Some arrows of desire for our Major Parties to consider

Average domestic gas bills doubled over the last five years to £1,345 per household. This was during a period when Slog sources in the energy business say the Earth was “awash with available gas supplies” and prices to suppliers had been “the lowest of the last decade”. So there you are then, Dan Hannan: no need for regulation, ooooh nooooonoonoonooonoo. British Gas profits up 25% YOY…hurrah for the shareholders!

Dysfunctional families cost the British taxpayer £8bn per annum. It says here in the Times. I’m surprised it’s that small actually, given that fully 27% of all UK adults do no work whatsoever, and feckless family fun doesn’t include the cost of either social workers in general or the DSS in particular. On top of this, you also have to add much, much more in terms of prison costs, drunken damage costs, consequent Court and CPS costs, graffiti-cleaning costs, shoplifter shrinkage costs, and almost any cost you can bring to mind.

Bad behaviour tolerated and sometimes encouraged by Labour and its army of Lefty teachers – plus a vocal minority of unionised idlers from 1950-1980 – played a significant part in the creation of appalling social behaviour. Bad behaviour is bloody expensive.

All pigeon-holing fanatics please note the even-handed criticism of all major Parties in those paragraphs.

And finally, in the HS2 ‘public enquiry’ ho-ho-hah-hah, 400 objections to this, easily the daftest idea yet to emerge from King Dave’s Knights of Uneven Playing Fields, were ‘mislaid’. I wonder if anyone outside the Rotund Fable of Camerlot believes that bollocks?