SYRIA: FT now only 5 days behind The Slog

FT this morning (£walled):

‘Syria has publicly admitted for the first time that it possesses chemical and biological weapons, adding to international concern that its stocks could fall into the hands of militant groups as the country’s civil war intensifies.’

The Slog, 19th July:

‘If it came to a real show-down, Assad would release all his chemical weapons without blinking an eye. He would not hesitate in flinging all his military cards up in the sky, and then just hoping that some of them fell in his favour.  Better that, than being erased from the face of the Earth by militant Muslims.’

Last Friday, Assad was reported to have fled. This was wrong, and the result of too many idle hacks reading Islamist press releases. In fact, Assad still has control of the weapons – and is being egged on by his frineds in Iran to use them.

45 thoughts on “SYRIA: FT now only 5 days behind The Slog

  1. I understand that Willie Hague is considering sanctions against the Iraqi goverment after the unprovoked slaughtering of some 110 citizens. 


  2. I personally think this has been blown out of all proportion by the Western Media for the vested interests that support it. The Assad regime is definitely not a nice one and I’m certainly not a supporter, but lets face it the US & UK are up to their necks behind the scenes in this attempt to remove Assad. You only need to do a bit of research into who’s supporting, aiding and abetting the various factions in this attempted overthrow of Assad. The same old names via ‘think tanks’ come up over and over again. Syria is a friend of Iran… it will be taken down.


  3. One wonders where these ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ came from. They would not have been left for safe keeping by a neighbouring member of the Ba’ath Party by any chance?


  4. Will, they just don’t care. Lybia has been left to its own devices now, with inter tribe warfare mostly unreported in the west, whilst the international corporations feed on resources like vultures. Iraq also . Syria will be the same. Its all divide and rule. Development aid is just a euphemism for building roads and ports for the multinationals to get the resources out of the country. All paid for by the long suffering tax payers of the West to enrich mult nationals pockets.


  5. Stink tanks I think you mean. Yes, and the British Council is the most peculiar chariity I have ever heard of, even wierder than the British False Memory Society, if that were possible. Maybe I have old fashioned notions about charities, I just thought charities were all about well off people reaching down and giving relief to the poor, in order to bless them.


  6. John. Your anti-Muslim pro-establishment rants have now become so silly that you have become a caricature of your own description of an evidence-based diary to now becoming a mouthpiece for the the same deception and distortion. Sad really. At one time you were worth reading. Why don’t you ever read or record anything other than that written in the MSM?


  7. Zoompad- I just thought charities were all about well off people reaching down and giving relief to the poor, in order to bless them.

    Would that be hand relief? After all one must make best use of ones talents mustn’t one.


  8. gkgk,
    Well put, indeed. A zionist megaphone; perhaps without true personal insight but indoctrinated just in the same way.


  9. As a follow-up, one might think that his career in advertising would enable JW to quickly recognise and rapidly dispatch obvious propaganda. But the opposite seems to have occurred, perhaps by being immersed in this seepage for too long; this, together with a modest degree of education and an almost total incapacity in the field of critical thinking leads to a certain credulity when dealing with MSM propaganda. And “tips” from well-informed, mysterious moles, many of course being establishment figures, are used to exploit this breathtaking naïvety to provide the extensions of establishment thinking to be found on this site. Pretty sad really.


  10. Comment got wiped again-perhaps it was too juicy about yacht movements!Well again,a number of yachts belonging to Russian/Bulgarian/American oligarchs,have visited Syrian waters and a now parked off the coast of Morocco,until Thursday,where they start to parade from Mallorca and onto othe Med destinations,hosting a parade of parties for European,American and Israeli big wigs-why?Oh yeah,they are bored with the olympics already!This display of wealth is staggering and Thomson Reuters journalists and families are along for the ride-NICE!


  11. It would take ab existential catharsis for JW to see through the veil of
    lies and bollocks hiding the truth.
    The US is hell bent on wold military domination using all any
    means possible.Israel,NATO and the UK are willing participants.
    Everything else is smoke and mirrors.
    The only question is;
    Will the US go broke first ?


  12. Thanks, John. Glad to be here. And I hope my comments give you pause for thought before regurgitating the latest NATO propaganda.


  13. Syria’s chemical weapons are very primitive and any country that can produce paints, refine petrol, make fertilisers, make cleaning products, make insecticides or produce medicines already has not only the industrial capacity to produce the stuff on a huge scale very quickly but almost certainly already has the core chemicals. They aren’t some mysterious black art and anone with a degree in Chemistry is already wildly over-qualified.

    The problem with chemical weapons is storage and delivery to the target area. The stuff is highly unstable, corrosive, degrades quickly and is extrem;ly sensitive to heat or cold and extremes of either neutralise it very very quickly. Delivery usually requires large quantities delivered into a target are very very quickly because most agents are lighter than air.

    Their stockpile consists of:-

    Tabun – Discovered by the Nazis in the 1930’s. Widely regarded as the first Nerve Agent. Very very easy to make but not very easy to handle and store. Non-Persistant and disperses quickly. Can only be used in a very narrow teperature band.

