Everyone with a functioning sense of humour – your moment has come.

These genuine post extracts and comment threads come from John Walker’s right-on site. I wanted to cry when I first got there, but now I can’t stop laughing. I urge you to go there and watch knee-jerk ignorance in action; but if you’re short of time, here are some wonderful extracts:

From the text of the post:

‘…Because, Rick, when you call something “multicultural crap”, it means you’re a racist bigot….’

Ah, right – so race is culture. Fine. Judaism is Communism. Five fingers are three. Etc etc. Oh dear.

‘….I still meet many people who do not understand how the Daily Mail is not just another tabloid, not just as bad as the rest of them, but instead something far more despicable and dangerous. It’s one of the most popular papers in Britain, and when we say, “Just ignore it – they’re just trying to get hits,” I shudder. We do not ignore evil – we challenge it and get angry about it. We make more people aware. Some people reading won’t have realised.’

Bless me, he still meets poor ignorant worms who won’t have realised, disadvantaged Unternmenschen that they are. We who are superior must educate them politically to control their base instincts, in the hope of them becoming perfectly correct. Like us: not populist. In fact, not popular at all, and going bust…like The Guardian.

Thomas Hobbes, eat yer f**kin’ heart out.

‘That the Mail would write a piece arguing that the NHS is a bad thing, and should have had no part in the Olympic opening ceremony, is not a surprise. They’re a vicious and spiteful paper, and their agenda against the poor and needy is over a hundred years old….’

I know this next bit will sound just as bad as Johnnie Walker, but (a) it’s irresistible and (b) at least I have awareness of the irony. An NHS closing Wards and discharging folks with a pack of paracetamol is a bad thing. The NHS has three-fifths of knob-all to do with athletics. At its inception, the Daily Mail was a sensationalist Yellow Press medium that supported the poor and needy to an almost lachrymose degree.

The comment thread:

“I’ve never met a daily mail reader, I’d probably choke them to death on sight if I did, I’m increasingly losing my patience for intolerance.”

I could spend a year decontructing his corker, but I’ll settle for aahhhhahahahahahahaahhahhhaoonoplease don’t it hurts aaaahhahahahahah, as time is limited.

“I LOVE the NHS. Yes, there are mistakes made occasionally, and sometimes those mistakes lead to tragic circumstances, but it is the best Health Service in Europe…”

Er…quantify ‘occasionally’, ‘tragic’ and ‘best’. Ignorance is not so much bliss as blather.

“John Walker, you seem to be one of the most conscientious and humanistic people I’ve ever met or read. You really are incredibly good to the core, and it saddens me that your level of care for humanity is not the default…”

Hooooughweeeeeeeuuurrggh, oh that’s better.

I remember, in his last cringe-making year in Office, Gordoom Brooon once remarked at PMQs that “the international sex trade in young women is totally unacceptable”. It struck me at the time as the most unnecessary condemnation in history, but that probably has something to do with the fact that I was born 1900 years after the fall of the Roman Empire. I think condemnation of the Dacre Mail comes under the same heading.

But my goodness me, when the Leftie spleen is vented, oh how we laugh.

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38 thoughts on “OPENING OLYMPICS CEREMONIAL BIAS: A Fluffy lashes out.

  1. Dear @Bongo:
    My comment referred to the URL posted by Mr Ward in his piece :-)

    (that’s why I didn’t post it as a reply to your post which also contains a URL which you claim does work, but since it’s to the Grauniad I’m unlikely to check it) :-)


  2. Well, the only nice thing to say about Mr Walker (author of that article on about the Daily Mail’s commentary) is that he admits fascism is a Lefty incarnation…this is important because many Lefties are in denial about it and the BBC spew pure lies about it.

    That said, his post is what I’d expect from a socialist True Believer: complete tripe. However, Mr Walker did make one accurate comment “We do not ignore evil – we challenge it and get angry about it. We make more people aware” … He’s quite right, that’s what I’ve been doing for years about the evil of socialism, although I rather suspect Mr Walker wouldn’t agree with me on that.

    There was excellent comment on that blog article by RightOn which can be found here:
    He raises all the issues that no socialist has the guts to answer with any clarity.


  3. I don’t understand the subheading and when I searched for ‘sense of humour’, google just laughed at me.

    It wasn’t ‘multicultural crap’ it was just crap.

    I wonder how many of the games are rigged, if you had bet on Team GB in the road race yesterday you would have lost your shirt.

    (perhaps I’m just being cynical and haven’t got into the Olympic spirit yet)


  4. BT,

    can’t agree that facism is a lefty thing, it is the melding of capitalist corporate enterprise with the state in order to protect the shareholders interests at the expense of the ordinary people.
    It is a dictatorship like communism but coming at it from the opposite end, rather than party apparatchiks benefiting it is company apparatchiks.

