OLYMPIC SECURITY MADNESS: Revealed – Mohammed Bari’s selective defence of major suspected terrorist.

How senior Locog director and dissembler Bari misrepresents  the evidence of spying, money laundering and internet incitement against Babar Ahmad.

Astonishing silence of the UK MSM in this regard

Babar Ahmad

Leader of the notorious East London Mosque Dr Mohammed Bari is always vocal on the subject of British injustice. He has defended long-held terror suspect Babar Ahmad and opposed his extradition to the US in every medium that will entertain his one-sided accounts. Ahmad has been held for seven years without trial: but Bari and his ilk always edit out the powerful evidence against Ahmad….and why he languishes in a British prison. The Slog details it in full.

‘Along with four other British Muslim terror suspects, [Babar] Ahmad has just lost a battle against extradition from Britain to the United States in the European Court of Human Rights. He is accused of running a terrorist website,’ wrote Mohammed Bari in the desperately liberal Huffington Post last April, “Whilst some of our senior politicians have expressed their delight at this verdict, this case raises serious questions about the fairness of justice in Britain.”

Well, it would also raise serious doubts about the ECHR’s fairness too, Mr Bari. But the fact is that the European Court has a long and occasionally insane record of turning down the extradition of the guilty, or overturning guilty verdicts against the run of play. If even the ECHR thinks the US should have Ahmad, the chances are the bloke is a bad guy.

But this is all supposition. Let’s instead look at some of the facts our beloved EU Court might have taken into account. But first, I offer you a classic example of Bari’s familiar dissembling:

‘Babar Ahmad is the longest serving British detainee-without-charge, having been held in a high-security prison for eight years. If this is not a violation of human rights, then what is?’

Ahmad himself has made much of this in his sympathy drive – for example, in this poem:

Six Years in Captivity
By Babar Ahmad

Six years
Of pain …
Of despair …
Of injustice…
Of torture.

Six years
Of evil …
Of darkness …
Of fear …
Of uncertainty.

Six years
Of hatred …
Of racism …
Of malice …
Of lies.

Six years
Of births …
Of weddings …
Of deaths …
Of life.

Six years
Of prayers …
Of yearning …
Of dreams …
Of hopes.

Six years
Of waiting …
Of hope …
Of waiting …
Of hope.

Well, the reason you’ve been awaiting trial for eight years Mr Ahmad is that Mohammed Bari and dozens of other radicals have been fighting extradition to the US tooth and nail. So it isn’t really on for him (or them) to claim this as some form of dastardly lettre de cachet: the Count of Monte Christo he isn’t.

Just 13 days after Dr Bari’s impassioned declaration of Babar’s innocence, the BBC (that hotbed of liberal and Islamic sympathisers, and despiser of all things empirical) wrote on 24th April this year about what had been revealed during the recorded testimony of convicted wannabe shoe-bomber Saajid Badat ten weeks ago in the UK, prior to a Jury hearing in Brooklyn:

‘Details have emerged of how Badat was radicalised by Babar Ahmad, a British terrorist suspect who has been held for over seven years awaiting extradition to the US on terrorism charges….Badat explained how, after leaving home as a teenager, he was first introduced to radical Islam in south London. He was befriended by Babar Ahmad….The jury heard how Mr Ahmad arranged for Badat to receive “training in taking up arms”, and that “when we talked about jihad it meant armed jihad, taking up arms”.

Says Mohammed Bari, ‘Why did the US want him extradited to America? It was on the grounds that he supported “terrorism” in the 1990s, which Ahmad has consistently denied.’ He would, wouldn’t he? But that’s not what Saajid Badat says. OK, perhaps Badat has been coached into saying such a thing: the world of security is as murky as it is frequently incompetent. So what other clues are around as to the guilt or innocence of Ahmad?

The BBC again, a decade ago in 2002:

Azzam.com is one of the most well-known supporters of jihad, or holy war, on the internet….The website also attacks organisations such as the American Muslim Council and Britain’s Muslim Council for supporting Western action against Afghanistan. Faiz Rahman, a spokesman for the American Muslim Council, says the site is run by a minority of extremists. “We have seen these people, these groups in every faith in every community. I have been through the site, and it is a very clear cut website. Basically they are trying to recruit people and they seem to be desperate,” Mr Rahman said.’

