NOT A SHOCKER: Clear link suggested between ethnic origin and single parenthood

New data suggest a link between cultural background and dysfunctional families. We must not downplay the effects of culture on family life. We must not deny reality any longer.

While I realise perfectly well that any story emanating from the Daily Mail will (in most cases, correctly) be ignored by most folks – and seized upon as another example of Tory evil by the Left – when the Mail is simply quoting an official government source of information, it is at least worth checking that source. I’ve just done that (hat-tip here to @NeilDotObrien) and, unfortunately, the Mail story is correct in every detail I can ascertain.

In turn, the reason the post below might lose The Slog followers (and gain me new ones I don’t want) is because it seems hard not to reach some obvious conclusions from the article. I have, as it happens, gone beyond that Mail piece to further support what it’s driving at.

It’s a piece about the family in Britain, and the findings should blow away forever all the Vazs, Milibands, Harmans, Mays and other insightfully challenged idiots who persist in saying, “This is all media invention, and not a situation I recognise on the ground”. It won’t, of course: but it should. These are the key facts, as recorded by the ONS – which only released them following an FOI request:

*There are close to 2million single-parent families in the UK and we have the highest proportion of children brought up in one-parent families of any major European country.

*In seven areas of the country, single parents are now the majority household type.

*The single-majority areas are all inner city areas of London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

* The highest concentration is in Lewisham, where 58% of households with children are headed by lone parents.

The contemporary pc-influenced term for data that go against what one might expect is ‘counter-intuitive’. Dare I suggest that, as readers skim down that list above, the data aren’t remotely counter-intuitive? Well sod it, I will anyway. Here are some more facts that are equally predictable:

*In the rural district of South Northamptonshire, just one in every 20 family units is headed by a single parent.

*The non-White population of the UK is concentrated in the large urban centres. (Another ONS source)

*Referring back to the five cities mentioned above, 45% of non-White people live in London, and the second largest proportions are in the West Midlands (with 13% of the non-White population), followed by the South East (8%), the North West (8%), and Yorkshire and the Humber (7%).

*61% of Black Caribbeans and 54% of Bangladeshis live in London.

*Lewisham has the highest concentration of black Caribbeans in the country

*57% of Pakistanis live in the West Midlands, the North West, or Yorkshire…almost equally.

Now, were these data relating to any subject other than ethnicity and gender, we would be presented here with an obvious hypothesis, and thus go on ask two further questions, viz:

1. What is the incidence of Caribbean/near-Asian representation among one-parent households in these areas, versus the UK as a whole?

2. How do those figures compare with other EU countries?

I doubt very much if that’s going to happen, because what I suspect it would show is that ethnicity – race, to give it the old-fashioned name – is a red herring, and that the real differentiator here is culture.

Certainly, the history of British social research in the past has been one of what the shrinks call ‘avoidance behaviour’ – that is to say, never asking about the trio of elephants on the sofa. For example, a study looking at 2004-8 data conducted by the Equality & Human Rights Commission was called ‘Ethnicity and Family’: and yet the one statistic entirely missing from this exhaustive document was family size and composition by ehtnicity. That’s a little like conducting a survey of banker irresponsibility without measuring the difference between the retail and investment divisions.

For me, this is yet another case of socio-political Establishments refusing to recognise a problem until it gets so out of control, violence and bitterness can be the only outcomes. And once again, it has nothing to do with Left and Right.

Whatever you think about last year’s riots, the overwhelming majority of those who took part felt alienated from, and ignored by, the neocon society we seem intent on creating. They had in turn been through an education system and familial background that led them to believe they had every right to (and nothing to lose by) trashing their own environment.

And when it comes to the multicultural society, you can’t say it’s what you want and then put on a sleeping eye-mask when some potentially destabilising consequences are revealed. The reality suggested by these data is that the most vulnerable in our society are more likely (cf their incidence in the host population as a whole) to be Afro-Caribbeans, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. For some reason, they do not appear to be Chinese, Indian, Jewish, Arab, Irish, Polish, Italian, Caucasian middle class, homosexual, or Methodists. That reason, I repeat, is culture.

Sorry about this, but some autobiography is necessary here. I realise this irritates immigrants from Trollitania, but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. I was brought up among a large Jewish minority. My Dad was Catholic and my Mum Protestant. I nearly married a Chinese girl in my twenties. I lived in Brixton for seven years, and went through two riots. My first wife was Scottish, and my second is Welsh. I spend half the year in France, my grand-niece is American, and my younger daughter lives in Australia. I am anti-EU but very pro European diversity. I am not and never have been a member of any Right-wing Party. I am not a racist, or a bigot. But I am a radical in believing that denial of the empirical has, over the last eighty years, given us the Nazis, trade union Communist wreckers, an expansionist USSR, pc fascism, EU corruption, banker criminality, an overcrowded UK, Iranian nuclear capability, community meltdown, politicised police, money-driven politics, and Islamist intolerance. If you represent any Party peddling hatred and victimisation, piss off: you are not welcome here.

145 thoughts on “NOT A SHOCKER: Clear link suggested between ethnic origin and single parenthood

  1. Multiculturalism doesn’t work? Come off it, next you’ll be telling us global warming is bollocks and membership of the EU is bad for Britain.

  2. Unfortunately, the righteous don’t like the truth, after all, it’s normally those people that have caused the problems in the first place. Added to that, it’s normally those “problem” people who are also left wing voters. I get lots of grief when I simply point out the truth. It happened the other day when I stated as I was watching all the footage on the riots, most of the people involved were immigrants (another word they don’t like using anymore). I get the most horrible emails from Muslim men when I stick up for women’s rights.

    I don’t give a shit neither. Look at the misery, this silence has brought. Young girls being murdered by parents, children being raped by grown men. We have a duty as a civilised society to protect people that are vulnerable.

    At the end of the day, how are we supposed to solve any problems unless we face up to the facts?

  3. It’s a pity you felt the need for the autobiog. thing at the end this piece.
    But I ‘get’ why you put it there. Maybe one day things can be discussed without the need for pre-emptive apologies etc. One can only live in hope.

  4. ” They had in turn been through an education system and familial background that led them to believe they had every right to (and nothing to lose by) trashing their own environment.”

    Will the Slog kindly desist from trashing its own syntax?

  5. I agree with you 100%, denial of empirical data is probably the biggest cause of problems in history but even more amazing in our supposedly science supported times. I am an Actuary and one of the most amazing denials of reality is the soon to be enforced equalization of annuity rates between men and women in the EU including the UK, despite the fact that women live longer. I remember similar stupid arguments for equal rates between smokers and non-smokers in the early 1980s for insurance rates. But in that case even then it was politically correct to be against smokers so reality won. In the case of female/male mortality it is politically incorrect to suggest there is a valid empirical difference so illogical thought will win.

    The same issue underlines the issue in your article, what matters is political correctness not facts.

    As per your disclaimer I am a male and non-smoker but facts are facts women live longer.

    (another obvious, area to point this out is the receptiveness of various cultures to a democratic form of government is also not allowed to be studied emperically)

    I fear as you said pointing this out with the example you gave may allow people to misunderstand and generalize your views incorrectly. But you are brave.

