SHAMBOLYMPICS: Undercover film-maker explodes the myth of smooth-running Olympic preparations.

Classic Mandarin incompetence in choosing and paying G4S leaves May politically stranded

How Channel Four buckled in the face of Downing Street bullies

Theresa Maynotsurvive…lacking focus

Cat-o’-nine-lives Theresa Maynotbeallthere is once more in the doo-doo today. There are times when her survival is almost as inexplicable as that of Jeremy *unt, and this is another of them. Despite lots of pr nonsense about security company G4S’s ability to dismantle nuclear weapons with their feet, they are clearly just another crock of motormouths who wheedled their way into Westminster via Whitehall.

And we owe this revelation to one brave independent film-maker.

Indie UK film-maker Ben Fellows has uncovered astounding revelations about how he infiltrated G4S – the company responsible for security at the London Olympics – and discovered botched security procedures that leave the Games wide open to attack. Fellows is also an undercover journalist for a regular investigative programme in London, but when he approached the mainstream media with his alarming account, there was zero interest at…surprise, surprise, Channel Four.

Two days ago, The Slog posted about shambolic preparations and potential travel chaos for the Games. In the preparation of that piece, I was told by a former staffer that Channel Four mangement had ordered a blackout on ‘negative Olympics coverage’ there. But I was sceptical (especially given C4’s pioneering track-record on lid-lifting) and couldn’t get corroboration. Now comes Fellows’ account of asking Channel 4 News Home Affairs Correspondent Andy Davies if he would go with his findings. Davies said he wasn’t interested – why on earth not? – and days later Channel 4 broadcast a laudatory load of hagiographic bollocks about G4S, praising this cowboy outfit as cutting edge and on top of things.

So it was a bit of an “Oops” for Four when G4S suddenly approached the Maypole at the Home Office to say they couldn’t cope. Enter 3,500 army officers stage right. Now – all of a sudden – the ground-breaking, fearless shock-troops of Snowland are on the case, telling us that it ‘understands that many prospective employees, who have completed training paid for by G4S and who could potentially be hired, are not being deployed. Some have not even been informed of when – or if – they will eventually be needed.’ Hold the front page.

But last night later on, the Torygraph ran a crackerjack piece alleging that ‘Confidential Home Office documents seen by The Daily Telegraph show that G4S has had its fee for managing civilian security staff for the Games rise from £7.3 million to £60 million. The fee the company takes for running its Olympic office has risen more than 10 times faster than its spending on recruitment, the documents show.’

Ah yes, that’ll be those pension-embezzling Mandarins at it again, careful as ever with our money – and setting new Olympic records for clueless incompetence.

Even the FT has weighed in, saying Theresa Titsup ‘battles for trust’ having parried Commons questions yesterday. Seems to me this is a battle she has lost, but the intelligent question to be asking here is how could Camerlot order such a news blackout and get it to stick in this manner? Yet more evidence of how spineless the MSM is when it comes to pressure from super-injunctions, psychopathic Labour peers, and grubby pro-Newscorp police officers.

Anyway, let’s start the day with a smile. The bollocks-ops in Downing Street have creaked into action about preps for the Olympic Games The line is: ‘Olympic security not a shambles’ (Irish Examiner), ‘Olympic security not a shambles (Wales online), ‘Olympic security not a shambles (breakingnews), and just for good measure, ‘Olympic security not a shambles’ (Orange) with, finally, ‘Olympic security not a shambles’ (CityAM).

Breaking…Jeremy Hunt not a crook, perhaps. Michael Spencer not a market-rigging arsehole, allegedly. Michael Fallon suffers from cognitive dementia say doctors, sources and my Auntie Edna. Andy Coulson is an innocent man battling with serial resignation disorder, possibly. Paul Tucker not a liar are you having a laughorwot?

Dear oh dear oh dear.

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64 thoughts on “SHAMBOLYMPICS: Undercover film-maker explodes the myth of smooth-running Olympic preparations.