So, the site recruits people for terrorist actions, is denounced by moderate US Muslims, and thinks the BMC ‘weak’. I think that would qualify it as pretty radical. The US Federal authories have made it very clear all along that they have strong evidence to show that Babar Ahmad and Syed Tahla Ahsan created and operated Azzam Publications, and recruited/supplied Islamist holy warriors fighting Western forces in Chechnya, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Afghanistan. Both are under indictment in Connecticut — Ahmad since 2004 and Ahsan since 2006 — for conspiracy to provide material support for terrorists, and conspiring to kill or maim people in a foreign country. Ahmad also is accused of money-laundering.

Another misleading extract from the Bari argument:

‘His legal team have all along been pleading that he be tried in the UK – where the alleged crimes took place, and the evidence was obtained.’

The above details suggest very strongly that this is simply untrue: Ahmad and his partner Ahsan were attracting 5 million hits a day globally on the Azzam site. But his background in the UK does support his positioning by the authorities as an internet conspirator. A computer expert formerly employed by Imperial College in London, Babar Ahmad was among the operators of Azzam, and widely considered a pioneer in the use of the Internet as a propaganda and fundraising tool for terror groups. The US accusation details how he helped run the Azzam network of websites from about 1997 until U.S. and British authorities shut it down in 2004.

Dr Bari admits any of this detail in his various lopsided accounts of ‘British injustice’, and how the British ‘slavishly’ go along with the US/UK extradition treaty without evidence. I’ve asked around among New York and Washington contacts about how safe the US claims are, and what if anything they could tell me about additional charges. This from the most liberal of those contacts, a heavy-hitting lawyer based in New York:

“First up, Babar Ahmad has always claimed his Azzam site was purely British. I’m told  by Federal sources that this is completely untrue and very easily documented a such. Ahmad chose to suggest that, because he knew his chances of getting off were far greater in England. I can also report that Ahmad is heavily implicated in espionage activities against the US navy. He has been traced as the guy who turned a naval rating aboard a destroyer. The British security authorities found classified naval documents in his possession, and these without question helped tip the balance in the European Court’s decision to extradite. The money-laundering aspect has not, I understand, been hard to trace…it ws pretty amateur, frankly. Finally, the email links to him and rebel Chechen leaders are apparently irrefutable.”

I wonder what Dr Mohammed Bari makes of those allegations, and whether he’d care to engage in finding evidence of their falsehood.

As the distinguished British journalist Andrew Gilligan has demonstrated on numerous occasions, Bari’s assertions and promises are not to be trusted. Yet as I posted yesterday, this man is a senior member of Locog, the organisation charged with choosing the Olympics security supplier, and as such privy to sensitive security documentation and plans.

Since I posted that piece, not one MSM journalist has touched the story. Why not? Mohammed Bari represents a clear and present security risk of the highest order. Who is trying to black out this reality?






73 thoughts on “OLYMPIC SECURITY MADNESS: Revealed – Mohammed Bari’s selective defence of major suspected terrorist.

  1. “Astonishing silence of the UK MSM in this regard”

    MSM and other arms of the Daily Slime are fully on board when it comes to diversity and political correctness. When they’re not pushing that, they’re pushing feminism.


  2. They are terrified of anything Islamic for fear of being branded a racist.
    The Jews have engineered a similar position for all things Jewish.
    Soon, if not already it will be a crime to think anything not ‘politically correct’


  3. A Big thankyou for exposing this, JW. Appeasement seems to be the name of the game with our lords of misrule.
    Perhaps he is on the board of Locog in order to buy him off? It suggests either criminal naivety, or something much worse.


  4. I’m neutral on Babar Ahmed, but I do feel strongly about freedom of speech and the way ‘terrorism’ is used as a pretext for constraining it.
    What happens when bollocks deconstruction becomes reclassified as terrorism and The Slog is extradited across the pond for providing material support to terrorists (i.e. sloggers) and publishing commercially confidential information that may prejudice the ability of a fine capitalist organisation to do a dishonest days business?
    Be careful what you wish for.


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  6. Yep wikileaks comes to mind. US track record of going after whistle blowers is shocking. That including torture and water boarding to get confessions, sure makes one question what kind of trial you will get in the US. Then you have the drones dropped on the say so of O that they are terrorist. No hard evidence, no rule of law, no nothing.