  6. Its nice to finally be told what you have been saying for decades is true and correct. For over forty years I have been saying “culture” not colour is the problem and have been blasted painfully and critically by the racists and bigots who claim they are one and the same and that I am an idiot. I could go on for another 300 words but I wont as I am vindicated.

  7. Well done John for having the balls to print these stats. without hiding behing some pre-meditated apology.
    Our country, it does still belong to the British people, and that includes all, irrespective of colour, creed etc is facing real and potentially terminal problems.
    Unless we start to discuss those problems honestly and openly, without the shackles of all the ‘political correctness bollocks’ pedalled by our spineless politcians and so called leaders, we are surely buggered.

  8. If the Slog thinks reasoned argument will protect him from allegations of racism then I admire the optimism. It might be worth recalling that a certain Nigel Farage was recently labelled by the ever so neutral and honest BBC as being anti-German; something his German wife might take issue with. Obviously this was a lesser charge than that made by a certain DC, fruity cakes and insects being the gist of that particular smear tactic.

    It is a brave thing you do, even if to point out the obvious shouldn’t be; I salute your courage and wish you bonne chance.

  9. Not that I disagree with you, and I do respect the Slog, but I don’t quite see how the coincidence of the Slog’s opinion with your opinion vindicates your position.

    Doesn’t the evidence above show that the problem could be race or culture? The Slog’s just plumping for culture. Perhaps race generates culture. Where one race dominates maybe so does their culture. Could it be that the solution to problematic cultures is to dilute the concentration of race in the problem area.

    Dispersal and dilution of problem culture is going to be very difficult while there is massive and uncontrolled migration.

  10. Yes and yes. Multiculturalism is a red herring, it does not exist except in the mind of the Nottinghill pc crowd. The EU is bad for Britain because it stifles initiative and our civil service uses it as license to burden us with law rules and other such niceties which cost a fortune in lack of freedom
    So I take it you got the message ?

  11. Autobiog bit interesting – at last we get some small hint as to why you might be so consistently, fervently, unquestioningly pro-Israeli :D

    Multi-culti – well, to be fair, even the “fluffies” as you call them (cf. Miss Fluffy, Katherine Birbalsingh – although to be fair she did turn up at Tory conference) have noted that Afro-Caribbean boys are the poorest educational performers. Contrast this with Asian boys, whose families similarly recently immigrated yet generally do well.

    The obvious difference being that AC lads are much more likely to not have a father at home.

    Weird thing is, as I understand it, there is quite a strong culture of family and religion across the Caribbean and most African countries, is there not? So what changes here?

  12. Quite so, but the Government’s data base is hopelessly corrupted,thanks to bureacratic idiocy and PC-ness, since it only recognises the Indian subcontinent as “Asia” with another category for “Chinese” and anyone else from the planet’s largest and most populous continent is an “other”. Since no reliable data exists, no serious conclusions can be drawn.

  13. I’m not going to get involved in this argument, but I just thought it would be a good idea to remind people what was number 1 in the 70’s

  14. Multiculturalism is a myth, or at best an after the fact confection.
    Large scale immigration has always been about one thing only – cheap labour.
    Those who profit from it care only for the numbers and their bottom line.
    The resulting loss of pricing power among indigent workers and the cultural issues are for the rest of us to deal with.

  15. But what have you said John?
    That there are significant cultural differences amongst immigrant “communities” and that single parent households are more prevalent in some cultures than others? Nothing revealed there.
    That the elite’s hoped-for multiculturism is a chimera and contra evidence is always ignored or remains unmeasured? Sure. Tell us something new.
    So, do you prefer the French system which insists that all immigrants are French first, (second and third)? Anti-multiculturism if you like.
    Doesn’t seem to work particularly well either. But you live half time in France – what do you think the score is there?

  16. John,
    nail, head.
    It is a long time since I have seen any discussion on this essential truth in any mainstream publication but we mustn’t be judgmental must we?

  17. All these one-parent families. Let’s have a system where all 12-year old boys have their DNA taken. They are then visited by a large elderly policeman who tells them that they will have to support any children they father till the children are 18. If necessary they will generate the necessary money by working on a chain gang. Ought to keep some trousers zipped up.

  18. I fear for my country.

    We seem to have the spivs at the top (banksters, politicos) and the chavs at the bottom. Both groups are milking the decent folks in the middle. All you need is a collapsing economy and the parallels with Weimar Germany become real. As Steve Keen points out, if we continue on the same course it won’t be long before little men with moustaches start to be heard across Europe. It was Germany’s crushed middle classes that voted for Hitler.

  19. This article misses by far the most important factor in determining the level of single parenthood, crime, education, literacy, obesity, longevity and so on and so forth…its the government.

    I live in London, in fact I’ve just returned after living in france for nealry a year. Currently I’m living with my parents – but soon I’m going to look to rent my own place. Now, here’s my recommendation to anyone thinking of moving to london (or anywhere): avoid, like the plague, areas where people live off the government; go to, like an undiscovered gold mine, areas where people live independently of the government. An area can be black, white, polish, asian; rich, poor, middle class; cold, wet, hot, windy; rural, urban; tall, short…all this things might be worth considering of course, but whatyou really want to avoid (even if you’re thinking of walking through an area in london) is areas where people are dependent on the state; where ever you go the higher peoples dependence on the state the higher the level of sheer brutish idiocy, 30 year old grandmothers, huge revolting obese monsters communicating in grunts, the 14 year old gangs ready to take out a knife on someone for being in the wrong place at the worng time. Many previously decent areas soon get destroyed as soon as government housing moves in; working people flee for their lives as the deadbeats move in…

    Once the government moves in a decent productive area has as much chance of surviving as a muslim teenager who comes home one day and tells her parents shes considering a career as a lap dancer…

    Yes I would also avoid muslim areas live a vile disease; religion functions similer to the state and with islam we see a return to its pernicious influence over peoples lives now returning, at the behest of our politicians, into our lives…

  20. I agree 100% that denial of empirical data is the most pernicious failure of the western world, in general doing untold harm. However, I rather think you are falling into another logical trap here, John, correlation does not mean causality.

    It is well documented that single parenthood is endemic in Black Caribbean culture in the UK, love ’em and leave ’em rules. It is also well documented that Asian divorce and single parent rates in the UK have shot up dramatically over the last two decades, despite divorce and single parenthood being very much taboo within that culture. If you did rank single parent ethnicities I suspect you would find Black Caribbean in first place, indigenous white second, UK Asian third and the others you mentioned thereafter.

    Wales and Scotland have near the same 50% level of one parent families as England, rural areas have always exhibited lower single parent rates than urban areas, whatever their ethnicity. It is also well to remember that overall around 85% of the UK population is White British and although this can drop to below 50% in certain inner city areas thus inflating the apparent contribution of ethnic minorities to the statistics there is no evidence they are the drivers behind it.

    Where you have gone wrong I believe is in failing to realise, or failing to acknowledge, that UK Asian single parenthood is an assimilation of an aspect of Indigenous British culture, an aspect that was in itself an assimilation of what was an almost unique aspect of American culture in the developed world.

