It may not be getting any better on the ground in the Olympic Village, but on track, field and river, Team GB have done us all proud. A quite incredible performance. And there’s nothing quicker to burrow into a successful animal than the politician. Once again, BoJo has shown that he is indeed the man who put the tic into politician.

Last night, an effusive Mayor of London said: “Team GB’s gluttonous desire for gold shows no sign of being sated. Their extraordinary efforts have brought rapture to streets, parks and living rooms in London and all over the country if not the planet. It has been a remarkable first week and my hearty congratulations go to every single athlete that has taken part. They have entertained billions of people around the world and I for one cannot wait to see what they serve up for week two.”

PS And just look how quickly everyone’s forgotten all the cockups, the graft, and the ruination of London’s retail economy.

Meanwhile, the chief executive of Coca-Cola has defended the role of Olympic sponsors, saying that without them the Games would not be anything like as ‘rich’ an event. This gentleman could live to 170 and never get the Olympic ideal. If we banned professionalism – and went back to sponsoring the athletes not ‘the event’ – the event would be all the richer for it. The CEO of coke doesn’t care a fig for the Olympics, fitness or health, as the guy is marketing a drink made from sh*t. And judging by feedback from the real fans, his staff know very little about planned mass catering.

One further note, by the way. BBC interviewers have come under much criticism thanks to the predictable prattle that surrounds the “give us your reaction” bollocks thirty seconds after somebody has achieved the pinnacle of their career. Yes, alright – the questions are asinine. But once again we must remind ourselves that we are dealing with athletes here, not the Oscar Wilde & Noel Coward Appreciation Society.

Firewheels Wiggins has the correct approach: he says he isn’t a robot, has no interest in undergoing media training, and if people don’t like it they can knob off. It’s one of the biggest reasons why he is such a hero in France: ‘le straight-talk gentleman’ as he is known over here. Excellent.

I did a little audit of last night’s post-win Olympic interviews. The phrase “I’ve/you’ve worked so hard for this” came up 29 times in a little over 50 minutes between roughly 8.40 pm BST and 9.30. “I’d like to thank/pay tribute to my team/my parents” was heard 14 times. But the runaway winner was “How are you feeling right now/at this moment?” with 44 mentions.

Wimbledon did, I think, at one time have the right idea on this: talk to the competitors later when they’ve had time to think and talk sensibly about their performances. Now they too thrust a mic under Murray’s nose as he blubs. But it’s what the viewers want, and what the viewers want goes, because what the sponsors and advertisers want is viewers.

However, Sir Redgrave God bless ‘im still holds the lifetime Gold for best interview when, five seconds after he won a fourth rowing gold and pulled his craft over to the side, some media pillock asked for his reaction, live.

“If I ever sound like I might do this again,” he puffed, “F**kin’ shoot me”.