  7. I’m glad my disguise is so good…

    In the meantime I thought I would share with the the G4S theme song (yes they do have one!) and it is as excruciating as you would expect, just remember their shambolic ‘security’ before reading this…

    You love your job and the people too
    Making a difference is what you do
    But consider all you have at stake
    The time is now don’t make a mistake
    Because the enemy prowls, wanting to attack
    But we’re on the wall, we’ve got your back
    So get out front and take the lead
    And be the winner you were born to be
    G4S! protecting the world
    G4S! so dreams can unfurl
    24/7 every night and day
    A warrior stands ready so don’t be afraid
    G4S! secure in your world
    G4S! let your dreams unfurl
    We’re guarding you with all our might
    Keeping watch throughout the night

    For those with real masochistic tendencies thereis apparently a video on you tube, this came though from the ‘Staggers’;



  8. Since I posted that piece, not one MSM journalist has touched the story. Why not?
    Probably for the same reasons that scant or no coverage is given to the numerous ongoing cases of predatory gangs of the same ilk who use young women .


  9. thank god for domestos and pat, i agree with your warnings wholeheartedly; convicting as ‘terrorists’ people whose beliefs or views lead them to speak out against barbaric oppression (in this case the immoral invasion and violent oppression of countries inhabited by mr ahmed’s friends and family) is the thin end of the wedge as far as freedom of speech is concerned and indicates a guilty over-sensitivity on the part of the western authorities.

    in my book, ‘terrorism’ is the act of killing civilians in cold-blood, and has arse-all to do with people defending their own against foreign (western) military invaders, who are, let’s face facts, not shy of slaughtering a few hundred thousand terrorized civilians if it suits the personal agendas and boosts the bulging bank-balances of the (western) political leaders who ordered that invasion. the criminalization of babar ahmed is, by extension, the criminalization of support for self-defence against immoral aggression.

    so what if mr ahmed sent money (quite openly it appears) to his friends or family? isn’t that his own business? has babar ahmed expressed support for the murder of civilians either here in the uk or abroad? i think not – yet our western governments have certainly sanctioned and funded the murders of many thousands of civilians. if our western governments believe they have the right to intervene militarily in the affairs of other countries, why should not we as citizens also have the freedom to intervene there in an oppositional capacity? indeed, our governments have not even sought a public mandate for these wars.

    it seems to me that the ‘terror’-test, as applied by the judiciary in this country and the united states, is predicated upon a clear-cut double-standard – and as for dr bari, he is no religious extremist, but rather a fully paid-up member of the british establishment who habitually hob-nobs and quaffs at the public chalice along with seb coe, boris johnson and the other olympic parasites.

    the case against babar ahmed, as outlined here on the slog is very flimsy to say the least.


  10. no, because babar ahmed has a good case and his mate is sebastian coe – all very embarrassing for mr cameron.


  11. Nothing, but nothing embarrasses Scamron. He could not give a flying f*ck, he has survived greater misfortunes with impunity, after all he has learn from a Master, Mr Teflon himself, who, by all accounts Scumron holds in high regard. Says it all really, doesn’t it?


  12. No, they think their enemy’s enemy must be their friend, no matter that they might kill them next. Useful idiots to the end!


  13. So, Islamic fundamentalism is purely a creation of western aggression, Double-edged sword? Go check your history and come back after you’ve repeated to yourself 100 times – “two wrongs don’t make a right”. Conducting asymmetric war via terrorism is not justified by disputable happenings in another part of the world. The only question is whether he is guilty of the alleged crimes. In the same breath you profess his innocence and defend the alleged actions. So which is it? Is he not guilty or guilty but justified?? You decide!


  14. @Twodogs


    But I am intrigued that you think it worthwhile, even for a moment, in attempting an exchange of opinion with people of a view which have not in my lifetime shown even one iota of interest in an exchange of views, rather they wish to impose their own.


  15. errr…twodogs, i did not say that islamic fundamentalism is caused solely by western aggression (although it is inevitably exacerbated by it cf. (1) iran’s gradual transmutation into a more moderate and westernized society since isolation following the islamic revolution, and then its subsequent re-radicalization since renewed western interference, and (2) saudi arabia’s anachronistically extant fundamentalism persisting in tandem with united states support for that regime), i said that western military aggression provokes a scenario of legitimate self-defence against the western military personnel who perpetrate the aggression – this is not terrorism, as civilians are not targeted. babar ahmed is not a terrorist as he has not been linked to attacks against civilians in any part of the world, so i would judge him to be not guilty and justified. please re-read.

    jwoo…i’ll take your advice (regarding twodogs).


  16. There’s a suprisinglly large minority of idiots around, who have persuaded themselves that hardcore jihadi revolutionary terrorists are actually just cuddly progressives with beards.
    The “Ooh, its the socialism of brown people, Al Qaeda are the armed wing of anti-American left-liberalism” types obviously have to completely ignore what those guys are actually LIKE, and what they actually say and believe, so you end up with some of the generally nicest people in society sticking up for some of the most evil.


