How Mitt Romney continues to follow the traditional American approach to the Special Relationship

“We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special,” a close advisor to the Presidential challenger told the Daily Telegraph last Tuesday, adding: “The [Obama] White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have.”

Conservative MEP and incontinent blogger Dan Hannan also said recently that the Special Relationship “would only be strengthened by the election as President of Mitt Romney”.

Let’s face it and give credit where it’s due, Mitt has got off to a very typical start when it comes to the Special Relationship:

‘Britain is not ready for the Olympics says Mitt Romney’.

‘You know, it’s hard to know just how well it will turn out,” he told NBC last night, “will the people of the country come together and celebrate the Olympic moment? That’s something which we only find out once the Games actually begin.”

But Ed Miliband was undeterred: meeting Romney today, he said, “There is a special relationship between Britain and the United States, expressed in our shared history and also in the current commitments that we have together.”

It continues to stagger me that UK pols trot out this SR bollocks every time an American bigwig is in town. However, when it comes to the UK Labour Party, Mitt does indeed have special ties to it.

Robert Maxwell, the late owner of Mirror Newspapers and former Labour MP fraudster, invested $2 million in Mr Romney’s first private equity fund, which launched the controversial career in finance that the Republican presidential challenger now cites as proof of his ability to lead the US to prosperity.

Maxwell was a serial tax evader, keeping most of his money in tax havens. And oddly enough, Mitt Romney is less than keen on discussing his own tax returns.

Yes, it’s a common bond. A special relationship.

81 thoughts on “How Mitt Romney continues to follow the traditional American approach to the Special Relationship

  1. The “special relationship” is between those using the city of london to fill their boots as much as possible. Thats much of the financial elite these days. Neither Mitt (Mormon) or Bob (Judaism) have much in common with the Anglo Saxon heritage. I seem to recollect that the key tenet of anglo saxon derived common law is “do no harm”. Not something that the ethically challenged financial elite believe in.

  2. if the americans are going to put the anglo-saxon back in the special-relationship, does that mean we can call them all cvnts?

  3. Romney has hidden his money in the Caymans and other offshore tax havens… it’s public record, everyone knows it… the guy is running for President and does not pay taxes… also. they refuse to release more than 2 years of tax returns and he personally claims “he has no idea” where or how much his money is or how it is distributed… claiming only his business managers know… the fact that he is still running for president but openly evading taxes tells me the US is finished morally, socially, and politically. The mere idea that a corporate pirate can use the facts that he destroyed business’s and moved jobs overseas as often as he could as the experience for why he SHOULD be President is insane.

  4. not all of them, brother…unless you want to end your days at the bottom of a welsh ditch.

  5. He did consider running for the Hellenic Republic position as it was felt the electorate could identify with him easier than those in the US, but that job’s still a few years away from being vacant…

  6. Correct. Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is still evil! The MSM propaganda to have the “Dark Knight Obomber” re elected or dumped in favour of “Mittens”, in the US and to a lesser extent in the UK is unnerving, and so much so that Ron Paul has been virtually sidelined. The prols in this country all know the names of the two “bawbags” but they have never heard of the only man that can save the western world from the ensuing collectivist nightmare!

  7. Countries do not have eternal allies or eternal enemies. They do have eternal interests. Britain had quite a few which it shared with the United States and still does to some extent. People only started talking about and fostering the “special relationship” so desperately after the Americans had really dropped us in it over Suez – in the quite understandable interests of Standard Oil et al in the Middle East.
    The UK political class decided never ever again to stray far from America’s side. The French under General de Gaulle decided never ever to trust the Yanks again. The impetus for the foundation of the EEC with the aspiration of eventually becoming a big enough power to see off the Yanks originated then. Even de Gaulle realised that US power was still essential to counterbalance the Soviets . He left the NATO command structure whilst still retaining the NATO umbrella. He was a clever old general.

