s control. Now lets look at this for a cenario. The Sunni’s are more fundemental, and seek control of IRAQ which was freed up by… US and UK. The Iran – Iraq war was mostly about, among other things, Islam and the Islamic influence over it’s population. ( Saddam wanted nothing to do with the terrorists who were threatening his control) Saudi arabia had no love for Saddam because of his oppression of sunni muslims. Iran, who America and Israel both want to see gone from map are mostly non sunni muslims – so three birds killed with one stone if you will. Israel gets Iranian relief. Saudi’s get sunni majority to protect it and America get both arabs and Israelis love and adoration. Yes, John you are correct there is a connection and a hidden agenda the world is being played to suit a few top players. UK is having it’s head held under the water because it no longer has any influence on the grand stage. The EU is so inward looking and self serving to notice anything. I believe the USA,ISRAEL AND ARABS hold a lot of responsibility for the state of the EU economy. And no amount of huffing and puffing from vague and EU reps about China and Russia doing anything about Syria is going to change anything because China and Russia are ahead of the game and know how to shut up and count the pennies- then see what side of the bed,if any their trousers fall.


  2. The jigsaw pieces certainly seem to fit in your analysis, John. Good one ! All we can hope for Greece is that none of the usual Scumbags sign away 20 years of Aegean Oil Rights to the US in exchange for filling up their personal vaults in Zurich with ‘greenbacks’……..but that is probably a very big ask.

    The rest all seems to be about ‘Events, Dear Boy!’ as Macmillan once put it……(and timelines that appear almost impossible to predict).

    Such as …..What follows in Syria, power struggles in Egypt, keeping Israeli planes on the ground until after 14th Nov, Karlsruhe deciding if the ESM is unconstitutional, Spain going bust before the cavalry arrive…..add your own to the list folks…..there are surely plenty more!

    We indeed live in ‘Exciting Times !’ …. However, thanks to the Olympics, UK Media seems to have decided that there is nothing going on in the rest of the world worth reporting …So thats a relief then…right?


  3. USA, EU and China are more mutually dependent and interconnected than ever before…one goes down, they all go down.


  4. ‘The US is engaged in a process of triumphing over the EU, avoiding any contagion therefrom’
    Been saying that for quite a while now……If the EU was to miraculously overcome its problems and unite with One Currency, One Government and One Treasury it would be a disaster for the US. And they would demand regime change, in fact they would probably insist on Gordon Brown being back in power!


  5. All interesting stuff.
    Just like to add to the mix:
    The Troika may also be going easy on Greece because they know that at some point Spain is going to need a bailout. ‘When’ that happens, the terms are going to have to be a bit easier than those imposed on Greece, otherwise Spain is going to BANG!

    So, by giving a little more debt ‘kindness’ to the Greeks now, it will allow them some wriggle room with Spain, without the threat of being taken too court.


  6. I guess they must have forgiven the sunnis for their insurgency in Iraq which killed so many US soldiers and civilians.


  7. sooner the better then. Only if you had said europe rather than the EU would I have had any empathy but if the EU is causal, maybe the others are too.


  8. ” usual Scumbags sign away 20 years of Aegean Oil Rights to the US “… Agreed, I think at this point they would have to be a bit smoother about it as there is an army of people verrrrrry angry in the streets of Athens these days… but it is the greatest danger for Greece… our own “leaders”.


  9. burrah
    Very good point, thus revealing the fact that I don’t know. Egypt is a very odd situation because of the political power of a largely secular military. I don’t know enough about that, but it’s a good topic to look into.


  10. Except that Iraq was ‘sunni controlled’. It was the minority Islamic ‘sect’ in Iraq but was the major player in the ‘Baath’ party which was the controlling government ‘party’ of Saddam and his supporters.


  11. I seem to remember (but can find no further evidence or links) that the EU was (a couple of years back) proposing a ‘common rights’ policy regarding minerals etc. within member countries.
    It may be coincidence that it concurred with the potential greek riches under the water becoming exploitable………… just thinking again :)


  12. No mention of the Russians in the post.
    I thought they were supposed to be wooing the Greeks and the Cypriots in order to get some strategic presence in the Med. ie naval bases, made all the more urgent due to the impending loss of Syria?


  13. You may want to continue with your “connect the dots” to include some other “Unexpected events”

    Iran and India swapping oil for gold
    Indian power grid going down
    US stock market algo crash last week.


  14. “Iran and India swapping oil for gold”

    Not a lot else they could swap?

    “Indian power grid going down”

    Not that unexpected given the level of investment.

    But what about the risk to financial institutions and others outsourcing IT (and HelpDesk) functions to India?

    “US stock market algo crash last week.”

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was a hack. Chances are it just incompetence.


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