    I agree this is a cultural problem, but I see it primarily as a British Cultural problem, and white British at that. The Italian, Polish, Jewish and other ethnic minorities you draw attention to as good examples have simply kept closer to their own, largely Catholic, family orientated cultural roots. I am also multi-euro-cultural, by the way. I am half Italian and half English and while the Italian half is ‘pure’, the English half has French Huguenot elements and my surname suggests a possible Jewish ancestor somewhere in the distant past.

  21. This has been a remarkably civilised conversation so far. My wife is Chinese as it happens and I am normally resident in China. The failure to study the data empirically is one of a stifled PC acedemia.

    Anecdote alert. When I did my degree I wanted to do a dissertation on this very subject but was told to leave it alone. This was sound advice so I just did the “racism is really bad” thing and got my degree.

    I have not and will not read the Mail article. The statistics are too limited and not all variables will have been accounted for. I doubt all the required variables are even collated.

    Given the hugh numbers of single white parents I would suspect that it is a simple issue of class, not race or income bracket if you prefer.

  22. The state is in favour of single-parent families, isn’t it? It invests in them – Bliar told us so. The benefits system is skewed to pay more out to people who arrange their affairs around absent fathers.

    Remove the incentive to create dysfunctional families, and we may see a reduction in them. Or not. Watch the Jeremy Kyle show and weep.

    I’d love to get Harman and Hughes around the table and ask them how they feel they have done in shaping their South London communities over the last thirty years.

  23. absolutely, government seeks dependents. Go to many supposedly 2nd or even 3rd world countries and you’ll find the level of single parenthood to be far lower.

    If you have a child – ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!

  24. Danny Boyle WILL be upset. He even had an obscene number of Afro-Caribbeans appearing in the industrial revolution.

  25. Quite right. My wife, a Spanish-Chinese Filipino, is endlessly narked by the lumping of the sub-continentals as the only ‘Asians’ in the UK.

    The US, of course, breaks the data down to a level even apartheid SA could not imagine. There you will see the black illegitimacy rate runs to 80 per cent in places, whilst it is zero amongst Korean and Japanese Americans. It is now over 50 per cent overall for children being born now so it is not just a UK issue. It is culture, culture, culture which is moulded over time by big media with its own agendae.

  26. Answer, little changes here. They are illegitimate in the Carribean too but once here any control by family and church disappears in the urban jungle,

    Oxford U shows the highest achievers in the UK are Chinese and Hindus. Africans and Jews tend to be above the mean, which are the whites. West indians are just below and then at the bottom were the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis but they have now been replaced by Somalis.

    Notice something? It is the combination of religion and the role of women that are vital in the cultural setting sending the Muslim groups to the bottom and driving Chinese, Hindus and Jews to overachieve..

  27. Well said and precisely so. Unfortunately myth has a tendency to be promoted (or demoted) to dogma in so-called minds. Comprising yet another case of mythological substitution, in this case for echo chambers.

  28. Yes, well that’s another level which JW hasn’t touched on yet, the inevitable outcome is ‘liquorice allsorts’ and the eventual destruction of the English race.
    At any time of day I can walk into my local small midlands Spa town and be fairly overwhelmed (and pretty underwhelmed at the same time!) by substantial numbers of family units consisting of – white female usually overweight a black African male, one or two coffee coloured kids under 5 yrs old plus one in the oven.
    Very occasionally the mix is different, but the point is, if this is commonplace in a small county town, and growing more so, and they are dependent on me paying my taxes, where is this leading in the context of your blog?

  29. Mmm, I wouldn’t be so sure anyone has given a thought here to when Britain was lily white after the enclosures and then the industrial revolution which led to complete and utter social breakdown and all sorts of depravity no one foresaw. Have a peek at what the ‘good old days’ were really like:

  30. I was sure this thread would be apocolyptic. What’s with all the reasoned argument and analysis?!

    Where’s the multi-culti fascists, liberal psychos and delusional racists?? Where the fireworks!

    Maybe they like to sleep in on a Sunday?

  31. wow there was a murderer around, it must’ve been awful

    the industrial revolution saw the biggest improvements in living standards in this nations history, coupled with huge intellectual and scientific leaps forward. It wasn’t a utopia, but if only, if only, we lived in a world like that now – where intelligence, and hard work, were allowed to win – rather than drown in collectivist jealousy…

    of course in government schools they’ll tell you this was a terrible time, where rich monopolists exploited the poor – and the poor fought back leading to the brave welfare/warfare state we live in today…but thats all bunk

  32. mike,
    I am a ‘liquorice allsort’ , so am offended by you trying pathetically to diminish me and many mixed race individuals.

    I do hope you have the grace to applaud J. Ennis for her success, even though she is, I believe, another ‘liquorice allsort’.

    Go have your DNA profiled you may, hopefully, not be able to live with yourself when you receive the results.

  33. OMFG. I’m probably going to be singing that all day now…

    But anyway – here we are 40 years later and… they got their wish, right?

    Nothing to get worked up about if you ask me. I am optimistic that the British culture is more robust than many give it credit for. Britain has always been a land of immigrants (like many other places) and we should see the absorption of the best of the newcomers’ culture (food, arts etc) and junking of the rest as the first generation dies off.

    The case of the murdered 17-year old girl paradoxically proves the point – she was killed precisely because she had rejected her parents mores in favour of the broader British society she was born in.

    And from a purely aesthetic POV, mixed-race children are a great thing – just look at Jessica Ennis ;)

  34. @CL.’Where the fireworks??’The Slog has always been polite,but come 12 September and the unravelling of the Euro, lots of Club Med people will sound off about Merkel’s refusal to cough up,and the failure of Osborne’s ‘cuts’ may necessitate a knife to all those payments to single mums(‘racist Tories’,etc);and then perhaps the insults will fly amidst a reasoned argument about whether or not to turn the UK into a mirror image of the US.

  35. All the children in the UK belong to the state, woe betide any parent who tries to teach their child right from wrong according to Biblical standards, do that and you will have not just Social Services but the police banging on your door!

  36. It IS interesting, to see how picky the Daily Mail are over what they publish about criminality. The Daily Dacre reminds me of a donkey with teeth at one end and a lifted up tail at the other.

  37. The ‘culture’ of single parenthood is driven by the possibility of survival whilst avoiding personal responsibility. They are two sides of the same coin in the currency of largesse.

  38. @Sue:
    “I was watching all the footage on the riots, most of the people involved were immigrants”

    How could you tell? Was their place of birth printed on their foreheads?

    Sloppy comments like this cloud genuine social problems raised by the blog post.

  39. Probably what she meant was that most rioters were either immigrants or the descendants of immigrants.

    Which is still wrong because it wasn’t most of them – it was all of them. In fact all non-rioters were either immigrants or the descendants of immigrants as well. As were the Police. As are you and me and even her.

  40. That is very interesting indeed. The Confucian-Hindu Work Ethic, or is it that Chinese and Hindu parents tend to be middle class? A studfy tracking the “Ugandan Asians” might contrubute quite a bit to this debate – a reasonable sample of 50,000 or so mainly lower middle class first and second generation expatriates who were mainly Gujeratis. Anecdotal evidence suggests that they have outperformed most other groups.