    NATO was a superlatively successful defensive alliance with limited objectives, which it achieved without firing a shot in anger. Clinton and Blair morphed it into an all purpose aggressive alliance with ambitions for “humanitarian interventions” world wide , starting with Yugoslavia. Yet many people, brought up with the knowledge (or just belief) that NATO
    kept Communism out of Western Europe, continued and continue to feel relatively well-disposed to NATO – a sort of brand loyalty such as Tony Blair achieved with the part faithful whilst turning the Labour party into something entirely different.
    The readiness of British politicians to fawn on the USA for the assurance that ” the special relationship ” continues, is shaming and embarrassing .
    I think there will be a fairly special relationship, certainly an important one, as long as Britain retains sufficient armed forces to be a significant player in protecting Atlantic traffic in which both Britain and the USA have legitimate interests.

    And there is still a residual feeling that, in terms of getting on with each other, the Channel is wider than the Atlantic

  8. @JW: I got as far as this crude insult and didn’t bother reading the rest: “Conservative MEP and incontinent blogger Dan Hannan blah blah”. Insulting Dan Hannan only serves to enhance your image as a Lefty. You’ve been outed. When will you remove the badge at the top of the Lefty Slog which reads: “Top 10 non-aligned blog”? After all, you are in favour of truth & deconstructing bollix. Right? Or is that only Right bollix as you see it?

  9. The only office in Greece he qualifies for is maybe a cab driver… Greeks may elect crooks, that avoid taxes… but we don’t elect stupid crooks, and we sure as hell don’t elect stupid OBVIOUS crooks like Romney.

  10. So Conservative MEP is an insult? Could be with you on that one. Stop name calling and read, you ignor…. Damn, nearly let myself down there.

  11. A story from ancient history, about 30 years ago. In those days I spent a decade in the USA, a most revealing experience and my first foray into working abroad. On arrival I bought the WSJ, thinking to look up the £/$ rate. The DM was there on the front page, so was the Yen, but the £ was buried with other irrelevancies like the Italian Lira and the French Franc somewhere in the impenetrable middle of the paper (perhaps not these days as Rupert bought it). Oh, dear I thought, that’s what they think of us. Quite a shock to someone used to London-centric thinking. Then I got talking to the locals and they were all very nice and polite but clearly they gave the UK only a passing thought, having much more important and profitable things to do on a vastly larger scale. After the decade I concluded that there is a sort of vague and intangible special relationship that is based on a more or less common language, personal friendships and heritage but it has very, very little practical effect in the present day. We are simply so small and distant that they don’t think about us at all. There is no concrete relationship, special or otherwise. We are customers. Frankly, after all these years, that is how it should be. They should treat us as France or Spain or Nigeria or Chile and that is what they do except when they need the electoral support of the WASPS, when all sorts of BS is spouted by the likes of Mr MR.

  12. Waaaaaaaaaaah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaah… of course it’s as he sees it, that is literally what this blog is for… don’t like it?, leave.

  13. Dan Hannan does write a good blog now and again but does also like to post his little videos that are played to the Telegraph viewer alone (as there is normally an empty chamber). This can make him look too self promoting but then he is a politician.

    What really irked me recently was his praise for the odious Liam Fox, which really brings us back on topic as Fox is an Atlanticist to the degree of poodle.

  14. The only relationship the UK has with the USA is as boot licker in chief.The USA have only one vision and that is bent over being sausaged by Israel and at the same time being the whip master of the world,if not they do a very good act as if this is the case.The elite of the USA will use every microgram of force against all and sundry,including their own people,to appease the Israeli lobby,Hilary Clinton said whatever the lobby wanted she was ready to give.This will clearly be portrayed again when Syria and Iran are a bloodbath.Special relation is a figment of the British insanity,just read the American history of the war of independence and feel the anger even to this day.

  15. yeah…so? big deal, obama breezed into the white house claiming he was ‘black’, but has as yet provided no serious evidence to substantiate this claim. in addition, both his and hillary’s 2008 campaign funds were boosted by money garnered from the rape of congo via big bill clinton’s business associates in the blood-mining business…

    …so will obama again be benefitting from the proceeds of butchering black africa this time around?

  16. According to Guido F, Romney is having trouble getting people to attend his $25K fund raising dinner here and has had to drop the price to $10K. Good!

  17. ~Indeed, we are a vassal state of the US but our corrupt elite take it up the rear to be close and make blood money after leaving office for serving the world’s rogue elephant.

  18. NATO should have been dissolved at the end of the Cold War-not turned into the world’s would be sheriff. But that would risk the US becoming isolationist very quickly (in my view it will anyway at which point Europe will have to pay to defend itself-bang goes all the welfare programmes!)