    I do agree with the sentiments addressed in your link. (he’s not a libertarian though, more a one nation tory)


  5. @BobRocket: Sorry, but your description of economic fascism is wrong or too simplistic. Experts far greater than I have studied fascist practice in excruciating detail and concluded that it only really differs to communism over who owns the means of production. Under both systems control remains with the political State.
    In most other respects the two systems are virtually identical. Thus, fascism led Hitler to have henchmen on the boards of major German corps (Krupps/DM et al) to ensure they were investing/producing the goods he wanted. In turn, the shareholders of those corps were happy to go along with Hitler’s orders because they were making handsome profits out of it (doubtless some were also supporters). This is where the Mussolini term *corporatism* comes from: the merging of State and corporate entities. There is nothing unusual about totalitarian govts (communism/fascism etc) manipulating the money pot, in fact they love to do it for their own personal benefit and to take control.

    One has to shed the idea that everything to do with ‘big money’ is automatically capitalist and thus Right-wing. It often is not. EG: we have suffered an economic collapse in Britain because the socialist govt under Blair/Brown manipulated the free markets and banking systems, turned them into crony capitalism for reasons of political power and control and ended up wrecking the whole lot. As they always do.

    I’m abroad at the moment and my file server is resting, but I’ve got a lot of solid data about all this researched over some years…if you read it, you will quickly realise that fascism is a totalitarian system and all totalitarian system are on the Far Left.

    Did I mention another feature of communism/fascism …they both use versions of jackboots to beat the populations into submissions. There’s only a fag paper between them.


  6. Culture is commonly defined as:
    the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group.
    If you piss on a culture you piss on the people who created it. If you piss on multiculturism you believe in segregation.
    You response is unthoughtful and puerile.


  7. #BT

    naive rather than too simplistic, in my book extreme right=extreme left. Ideologies pushed by individuals to mean what they will.

    ‘Fascism, sitting on the right, could also have sat on the mountain of the center … These words in any case do not have a fixed and unchanged meaning: they do have a variable subject to location, time and spirit. We don’t give a damn about these empty terminologies and we despise those who are terrorized by these words.’

    Where on the Libertarianism scale do you lie ?


    Multiculturism (or Multiculturalism even) means many cultures ie. segregationalist, each culture to their own.

    Omniculturism means all cultures and is a wider variant of multi.

    Monoculturism would be single culture where new inductees must be subducted into the one.
    (this should really be called Biculturalism because if you are not in then you are out.)

    To define an individual (who you have not met) by their culture is to pre-judge that person (who may emanate from that culture but who does not carry those cultural biases with them)


  8. save for a brief link to our scottish, welsh and northern-irish components during the introductory phase, the happy historic multi-culturalism, which we britons have enjoyed for thousands of years, was completely ignored. a more accurate image of british evolution could have been communicated with a game of cricket (australian bodyline series with integrated sledging), a cucumber sandwich (with ethnic-minority schoolchildren dressed-up as veg in the filling), rab c nesbitt on bagpipes, a giant inflatable haggis, welsh women’s rugger, a leek relay, a guinness fountain and paddling pool, a pub-brawl choreographed by the english national ballet to the soundtrack of have i told you lately, and, for the grand finale, a parcel-bomb (of no fixed aggrievance) delivered by royal-mail suicide-postie (thrown in for good measure).

    it would have come in well under budget with change left for fish-and-chips all round. kushti.


  9. #Patrickhg

    I apologise because my last paragraph is wrong

    ‘To define an individual (who you have not met) by their culture is to pre-judge that person (who may emanate from that culture but who does not carry those cultural biases with them)’

    it should have said

    To define an individual (who you have not met) by your own culture is to pre-judge that person (who may emanate from a different culture but who may or may not carry your cultural biases with them)

    Culture is commonly defined as:
    the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group as interpreted by individuals of the different defining cultural bias.

    My culture is one of industrialisation, empirism and racism (and that is how my culture views other individuals) what’s yours ?


  10. @Patrickhg “If you piss on multiculturism you believe in segregation.”
    Where on earth do you get this little ‘ray of sunshine’ from ?
    How on earth can you suggest that people who have a problem with multi culturism want segregation. I think multiculturalism is an awful concept and brings nothing except misery and dissatisfaction for the majority – but I do not think that those encouraged to this country to partake in its ‘joys’ should be subject to segregation (by which I am guessing you mean different buses, schools etc etc.).

    Fact is that many multi’s insist on their own segregation by not taking the country into which they have arrived into their hearts (except for the obvious). Of course it can never be suggested that this might be an issue and to be honest, I cannot for the life of me understand why people would leave their homeland for an entirely different way of life, when they could go to a country which mimicks their own (if they have to leave) and want to keep what they had as their culture.
    For example, if I HAD to leave the UK due to some sort of persecution or danger, I would not choose say Iran or even India as my destination of choice. I would probably go for Australia or the USA (notwithstanding extradition treaties) purely because I would recognise (and fit in easily) with the people who already inhabit those places.


