SYRIA: A brief heads-up on who’s massacring who

Doubts raised as to responsibility for ‘Assad regime’ atrocities

I hear from Sloggers that German intelligence reckons some ninety terror attacks in Syria (for which the Assad regime has been blamed) can be attributed to jihadist groups, over the last six months, perpetrating the atrocities for purely propagandist reasons. The statistic was revealed after the German government responded to a Bundestag member’s question.

Have you seen that reported in the UK or US MSM? No, neither have I.

The Merkel government did, however, refuse to give answers to a question on the subject of the May 25 massacre “by forces loyal to President Assad” in the Syrian town of Houla. The answer was to remain classified, said a foreig relations spokesman, “by reason of national interest”.  Germany expelled Syria’s ambassador immediately after the massacre, maintaining that the Syrian government was 100% responsible for the atrocity. This time, though, three MSM titles – Die Welt, the FAZ, and Bild – have run pieces suggesting that the real responsibility for the massacre lies with anti-government rebel forces.

We should not reject this out of hand as bonkers conspiracy theory: for nearly 50 years the Soviet Union blamed the Nazis for the Kataryn mass murder of hundreds of Polish officers during the Second World War. But when the Soviet empire collapsed, the papers pertaining to the incident revealed conclusively that it was a Russian atrocity.

I make no apology for using that particular parallel: the Nazi/Soviet 1939 pact that swallowed up Poland was a grubby, psycho deal betwen two forms of evil. I find it equally hard to choose between Assad’s pro-Iranian murder squads, and Jihadist terrorists who use schools as hostages…and then bleat to the world’s media about Israel bombing innocent children. Ethics-free propaganda is not exactly a new phenomenon. The reaction of most reasonable people (ie the Troll-free 90%) is that a plague should descend on both their houses.

In Bild, longtime German war correspondent Jurgen Todenhofer described this anti-Assad “massacre-marketing strategy” as being “among the most disgusting things that I have ever experienced in an armed conflict”

In turn, Alfred Hackensberger of die Welt noted that Taldo, the sub-district of Houla where the massacre occurred, has been controlled by rebel forces since December 2011: so how, he asks – given a flat plain stretching for dozens of kilometres surrounds the rebel stronghold – did dozens of Government troops arrive unseen to commit mass murder? And equally important, WTF would the point of such a suicide mission have been? All the victims, it seems were Sunnis: they were killed, local witnesses told Hackensberger, for refusing to support the rebellion.

France, Great Britain, and the US have made it abundantly clear that they want Assad out. As reported here last week, the US State Department under Hillary Clinton has bet the farm on the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s a foolish and venal decision aimed at increasing American influence in the region. But The Slog has consistently asked, “Will Assad’s successors be any better?”  I hold no candle for Assad, I hold no candle for jihadists and their fellow travellers. What we are seeing here is a dual-purpose Islamic sect civil war and geopolitical energy race pretending to be the ejection of a dictator in favour  of a new democratic dawn. It is complete bollocks.

See also: Milosevic followers regain power in Serbia – what of the War Crimes Court now?

28 thoughts on “SYRIA: A brief heads-up on who’s massacring who

  1. Obama’s “all in” policy of “let’s just be friends” with the MB will cost the US a lot more than just oil.


  2. The UK electorate is being treated as mushrooms, you know the rest….

    We now live in an era of Live/Real Time Surveillance where images and data are fed live to respective agencies for action….


  3. Up to twenty years ago they could get away with spinning this bullshit as all we had to go on was the MSM, anybody on the ground who dissented from this viewpoint could be rubbished or ignored.
    TPTB have yet to get to grips with the fact that no one believes a word they say anymore, if they said it was day, I would go outside to check.

    TPTB are tossers, always have been, it is just that there is no hiding that fact anymore.

    So yes, all this Assad bad, MB good is ‘complete bollocks’ and everyone knows it.


  4. I suspect that a considerable faction of Assad troops are in fact jihadist in philosophy. An army (any army) provides great cover for hiding in plain sight, as well as a means to achieve objectives.


  5. @JW
    Thanks for finally reporting what I have been posting here for
    three months.
    I have other info from people ‘on the ground.’I don”t think I can
    I can disseminate though, for fear of reprisals.
    What happened to Romford Dave ?
    He took issue with what I posted.
    Humble pie is best served hot.