    With regard to the “special relationship”, whilst it is effectively that of a pimp to his whore, whores tend to need protection. It is commonsense to make sure the “relationship” is with the toughest pimp in the neighbourhood-not the weakest. The trick, of course, is to get benefit without having to give too much, which I think the UK achieved quite well until Blair-who would do anything to become rich (no, sorry, that’s wrong-make his country do anything to become rich).
    I think most people realise there is no particular special relationship-but the pretence flatters the US-and doesn’t harm us-provided we are realistic about it. To be blunt-good whores get paid better by making clients/pimps feel good; always have, always will.

  19. i’m an obama-supporter to the roots of my follicles, but lately i have to admit that his special relationship with africa appears to be a bit on the iffy side…

    well really, i mean…even the guardian of trendy-democratic american presidents caught an obama placeman slushing-up a congolese warlord wanted by the international criminal court…and as luck would have it, the warlord’s mate, joseph kabila, won the disputed congolese election shortly afterwards…

  20. @Ioannis: You might try reading a growing number of JW’s articles in recent months. They contain endless crude insults about people on the Right – even attempting to blame Cameron for the Libor rigging scandal (yes, really) – but virtually nothing more than mild criticism of those on the Left, if any at all. At the same time, he claims to be politically non-aligned. That is obviously untrue. Major deception going on. Get it now? No? then I’m sorry, I can’t help you :-)

  21. to be fair, nor did many of the common populace show-up to welcome obama on his last visit to our lucative little offshore offshoot…save, of course, for a small band of banner-waving islamists outside buckingham palace…

    he’s got plenty of chums in ireland though…

  22. oh, i don’t know…i think a few stars incorporated into the union flag would look quite pretty.

  23. oh, i don’t know…i think a few stars incorporated into the union flag would look quite pretty really

  24. Bt, I agree recently, I mean Christ there is plenty to be pinned on a pretty useless Conservative party and I’m sure Hunt etc deserve fully the treatment they get of the slog, but on many issues lately the bollocks clearly rested at labours door, but instead some Tory donor is crow barred into the story or something. Does make you wonder.

  25. “obama breezed into the white house claiming he was ‘black’, but has as yet provided no serious evidence to substantiate this claim”… AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!

  26. @ioannis
    Boring maybe,but not corrupt,the only qualification
    for Greek politics..
    How do you think those bank accounts came to light ?
    He declared the income on his tax returns, dummy..
    I’m not a Mormon but had a lot of business dealings with them.
    Never ever found them dishonest.Boring as hell ,yes..
    Dishonest no..JW is trying to tar and feather the guy for
    borrowing money for his business from a shady character.I
    In that case I’m guilty as well,I once borrowed from Barclays..

  27. So JW’s leftish-who’d have thought?
    He has actually said that he was, sort of, in a number of threads-that doesn’t nullify the stuff he digs up (although I think he’s drawn some wrong conclusions sometimes-but it might be I have!).
    And, more to the point, he allows us to say it when we think he’s wrong-fairly unusual nowadays!

  28. ‘Britain is not ready for the Olympics says Mitt Romney’

    of course we’re ready…ready to balls it up beyond all recognition…

    yet despite nit romney’s remark rather losing something in transatlantic translation, he sure does seem to be on track to win the foot-in-mouth competition.

  29. Americans do not even have a special relationship with
    the people in the State next door.Most people have no
    concept of how insular J6P is.Someone in the South has
    very little in common with the north east,west or flyover country. or
    vice versa.They have a certain fascination for things British.
    My English accent always gains me entry to new clients for
    example,where Yanks cannot easily go..
    Apart from that ,the UK is just the US’s poodle.,gets patted now
    and then,and thrown table scraps .

  30. I don’t know if he’s leftist or not, but he is certainly showing the signs of early-onset Alzheimers disease.

  31. i’d rather consume a bucketful of freshly fricasséed french fodder than eat the stale half-eaten hamburgers they condescendingly distribute rubber-gloved from their morally-mouldied trash-cans.

    woof woof grrrrr

  32. Winston… why is he hiding his assets in off shore tax havens to avoid paying taxes? why not disclose whats in those accounts (in full)… being illegal to do so means he is corrupt… bouncing your money around the world from tax cheaters paradise to paradise while categorizing it a “trust” is a well known old time trick… so you’re right he is boring (that he could not think of a more discreet way to launder his tax evasion profits) otherwise he is as dirty as any other opportunistic tax dodger.