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  18. John, things are just as bad, if not worse, over here in the Fatherland:

    “Ströbele: three observations and a question

    In 1980, a district court sentenced him for supporting a criminal organisation, because he had built up the illegal information system of the RAF*. Even today, he welcomes autonomous left-wing demonstrators with a handshake. Nevertheless, Hans-Christian Ströbele of the Green Party is a member of the Parliamentary Monitoring Board which controls the German intelligence services. And now to our question: How can that be?”

    * Red Army Fraction, formerly Baader-Meinhof Gang.

    For those that might wish to know what he looks like:


    Suffice to say, Stöbele is a twazzock of the first water, in fact, if anyone should be in need of a few lessons in the fine art of hypocrisy, then he would be choice Nr. 1 as a mentor.


  19. @kfc: If Draghi wants to create mass bank runs across the EZ and lock EZ members completely out of global money markets, this is surely the best way of doing it. That will presage wide scale bank collapses, currency controls, ATM lockdowns, civil unrest and all the rest of it. It can only get worse.


  20. You will never have a perfect world, no mistakes etc. so would like to quote these three bits as a personal opinion then sum it up at the end.

    Point 1.

    An innocent person should be brought to face the charges but this assumes total honesty of the prosecution case. Like all evidence be produced, a court held and let a jury decide. He should have been put on trial years ago not left to languish this way it serves no purpose except for the establishment to protect itself. This does not mean I think he is innocent by the way just entitled to be subjected to the rule of law and public no information hidden to judge the case.

    Point 2.

    This is more to do with those that have been caught in areas on fake passports. If you are so bloody innocent why you traveling on a fake passport? Seen this argument a few times but the actions that a person carries out seem to suggest otherwise.

    Point 3.

    The Iraq dossier and the burying of it as classified by one Jack Straw. This needed to be revealed, all actions etc. because this is the balance to points 1. and 2. If I was to be incarcerated for a few years by HM Government I would expect at least the case to eventually be put into the public domain to determine who in fact is lying.

    So to sum it up.

    The government here there everywhere is as bad as any terrorist and because it can it buries the information as classified believing people did not notice. If a person is innocent or not no longer applies to government other than pacifying the population as a whole. The dead give away is in the actions of indefinite detention in this case or hiding information that may prove one way or the other innocence or guilt.

    Think he is likely guilty but will not judge until the evidence is produced to vindicate a decision one way or the other.


  21. @ Mark Deacon

    But as I understand it he hasn’t been ‘left to languish’ rather he has continued to appeal resulting in his continued detention.

    That comment doesn’t supply a solution of course but it cannot make sense for someone wanted for trial as a terroist to be released on bail pending appeal. However that shouldn’t mean a person fighting a trumped up charge can be detained for ever.

    There’s the rub. Corrupt governments can effectively achieve their aims by fair means or foul. That differs from terrorists in what way?

    Only the innocent suffer whichever way it falls and who are they?


  22. “Jwoo…i’ll take your advice (regarding twodogs)”

    An amusing line TOCFISIMIS that eloquently signs off a well argued piece.

    Perhaps it’s a testament to past British swordsmanship that we can exchange views in such an open and frank way?


  23. [off topic]

    Troll #35 has been issued with a reworked name and is now stabbing at a keyboard.

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    Disclaimer: No Trolls were harmed in the making of this comment.


  24. @tocfisimis: I disagree with your comment example (1) about Iran.

    I see no evidence that Iran was transmuting into a “more moderate and westernized society since isolation following the islamic revolution” with all this being lost by western aggression.

    The Mad Mullah revolution was always about imposing an Islamic totalitarian system onto the Iranian people and that is what happened. The revolutionary violence may have died down (it was always bound to once it was won), but there’s been no change since then. They still drag people away in the middle of night and torture them, they still stone people to death, they still hang gays, they still have (corrupt) moral police. It’s the same old same old Islamic whacknuts running the show.

    Given that its relations with neighbouirs is not good, one might say that it wants nukes to become the regional power broker for the purpose of spreading its model of Islamic madness and forcing other Gulf States towards a more anti-western stance.


  25. Mr Ward Sir,

    I’m sorry that I write such stupid and boring nonsense on your blog.

    Please excuse me and make a wish that I would just go away and not come back.



  26. The level of malevolence in your post is reminscent of the ferocity of Geoffrey Howe’s attack on a Dennis Healey a long long time ago young lady.