  6. It has always seemed to me that US foreign policy (and US media) require there to be (very polarised) Bad Guys and the Good Guys…..I put it down to a childhood diet of Cowboy and Indians films, Cops ‘n Robbers, or Marines vs the Japs…..whatever ! The conflict in Former Yugoslavia was a typical example, where a friend of mine who was a journalist out there was being continually asked by the Yank media, if they should be siding with the Serbs, Croats or Muslems….when all three had very serious ‘form’ and were carrying out horrendous civilian attrocities on each other…..the idea that there was’nt a good guy seemed totally beyond them!

    Even conflicts like Syria, as JW points out…do not necessarily have the appropriate Goodies and Baddies that the US seems to crave….

    As some others have posted, I don’t think that the US chummying up to the Muslem Bruvs, is likely to turn out so well….anyone else noticed how these factions and new governments are going about surrounding Israel bit by bit? Jolly well bankrolled and connected this lot of Bruvs seem to be as well.

    Before too long when the US may be forced to decide if the MBruvs or Israel are the Goodies or Baddies… should require some very serious ‘bollocks creation’ to get them out of that particular foreign policy hole. O’il be interested to see what might influence their decisions !


  7. I really hate been lied to by people who are supposed to tell the truth.
    This is why I don’t bother with either the news or politicians any more.
    Seems like a good plan really.


  8. You got it right John, we are being fed a line of bullshit from the MSM. This whole affair is a rats nest of various interests, none with charitable intentions. No Black hats v White Hats here, a real can of worms.


  9. very good point. they tend to be much less vulnerable to a couple of spadefulls of bullshit than most. What is in israels best interest is the question we shouls ask therefore.
    I would say they would prefer assad. he’s the least dangerous.


  10. all the more reason for us to mind our own effing business.
    it’s bad enough being lied to by your own politicians but having jonny foreigner do it as well, I mean that just takes the biscuit.


  11. An insidious plan to conscript young unemployed people for a land war in the Middle East, just in time to mask the economic meltdown. Bar Stewards!


  12. Meh, you can’t trust any (dis)information these days- who’s to say the Germans have put this out there because they don’t want to be dragged into another ME war- see how keen they were to get out of AfPak…and what with the coming collapse…Jihadis, Baathists, Zionists- same sh*t in different buckets…


  13. thank goodness we have vlad the impaler as a counterweight.
    fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.


  14. second @oah

    but also thanks to jw for providing a spot of evidence to support the bollocks scenario many of us were fairly convinced of anyway.

    the next question is as to whether “we” are actively militarily involved on the ground in stirring up the shit. I heavily suspect that we are.


  15. there were two separate attacks, could there be truth in both sides of the story? both government- and rebel-supporters were targeted.


  16. There were several stories in the press that the CIA was alarmed by the attacks being associated with Al Qaeda and was going to more vigorously vet what groups receive support. It sounds like they were running another Fast and Furious operation. It’s about as close to admission as one will get. On France24, one of the regular panelists brought up the same thing and everyone else on the panel acted as if it was a taboo subject.


  17. “the Soviet Union blamed the Nazis for the Kataryn mass murder of hundreds of Polish officers during the Second World War.”

    Churchill etc knew during the war from the enigma decrypts who was responsible, but it was kept secret until it became impossible to hide. I cannot imagine why the truth was suppressed so long.


  18. Is Obama completely stupid, or is he deliberately creating a rod for the wests’s back? Beyond a certain point, stupidity loses believability. Those crazy conspiracy theories that Obama was an Islamist mole are not looking so ridiculous these days. With the Fabian Aussie PM Gillard expressing conviction of Assad’s guilt by nothing more than footage of dead bodies at Houla, the theory of the west destroying itself on purpose no longer looks as absurd as it should be. Maybe Einstein was right about the infiniteness of stupidity, but deliberately facilitating the rise to power of the muslim brotherhood throughout the islamic World just defies sense. Talk about unleashing the beast. Be very concerned.


  19. To protect ULTRA’s ability to decrypt messages. To maintain the PR perception of the Soviet Union as a heroic and ethical ally.


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