    Sarin – A Non-Persitant Nerve Agent that has an extremly short shelf life once prepared. Invented by the Nazis before WW2. Has to be delivered in high concentrations and disperses rapidly if used in high temperatures or windy days.

    VX – Also Nerve Agent but more persistant (ie it loiters in the target area and disperses more slowly than Sarin). Originates from 1950’s America and was designed – because of it’s loitering ability – to be more of an area denial weapon than an attack weapon. It’s a thick liquid unlike Sarin so it evaporates more slowly and thus contaminates an area for a longer period. (as an example of how easy this stuff is to make, VX was the substance used in the Japanese underground in the 1990’s).

    Mustard Gas – Also known as Sulper, Lewisite, Blister Gas. A Blister Agent invented in 19th century France. Used by the Germans, British and the French in WW1 and in a multitude of conflicts by a multitude of countries right up to minor usage in Sudan in the 1990’s. Extremly nasty stuff that is very very persistant and hangs around for weeks. Causes severe blistering of membranes – the moister the better so is good in a hot environment where people are sweaty. Not very effective as a ‘killer’ but extremly effective in crippling the medical facilities and damaging morale of troops who see comrades with skin literally hanging off them in ribbons. Very good for area denial and causing the destruction of large amounts of stores and supplies in places such as ports and airports by rendering them to dangerous to handle. It’s big plus is it’s persistance and cross-contamination is very common – ie it gets onto things such as stores that are then passed around and moved aroun Literally the only way to deal with it once it has been delivered into an area is to destroy everything by fire or seal it off for a few months. I was once told that if Mustard Gas gets into petrol/diesel that there is a high risk of the exhaust fumes from the engine conating enough active ingrediant for them in turn to be dangerous.

    Amazing what you learn in the Army.


  14. JW if you are perceptive enough, you would realise that the “us” as you suppose, gets very little feedback when you go off in your Zionist, aka, NWO, tantrums. You do have a large following that ceases to participate when you are full on, Israel can do no wrong mode. Think about it. Are we all wrong? Why does participation on your site go into almost silent mode when you become an Israel can do no wrong advocate. I have noticed though that new bloggers do appear on those rants. Probably they have all had emails from


  15. Agreed. JW seems to get the obvious corruption at every level in govt and so on when it comes to financial stuff and then thinks these same people are telling the truth on geo political stuff. What a talent to have.

    For everybody else I suggest you read operation mincemeat. It is a book praising the intelligence and strategy of UK finest during WW11. Instead what you will discover is it was nothing more than a bunch of elitist tossers (think cameron etc) with no justification for being given the job, apart from being the establishment. They sat around coming up with stupid contorted strategies that seemed to take these idiots eons to devise, and then went to their clubs for G&T saying jolly well done with scant regard for jonny nobody who along with his chums would put their life on the line executing these wankers BS


  16. To continue – As for Biological Weapons not that much is know but they have probably tinkered with research into Mycotoxins. Again very simple to produce. Now these are pretty cool, very easy to store and are basically modified fungus spores. If you can make penicillin or brew beer then you can make Mycotoxins. They can be made for a variety of things – kill people and animals quickly, kill them slowly, or even to destroy crops or even just certain crops.


  17. Forgot to add – the ingenious thing about Mycotoxins is you can make a culture that replicates in it’s poisonous mode – – ie it starts an epidemic, or you can make a culture that replicates in a harmless mode – ie the initial deliver kills what it contaminates but as the fungus spoors thiose offspring are inert.

    In addition, they are very very easy to store. Just need to be kept dry and cool and they will last for donkeys years..


  18. Your quoted FT comment is astonishing (actually it’s not, coming from the Lefty FT). It wrongly presumes that if Syria’s chemical weapons are retained in the hands of the fascist dictator Assad, everything will be alright and nobody will get hurt. Yet the evidence says otherwise. Utter madness from a so-called respectable newspaper.

    Such stupidity is on a par with the British/American Left asserting that if the State were the only legal possessors of guns, we would all be safe. Again, the evidence says otherwise.


  19. “Bemused

    July 24, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Zoompad- I just thought charities were all about well off people reaching down and giving relief to the poor, in order to bless them.

    Would that be hand relief? After all one must make best use of ones talents mustn’t one.”

    Only a real wanker would respond like that.


  20. So true.Worked out so well in Norway.
    The 2nd Amendment in the US was placed there so
    citizens could protect themselves from a tyrannical Government,
    not for individual defence per se.
    The writers understood full well ,that Government could not be
    trusted.A lesson soon to be painfully relearned.


  21. Yet if we analyse what’s at the top of the page;

    ii) The first 3 lines is an extract from the FT
    ii) The following 7 lines is an extract relating to an earlier article
    iii) The final 3 lines, which essentially is the extent of this particular blog entry (or zionist, anti islamic rant if you prefer), occupies a full 5 lines less than your rant.

