MASTERING THE NUMBERS (2): England’s greed and unpleasant land

Some arrows of desire for our Major Parties to consider

Average domestic gas bills doubled over the last five years to £1,345 per household. This was during a period when Slog sources in the energy business say the Earth was “awash with available gas supplies” and prices to suppliers had been “the lowest of the last decade”. So there you are then, Dan Hannan: no need for regulation, ooooh nooooonoonoonooonoo. British Gas profits up 25% YOY…hurrah for the shareholders!

Dysfunctional families cost the British taxpayer £8bn per annum. It says here in the Times. I’m surprised it’s that small actually, given that fully 27% of all UK adults do no work whatsoever, and feckless family fun doesn’t include the cost of either social workers in general or the DSS in particular. On top of this, you also have to add much, much more in terms of prison costs, drunken damage costs, consequent Court and CPS costs, graffiti-cleaning costs, shoplifter shrinkage costs, and almost any cost you can bring to mind.

Bad behaviour tolerated and sometimes encouraged by Labour and its army of Lefty teachers – plus a vocal minority of unionised idlers from 1950-1980 – played a significant part in the creation of appalling social behaviour. Bad behaviour is bloody expensive.

All pigeon-holing fanatics please note the even-handed criticism of all major Parties in those paragraphs.

And finally, in the HS2 ‘public enquiry’ ho-ho-hah-hah, 400 objections to this, easily the daftest idea yet to emerge from King Dave’s Knights of Uneven Playing Fields, were ‘mislaid’. I wonder if anyone outside the Rotund Fable of Camerlot believes that bollocks?

33 thoughts on “MASTERING THE NUMBERS (2): England’s greed and unpleasant land

  1. Nothing surprises on the HS2 debacle any more. Its one of the best pointers as to how far down the road we are to either fascism or broken glass in Parliament Square that those oinking are barely bothering to disguise their prospective troughs these days.

    We can only hope that pride really does commeth before a fall…

    Keep taking the tablets John,
    Reset_Democracy – suspended form Twitter for awkward question asking…


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  3. Chuckled a bit … so do gooders do less harm than those that do no good?

    The range is far bigger I think and it is not just all the dysfunctional families as you indicated.

    The dysfunctional banker, political and elite families cost the taxpayer also.

    Like all the extra entitlements they seem to need that have to be paid for in some shape or form and that means extra profits or taxes one way or the other,

    After that I drifted into dreaming of guppies. Do I want to come back if reincarnated as a red or a blue one I pondered seeing as all you do is swim round in a fish bowl all day and eat benefits “food”.


  4. “Bad behaviour tolerated and sometimes encouraged by Labour and its army of Lefty teachers”…

    I’ve been teaching on and off since 1975 and I’ve bloody loathed bad classroom behaviour – who do you think gets the brunt of it? Please don’t tar us all with the “Lefty” brush.


  5. I’m with you John on this issue of “even-handed criticism of all major Parties …”. Jesus, I can’t believe just how ‘same-y’, appalling, incompetent, mendacious, self-serving, socialist-fascist and generally all-round bollocks are today’s British political elite (“elite”?!! … Whoaaaar, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha …. fall over).

    Our predicament is how do we (a) maintain some semblance of a democracy whilst (b) enacting a revolution of sufficient scale and ferocity to clean out the British political class?

    Some day soon I’m going to research the history of British revolution to see what lessons we can learn about effecting non-linear change in the UK’s political institutions? Thoughts anyone?


  6. what? the vips interned within the olympic park may starve due to the official greaseburger joints forgetting to order sufficient beef-mince? well, let them eat socially-dysfunctional-families then.


  7. 10 billion quid spent on the olympic games…disgusting, that sort of money could have kept a socially-dysfunctional family in benefits for the rest of eternity.


  8. And it would fill in the NHS’s funding gap for oh, six months? Still, it was, and is, excessively expensive even if (which I doubt) we get half the obese kids in the UK to do some exercise.


  9. Or send them to Syria on a fact finding mission.. wearing pig masks… Ohhhhhh the rumpus that woudl cause


  10. …Or a decent human rights lawyer…someones rights must be compromised surely. Maybe animal welfare officers can be brought out in force to complain about the hedgehog problem……


  11. John, the gas issue was an open secret- everyone knew about the low prices of purchasing by suppliers. And it was strange that all the ‘competitors’ were offering similar prices ( I am not making accusations- just an observation). I also mentioned in a thread earlier on in the month about the Government offering people on benefit £300.00 for winter fuel assistance, only to be told by Brittish Gas that they will be increasing gas prices for that exact amount BECAUSE… the money is paid to electriciy companies only!! Also, we heard it from the Government about the ‘climate change’ and that made prices soar… shareholders are happy bunnies so at least not everyone is unhappy about the price hike. Bad behaviour has always been rewarded regardless of who the offenders are. Just as an example of those super star celebrities known as ‘team Mccann’. They left their baby daughter to a fate not known YET, but still they have climbed very high up that social ladder because people feel sorry for them. Their dispicable behaviour is overlooked and they are reaping the benefits of their baby daughters dissapearance. Also, as you have mentioned every shade of suit at westminster are rewarded ,or not punished fo,r bad behaviour. Some say crime doesn’t pay… I would say ‘some’ don’t know what they are talking about.