    Leaving me to suspect that you probably enjoy the attention……


  27. Just back from Amerika. Flew to Newark from Edinburgh. On arrival at passport control the TSA were taking everyones fingerprints and iris scans. The police state in the US is out of control. Next it will be all citizens and on all manner of transport. No doubt we in the EU will be next!


  28. @ a friend

    yep, well spotted friend – the robbing little twirp hacked into my internet connection, swiped the comment and put his own name on it before i could say “the double-edged sword of british democracy”.


  29. paul.j@july 16, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    all the more reason for not jumping over the fence, rustling the cattle, trampling the crops, and riling up the army-ants-nest, eh? siafu can make quick-work of a beast many times their size, you know?


  30. paul.j@july 16, 2012 at 8:35 pm, michael fish

    natural disasters aren’t funny ask the japanese, ask the haitians – are you really so naïve as to believe that, in the 21st century, the superpowers have not yet developed the science and technology required to adversely influence weather and trigger, or simulate earthquakes? what do you reckon occurs when you destabilize or blow a submarine methane hydrate deposit? research into cloud-seeding was begun over 50 years ago…

    …obviously i blame evil-mastermind michael fish for every nefarious natural phenomena from krakatoa to getting all those weather-girls up the duff…


  31. bt

    they’ll be going it some to produce a “whacknut” more whacky than mr whacky-walnut-in-chief, tony blair…and what you describe doesn’t sound too dissimilar to capital-of-punishment united states or the institution for political correction, otherwise known as the u.k.

    and surprise surprise, the iranians want nukes to get israel and america off their backs and in-so-doing get a moment’s peace…not that half the region’s not already got them – india, pakistan, israel…

    …and who knows what the oil-rich gulf-state governments can buy off-the shelf these-days from their arms-supermarkets in the united states? in fact, all this hysteria about iranian nukes is sure to boost the internayional arms-market, and trading with the saudis etc is now set to go through the roof…

    in my opinion, the mad-mullah-bit is mostly bluff-and-charade for the benefit of western audiences…we’re always going to be careful and keep our distance when we know there’s someone with his finger-on-the-button who looks almost as deranged as blair.


  32. **** me, i’ve been slammed-up for nearly six years and you ***** are still arguing about who started it. all we want to do is stop this shit.


  33. @babar unarmed

    farkin’ ada, i’m not surprised you got six years for that poem, mate – you should read mine, i got effing life.


  34. sorry

    correction, that entry should read:

    no, because babar ahmed has a good case and dr bari’s mate is sebastian coe – all very embarrassing for mr cameron.


  35. @bt

    The Mad Mullah revolution was always about imposing an Islamic totalitarian system onto the Iranian people and that is what happened.

    excuse me for being a bit dense, but i always thought the islamic revolution in iran was about getting rid of a charlatan shah? and a very repressive one too. strange, i’ve heard british visitors to iran report a far more relaxed situation out there than you describe. ever been to iran, bt?


  36. paul j@july 16, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    “Al Qaeda are the armed wing of anti-American left-liberalism.”

    …and there was me thinking that al qaeda was the armed wing of the cia…

    have you ever met a real non-cia-trained jihadi revolutionary, paul? would you know one if you met one…? who can tell what they’re like, just like the rest of us, i suppose, normal people with extremely dangerous and unusual jobs…

    …bit like squaddies


  37. hey, being detained for six years ain’t funny folks, and if a pillock of the western-establishment like dr mohammed bari is rooting for babar ahmed, then babar ahmed is very clearly innocent and most probably a well-meaning good and decent bloke.

    on the subject of michael fish, i note that he has a wikipedia entry dedicated to him, so why is there nothing for nick buckles (assuming that’s his real name…), he’s the chief executive officer of the second largest private empoyer in the world.

    he’s almost certainly cia i guess.


  38. @like for like

    Are you suggesting it could be …………………



    The Spanish Inquisition!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who would have expected that!!


  39. You are wise to recognise the extent of my powers dirty rain-dancer, yes I did all that and more.

    But even I am not debased enough to shag Sian Lloyd, that was tasked to one of my idiot savant followers whose name escapes me at the moment. I believe the ladies preferred his short comings once it reached the bedroom stage……..!

    Although the oaf did provide a useful diversion whilst I was wooing Margit Irimia, the Mother of his then girlfriend, thus keeping my Maxie Moseley bedroom styled frolics of the front pages of the now defunct NOTW’IE.

    Ahh happy days…………………….


