It was a triumph! The whole world fell over in wonder! Boyle pulls it off in style! Athletes queue up to praise opening ceremony:

Olympic Diver Tom Daley said last night’s event had fired him up for the competition, stating “Amazing night Can’t wait to compete now.”

Cyclist Sir Chris Hoy, the three times Olympic Gold medal winner, who was chosen as Team GB’s Flag carrier added “Wow! So lucky to have experienced that, what a privilege. A moment I will remember for ever.”

Sir Steve Redgrave, the five-times gold medal rowing champion who carried the Torch to the Olympic Stadium at the opening ceremony described the atmosphere as “absolutely amazing”.

How ironic it is, that the more politicised media and Government output becomes, the less a depoliticised electorate can spot it.

There is no shrewd discernment left anywhere of anything in the UK. There are time when I despair about what is so obviously coming next.

Why, we wonder, did Hunt approve it? I hear that he “smiled a lot when being told the idea, and generally looked like a chap who wanted to keep a low profile.”

Yes, well…there is that I suppose.