  1. Simples
    G4S gets no more Government work – at least, that’s the way it SHOULD be but a generous donation and sponsorship of an academy will result in a knighthood and even more lucrative work for them.


  2. Any fule no that it would be nigh on impossible to locate, encourage, train and retain security staff for this godforsaken task, for next to nothing, for a few weeks at most.
    Candidates know when they’re being treated like a number.
    ALL knew.
    How did G4S convince those who knew otherwise that they could wing it?


  3. Very fortunate that all those troops were arriving back from Afghanistan and Iraq just in time for these duties….

    Or was this actually planned many many months ago when the original G4s story emerged (about applicants sleeping under railway bridges)?


  4. I hope people will not just accept this “news report” at face value, but use their brains when watching it. The media only tell you what they want you to think.
    I would trust Tom Watson for integrity less than a cage full of hungry tigers. I wouldn’t trust anyone who is a member of Searchlight (set up by Harry Bidney)
    I don’t know anything about Andy Davies, apart from that he is Home Affairs correspondant with Channel 4 news. I find that pretty disturbing, that someone can have such a powerful voice and yet the public not be allowed to know anything about him. I think that sort of lack of accountability is asking for trouble, Andy Davies could be anyone, with any sort of agenda.
    The media is so powerful, I think they should be made to put a biography of all reporters and television and radio people on a website, so that popential terrorists can be weeded out.
    I hope the Queen stays well away from the Olympic Games, and Cameron as well. If anything happened to the Queen and Prime Minister the UK would be pushed into a state of complete pandamonium.
    I know some people think a revolution would be a good idea, but would you still think that if the rivers were flowing with blood? I don’t think so. All revolutions ever do is get rid of one lot of bad people and replace them with another lot.
    I know this will sound naive and babyish, but what about instead if people realised they had done really bad things and were really really really very sorry, and the ones they had done the bad things to forgave them? I know it sounds insane, but I have been through the secret family courts and have forgiven some of the ones who hurt me, and one Cafcass lady who was bad to me actually gave me a hug. I wish that could happen, but on a much bigger scale, I really do, because I love this country and dont want it to be smashed up.


  5. Well like John I’m back in the UK from france, and I’m going to be avoiding the Olympics. I’m on the outskirts of london and won’t travel into the centre during the games. Why make myself irate? Why suffer the police/military state pointing guns (heck, missiles!) at me. Why waste money on transport when it’s unlikely I’ll even get on a train? And while I’m not a nut, why risk being around in the event of a false flag attack? (on the last point, when you see the sheer scale of the idiocy of military spending and army thugs bought back to this country, no one could doubt the will to justify themselves with a staged attack. I have a little internal celebration when one of these thugs gets his balls blown off by people protecting their own country in Afghanistan. But now they’re bringing the violence home, I’d rather steer clear)

    The public sector does as it always does – spend idiotically, mindlessly. Anyone trying to be creative, innovative, prudent is an idiot. You should be feeding at the public trough! Arsenal spent around £200 million and built a top stadium in kings cross. The government had to spend over a billion to build a stadium on a site where one already existed out on the outskirts of london. With the olympics take that idea and times it by 1000. The only enjoyment I will get from the games is rejoicing in the inevitable logistical failures. I’m looking forward to thousands of tourists getting detained at heathrow for hours – then claiming they’ll never visit the uk ever again. I’m looking forward to the tourists seeing london and wondering whats happened -“is ziss england? wver are zee english?”, I’m looking forward to a missile accidentally going off! I’m looking forward to the awful weather, I’m looking forward to the zealous and catastrophic over-reaction of the police/military state when a tourist accidentally leaves bag on the floor in a station or smokes a fake ciggie….let the games begin!