  33. you’re a turncoat and a traitor to your breed, bulldog – fraternization with the frogspawn constitutes an act of high treason, even when its expression is of a strictly rhetorical nature.

  34. BT
    I suggest you read Hannan’s blog in Anglo-Saxonism. It is half-baked ignorant twaddle from end to end.
    I suggest you also read all the long trail of exposes on Brown, Blair, Obama, Clinton, Clegg, Jay, Callaghan, the BBC zzzzzzzzz bored now.

  35. @Ioannis
    He has money in offshore havens for the same reasons I do.
    To keep it out of the Jurisdiction of a broke government and/ or sue
    crazy Americans and their lawyers.
    Just business.Never keep all your eggs in one basket.
    I forget to mention.The Mormon’s are very ,very ,sharp,but honest
    businessmen.Probably because when you cannot drink alcohol,
    caffeine or smoke etc,you have a lot of time on your hands.

  36. Just Saying
    Yes, I love mutuals, which also contain corrupt people. Yes, listed banks contain more corrupt people. It’s like supporting United or City, really: one has a goal, and the other simple has money.

  37. Have you ever noticed how all the mad folks’ groups begin with M: Mormon, Muslim, Must Sayin’ and Mankrupt Taxpayer?

  38. It’s so much fun reading the comments of you Sloggers today! I’m a retired airline pilot who has flown the world and no matter the destination, I have listened to a similar complaints about the ignorance or arrogance of the US and it’s citizens. I learned long ago to shut my mouth and nod in agreement because much of it was true but I also knew that I would be soon be returning to the little bit of heaven that I own over here. So rave on about the U.S. and be cynical about our special relationship. I believe there was a time before our multicultural present when a special relationship did exist between the UK and the US , I’m sad it’s in the past.

  39. note that marsh romney has granted a chinwag to red edit minibrand…just shows how seriously the united states takes the covert commie colonization of this once so barbarously blue country. personally, i’m lookin forward to the london 2012 closing celebrations, when, in a ceremony to mark the fall of the berlin-wall, the super-heavyweights of the russian and american weightlifting squads will splice together the muppets comprising the locog committee, the combined memberships of blair, brown and cameron’s cabinets, and the board of g4s, into a multifactional rope for use in a symbolic tug-of-war stretching across an ideogically intransigent minefield specially-laid for the occasion by our brave boys in the armed-services.

  40. @JW: “It is half-baked ignorant twaddle from end to end.”

    IYO…. … Are you sure the “long trail of exposes on […]” actually happened or did they only happen … you know … in hindsight?
    Whatever, you have shown a clear uncloaking in recent times … I’m not the only slogger to have noticed – you must know that. It doesn’t excuse anybody from trying to pin the blame for Libor rigging onto the Tory Party or cherry-picking incidents and blowing up a dust storm for the sole purpose of writing articles to attack Cameron & Co. Please try to blame the Tories only for their own cock-ups (plenty), not those of the socialist Labour Party (plenty x100).
    On Hannan, nobody is perfect and you may not agree with some of his opinions. But when your socialist soulmates have finished destroying the British economy, banned globalisation and created a fascist siege economy, it will take people like Hannan to rescue it, and us, from oblivion.

    My 2C

  41. who says the romans never did anything for us – they supplied us with a nuclear vocabulary for starters.

  42. @MickC: Sure, he has once recently admitted – to my knowledge – of once being a Lefty. As they say “once a commie, always a commie”. That said, he has successfully camouflaged his true Left-wing agenda for a long time by his hatred of the EU (a view mostly held by people of the Right, but not exclusively) and this is noticeable by the fact that a majority of sloggers are generally from the intelligent, thinking Right, because they thought they were sharing topical issues with a like-minded person. But once he uncloaked himself and began blaming the Tory Party for everything from the weather to Libor rigging, his true Lefty agenda has been exposed.
    His only get-out now is that he might claim not to be aligned with the current Labour Party or LibDem Party. But then neither is the BNP :-(

  43. but apart from a few choice words, you can’t say we let the roman empire brainwash and infect us culturally – you see unlike, for example, the post-colonial africans who were left christianized, islamicized and doubly circumcized (ok, so they jazzed the jesus-gig up with a funky cover), we here in britain never submitted to so-called progressive foreign ways…when the provincial roman governors finally buggered off to warmer climes, they left us with dead-straight roads, yet we steadfastly and stubbornly refused to travel long them, instead we ripped them up and recycled the building-materials for use in the construction of traditional british windy-humpy-bumpy-roads, thus preserving our indigenous integrity and identity.

