At the End of the Day

After a day spent agape at the cheek of Tony Blair and aghast at the hypocrisy of Camerlot, it’s slightly comforting at this hour to do some totting up of the Black Hats v White Hats score. And it seems to me that, albeit temporarily, White Hat thinking is currently in the ascendancy.

The London School of Economics prof John Kay has just published a paper on City tactics commissioned by Vince Cable. The terms Cable and LSE together will, I’m sure, horrify that segment of Sloggers who persist in seeing me as a Zionist Communist agent, but that’s their problem, not mine: the reality is that Cable talks enormous sense about Murdoch, spivs, and the short-termism of British investment policy.

Anyway, it’s no surprise that Kay is calling for an end to quarterly reporting, and more organic growth/less M&A greedy profit-seeking. And as The Slog has been in favour of this for over a decade (in 2005, The Economist published figures showing that 60% of M&A ventures knackered shareholder value) I’m chalking this one up as a victory for right-headedness. I once spent twenty tortuous months fronting up quarterly results meetings, and it confirmed my sense that immediate greed not sustained growth was ruling the Bourse roost. All we have to do now is pray that somebody in the Tooting Norton set has enough brain matter to turn this into legislative reform. If nothing else, it will be one up the bum for David ‘Muppet Features’ Buik.

The Arc de triumph of Bradley Wiggins in Paris at the weekend has been falsely dubbed a victory for Britain, but it wasn’t: rather, it was a victory for zero-bollocks, anti-media training individuality as typified by Mr Wiggins. What a fine man he is, for a Yorkshire tyke. How wise the French are to admire him. How much I would dearly love to make him Minister for Sport, one day to oust bright-eyed, bushy-brained Jeremy Hunt as overall Culture Minister.

This too is getting the chalk stripe on our blackboard here in Sloggers’ Roost.

Moving on, John Longworth of the British Chambers of Commerce records (with, I suspect, a degree of relish) that his SME members are “sick to death of political short termism, calculated political gestures, and the triumph of presentation over substance”. Far be it from me to suggest such a thing, but my water tells me Mr Longworth had messrs Blair and Cameron in mind when he said this. But either way, he is clearly a top-notch egg and deserving of our support. It is yet another sign that, ever so slowly – like the cliched supertanker – the turnaround reaction is beginning.

And there are other signs too: Brussels is no longer even bothering to concoct false dawns and virtual firewalls. One suspects the Sprouts know the game is up at last. Murdoch has resigned from his British operations: he may have succeeding in holing our culture amidships, but he knows he is hated and must take his leave. The Met cops have charged Redtop Becky and Cool Hand Coulson. The Feds are in hot pursuit (and about to charge) some two dozen Libor criminals. The truth about gold-market manipulation – a Slog obsession stretching back half a decade – is now there for all to examine.

And more still. Obama’s fake recovery has been rumbled. The bankers and constitutional judges of Germany have stopped the Merkeschäuble in its tracks. Today, the HMRC threw out an aggressive ‘cowboy’ tax avoidance scam from Price ‘Hopalong’ Waterhouse . The crooks at Lloyds have sold 632 branches to the multualised Coop bank at a bargain-basement price. And last but not least, Tesco-Terry Leahy wrote this in the Telegraph today:

‘Business, just like politics, does not exist in a moral vacuum. Doing the right thing means not simply obeying the law, but doing the right thing for those who work with you, those whom you serve, and those whose lives you touch. That might mean taking a passing financial hit but if the decision is based on truth and if it reflects common, decent values, then the benefits will outlive the pain.’

So much for Milt Friedman’s “only the shareholders count” bollocks.

Naturally, the global Islamic/Islamist con is going to take longer to unravel. But at least, some MSM hacks have finally grasped the truth of three-dimensional North African Arabism, rather than wallowing in two-dimensional Springs of liberal democracy. Suddenly, it is dawning on deskbound analysts that there is Sunni, Shia, Islamist, secular, Ba-athist, Alawite, Iranian, Gulf and a hundred other schisms to take into account, and that simplistically talking about the Muslim Brotherhood as if it spoke for all defenders of that faith is rather like saying “Black people”.

As to when the media cotton on to the fact that the Camerlot elite is steeped in market cheating and the Olympics is a dangerously insecure sellout to Mammon, well….Rome wasn’t built in a day. But the brickies are on site, and things are looking up.

34 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Well, it all sounds rather optimistic in here this fine evening.

    It’s a long road that has no turn, as the Irish say.