  6. What I understand would have happened with the G4S debacle having some knowledge of how these things work. G4S upon being told to provide about 20,000 security guards then went to their dozens of manpower suppliers to ask for some security guards please. Those manpower suppliers then went to their database of security type chaps and phoned them to invite them in for a chat. You know where I am going here don’t you? The security type chaps have of course registered with a number of agency’s so they get a handful of calls from different recruiters about the same postion. Ooops. Some HR halfwit has overcooked the numbers of security guards available by about 10 times. They then have to start finding a whole new several thousand unemployed people suitable to be charged with the role of defending us from international recently shaven previously bearded men with bad attitudes. Here begins the shambles, here endeth the lesson


  7. All it takes is a bit of PTSD and there you go!
    Headlines writing themselves.
    Sorry, can’t help myself. Let me know how it goes.
    I shall be doing my best to blank out the whole event.


  8. Of course they are only doing their job,complying with the rules and regulations of the corporatists state.


  9. And another thing … They left David Beckham out of the England squad, even out of the subs bench, after all he did to champion London for Olympics 2012. Shame on them.


  10. Nicked from my friend’s son’s wall (a serving soldier) .. a letter from David Camarooned…..

    Dear Serving Soldier,

    I appreciate that you may be a bit busy at the moment, but just before I give you the sack would you mind awfully helping out at a small sporting event we are holding in London this month. You see I have just spent £475,000,000 on a private firm to do the security but they trousered the money and cannot commit. I have managed to wangle an old warehouse for your accommodation & some rat packs for food, but you should be used to that by now.(Gotta keep the cost down L.O.L). Many thanks David Cameron.

    P.S. Your my favourites..


  11. It’s the Great Britain Olympic football team, what about Seb Coe? they didn’t pick him either.


  12. Don’t get me wrong, I think David Cameron is a first rate creep, I feel sick looking at the 2002 select committee meeting he had over “police trawling” . I don’t care about him on a personal level, but I do care about my homeland, Great Britain. MI5 are involved in the child abuse cover up, David Rose was on that select committee.


  13. O/T: Has anyone thought to link the O2 phone system outage with the blackberry outage suffered last year ? Could it be that they are ‘installing’ some sort of government demanded snooping system piece by piece to avoid the people catching on ? When does Orange have its outage ‘scheduled’. Does it all have to be in place in time for the OOlimpyx ?Enquiring minds need to know !


  14. Olympic security is really only for a couple of weeks (even the least PR-sensitive bad person would not attack the disabled), and while there is a risk, it appears quite low. Fancy rockets have been deployed, what can go wrong! A cynical security company could take the view that the whole threat thing has been exaggerated and that there is a wonderful profit opportunity. Why not charge about 15 times cost for this service if there is likely to be no opportunity to measure its effectiveness? They could pay the absolute minimum, employ a lot of uninterested kids and (because mandarins are princes among innocent twerps) charge the earth. A one-off opportunity for a multi-megabuck bonus! And when the reality looks a little more dodgy than the previous, skimpy assessment showed and the feet are feeling a little cool, why not ‘admit’ that things are not going well, force May to bring in the Army, and share with her and them the blame if anything goes wrong? Oh to be in England now that Olympic politics are there…

    We do not do these things well and the fault lies with the lack of attention to detail by our politicians.


  15. I thought this was just a story to remind us all how constantly threatened we all are by the evil terrorists. Ignore.


  16. Maxi P

    when a tourist accidentally leaves bag on the floor

    There was a case like this at my local Albert Heijn supermarket in Doorn. Someone had left a rucksack by the doors. I asked at the counter if this was known about and the lady serving told me that someone had put it there before going in. No further issues raised.

    A visiting Dutch tourist would merely assume that the state of affairs was as relaxed.

    In over-panicky Britain, there will be many people who would not take the time to ask at the counter, and will have phoned the police. The result is armed police surrounding a surburban supermarket, incarcerating all inside at gunpoint, to be let out having been searched.

    My point is that the British seem as on edge as their police force.