  44. @Kit: Agreed. I am not a limitless Hannan fan, he’s just someone I’m watching because he seems to have good ideas, not least he is a supporter of Austrian school economics. He may be a future Tory Party leader IF the Party can dump its current Lefty-liberal leadership.
    I never liked Fox much years ago (personality defects methinks) but he was ousted by the Lefty mandarins in the MOD. They’ve been trying to get rid of Gove, Landsley and May too. These are the socialist sleepers in the Civil Service referred to some while ago in MSM. Put another way, the Labour Party may be out of office but they’re not out of power.

  45. unbendingly ruler-straight carriageways were also not compatible with entrenched british driving techniques – which were developed at a time when the white cart-men of the day were habitually fuelled on four-star mead.

  46. @soap: Exactly and well put. It may simply be his incorrect assessment of the evidence or a hidden agenda. Methinks it’s the latter.

    The great thing about The Slog has always been that it attracted a lot of thinking people from the Right with plenty of valid views/opinions. I’m not talking about rabid capitalists but folks who want to see a return to proper free market capitalism where the nation is not held to ransom by corrupt banksters and political elites. A place to learn. If the slogmeister reveals his own Lefty inclinatons and attracts armies of Lefties, he might go the same way Guido’s blog has gone with 80% of posters hardly knowing what day of the week it is. That would not be good news.

    My 2C worth…

  47. Ok BT and all, let me try and understand what it is you are saying.

    It is in effect, that JW is a closet Socialist who has been operating under a false flag.

    The proof you appear to rely on for this is that he admits to having once actually been a socialist and he now connects the Con party to every dirty bit of dealing that has and is going on.

    Whilst making this assertion you happily denigrate Cameron et al yourself as being anything but Conservative and express a hope that he and his cohorts are replaced soon with proper Cons.

    Well I have proved often enough just how simple a person I am, but there is nothing cohesive about that stance that reveals itself to me and quite a lot which is contradictory.

    But even if you were to be correct about your assertion, you are talking about someone (JW ) who you have spent a lot of time agreeing with.

    So is he to be damned because in your eyes he is a Socialist after all rather than non-aligned, or because he dislikes the present Cons as much as you do, or because he is wrong about all the things you have been agreeing with him about up to now?

    Of course I ackowledge the things you have disagreed with JW about but most if not all of those arise from items which are critical of the present Cons.

    It isn’t clear to me BT, is it to you?

  48. Sapristi knuckles! Such chafing, must be the hot weather. Or the Rolls Royce of sporting events – ok, not everyone’s interested in Frank Whittle’s progeny.

    @BT: I thought we agreed that the debate has gone beyond Left and Right. Surely, as others have said, the radical has a foot in both camps of that dichotomy, but his/her bedroll in neither. We now see that, when the chips are down as they currently are, both will unhesitatingly head for the hills with the totalitarian pennant fluttering awkwardly in the breeze created by their hasty passing. In accusing JW of being ‘Leftist’ you overlook the fact that almost everything he writes is born of exasperation and disbelief in relation to the utter stupidity of both Left and Right over the last several decades or more. The eternally difficult and paradoxical truth is that .. there is good and bad in everything; it strikes me that trying to find the highground based on either polemic is to only look backwards. It would be nice to think that, on a human level, we are capable of something better. Alopecia and comb fighting.., so last year.

  49. If you can’t see why it is wrong for a man running for the most powerful position in the world to be cryptic about his money in any way, and whether or not he pays his fair share of taxes… then I can’t help you… the irony is how important this would all be if it was OBAMA’s mysterious Cayman trusts. I have never in my 30 years in the US seen a more openly evasive and morally questionable candidate being taken seriously. Sorry your argument rings hollow to people that don’t have Mitt’s money and have a convenient trust, or shell corp. set up in some sleazy backwater craphole… that launders drug money in the same bin as Romney’s downsizing and outsourcing fortunes. Another thing if what you say is true and you also hide your money from your government and don’t pay your fair share… then I would not want you as president either. Seems like kind of a no brainer… unless you are dealing with no brainers.