  2. John
    I started following Le Tour de France in 1956 when the first two Brits: Brian Robinson and Tony Hoare – the latter picking up the legendary Lantern Rouge awarded to the last rider – became the first two to start and finish. I’ve followed it off and on over the years. Through Tom Simpson becoming the first stage winner leading to him wearing the Yellow Jersey. Then Barry Hoban; Robert Miller winning the Polka Dot jersey of the King of the Mountains and coming fourth. Chris Boardman and Sean Yates wearing the Yellow Jersey. Then two years ago, Bradley Wiggins equalled Robert’s feat in coming fourth. On Sunday, my wildest dream came true, when he led home the field onto the Champs Elysee and helped Cav win there for the fourth time. Mr Wiggins, you made an old man very happy and also inspired me to get down one of my bikes and get out on the road again. Good luck in the quest for gold for Cav next Saturday and on your own, Contre la Montre! Ride like you did on Saturday and it’s in the mussette.


  3. I would like to add another rather delicious gem to the mix.

    This parade of ignominy , this rogues gallery-

    just look at that gruesome pair of bookends; you couldn’t make it up, the puce faced amateurish bluffer on one end and the smooth accomplished liar on the other. Simultaneously, Cameron is outclassed as a politician and Blair shown for the slippery knave that he is, the two of them like the slices of evil bread holding together a shit sandwich of crooks and utter bastards.

    I might frame it.


  4. Dear John, If you are a Zionist Communist agent (which for one moment I have no reason to believe you are) keep up the pressure. Always it is the Zionists, when will start to recognise the faults in ourselves? I am not a Zionist by the way, but just sickened by the blood shed in history by misguided anti-semitists. It seems to me that the closer to the truth one gets, the more bile that is directed towards one, regardless of religion, politics and ethics. After all would Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknech have been worse than Hitler?


  5. The most informative bits of this notification:

    “Panic mode in Brussels, Barroso declares Greek rescue to be his top priority

    German Economy Reports | Published: 24.07.12, 17:36 | Updated: 24.07.12, 18:02 |

    Nerves are on edge in Brussels: EU Commission President Barroso will now take the issue of action into his own hands and will travel to Greece tomorrow. It is not only about Greece, but also about his own job.
    …(about Moody’s) that a sprawling commitment to euro salvation would come at an expensive price for their own debt financing, the EU grandees fear for their jobs. Because, unlike economics minister Rössler, for the top dogs in the EU a Greek departure has by no means lost any of its horror.
    But Barroso and his colleagues also know that the exit of Greece will above all have political consequences: in its current form, the euro-zone can then no longer be maintained. After all, Greece is a warning sign for all other ailing euro-zone countries.
    Thus, Jose Manuel Barroso now says the Greek rescue is his top priority and will be meeting with Antonis Samaras. One can assume that the meeting will be a mix of threats and blandishments. As a Communist (lined through) trained dialectician, Barroso is perfectly able to bring Samaras into line. But, because he (Samaras) has his back to the wall, the meeting could still be unsuccessful: the Greeks have nothing more to gain, whether they stay in the € or not. Desperate opponents are unpredictable. Barroso has not been in Greece since 2009, ……

    I’m sure the Slogger community can figure out what sort of comments are being entered! Someone has even suggested that, from Monday, Barrosso should be paid no more than the basic Hartz IV sum of € 435,- monthly! What a generous chappie he is.


  6. It’s been a fun week so far. And the evidence above is only the tip of a universal truth:

    We are currently represented, universally, by a gang of crooks, thugs, morons and a**eholes. But it wasn’t always this way and even though they seem to have our societies and seats of power sewn up, the tide is always in motion. As it turns it is a great reminder that everything is always to play for.


  7. And things are slowly stirring in the Fatherland as well, or at least, people are starting to wake up – let us hope the MkII version has more success than the MkI:

    “The Return of the ‘White Rose’


    As is well known, the White Rose was a resistance movement in the Third Reich which, from 1942 and under the risk of losing their own lives, campaigned for a free and, what many do not know, patriotic Germany. Unfortunately, these brave people were needed at least ten years earlier, to disabuse the citizenry and prevent a catastrophe. This error should never ever happen again! A particularly important message on today’s historical date of 20 July – the 68th anniversary of the Stauffenberg assassination attempt on Hitler.

    Because today, under the guise of anti-fascism, those thought patterns and behaviours are again manifest. What was once the brown SA is now the black block. They practiced and again practice violence against everyone who is considered by them to be political opponents. They strove and strive again to remove the basic free democratic order, so as to replace it with a socialist dictatorship. They spread open terror against their kindred beings and their country.