  40. @tocfisimis: I agree with you about Blair…a very dangerous nutjob and a fascist. But one cannot assess the madness of the Iranian regime by making a comparison with the madness of Blair. IMHO. The things I described as happening in Iran, do actually happen.

    @it takes one to oust one:
    Yes it was about getting rid of the Shah (a western stooge)…to replace him with a totalitarian Islamic fascist regime. I have not been to Iran (not least because one needs to get complicated visas and the regime want to know exactly what your visit is for), but I have some connections with a close Gulf neighbour which has poor relations with Iran over ownership of some rocks in the Gulf. And there are plenty of Iranians who’ve left the country. I think you are poorly informed about daily life in Iran. Recall the riots that took place after the so-called elections and how they were brutally supressed – many killed. Recall their covert support for various terror orgs in the region. I’m not trying to make excuses for the West nor Israel, only saying that Iran is run by Islamic whacknuts. That’s bad enough…..


  41. bt,

    i have not been to iran either, and i take your points, but i’m always highly suspicious of british-american propaganda relating to islamic organizations, because one (western) man’s ‘terror-group’ could turn out to be another (muslim) man’s dad’s army – just as, in afghanistan, hordes of dangerous taliban fighters have, after a nato missile attack, so often tragically proved to be guests at a wedding reception. the broader question is simply this: do we westerners really have to be out there policing the middle-east at all? is it our problem that israel cannot get along with its neighbours? i honestly can’t imagine that the iranians would be so particularly interested in little old gb, if we were to pull our troops out of the region and instead concentrate on pursuing our far more crucial struggle for independence against the united states of america.


  42. blimey, six years (and counting) for setting up a website and sending some money back home, what a outrageous liberty – i ask you, how is an honest businessman supposed to operate in this country nowadays what with all these cash-restrictions and so forth.


  43. Longevity of memory is their biggest obstacle, if only they could familiarise themselves with Thomas Szasz, they’d come to know “the stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naïve forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget” and their wisedom could be applauded.


  44. Yes, it’s a bit like being told to ‘take a deep breath and smile’ That is the motto for the shambolic Olympix. The ‘corporate games’ as they should really be called, have plunged a few mills ( spare cash) into advertising to steal, oops- typos- sorry, to accomodate the sales of wonderful British Products…(heh heheh). So there will be no negative chat about the games, it could cost greedy global bastards err I mean Entrepenuers < wrong spelling who cares! at lot of money. The buzz words on the lips of fairy keyboard clickers is we want to showcase London! Oh really, London where hardly anyone knows about that tucked away little village in the east of a little Island hardly anyone knows about. That London where hardly anyone speaks the Mother tongue without an accent THAT LONDON?. It is only right and proper that the 'freedom fighter spokesperson' should have a seat on a commitee which if truth be known they are ALL in it for themselves! we have moved in from 'hugging a hoodie ' to 'arming the arabs' so it is only right we should adopt another great idea: talk to the terrorists- nicely mind! These games and this fiaso has NOTHING to do with showcasing anything, or for promoting anything worth while for the benefit of the hard working tax paying masses, let's not even pretend we care. There are even more murkier stories out there not being told…. Let's take a deep breath and smile!

    Great work John!


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  46. @bt

    I’m not trying to make excuses for the West nor Israel, only saying that Iran is run by Islamic whacknuts. That’s bad enough…..

    essentially, the iran people suffer from the same problem as western people – they allow some of their number (irrational unaccountable polticians) to have power over them.


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  50. What goes through your mind when you look at the following terrorists:

    – Ku Klux Klan
    – Stern Gang
    – Irgun
    – Raymond Davis
    – Anders Breivik
    – Adolf Hitler
    – Tony Blair
    – Ariel Sharon
    – 9/11 (WTC7)
    – Eric Prince Blackwater
    – Wade Michael Page

    Answer: they are WHITE and not Muslim at all. Free Abu Hamza and Babar Ahmad NOW and compensate them with £15 million pounds for every year of imprisonment without trial. Even the amount of £500 million each would not be enough.


  51. Ah yes, the usual entirely fair and open-minded thread we have come to expect from the Sons of Allah.
    “I have here a list of people who were ghastly, and they are Muslim-free, ergo, Muslims are never ghastly.
    I also have here a pair of nasty, hate-spreading arseholes who are Muslims, ergo they must be entitled to 5 billion zillion quid”.
    As a very close Muslim friend of mine is wont to remark, “Every religion has its nutters”.
    We have just read the deranged thoughts of one of them.


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