I’ve yet to meet a blogger who likes Trolls, but for sheer ill-mannered bonkers obsession, there is nothing to beat the Off-Topic Charlie.

This bloke (and yes, it usually is a bloke) doesn’t bounce in and say “I know this is off-topic but”, he just starts to transmit. Like those sad folks you see wandering around having a conversation with imaginary friends, the ‘contributor’ launches into his chosen insanity secure in the conviction that we’ve all been dying for him to arrive.

Among Andrew Gilligan’s night-owls this morning is a classic example. Gilligong’s piece (five days old now) is about the Olympics opening ceremony. This comment went up a little while back:

‘The fact is Britain — or more correctly the British Mandate–didn’t establish the state of Israel. The Israeli Jewish extremist organisation Irgun did by tearing up all agreements and invaded Plaestinian Territories and establishing the borders– including invaded territories — almost overnight before any UN agreements came into force. After the death of many British soldiers at the hands of Irgun , and the bombing of the King David hotel by Irgun , killing many more British soldiers the British were only too glad to scrap the Mandare and leave Israel.. The UN,  an organisation set up and funded by USA,  sheepishly recognised the State of Israel ignoring their own agreement for a two state solution.’

Now as it happens, after a little propagandectomy, a lot of this is pretty accurate. But it’s the spittle that gives it away: all the Jewish fascist Zionist faction kill many soldiers tear up agreements style of those who regard their informally arranged teeth as nothing more than an obstacle in the way of The Point.

These people do indeed often have a point. But put them into a round-table studio discussion, and they will shout, interrupt, deny anyone else’s reality, and continue to extrapolate from The Point that their enemies need to be wiped out.You see, their point is always a grievance.

From 1911, and the first recorded instance of a rant, right through to his screaming fit at the Generals who told him he’d lost the war the night before he shot himself, Adolf Hitler charmed some Useful Idiots into believing that he was harmless, and called anyone else who argued with him “a shithead” – it was in fact his favourite word.

From the moment he first saw him at a podium on Pathe newsreels, it was obvious to my Dad that Hitler was utterly mad. He looked mad, he foamed, he said mad things, and he walked as if he was mad. So the chances were, Dad decided, he was mad. The following week – having read Mein Kampf – he volunteered for the RAF.

The My Dads of this world still exist, and there are far more of them under 30 than the media would have you believe. But there are nowhere near enough of them…just as there weren’t last time. Hitler II is so obviously a truck hurtling down the road towards us, it often stuns me to hear people describe the fear of Hitler II as “parallel poppycock” and so forth.

H2 won’t wear jackboots and a uniform, may not be a bloke, could be an Arab, a Brazilian, a New Yorker, or an Indian, probably isn’t a politician, and almost certainly won’t be a right-wing Nazi. But H2 will do exactly what Adolf did, and cost even more in death and destruction to remove…if surveillance technology hasn’t rendered that impossible by then.

Econo-fiscal collapse will give H2 the O of publicity. There will be a kernel of truth in the rant. But the resultant H20 is bound to be a Tsunami of hatred. Because H2’s point will be a grievance.

It could still be the Jews. Or Muslims, bankers, globalists, men, foreigners, the security services…the list of people behaving badly is a long one. Hence the grievance. Nice middle class people will say H2 has A Point. But utimately, H2 will just be the wrong nutter at the wrong time.

Now, isn’t that a nice cheery start to a Friday?