HSBC & THE GREEN BARON: He will claim Chinese Walls

Very reliable sources around the retinue of Baron Green of Mexico, Bermuda & Switzlerland have told The Slog that the Jolly Green Vicar will claim that HSBC “was run entirely on Chinese walls, and thus one division never knew anything about what was going on”.

The fatal flaws in this risible robust defence are that (1) As CEO & then Chairman of the Heist Steal Bury Conspire Bank, he had a helicopter view of all the rooms around which the Chinese walls were; and (2) As far as Mexico (Drugs) Bermuda and Swirzerland (Tax evasion) are concerned, he was by his own record, um, in the rooms, so to speak. Perhaps he was an elephant in the room, and thus invisible to other mortals. Who can tell?

Green apparently thinks his Church of England credentials will see him through. They may, but perhaps they might be somewhat outweighed by his credentials in other areas: in 1985, put in charge of the development of the bank’s global treasury operations. In 1992, Group Treasurer of HSBC Holdings. Director, HSBC Mexico. Director, HSBC Bermuda. Director, HSBC Switzerland. Responsible for the private banking and asset management activities of the Group. CEO 2002. Chairman 2006.

And here’s a nice bit to end on:

7 Sep 2010 – Sudden departure of HSBC Holdings PLC Chairman Stephen Green for the post of U.K. trade minister, shortly after David Cameron ‘reported to be struggling to persuade a major banking figure to join the Government.

That Dave, eh? Andy Coulson, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Spencer, Lord Green…he can pick ’em

28 thoughts on “HSBC & THE GREEN BARON: He will claim Chinese Walls

  1. Poor Dave doesn’t really have much option, does he?
    If all the City types that he approves of are corrupt to some extent, then he has to choose the thieving b**stard that helps the party the most.
    In politics you have to deal with liars, thieves, fraudsters, terrorists, ruthless dictators, etc. whenever you can see something to be gained.

    Perhaps honesty and fair dealing could be a breakthrough new party policy?


  2. Every action, and thought, taken on this planet has been recorded. Nobody can hide from the Truth. All banksters and crooks will be punished. That’s my promise to you wonderful Sloggers.


  3. I had a quite a laugh on The Times online yesterday, at this remark from the Leading Article:
    “It would be interesting to hear from Lord Green, a man who has great personal integrity and a strong ethical code, an account of how things at the bank went awry.”

    Were they having a laff? This man is so corrupt he makes grasping African dictators look positively benevolent!


  4. The corollary would seem to be that the City types no longer particularly feel the need for Poor Dave and such favours as are in his gift.


  5. Here we go yet again,

    Nobody has been charged with anything

    The only information we have comes from a political commitee of a foreign power.

    Somehow David Cameron is responsible.

    Fortunately none of you people have the balls to get up out of your swivel chairs and organise a public lynching or by now it would be “Bad day at Black Rock” all over again.


  6. O/T: ’14 people shot dead and 50 injured in Denver’
    Why is it that I think this is very coincidental as Clinton and Co are attempting to wrest every weapon from the hands of the American people?
    What’s the betting there will be ‘calls’ for gun legislation now?
    They are a shallow bunch. Or, am I that jaded these days?


  7. The Poms are no more corrupt or disingenuos than Kiwi politicians, less so than Aussies, but that does not mean that we are all corrupt, just too complacent to change the crap way we allow ourselves to be governed(sic)


  8. Just Sayin: So your logic is if no one has yet been charged then it follows that no wrong doing took place? Am I reading your comment correctly?

    And…”Somehow David Cameron is responsible”…………PLEASE tell me that comment is drenched in sarcasm.


  9. Well Blair tried that with his ‘whiter than white’…..and failed.
    So I guess Cameron just opted for ‘Greyer than Grey’ in a grey suit from Greys the Tailors in Greyter Greyville in….well you get the picture :)


  10. The ‘people’ inately and without consience believe in the ‘rule of law’ which applies to everybody, whilst the ‘elite’ do not (nothing constrains them because they ARE the power). Thus the people are patient until it becomes clear that ‘the rule of law’ is being broken and leaving them to carry the can for what the ‘elite’ are doing ouside of the ‘rule of law’. It takes time for the conditions for payback to come about……….but slowly and surely they are heading our way.

    As someone elsewhere put it…… we are heading for another Magna Carta moment :)


  11. @JW: I think you’re trying to create a ‘guilt by association’ case.

    When Cameron appointed Green as UK Trade Minister, do you believe Cameron already knew that Green had HSBC skeletons in his cupboard?

    That seems very unlikely to me because there would be a lot of risk and zero gain for Cameron in doing so. More likely is that the skeletons have become known about since the appointment (eg quite recently).

    If true, the worst label you can hang onto Cameron is ‘poor judgement’ but even that is difficult, not least because it presupposes that details of the HSBC skeletons were known about or available at the time of the appointment, whereas HSBC would have been sure to keep them buried.


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  13. “HSBC “was run entirely on Chinese walls, and thus one division never knew anything about what was going on”.” So what was the point of its being one company, then?


  14. My belief is that places like this blog should be defended at all costs. This banking stuff has gone on for centuries, but now a free internet has exposed what was always previously ignored by the MSM. God speed your arm JW!


  15. Big B

    would you care to explain how all this “recording” happens? As usual, I have a slightly different take on all this.


  16. There is that … but I think I’ll stick to blaming pols for their own screw ups, not those of others. And by God the Tories have failed miserably since May/2010 in not reforming the state and its army of unelected jackboots. A period in history that’s been squandered.


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