    (Small photo)

    Almost completely ignored – or even played down – by the media, courted by elements of the body-politic and supported by the government with tax money to combat dissidents, left-wing extremists at the state level are today one of the greatest threats to democracy and rule of law. At individual levels, they are the biggest offenders against freedom of speech and corporeal integrity. No wonder that in the current Constitutional Protection intelligence report, in addition to a warning about Salafists, a rise of more than 25% in acts of extreme left violence has been registered.

    On 22 February 1943, Sophie Scholl was beheaded by the National Socialists, after she had been sentenced to death by the former Communist and Bolshevik Commissioner, Judge Roland Freisler, in a case of illegitimate summary proceedings. Her at that time best friend, Susanne Zeller (Title photo and photo below centre) managed to deceive him, whereby she fortunately survived, relatively unscathed with a sentence of five months in prison.


    Susanne Zeller had her eyes opened in the early forties by Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans. Even today the nearly 91-year-old Susanne, who has a tremendous long-term memory, enthuses about her brave and fearless friend. Proud, but also with sadness, she shows us some pictures of Sophie:


    To be able to speak undisturbed and without risk of betrayal, they often swam together in the river Iller, exchanging views on highly controversial issues. Here a school class photo, in which Sophie Scholl, below left, and Susanne Zeller, below right, can be seen:


    Together with eight patriotic activists, on 07 July Susanne Zeller-Hirzel reactivated the White Rose in Stuttgart, and appealed to all the democratic citizens of Germany to join together in a resistance against the new fascism and its political supporters. More information on the structure and methods of the White Rose to be published in the coming days.


    From left to right: Willi Schwend, Balbina Klein, Thomas Weiß, Conny Axel Meier, Susanne Zeller-Hirzel, Michael Stürzenberger, Michael Mannheimer, Marc Doll, Marion Dambmann

    Two key messages will be communicated by the new “White Rose”:

    1. National-Socialism was a leftist movement

    2. The Nazis are back, they now call themselves “Antifa”

    (Photo – burning vehicles)

    The similarities cannot be denied: contrary opinions are suppressed as mercilessly today as they were then, and often fought against on the streets by the use of violence. Back then it was the SA thugs, today it is the black-hooded autonomous “anti”-fascist gangs, who throw the stones and Molotov cocktails, set cars ablaze, destroy shop windows and threaten dissenters.


    Marc Doll (pictured right with Susanne Zeller-Hirzel), the one who initiated the reactivation of the White Rose, has undergone many painful experiences with these far-left groups in Berlin: they set up harassment placards in front of his house, called for the murder of him and slandered him in the worst possible ways.

    But leftist opinion-terror also runs through the MSM, because conservative-bourgeois circles are often vilified therein as “extremists”. The occupational existence of critical people is to be destroyed by character assassination. Investigative snooping of people’s attitudes in Germany is again becoming as widespread as it was under the National Socialists in the Third Reich and the International Socialists in the GDR. Views conflicting with the mainstream left are criminalised. Citizens with unpopular opinions are being thrown out public events, even with the use of police, by reference to the “house rules” – as happened recently in the Munich DGB-Haus.


    In this video Marc Doll talks about the motives of the resistance of the new White Rose:

    (Video) (If you can understand German!)

    Opposition to the leftist movement, which since the 68’ers has successfully carried out its march through the institutions and now sits on many levers of power in Germany, is supported by the “White Rose”. For us it is an honour, together with Susanne Zeller-Hirzel, to conduct a new and important fight in this famous movement.


    (Caption: Susanne Zeller in 1942 left, 1960 right)

    With her courage, her tenacity and her will, Susan is a role model. Many people can learn a lesson from her, those who have also recognised that in Germany very much is going very wrong and now corrective measures are urgently needed.


    The founding members of the White Rose are convinced:

    “The wind is turning. It is time to act! And this time we will be successful ”

    Way down in the thread I came across this:

    Q: “Does anyone know if Frau Zeller is also against the Islamisation of Europe? I’m not so sure if she has ever checked it out yet.”

    A: “Read the interview with her from 2009:

    Do you see any similarities between Islam and Nazism? If so, what?

    Zeller-Hirzel: The fanaticism, the absolute claim to truth and the spiritual simplemindedness are very similar, as in Islam so also in National Socialism.

    Do you consider the resistance against Islam as a contemporary analogy to the struggle of the ‘White Rose’ against National Socialism?

    Zeller-Hirzel: Not quite. Back then, critics of Nazi ideology were locked up straight away. We have not yet reached that point. But if we do nothing, it will happen again. Then they will lock up the critics of Islam.”