  41. Except that to mix black with asian in the figures is a deliberate attempt to actually draw the line as white and non-white.

    The ethnic group with the lowest number of single parent families is asian muslims. So if you wanty to aspire to be like something that’s what you will have to aspire to.

    Interested in giving it a try? Nope, thought not.

  42. oah: is this a study of achievers at UK universities or the country? If the former, confirms my experience (as far as the Russell group are concerned).

  43. @zoompad

    thanks- happy memories. It’s not a question of what people *are* it’s what they *do*. (And where they do it).

  44. “The reality suggested by these data is that the most vulnerable in our society are more likely to be Afro-Caribbeans, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.”

    It’s both race and culture. By IQ averages, Caucasians are 100, Chinese 103, Jews 110, Indians in the UK are usually higher-caste and the result of a race-based caste system. The “most vulnerable” groups mentioned above are all lower.

  45. “Britain has always been a land of immigrants…”

    Please, not that old line. Immigration to Britain has historically been by people of European genetic stock, and they have arrived in relatively small numbers, with each group’s arrival occuring centuries apart. The current insane immigration policies have seen masses of unassimilable and often hostile non-white immigrants allowed to flood in, in the space of 60 years, to the point where they now form 10% of the UK population. Due to differential birth rates, the indigenous British are projected to become a minority in the UK by 2066.

    There is simply no comparison between past immigration to Britain, and the colonisation and Balkanization that is taking place today.

  46. I’m kind of old and remember my first visits to UK.
    It was a shocking experience to see a west European country with such poverty, criminality and utter mayhem at certain districts.
    We simply did not have that kind of separation of have and have not’s in Scandinavia, now we have but still on somewhat lower scale.
    Heck, even the Swedish crack billionaires are in UK.
    But for you this can not be anything new?

    The “culture” seems to be more about location and economic situation.
    Family culture, I’m pretty sure, is strong in all of Asia, I don’t know very much about Caribbean.

    In my work I meet people from every part of the world, so my work place is multicultural, yet we all seems to get along for months in close quarters and I can’t find any specific nationality which I would prefer, just individuals. We all work here for our families.
    So the culture would make more single parents?
    Have I missed something?

    I’m now living in Latin America where family is just about everything, and it’s cracking down, leaving kids as easy prey for criminals to use.
    It’s making our lives a nightmare.
    Culture? No way Jose!
    This is a product of predatory and corrupt powerful elites who use globalization as a tool to squeeze every penny out of the population and to hell with family, community and solidarity, exempt in commercials of course, which The Slog is an expert of.
    Shit, if to believe what I see on CNN, Big Oil is making Angola paradise on earth.
    I have been there recently, it’s not a paradise and never will be as long as the country is raped for the benefit for the elites and multinational companies.

    Big moneyed and powerful elites, may they be political, banks or corporations, who knows the difference anyway, are gaining a lot of keeping a certain part of population as under class, and if they fight among them selves, even better, the real issues can be kept out of discussion.
    This has nothing to do with left or right, I have not seen any difference in policy on either side.

    My point is, I think The Slog is off the real issue, no question there are differences within the immigrant population, and yes there is cultural issues too, but what is the big problem here?
    Well, I think The Slog is addressing it here every day, out of control lawless class of elites who are raping everything they want without any fear of law or consequences.
    How can you expect those with nothing to lose abide the law when our rulers don’t?
    All our media touts today is money, sport, sex and celebrities who divorce more often then I care to count.
    What example is this giving?
    Finally, both The Slog and I are divorced once, so who are we to talk about single mothers as cultural issue?

    Dear Slog, it says that you are in for bollocks deconstruction, how come you buy every god damned murderous crap coming from Israel?

    Sorry for the long rant, it’s Sunday…
    Thank you all for your patience, I will not make this as a habit.
    Pls don’t bother comment my english, it won’t get any better.

  47. It’s also interesting to see how picky the BBC are. If you google “Big Jim London riots” you will find a youtube clip where a white shop-owner gets “interviewed” after his shop was damaged. Here’s a rough transcript:

    BIG JIM: “I came down and saw 100, maybe 200 Blacks rampaging….”

    BBC-luvvie (cutting BJ off): ” You’re not being stereotypical are you? I’m sure they weren’t all black”. I’m sure there were white people there, too”.

    BIG JIM: “There was a white person there. I was there.”

    BBC-luvvie (again cutting BJ off): ” I’m sure there were white people there too. We’ve seen that in the pictures…..”

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

  48. @JW:
    Ignoring the issue of whether it’s race, ethnicity or culture, you say:

    …thus go on ask two further questions, viz:
    1. What is the incidence of Caribbean/near-Asian representation among one-parent households in these areas, versus the UK as a whole?
    2. How do those figures compare with other EU countries?

    There’s a 3rd question which needs asking. IE:
    3. over what time period has this situation arisen?
    (a chart might be useful).

    I believe the answer to that will seriously undermine your later claim that “it has nothing to do with Left and Right.

  49. An important fact in this data is that it had to be dragged out of the government by a FOI request. You may wish to thank the Daily Mail for that. Or not.

  50. ADB – balkanisation is a bit strong. And beware linear projections – they are invariably wrong. By this logic we should have been overrun by Catholics long since.

    But let’s assume you are correct and it is utterly unprecedented.

    We can already see that a majority of the second generation onwards identifies itself in whole or part British. So it seems unlikely that the Britain you know today is about to be subsumed any time soon.

  51. JW To avoid conflation of correlations a third question should be:

    What is the incidence of white representation among one-parent households in these areas, versus the UK as a whole?

  52. @DE: “Large scale immigration has always been about one thing only – cheap labour.

    It’s been about political voting patterns too. Immigrants who enter the UK and are showered with welfare are most likely to vote Labour.

    It’s also been about ideology too. The Left has long been in favour of chocolate people as part of their belief in international socialism.

  53. There used to be no social stigma attached to drink driving and the incidence of such was quite high, now there is that stigma, the incidence has fallen although it is still higher in the older age brackets.

    There used to be a social stigma against single parents and the incidence was quite low, now there isn’t and so the incidence rises although amongst older people the stigma is still there.

    So yes, it is cultural, it changes over time. (it changes faster amongst new arrivals as they are already conditioned to culture shock).

    Who remembers when Rock ‘n’ Roll was the work of the devil ?

  54. Rubbish. People on welfare are the least likely to vote. If Labour wanted to shower people with largesse in return for votes they would get a far better return from the elderly.

    Labour did not let a load of immigrants in in order to give them money, they let them in because the corporatocracy demands piss poor wage rates and conditions for workers, and immigrants willing to work for peanuts delivers that.

  55. Rather than wasting precious police time, why not send the local Mayor round to emphasise the importance of social responsibility in the distribution of one’s seed. Hang about, that’s maybe not such a good plan, if most of the Afro-Carobbean target group are in London…….

  56. The question is is the figure correct? I make no comment about ethnicity but observe that the broadsheets (and the BBC) don’t appear to have covered this item.