  11. Morningstar: I got that ray of sun from the gift of logic and rationality. I realise it is difficult for some to see that.
    Bobrocket: you seem to have graduated from the School of Stupid. Congrats!
    multiculturalism  [muhl-tee-kuhl-cher-uh-liz-uhm, muhl-tahy-] Show IPA
    multiculturalism  or cultural pluralism,  a term describing the coexistence of many cultures in a locality, without any one culture dominating the region. By making the broadest range of human differences acceptable to the largest number of people, multiculturalism seeks to overcome racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination.
    The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia Copyright © 2004.
    Licensed from Columbia University Press


  12. @BT. Enough with the left / right agenda already . They are just tags. People are either sh**s or they are not.


  13. @patrickhg. It is true more often than not that the multitudes of people who settle here from other cultures themselves prefer segregation to integration. Politically incorrect perhaps but please check it out by direct observation yourself.
    And further, to say that if you piss on multicultural you believe in segregation is like saying that if something is not black it must be white. Poor logic.


  14. @Patrickhg. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a laptop is capable of being offensive to others in a way he would not dream of being face to face.


  15. culture is something organic which evolves freely outside of government, economics and religion – it is the tried-and-tested distillate of thousands of years’ popular experience and like language is not set in fascist concrete; national socialism has come and gone, but bratwurst, black forest gâteau, organically brewed beer, and buxom battle-axe , hausfraus are still number one hits in germany. multi-culturalism is the default position for any country which does not go down the line of constructing gas-chambers. any ‘culture’ which does not share common-held values such as ‘thou shalt not commit murder’ can never succeed socially, and thus the state imposed ideologies of the west, east and middle-east cannot be truly considered as cultural.

    industrialization, empirism and racism are by-products of mercantilism, power-hunger and social dysfunction – no true (self-assured and successful) culture need resort to self-protection through hatred, violent suppression, and control.


  16. I found it very interesting that the responses to his comments were articulate and straightforward. He then responded with name-calling.

    patrick: that doesn’t do you argument any favours.


  17. #Morningstar

    multis don’t insist on their own segregation, this is actively encouraged by our multiculturists, incomers are encouraged to replicate their originating environment within our cultural environs.

    Multiculturalism is not intended to benefit any individual member of society, it is there to separate constituencies.

    It is a political standpoint.
    (and it is well engineered)

    If you stand within then you are protected, stand outside and you are on your own. (divide and conquer)

    I’m prepared to be vilified (because I really don’t give a toss what anyone else thinks)
    I’m not bothered by your anti/pro views, they are views formed from your own perspective, my views (which may be shared by others but that is their problem) are mine.
    I’m quite happy to change my views but it is not for your benefit and nor is it for anybody else’s.
    My views are for my benefit.
    I don’t say ‘we’ (including you) and I don’t give anybody the authority to say ‘we’ (including me)
    I’m quite prepared to stand up for your right to hold your individual viewpoint, just don’t try to tell me what to think/do because I will most certainly stand up against that.


  18. i know the feeling – to welcome the world to the olympics, i was intending to climb up the symbolic turfed-tussock and jack-off for britain in front of four billion people, but kommissar boris felt i was perhaps taking multi-culturalism a little too literally and wrote me a speech instead.


  19. @morningstar agreed; plus language differences can be a barrier to integration, younger immigrants are more willing and able than the older to learn the host country’s tongue and likewise often to relinquish their cultural identity.

    @BobRocket isnt it past your bedtime


  20. One thing I have noticed about the Daily Mail is that they cover stuff that the other Official Media won’t touch ie the Secret Family Courts, but they tell half truths, they very craftily just fall short of telling out and out lies, and put a slant on things to make their readers think what they want them to think. They are very selective about the topics they allow comments from the public to be posted on as well. I suppose all the accredited newspapers are propaganda merchants now, we dont seem to have much of a free press left, if we ever did have one (I don’t know if we ever did really but it was never as bad as this surely?) and they all of them only tell you what they want you to think.


  21. @MaxC: True, they’re all sh**s. But when one knows where any particular person or political party sits on the spectrum, it always helps to understand where they’re coming from and to work out what their agenda is. I have never subscribed to the view that Left/Right are meaningless terms…


  22. @BobRocket: “Where on the Libertarianism scale do you lie ?

    I see the scale going from 0% to 100%. The former being Right: libertarian anarchy (zero government, privatised police etc) and the latter being Left: totalitarian government (total govt – economically and socially).

    I personally sit at about 25-30% along that scale, meaning that I accept the need for government but I want to see small government which acts as a ‘facilitator’ of action, not being responsible for taking action. That should be left to the private sector with necessary regulation etc. Many areas where govt should butt-out altogether.

    IMHO in the UK we have about 65-70% government at the moment and spending to match. Meaning that government is far too involved in everything. That is a legacy of successive Labour govts who have enlarged the State to the point where it seriously encroaches into our everyday lives and it’s made worse by their gross incompetence and corruption. But that is what the Left always do in their drive for totalitarian power and control. Sadly, the Tory Party have gone along with this drift towards totalitarianism for electoral reasons.

    For me, the great challenge is how we downsize government from ~70% to ~30% and still look after & take care of those in genuine need.

    Suggestions on a postcard please ;-)


  23. I was once told the job of an editor is to sort the wheat from the chaff and then to print the chaff……


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