  8. John, I look forward to you being as informative as ever, especially the next few weeks during the Olympics which I am sure will obscure a lot of the important goings on. Keep up the good work


  9. John Ward writes:

    The Arc de triumph of Bradley Wiggins in Paris at the weekend has been falsely dubbed a victory for Britain, but it wasn’t: rather, it was a victory for zero-bollocks, anti-media training individuality as typified by Mr Wiggins. What a fine man he is, for a Yorkshire tyke. How wise the French are to admire him. How much I would dearly love to make him Minister for Sport, one day to oust bright-eyed, bushy-brained Jeremy Hunt as overall Culture Minister.

    Oh, the irony!

    Wiggins’ victory, a magnificent personal achievement to be sure, was very largely enabled by the investment and resources of BSkyB, at the initiative of James Murdoch. The same Sky and James Murdoch on whose behalf Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt so tirelessly and enthusiastically lobbied. Zero bollocks? Shurely shome mishtake, John….


  10. Who knows? As they ended up in front of a wall (AFAIR)it didn’t come to pass.
    I always think it’s worth remembering in this time of ‘Hitler and sharks’ on the history channel that Stalin managed to kill far more of his own countrymen than the Nazis did and then you have Mao and Pol Pot(i.e. the ‘left’). Then go back to 1789 for more.
    As far as I know Hitler and his gang killed all sorts and not just Jews. Russian prisoners of war in the hundreds of thousands if not millions for example.
    You are completely right though about the truth bit.Whoever ‘they’ are they don’t like it and one is in trouble for expressing a view on it.
    What was it that Goebbles said about truth being the enemy of the lie?
    I should rememeber but it’s late.


  11. That’s a pile of rubbish. The author – Robert Lambert – doesn’t know Left from Right. He’s obviously a socialist, anxious to blame the Right for Left wing violence.


  12. @VJ: Brilliant, thanks muchly for that. Good to see that people are finally waking up to the new fascism that’s quietly taking root in Germany and Europe. But the Left work hard at hiding it.

    Fwiw, yes, I can see a lot of similarities between Islam and Nazism. Zeller-Hirzel touched on one or two of them, but she obviously knows more.


  13. “Doing the right thing means not simply obeying the law, but doing the right thing for those who work with you, those whom you serve, and those whose lives you touch. ”
    On our trip to NZ we couldn’t get over the contrast in attitudes between the Kiwis and our usual experiences in London. When we remarked on it, or thanked people for service beyond the call of duty, they simply said, “It’s the Kiwi way, mate.” ‘Doing the right thing’ was a phrase we heard over and over again. Coming back to London I determined to spread some friendly smiles and bonhomie but it was bloody hard work.
    I think a change in national culture towards ‘doing the right thing’ needs to happen at street level as well as expecting it from those at the top of the money tree.


  14. @DV As far as I know Hitler and his gang killed all sorts and not just Jews.

    Yes. Anyone they perceived as potentially, if not actually, politically dissident, i.e the intelligentsia of Central Europe, – certainly in Poland.

    Intelligentsia are always a threat………whatever the political system….


  15. I`ve been saying for a while – but no one listens – that the rot all started with Maggie. I actually liked her a lot – until she went bonkers – but where she got it wrong was in the way she privatised everything. By that I mean British gas etc sold to the public too cheaply, so that the “public” were educated into share buying in the wrong way, i.e. buy it and then sell it more expensively. Until that point – more or less- the “public” that owned shares were old blue rinse grannies – who had often inherited the shares anyway – who lived off the dividends and turned up once a year for the AGM. Companies could then be run in the long term interest of the company.
    After British gas/telecom etc things changed with companies now expected to announce quarterly results, which, if they didn`t meet analysts “expectations”, send the share price plunging. Joe public, having made his killing on his shares in the privatisations expected all shares to behave in the same fashion, i.e. he buys them, waits a week/month and then sells them for a profit. No due diligence on Joe public`s side – just an expectation that the price will go up and if it doesn`t he panics and sells and the company is punished by a plunging share price and suddenly becomes a potential target for takeover ….
    Doubtful as well that any of the “analysts” really understood what they were saying, they just pushed out higher profit forecasts every quarter.
    Companies thus had to abandon any long term planning/investment in favour of short term profits just to keep the “markets” happy.

    When Calor Gas became majority owned by the Dutch Van Vlissigen family they immediately bought back all the outstanding shares and took the company off the stock exchange simply because they objected to having to do quarterly reporting, that they felt was not in the best long term interests of the company.