  57. I don’t think “English” is a race but a culture.
    A persons colour may have nothing whatsoever to do with their culture. Obama is “black” in that his skin happens to be dark. However, what he really is, is a liberal mid-western American democrat. Why? Because he was raised by his grandmother, who was exactly that.
    Similarly, I know many people who are “English” but not white. In other words they conform to my view of what is English-and, I suppose, what I want it to be.
    The families you mention are also entirely English-the colour of the father is irrelevant. They would be like that anyway. Naturally, that is not how I want “English” to be-but unsurprisingly, reality is reality.

  58. So men will get to earn less from their annuities, and enjoy it for less time. I hope that correspondingly, men will pay less for their life insurance, and women more, on exactly the same basis?

  59. The existence of the 30 year old grandmothers wouldn’t support any suggestion that it arose only in the last 15 years.

  60. I have to agree with almost all you say. What is missing is sometimes more relevant than what has been shown.

    Everyone has their own personal nuclear ‘RED’ button. Mine has been mentioned -no doubt inadvertently by John. It’s a Prescottism, a frightening glimpse of what John Prescott wants still to do to a lovely part of this country.

    John you mentioned Yorkshire and the Humber. Where the fcuk is that now?
    There is south Yorkshire and there are North Lincolnshire and NE Lincolnshire [we couldn’t be sewn together again as just Lincolnshire.] so where the hell is that noddy land Humberside or the Humber?

    Even the royal sodding mail conspires against us ridding ourselves of that bloody name, by not updating their mail systems despite them knowing exactly where Fcuking North Lincolnshire is!

  61. That day, when it arrives, is going to be fun. But I doubt the slog will be full of argument about it.

    We’ve all been here for quite some time waiting for the inevitable so it seems to me there’ll be a combination of “see, I told you so” and “burn Europe, burn!” on these message boards!

  62. A simple chart (%age growth on the Y axis and time on the X axis) would be useful to see how the growth in immigration/multi-culti and its side-effects has arisen…30 year old grandmothers are trivial in this respect methinks. I could be wrong…

  63. It was a pageant for gawd’s sake, not a historical reenactment.. The chimneys didn’t emerge from the ground intact either, back then.

  64. Oh dear! You really can’t resist Pavlov’s bell, can you.

    The Times had a Leader in the early 60’s which said that Conservative governments had “encouraged immigration as a means of breaking into the wages-prices spiral” That statement has never been questioned, still less refuted.

    Which political party do you think has been most closely associated with employers, and has recently found a new ‘best friend’ called Beecroft ?

  65. has the slog examined the possibility that inner-city areas also contain higher numbers of unemployed and people claiming benefits? maybe by facilitating the financial separation of domestic units, benefit regulations have unintentionally become the catalytic factor for the apparent increase in what you term “dysfunctional” families – although obvously you have no proof that these particular families are troubled in the manner you suggest, any more than there is firm evidence that greedy unscrupulous lying cheating bankers are members of “dysfunctional” families. if the reason for our high number of single-parent families is cultural, it is surely more probable that our benefit-culture bears the fundamental responsibility, and since the welfare-culture in the united kingdom has a pan-ethnic consituency, your insinuations against certain immigrant sections of our society remain totally unproven.

  66. Gemma, women are advise to refrain from getting knocked up…if they wish to renegade on their child rearing duty and hand it over to the taxpayer (most of whom can’t even afford children)

  67. So that explains the Winter Fuel Allowance and the ridiculous Free Bus Pass and TV License – all Labour vote-bribes directed towards the crumbly voters.

  68. Interesting that in a city like Bradford, which has a teenage pregnancy rate higher than the national average, also has around 40% of its fertile teenage girls from the Muslim community, hardly any of whom ever contribute to that result.
    If ever they reported the data based on race, the fecundity of the indiginous subsidised white trash would be staggering.

  69. DPWWO
    Normally like you, I hate ‘throat clearing’. But this is such an emotive subject, and threads can be so easily ruined by fascists looking for any accusation.

  70. @Sacharinecrime – No they allowed mass immigration for politically motivated reasons as well they wanted to break the mould of traditional British values and stuff the establishment involved in our colonial past of which the Left is deeply ashamed. Ideology played a big part in this disaster it wasn’t all economics. A Labour spinmeister has admitted as much.
    I take your point about about low voting turnout but its no coincidence that all of our multicultural hell holes have Labour MP’s.

  71. Not ionteresting at all. It would be surprising if that wasn’t the case. Imagine how many people ended up fingerprinted, DNA swabbed and photographed because of the ‘riots’.

    (I put riots in inverted commas because they weren’t – they were organised looting. In a proper riot there is very very little damage and looting and the target is authority – Police, government buildings etc. I’ve been in dozens of riots in Ulster in the 1970’s. That was also the pattern in Oldham, Burnley etc))

  72. Oh dear! you really can’t resist offering manipulated stats, can you.

    That an alleged Times’ article you obliquely refer to has never been questioned or refuted could mean it never existed or was utter tripe. And how would you know it has never been refuted? The 60s were 50 years ago. But even if it existed and stated the truth, it cannot hide that immigration has rocketed over the past ~15 years – a policy of the last govt admitted to by an ex-Labour Minister. The estimated number of illegal immigrants in the UK is now ~2 million, but nobody knows the exact number because they weren’t on the way in and weren’t counted on the way out, meaning large numbers of overstayers. There are MSM articles about this much more recently than the 60s, which clearly expose the racket…

    HTH :-)

  73. savepenrhos
    If you’re asking me to aspire to have 1.8 x as many children as everyone else, no, sorry – not interested. Or threaten to kill them if they leave the husband? Nope.
    I think that the French idea is ok, but the whites don’t deliver: north Africans are French first, and class second.
    But the French have a real down on Muslims.

  74. I was privileged in my youth to know Jimmy Christmas, who was considered to be the last full-blooded aborigine in New South Wales. This was in 1979, and he was already about 90. This of course implies that no full-blooded aborigines were born is NSW after 1900. Obviously there may have been others who didn’t have such a long innings, but this to me was a sad indictment of the white blow-ins. Yet despite this, the mixed aborigines remaining do not have anything in the way of an identity crisis. Such “racial impurity” is not as bad as one may imagine. I can’t imagine referring to people as licorice allsorts is going to make you too many friends. That would be like calling me deathly white.

  75. It’s also about Imperialist exploitation of resources.

    Incidentaly, in North West England, asian muslims are more likely to vote Liberal Democrat and Indian Hindus tory as opposed to Labour.

  76. Mike
    Sorry, skin colour doesn’t bother me either way. The British aren’t a race – we are a culture made up of Jutes, Gauls, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Norsemen and northern French. We are adding Jewish, Chinese, Pakistani, Afro-Caribbean and Polish genes to the mix. I don’t think it matters, frankly.
    However, for what it’s worth, the raw ONS data shows that only just over 1% of Bris are of mixed ethnicity.

  77. @sacharinecrime: What you’re asserting is that Labour didn’t manipulate the voting system through mass uncontrolled immigration and by offering largesse to the general voter. Now that really is rubbish. It’s what they’ve been doing for decades. It’s why the welfare state is out of control. I doubt if the facts support your claim “People on welfare are the least likely to vote”. They vote to keep their welfare benefits as-is.