  12. And the notion of singling out “lefty” or any sort of teacher to blame for antisocial behaviour – as Sackerson notes teachers are the prime victims – is the sort of bollocks the slog is there to deconstruct.


  13. We could get a grip on these fecking feckless politicians if people turned out to participate in elections and voted the bastards out. Democracy is not a spectator sport, it requires participation. I am tired of people who whine about them and don’t vote. At least 70% of the people in the business where I work (nearly all graduates, not daft people) fall into this category. We get what we deserve.


  14. Teachers largely aren’t the problem. The “educationists” in the LEAs and the training colleges are the enemy within.


  15. Collusion isn’t necessary for a cartel. There are a limited number of players in the market so they ‘signal’ to each other by issuing a press release announcing an increase. All the others then follow. It’s hidden in plain sight. For the same reason these people don’t want shale gas – plentiful cheap secure gas will destroy their rationale for high pricing and also their profits. It’s a shame those silly Green bastards don’t see this. Or perhaps they do but their Malthusian stupidity gets the better of them.


  16. @ S W

    “We could get a grip on these fecking feckless politicians if people turned out to participate in elections and voted the bastards out.”

    Great idea except that ‘s all the choice you get, one lot of bastards versus another, The odd one or two who aren’t are soon completely corrupted by the need to function in the biggest corrupt club in the world. So tell me, who is worth voting in and who is not?

    “Democracy is not a spectator sport, it requires participation. I am tired of people who whine about them and don’t vote.”

    I could say that I am tired of people who prattle on about people who whinge and don’t vote. But it wouldn’t add anything to a debate so I won’t, but people who object apparently deserve belittling with the description of ‘whinging’ because you say so?

    “At least 70% of the people in the business where I work (nearly all graduates, not daft people) fall into this category. We get what we deserve.”

    I’m intrigued that having memorised enough carefully targeted material to pass an exam somehow people earn the right to be considered ‘not daft’ in relation to politics, power or any other aspect of life such as common sense, Economics, corruption and so on. I’d argue that some graduates are some of the daftest people I know in every respect except the subject they qualified in and some of those are pretty obscure.

    As has been said many, many times, the problem with the current system is the current system, root and branch. It needs purging before any progress can be made. Now S W whisper in my ear, which person / party should I vote for to achieve that?


  17. I thought you might have been an intelligent contributer until for some ridiculous, unjustified and cruel reason, you introduced the poor McAnn’s into your diatribe. Now I know how to regard your contributions in future.


  18. Most have their small minded axes to grind petitb, eventually their small mindedness surfaces to reveal the ugliness behind the anonymity of the person posting.


  19. Spot on, Seb. Any industry with a dominant supplier, and where changing from one to another is made difficult, (like British Gas) can signal to its smaller rivals its intentions to hike prices. These people no longer even bother to explain why. They just pretend to be competitors, but in reality they’ve formed a covert cartel.
    There should be strict rules to govern monopolistic indutries, with jail for offending manager(s). But, with Cameron in charge, don’t hold your breath.


  20. Funny how the British Council is registered as a charity. I always though charity was to help poor people, the sort of people who hadn’t got enough to eat and nowhere to live. I saw a man lying in a doorway the last time I went to London (I try to avoid the place as much as I can, I don’t feel happy there), and he looked very poor, but I dont suppose he is the sort of person the British Council would dream of helping. There are a lot of very poor people in London.


  21. PET :Your thoughts and opinions about my inteligence are of no consequence to me. I do not consider my post to be cruel or unjustified. I used a set of high profile set of circumstances to highlight a properly and widely reported case about bad behaviour being acceptable and easily forgiven in some instances…AND where financial gain was even a motivator. I have not accused any one of anything they did not do,Therfore I have no need to hide behind anonnimity. You have shown yourself to be complicit in procuring a dumbed down media and discussion forums. I would also go as far as to say that If I came face to face with Team Mc’s I would say to their face what I have typed here, I have done nothing I am ashamed of, and have not lied or made up any version of events. Your regard for my future contributions will have the same affect on me as your previous ones….NONE!

    @Monk…. this your real name? Hmmmm pots and kettles! I find your attempt to call me names for posting a truth to be quite alarming, I would have thought leaving a baby alone , in a strange country, to dissapear is more worthy of your sharp tongue,,, but hey, maybe you don’t think that as being bad behaviour.


  22. Miss B, I choose not to grind their guilt under the heels of my righteousness in the knowledge that the pain of losing their child is enough of a burden for them to carry.

    You chose to associate their circumstance with the price of gas, which regardless of how you try to deflect, is the essence of my criticism.


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