    Until this culture of immediacy is halted we will never get companies run in the correct way with the right investments in research and development, long term planning etc.
    The problem is this will not happen because Joe public`s attitude today is
    “I want it and I want it NOW, and if I don`t get it I`m going to have a tantrum and I don`t care who pays for it, just give it to me now, now, now…”

    end of rant …… but i do feel better now ….


  16. Tesco sponsors ‘Gay Pride’ which is NOT moral. It costs the taxpayer a fortune in colostomy bags! I have consequently stopped shopping in Tesco which has cost them dear. When the CEO starts putting things right instead of talking, he will be on his way to the straight and narrow. As things stand, when he gets his colostomy bag, he will have to wear it on his head!


  17. @MM: I too have said very much the same thing although, I personally think it was ‘bribing’ the public into buying their council houses that started it all off.


  18. BCnurseprof
    You post a link to an article, which claims that National Socialism in Germany is part of the far right!
    Pray tell me, whenever has “Socialism” of any kind been right wing?

    The real issue is between people who think that “more government” is the answer to everything, and those who just want to get on with their lives.

    Hitler’s Naziism and Stalin’s communism were only a cigarette paper apart.
    Also, for the record, the BNP are not right wing, look at their policies!
    BCnurse, I think you are commenting on the wrong sort of blog.


  19. Something is going on and i can not figure it out.Starting the last weekend there is a huge change in the press in greece , big U turn in major newspapers ( pro Pasok , pro New Democracy till now ) supporting Syriza and portaiying Tsipras so differently than before ( even the choice of his photos give it away ).This is a clear pro american , anti euro new stand and i must say i am so surprised.


  20. MaxC
    Love what you write.
    Sadly, all the time we worship the Welfare State with its entitlement doctrine, this country will continue to travel further and further away from your objective.
    “Entitlement”, and “doing the right thing” are impossible partners.


  21. @kfc … you`re probably right …. in any case it was that sort of thing that started off the rot, which led into the now, now, now syndrome and all the cheating and dishonesty we have these days.
    I spent ages the other night trying to explain to my teenage son that the phrase “that`s not cricket” didn`t really mean that something wasn`t fair but more that it wasn`t in the “right spirit”.
    He understood in the end, but then informed me that if he tried to explain the same thing to his friends they would think he was mad ……

    He then told me that some Italian motorbike world champion – obviously a intelligent/talented guy – had been caught cheating in the exam to get his “permit de bateau” … it seems he bought a boat to keep in the south of France and then needed his permit, but instead of studying and taking the test – it`s not that hard – he paid someone else to sit it for him …. and got caught.

    My son explained that as far as his age group goes, they see that everybody cheats these days so it is almost considered as normal. He cited sportsmen, bankers, politicians, businessmen … and I have to say it was hard to argue against what he had to say expect to keep insisting that it simply wasn`t honest or right and it certainly wasn`t in the “right sprit”

    The world really is going to the dogs ……


  22. Michael H,

    Do you agree that Chris Froome was only denied winning the Tour de France by ‘team orders’, as at least on two mountain stages Froome could have left Wiggins struggling?
    Remember Froome did a lot of ‘domestique racing using up extra energy to ‘protect’ Wiggins.

    Remember Froome came second in last year’s Tour of Spain again from being just ‘a team member’ rather than the ‘team leader’ position that Wiggins enjoyed.


  23. Your supposition serves only as a spoiler in that it’s completely hypothetical.

    Are you incapable of enjoying Wiggins win or does life in the sad lane demand a recount for everything?


  24. You don’t seem to get it. Pro cycling, especially on the major tours, is a team effort. Every rider on a team like Sky knows exactly what is wanted from them when they sign up. As long as Wiggins was in good shape, it was clearly Froome’s job to work for him. That’s how it works, and it worked perfectly.


  25. Altergoman

    The answer is possibly but look how much time Bradley took out of him on Saturday’s Time Trial. But the real answer is below – it is a team and Bradley was wearing the No 101 denoting he was Team Leader. It was the job of the other 8 (or 7 as they lost one) to support him and get him to Paris in the Yellow Jersey – save that they worked together to get Cav 3 Stage victories and on Saturday Bradley will work as a domestique to get Cav Gold in the Olympic R R. Further, look at Cadel Evans – he cracked in the Mountains and in the TT but his team worked to get him around as their front man. In ’85 Bernard Hinault won his last Tour (with Greg Lemond’s help) – he could have won in ’86 but he had agreed to get Greg Lemond round in the Yellow Jersey and honourably did. That’s the spirit of Le Tour.


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