  78. Peter C
    ‘UK Asian single parenthood is an assimilation of an aspect of Indigenous British culture’.
    Quite a cavalier jump, that one. Do you have any evidence that supports it?

  79. ‘I have not and will not read the Mail article. The statistics are too limited and not all variables will have been accounted for.’
    Read those sentences back to yourself, then think again.

  80. Mudplugger
    They don’t join in because they don’t want to die. But once married, they then have more children, because they don’t want to die.
    Over-controlling male parenting is almost as bad as absentee male parenting.
    I don’t see either of them even remotely as a role model.

  81. ‘how come you buy every god damned murderous crap coming from Israel?’
    Er, don’t know, really. I’ve tried giving it up, but it’s very addictive,
    murderous crap. Especially the highly-refined god-damned variety.

  82. BT
    We know that anyway, don’t we? Are you saying there have only been Leftie-luvvies in power since 1949?

  83. Dear hat-spotter
    More full stops next time, if you could possibly manage it. I’m turning purple here.

  84. @me2, wot evidence? We live in an era of policy-based evidence making.

    I went to see my daughter who is training in therapy and lives in Catford, just down from Lewisham as you may know, and as we walked around, she pointed out older black guys wandering around on their own, or sitting in twos or threes, and the fact that they likely had severe mental health problems. So what? A study by the WHO followed the comparative progress in Britain and in India of people diagnosed with schizophrenia. Five years after the original diagnosis, they were re-assessed. The proportion still schizophrenic in UK was well over 50%, but in India around 5%. Have they developed multiculturalism in India would you know? It is culture, not race. The inverse is promulgated to disguise the fact that the multiculturalists are deeply and irredeemably racists themselves.

  85. I stand for correction if I am wrong, but I thought the border rules were being winked at was for to provide cheap labour for this country?

  86. @ Hat -spotter.I could not care less whether’the welfare culture in the united kingdom has a pan-ethnic constituency’ ,or not.What irritates me is welfare being paid to single parent families.That , by the way, is the ‘culture’ of a silent majority of the UK population,in my opinion.

  87. All of that said, @w, and accepting the irritation that ever-rising taxes on those who can’t avoid them brings (and boy are they rising), there does have to be a viable alternative to the life on benefits plus, sometimes, cash in hand work. I’m not excusing those who choose not to work in the formal economy (estimated at well over 2m) but it’s tricky to argue with someone who could not get an official on the books job even if they were 100% up for working 9 to 5 or some other arrangement, given absence of such jobs anywhere near where they live. Once that excuse is denied them, only possible by the generation of perhaps 2m jobs that pay more than the net income from benefits (think £35k+ gross, for those with a couple of kids and a house on the taxpayers, much more for those working cash in hand), will their knee jerk reaction be see for what it is. The trouble of course is that there will not be another 2m jobs. a fact that no politician will ever recognise, let alone admit. Our ‘benefits choice’ residents will be retiring on benefits, fill NIC’s paid for them, then moving smoothly onto state pension plus pension credit. Then the next generation will do exactly the same… (and don’t even think about the shambles that is to come, Universal Credit).

  88. The conceptual basis of this discourse is fubar’d up (and ask cui bono).

    Patently people cannot be set simplistically into either anthropological ‘tribes’ or its metonymical equivalent of particular ‘communities’. We are all members of many different real and virtual ‘communities’ which themselves are connected in complex ways, not just as hierarchical sub-communities (a tradition – and patriarchal? – conception) but also in networks (‘rhizomes’) and recursive social structures (c.f. ‘families’ in both real and metonymical use of the word). In this regard, the IT guys are breaking ground with their social mappings that sociologists can not or will not venture into.

  89. BT: both left and right have used unfettered immigration and multi-cultural agendas to further their own needs over the years.

    Nu Labour and Bliar were worse than most but they were by no means the first.

  90. @JW: No, I’m saying that although immigration has been going on for many years under all govts, it has been at moderate levels and only became a serious issue over the past ~15 years due to government policy of opening the gates for political reasons. In the view of many people it has gone out of control, aggravated by a raft of new laws and PC regulations to impose multi-culti, which few believe works. All govts share blame for this state of affairs but IMHO Labour carry far more.

  91. Maxi

    tell me, there are men out there who claim undying love, get their girlfriends pregnant … and are never seen again. There is a lot more to “not getting pregnant” than you seem to appreciate with your limited experience of what it is like.

    Get a life!!

  92. sure, I never said those men aren’t responsible…

    I’m just saying the tax payer isn’t thats all

  93. they won’t…once a life on benifits becomes better than working the system crumbles; its crumbling right now. Having more paracites than producers has been tried before – its always resulted in collapse

  94. But John, it’s difficult reading anything being so far up my own arse, its really dark up here and I talk shite all the time, all time………

    And yes there’s an echo too!

  95. JW
    I agree with you – I was merely identifying a statistical issue which is never reported in full detail – to do so would, in some areas, demonise one race. It just so happens that, in Bradford, it would be the native white early-breeders who would be negatively highlighted big-time.

  96. Pingback: ATHENS IMPASSE: Draghi’s BoG move breaks deadlock | A diary of deception and distortion

  97. Anyone with the dubious privilege to inhabit a heavily Asian immigrated area will tell you that their voting patterns do not follow national party definitions.
    Because old family loyalties go back so far, it often comes down to who stole Mohammed’s goat 50 years ago in Mirpur. If the goat-thief’s family are voting Labour today because one of their clan is or knows the candidate, then the goat-owner’s extended family (and all their postal votes) will simply support whoever is most likely to beat Labour, whatever label they are wearing.
    Add that factor to the cynical harvesting of postal and proxy votes in exchange for favours and it soon becomes clear that the manifesto policies of the respective parties are irrelevant in those areas.
    Labour traditionally tends to ‘operate’ better in those matters, but the others are no slouches at ‘the game’.

  98. Maxi

    so you are saying that the boyfriend/husband/perpetrator of rape gets away scot free – – – and the poor girl has then to starve because she can’t get a job because she is pregnant/looking after a small child and has no spare moments to earn a living for her small family?

    Maxi: men need to wake up to their responsibilities. They need to keep whatever they have in their knickers right there – unless they are prepared to accept the FULL consequences!

  99. @Agm
    I have no wish to diminish you, nor have I done so. The fact is, as an established Briton, you are becoming diminished by the explosion in immigration and mixed race families in Britain. So it seems to me your enemy is the policy, followed by successive governments over the last c30 years.
    What I mean is that as a tollerant non-racist Englishman I was comfortable and quite relaxed with life in my country until c1990. Now I am not, when I am outnumbered at times on my own high street, by folk who seem more alien than ever before – call it race, call it culture, call it what you like. It not good for me, and it is not good for you either as it creates a backlash that includes you too I’m afraid.
    JW seems confused, I didn’t mention British, only English. Of course ‘British’ is not a race. Most immigrants, even from darkest Africa arrive in Britain and instantly claim to be British – why, arn’t they proud of what they are?. But they can’t be English surely, English may not be a ‘race’ but Englishness, evolved over 1000s of years, is something I have that a man from Congo does not have and will never aquire – agreed?