    All of today’s bloggers have appeared elsewhere and on different days as indeed did the 54 respondents to his 19th July entry referenced above.

    Evidenced deconstruction is meant to be uncomfortable, seeing Yids under the bed at every turn of a Middle Eastern page is no more true than when McCarthy was at his peak and bedrooms all over America had an obligatory red within it.

    Carlin would have mocked anyone confusing a mild chide with a subject he knew a thing or two about.


  22. Countries such as ours, Norway etc etc have a far lower incidence of gun crime than USA, Switzerland etc. The overwhelming experience globally is that countries with strict gun controls invariably have lower gin related crime.


  23. And – of course – pro-Zionist, Israel-first, neocons do not control the US Congress and its ME agenda. Dream on, and blame McCarthism. Not Yids under the bed but real Moslems that are dead as the result of this iniquity.


  24. Is it my sympathies for dead Muslims you seek or the denouncement of the American Congress?

    One can easily be given the other I have precious little influence on, I suspect the third is of little interest to you.


  25. if these syrian chemical weapons are saddam’s hand-me-downs, it’s highly probable that they originate from the united states of america – whose government would clearly love these wicked armaments to be used, as such action would provide an arbitrary excuse, although no real justification, for yet another legalized gun-rampage and killing-spree cynically dressed-up in the hip-guise of humanitarian western intervention; the cia are doubtless instructing assad on how to enter desired target-coordinates and push the ‘fire’-button, as we read the hysterical anti-iranian headlines.

    on a historical note, i am informed, by wikipedia, that one of the first respirators was invented in the 9th century by the banu musa brothers in baghdad, iraq.


  26. @Winston Smith: Totally agree with you. The rationale behind that feature of the American Constitution, to hold government to account, is widely ignored or by-passed by the Left who want to see big-out-of-control-govt as fast as possible. One look at all the countries in recent years who’ve had civil uprisings and ordinary unarmed people slaughtered by the State’s armed gunmen should be enough to convince anybody in their right mind that citizens need to be armed to protect themselves from the State and other criminals.


  27. spot-on apm…

    …given the military theme of the london 2012 olympics, what better way to round-off the opening celebrations than with a frazzling firework display, over the presidential palace in damascus, laid-on specially for the benefit of the unavoidably absent syrian leader.


  28. @BT “The rationale behind that feature of the American Constitution, to hold government to account, is widely ignored or by-passed by the Left who want to see big-out-of-control-govt as fast as possible”.

    Got to take you to task there BT. I totally agree with you about what the American constitution is meant to do, but it sure ain’t doing it now. That along with the civil liberties of the American people has been usurped by governments of both political persuasions. The founding fathers would be turning in their graves if they could see what is happening to the New Frontier. You know as well as I do that the real power is in the hands of Wall Street and the Corporations who can buy a politician at will. When they speak the government jumps,. Middle East policy is certainly not decided by Obama and chums. Big money in hegemony….



    maybe the united states are pissed that they don’t have the current active contract to supply the theatrical stage-effects…


  30. diverting to the subject of the london 2012, for a change…

    has anyone considered the possibility that the greatest of all olympic embarrassments could befall the british ‘organizers’? at the athens olympics and also at their athletics world championships a few years before, the greek authorities squirmed in a fit of bad publicity as the races were run in front of empty seats; our government have been so diligent in ensuring london 2012 is a securely ring-fenced and exclusive games that i wonder whether a working quorum of spectators will actually bother to show-up (many of the staff haven’t)? the olympic spirit of inclusivity has been expediently abandoned together with the freedom for the common populace to roam around the park…

    will three be a crowd perhaps…?

    or will compulsory viewing be introduced…?


  31. Like I have said before.
    When being antagonised by a gang of N’er do wells……. what would you rather have the use of to defend yourself…..a gun or your mobile phone… this is the choice we have. If the state decides to act against its citizens, is it more or less likely if those citzens are armed and capable of defending themselves ?

    No contest IMHO !


  32. @savepenrhos And to think that derivatives of mustard gas are now used as chemotherapeutic agents for some types of cancer. Every cloud….etc etc.


  33. @will lefeurve: Actually, you’re not really disagreeing with me. You’re introducing several other valid points into this debate. I think it is sad that the American people have allowed their strong constitution to be trampled over by many successive governments, often on the back of fake promises. A major factor in that (but not the only factor) is that to enforce your constitutional rights in America, you have to spend a $fortune$ and a huge amount of time and associated stress. Most people simply don’t bother. In the case of the right to bear arms, the NRA handle that.

    Seeing that American failing, it’s why in my own recommendation for a strong British constitution I’ve always said there would need to be a pro-active body – operating under the authority of the constitution – who were required to sign-off every single new Bill as being within the constitution, *before* it could become law. If it failed that test, it would go back to the Executive for rewriting or shredding. A fair number of Blair’s anti-freedom laws would have failed such a test and we would only be calling him a 8wannabe fascist* not an *actual fascist*.


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