  50. Well said… this right /left, good cop/bad cop charade… is how TPTB divide, and distract. If you are an adult, still thinking in terms of “lefties” and “righties” then you are a complete zombie, maybe just turn on some soft jazz and leave CNN on… their soothing lies will whisk you away from the complicated world… every thing is different and either way of looking at things is a handicap, a filter that distorts your understanding and perverts your reason… it is designed to keep you agitated, and antagonistsic with people that may not “think like me” truth is we all think the same crap.

  51. @ H b

    I just knew you’d be a Goons fan Hb, ‘thinks, exit Eckles with low knees and high groin’. Thank goodness they are still doing repeats on radio 4+ or there would be nothing to listen to.

  52. I think JW has a deserved jaundiced view of both party.
    Most people cannot see that this is a game of Good cop/
    bad cop.Does it matter which overseer whips you on the owners
    By all means be a conservative with a small c.
    I am myself.
    The Conservative party is a totally different matter.
    We will continue the daily beatings until morale improves.

  53. @Jwoo: I know I can tell you this because you won’t tell anyone else, I used to have a crush on Motoring Minnie Bannister.

    Blessed are the cracked, for they let in the light. (Spike)

  54. @Ioannis: Amen. Old jazz muso’s joke: Q. What is the definition of a gentleman? A. Someone who owns an accordion (or banjo) but doesn’t play it – or, for those of a more saturnine disposition, someone who owns an accordion but plays the banjo..

  55. @ Ioannis
    I declare and pay the tax due.As does Romney
    I detect the green eye of jealousy.Or you are a communist ?..
    When I lived in Athens I was amazed by the number of them,
    like rats at a sewer outfall.
    I will not even to bother to read your posts in future.
    Trying to enlighten you is a waste of my time and effort,
    and if you a Greek cannot see the benefit of keeping your
    OWN money away from corrupt politicians and lawyers,there
    is no hope for you.
    If you are typical , Greece has much harder times coming..

  56. Your resulting to insults validate my points and expose your inability for civil discourse, rational thinking, or informed debate… thank you for proving me right… you are just blowing hot air, because it is all you have. The point about the trusts is that he is being secretive about their contents so we’ll never know if he is actually paying the taxes he is supposed to or just giving the IRS whatever set of numbers his accountants tell him they will be satisfied with… either way the whole practice is elusive, and certainly not Presidential caliber (unless you like that kind of thing)… but you know this… that is why you have nothing but gibberish to respond with.

  57. Well said Hb – something better indeed , it is long overdue, and as likely to come from any of our current political masters as the cunning plan was to come from Baldrick.

  58. So with one sentence you proclaim that both sides are the same and there is no difference and then, in the next sentence, you go on to announce your side and extol that others should take it as well. More nonsensical blatherings…

    What – total – bollocks.

  59. @Minston Smith…

    So with one sentence you proclaim that both sides are the same and there is no difference and then, in the next sentence, you go on to announce your side and extol that others should take it as well. More nonsensical blatherings…

    What – total – bollocks.

  60. Also… as far as your calling me dummy, slandering my ethnicity, calling me a commie… these are all tactics of the weak minded, and dull witted. So… keep up the good work (it really is the best you can come up with). Don’t breed please.

  61. Ed Milliband V Mitt Romney?

    Mitt Romneys ancestors at least cleared immigration checks at Ellis Island, which is more than Ed Millibands father can claim on entering the UK.

    Milliband = POISON to UK way of life and no amount of hair gel or throat operations will ever change that.

  62. Will the accordion playing left, and the right banjoists please desist from making my tits more inflamed than they necessarily are.

  63. Good grief…
    These comment threads sound like a bunch of old biddies snarking at one another at a church pot luck. You just have better vocabularies than us yanks who can barely speak the language any longer.
    Don’t you have anything else better to do with your time, or is your economy so bad that the only thing you have left is an internet connection and a comfy desk chair?

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