  100. no, again – I didn’t say that. If the baby came as the result of a rape of course the man would be responsible. If it came as the result of consentual sex, then both are responsible…but the taxpayer is NEVER responsible!

  101. A bit of honesty wouldnt go a miss, by everybody in positions of responsiblilty and authority. When crucial details are ommited and when the debate is supressed, nobody wins. It is none too subtle and causes suspicion.You could read a report such as you describe and decipher a message, by simply looking at what is missing.

  102. As I have commented before, I do not accept anything in the MSM without checking for myself. Whilst not a subject that is of any particular interest the reports I have seen with a little research on this question in response to this particular claim (for example and plenty more) certainly seems to indicate that is the case. First generation UK Asian immigrants were either married or keen to be so. As subsequent generations were exposed to British culture, became more affluent and Asian women gained access to more opportunities the degree of marriage break-up increased almost exponentially. It is also important in this question to remember that almost all Asian single parenthood is the result of divorce rather than promiscuity.

    Certainly it cannot be denied that single parenthood has become a part of Indigenous British culture, any poll of friends and acquaintances will reveal that.

    It is particularly important in social and anthropological questions of this kind not to rely too much on base statistics, these questions have a degree of complexity that would rival climatology.

  103. The ignorance continues to astound me. Britain’s immigrants drastically changed after WW2. In the 50’s West Indians. In the lat 60’s Ugandan Asians. In the 70’s Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Indians. From the 80’s onwards steady migration from Africa and Asia. The 90’s, the breakup of the USSR and we had a huge influx of all ethnicities of Eastern Europeans. 1997 brought Blair’s NuLabour who promoted massive migration of non whites into the UK for 13 years, where his advisor openly admitted the plan to destroy the indigenous and their culture. The migration continues…

    Now the following is important, something most people seem oblivious to when they debate culture. Culture is the day to day activity, traditions, religious worship rituals, language, cooking/eating drinking habits of an indigenous people in a land. Throughout history people have fought invaders who sought to take control/impose their culture over them.
    By introducing something unique to a culture (of another culture) you start the rapid destruction of that culture. Mixing indigenous culture (thesis) with alien culture (antithesis) creates multiculture (synthesis). Multiculture = globalism. Once all nations have absorbed all others’ culture, indigenous culture is destroyed. So multiculture eventually becomes a culture killer which then moves onto a world monoculture. Once indigenous cultures disappear, they do for good. So, there is no English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh indigenous culture. There is instead globalism. The only thing that differentiates youth in the UK to youth in America is dialect. In Europe it’s language.

    The Nation state is dead. The UK is merely a world region, with nothing unique about it. The very fact immigrants, of a different race can choose culture upon arrival, with children representing a nation they have no connection too proves this point. Indigenous culture in the UK is dead.

  104. @Maxi,

    I lived in London from 1990-91 and 1994-2009. I can tell you right now any borough with a council has people living on welfare. That means EVERYWHERE!
    There are no ‘safe havens’ other than areas which are impossible to live in because of rent (Mayfair, Park Lane, Hampstead). Wherever you are you will encounter gangs, single parents, beggars, junkies and trouble. And don’t expect to pay anything less than 180pw for a one bedroom (read bedsit) flat, or 100pw houseshare (4 people min) both before living costs.
    Now, if you’re a member of a minority you will move up council housing and housing association lists far quicker than the indigenous. If you are a black, lesbian, disabled Muslim who’s just got out of prison, you’ll get your keys to your flat once you leave the prison gates.

    London is a shithole and if you’re planning on moving there don’t! It’s expensive, dirty, smelly, noisy, violent, full of disrespectful, uncompassionate, selfish individuals with a growing gap between rich and poor. Just go to Shoreditch Thursday onwards for a classic example of city high fliers next to ‘the poor’.

  105. Everything is in flux. You can like, you can lump it, but you can’t stop it. Nostalgia for some ‘golden age’ is no guide for action. Slog is right that a clear view of the present, without fear, favour or rose-tinted glasses is necessary to manage the future.
    Stating the obvious helps clarify my thinking. Single parent families arise when females not in a committed relationship have unprotected sex. That alone I think rules race out and culture in as causes. After that simplification, the contributing factors multiply:- Education, economic circumstances, access to contraception, vulnerability to sexual predators, peer pressure, parental supervision, family morals, housing arrangements, etc etc. The list is endless. Most of the solutions are too difficult to address before the sun becomes a red giant and blows up. The things that stand out as doable are educating girls, and ensuring access to contraception.

  106. I dont believe the statistics…….many if not most single mothers are not single at all……its just that they they can claim benefit for being single and so become a statistic……
    So the high incidence of ‘single parent’ families in these areas is simply a failure of the benefits system……
    I’m not commenting at all on the race side of it because I dont see that as the principle issue……….for as long as the benefits system incentivises single parenting of course there will be statistics to deal with and of course they will be concentrated in the areas where benefit outgoings are the highest ie amongst the poorest in our society….
    We need to remove these financial distortions invented by the socialists and implemented by the tory socialists………

  107. quite right………we are incentivising strange living habits………also a lot of this single parent statistic are not ‘Single’ at all…….but still the taxpayer coughs up……..

  108. Quite right ……. and the benefits system is unworkable……why should the taxpayer be responsible for unwanted pregnacies and who is know whether they are actually unwanted? its an unworkable system ……

  109. The thing with the french is that if anything to do with immigrants comes on the News, the reporter nearly always points out that the person is “French, of ‘such & such’ origin. ”
    There is no way to solve this fundamental problem, either in UK or in Europe, because basically nobody wants to. For me it isn’t race or culture, but ‘mindset’. People who aren’t english simply don’t think like english people, any more than the french or other Europeans do. We are what we are, no matter where we are born. Nationality is not in our (or our politicians) gift.

  110. What about polygamy, How about the families who turn up here from where it is perfectly legal to have severn or more wives and claim multiple benefit payments. Do the wives of the singular male who have children from him claim this one man to be the father or plead ingnorance and are nicely billeted off to there own piece of England courtesy of the taxpayer along with the other several of the singular mans hareem. It’s a money spinner. And no official will ever know about the arrangments this man has.

  111. Maxi/Tuu

    what a heartless pair you are!

    Were it men who got pregnant, can you imagine the things they would get up to in order to secure their career status, pensions and all the rest??

  112. @harbinger
    Thanks for that. Very well put.
    All this has given us more insight into JW. He is more ‘PC’ than I thought.
    The majority of folk are PC in public, and reluctant even to discuss this in private. Even bloggers have to tread carefully, hence the autobiography!! For politicians it is a minefield, so they keep away, while many MPs and our PMs are actively involved in promoting more of the same, while paying lipservice to ‘public opinion’ – surreptitiously.
    So, the destruction you describe has taken place, and continues apace unapposed, whereas as you say, previously war would have broken out in defence of our culture, and our way of life would have been preserved.
    This has now gone so far over a few years that it is too late, the clock can’t be turned back, the bomb was made earlier but primed in 1997 as you say.

  113. @Mike,

    What has happened in the UK is irreversible. Ironically the damage to the indigenous race happened before ’97 with the migration to it. Non indigenous decided they wanted to be British and even more laughable, English, Scottish, Iri…..etc etc. And they succeeded because the Great Lie theory of Lenin (not Goebbels, another lie) was set into motion yet again. The damage to indigenous culture happened even longer ago. Scottish culture, for example, was eventually murdered after Culloden.

    People remain silent because they do not want to offend. I do. I take pride in doing so simply because I tell the truth. If people get all uppity and angry, I simply say don’t blame me because you choose to live a lie. When people start throwing the racist slur word around I tell them I’m a racist and most certainly not ashamed to admit it. Do I hate people of other races? No. Do I choose to live around my own race and culture? Yes.
    Politicians won’t speak out because they’re corporate puppets and those whom aren’t are either cowards, liberals or both.

    If I choose to immerse myself in alien culture I go to their lands. I will converse and debate with the locals as well as eat and drink their produce, immering myself within their culture. There is no greater showing of respect.

    They promote Nationalism for laughable events like sporting contests, where an African will play another African and although both Africans will represent different nations they’ll never belong to. This is globalism. Then of course they promote Nationalism when they’re about to bomb yet another Islamic country with suffering ‘brown’ people who have done us no wrong. When I meet Scottish armed forces members, I say one word ‘Braveheart’ and proceed to tell them they have turned into oppressors.

    In order to reverse the draconian measures that Britain has been under since the 50’s, one would have to meet them with draconian measures. The automatic end to all immigration into the UK, with repatriation of 98% of the non indigenous to their ancestral lands is the only way to stop the cultural and racial suicide of the indigenous. It is also vital to reversing unemployment. This will never happen, hence why I say the situation is irreversible.

  114. @DE,

    Multiculturalism is most certainly NOT a myth. It’s an insidious agenda to utterly obliterate indigenous culture. Cheap labour is a symptom of multiculturalism. It is a bonus to the elites.
    Look what multiculturalism has done to the USA? It destroyed the native American way of life, people and culture. Millions have migrated to it all over the world. Whites are no longer the majority which has led to massive black on white crime, ignored by the MSM. It has led to to a rise in Mexican nationalism in southern USA. There are growing problems with ethnic gangs, to the point that whites in the USA will be treated the same as white South Africans and white Zimbabweans in the not too distant future and they won’t be able to flee to Europe as white Africans currently are because ethnic cleansing is already happening in Europe. Sweden has the highest rape crime per ratio of population in the world, rape victims are white, rapists non white.

    It’s ignorance to say multiculturalism is a myth. Understand that the elites who are part of no nation want the obliteration of all world cultures and races so they can easily be controlled. Multiculturalism kills indigenous culture and creates a world monoculture.

  115. Educating girls and ensuring access to contraception? Pardon? Did I read that correctly. Men don’t need educating or access to male contraception then?. Look at the teachings of the religious zealots or sexually fustrated god watchers( all male).. They either don’t like girls or they do not like girls who have not had vaginal mutilation in many countries. Ireland do not allow abortions for any reason… hellooooooo Mr Idiot get out and learn more about the men in power. Enjoy your two minutes of fame and assumed power TO REASON THAT WOMEN have some control over their environment- emotional maturity-Sole financial responsibility or freedom to chose. Oh and let’s not forget the gross sexulisation- degrading of women over the years by every male dominated media. note this: Men are sexual preditors they procure sex with their own children as well as other peoples wives, girlfriends so get off your high horse Mr!

  116. Er, most of the single-parent families in my inner-city neighbourhood are white – including mine. Most of the African, Asian etc families have both parents living together.

    Of course that might be only anecdotal. So, if you look at the average size of household vs. ethnicity table on the real ONS site, white people actually have smaller households (2.29) on average than Afro-Caribbean people (2.54), (implying lots of single parents in both) while both Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have over 4 (implying lots of two parent families).

    Whatever the race, there is an underlying the assumption that ex-couples ever successfully co-parent, or that single parents who have no contact with their ex also have no friends, relations and others who help out and provide stability.

    Normally I enjoy your clarity and wit, even if (sometimes especially when) I don’t agree with you. This column is unworthy – felt by the end that even if it did make any sense statistically, so what? Big cities are bad? Black/brown people living in cities are bad? Single parents are bad? What do you really propose to do about it, apart from enforcing unhappy marriages whatever the culture?

  117. quote” It was Germany’s crushed middle classes that voted for Hitler”.

    This is my greatest fear and I have been saying it on many bloggs for many years this is a reality that can happen. I have been feeling an uneasyness about my community and the Uk in general that a slient majority are just waiting for that one person to say the word…

    John Is right it is a cultural problem but also the enticement and allurement of such cultural developement and tolerance which has created a massive unjust devisive culture we call the Britian. I have never called myself BRITISH and never will, John has mentioned what it is to be Brittish, and I agree with his description of it. However , I am Scottish person and I beleve in the United Kingdom and want to remain part of it… BUT NOT THE EU. There was a naive belief which was that people from different cultures would bring nice things to the UK and they did but, they also brought an alien way of life which the indigenious poplace did not want to be tolerant of. I have friends of many different back grounds none are ‘British’ some are racist and they are not white surprisingly enough!
    My Indian friend has strict orders NOT to marry a Muslim if they go to a certain Mosque! Anyway, when people tried to speak up about not being able to tolerate other peoples culture it was set in LAW that those who spoke up were criminalised or psycologically outcaste from ‘PC’ land. I spend my life walking freely outside that land, which I do not recognise as having a brainwashing mandate. That is where it all began and it was highlighted by Enoch Powel ( yes I concur some of his language in the Rivers of Blood speech was unfortunate, but how true the actual content was. To add to the cultural influx there was the added bonus of ‘Benefits system’ this was abused by the indiginous people who wanted everything without paying , they did not have to work so we created a country of can work won’t work in the early 70’s. This gave us the same situation we have in a larger scale now. We are told we need workers from Poland and India to do our work because we are lazy and benefit cheats. If anyone says anything to remark or challenge then they are criminalised and called all sorts of names racists being one of them. My personal view is I could not care less who serves me coffee. I just have to ask why can’t it be a white person who speaks perfect English is it racist to ask why these people can’t get jobs? and why is it ethnic minorities are out working paying tax to keep the white work shy men on the sick/Job seekers? is it racist? No just bad management of public funds of a population; not enough to go round if you will. I will continue to criticise the Multicultural agenda it breaks up communities- creates fear and gang cultures as a way of self protection…

  118. Just a quickie.
    In a crowd how can you tell the difference bettween a Pakistani and an Indian?
    The Pakistani is the one with the chip on his shoulder.

    What is the diference bettween a tight fisted Jock and a Yorkshire man?
    A jock wears a kilt?

    Before anyone complains to the PC brigade its called humour.

  119. Maybe they don’t read it : the previous incarnation of this blog (nby) was described by James O’Brien (LBC presnter) as “a right-wing blog that almost nobody reads”

  120. Very Interesting! I came across this blog looking for stats on single familes and race but there were none to be found. Multiculturalism doesn’t make sense because we all need an identity. How can we be told we’re all one with all the evident inequalities across criminal justice, employment and education??

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