  17. The game really is hotting up,like a Shakespearian comedy,what can we mess up next so that we are unelectable the coalition total incompetence policy ,out trumped by Labours lets bring back Blair


  18. If David Beckham feels so strongly about becoming involved in our wonderful Olympics why doesn’t he volunteer as a Security Guard (working at national minimum) or an unpaid volunteer working for absolutely nothing while the Locog fatcats and sponsers cream off millions.


  19. To me the Hype about the Security arrangements for the Olympics [and 2012 ] reminds me about the hype over the 2000 panic. Civilisation would end, Planes would fall out of the sky and the good old vacum cleaner would no longer work. Unless that is, you spent a small fortune on us consultants and experts etc.

    Heads, you spend the money and nothing goes wrong, we win.
    Tails, things go wrong, youdid not spend enough money, your fault, we still win.

    My answer, i am on a two week carribean cruise plus 10 days in Barbados whilst the Games is on.


  20. My particular favourite is the failed connection attempts I get every time I try to log into Zero Hedge. First click… Unable to connect. Second click… works fine. Does it every time and happens with no other website. Glitch in whatever monitoring program TalkTalk have been told to use to keep tabs on those of us who visit such sites, perhaps?


  21. Agree. Wouldn’t be within 20 miles of any Olympic venue, if I had a choice, for all the reasons you cite. Which, living in North Wales, it appears I do.

    Instead, I’ll cheerfully sit at home and not be cavity searched, threatened with an automatic weapon, batoned, tear-gassed, vaporised by a ‘terrorist’ nuke, chronically over-charged, damp, cold, uncomfortable or claustrophobicly packed into a cheap plastic seat like a naughty schoolboy.


  22. Well, in the event of needing a convenient false flag attack to simultaneously distract the masses from the accelerating collapse of the global economy, elite greed and mendacity and the ever growing presence of a totalitarian state of government…. one wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to kill some decent number of the armed forces; helps spur the rest to greater effort when ‘liberating’ the scapegoat country of choice from ‘terrorists’.


  23. There is a very simple and obvious government plan at work here…..After the Olympics, a very much reduced British Army stay home and look after a few shopping centres and airport lounges in the UK….and instead of making all the (very highly trained) G4S security guards redundant……they get to look after the security of Afganistan…….et voila !! ;)


  24. @JW: “how could Camerlot order such a news blackout and get it to stick in this manner?

    Any evidence available for this claim, John?
    … … … … …

    Whatever, I have long had serious doubts about May’s competence. She’s failed to get to grips with the *unfit for purpose* UKBA and Met Police corruption. Other things too.

    That said, I also believe the Home Office is stuffed full of Lefty ideological placemen at senior levels, put there by the last Labour Govt. This makes sense when you consider it is the Home Office who were at the centre of the police state that Labour was slowly creating.

    These placemen are now playing the role of ‘booby traps’ for the likes of May and probably thwarting many of her policies to screw her and the Coalition govt. We are into deep corruption of the Civil Service here…


  25. I have the same amount of sympathy for all of them as they had for me when I was being tortured in the secret family courts. Theres a mudslinging match going on right now, Harriet Harm man’s National Council for Civil Liberties (now Liberty) past is being raked up, George (Oh! Louise!) Osbourne’s past is also being raked up. No doubt that there’s a whole big mountain under the carpet festering for the mud slinging season.
    They’re all as bad as each other, because putting the past to one side, if someone in authority is aware of something really rotton going on and they dont, for whatever reason, do or say anything about it, they have to share the blame. We have secret courts in this country, think about that for a moment, WE HAVE SECRET COURTS IN THIS COUNTRY, what the heck have we got secret courts in this country where we every year sing about being free? How can a people be free if they might be subjected to secret courtroom trials?


  26. @DomesticExtremist: Not under every bed methinks, but a good many.
    There’s plenty of anecdotal/factual evidence around that the Left infiltrated (or were appointed to) many organs of the Greater Establishment by the last Labour govt and are now making the job of government difficult every way they can. Anyone who can’t see this is either wilfully blind or a Lefty themselves.


  27. Does G4S’s whole approach to recruitment not sound very Common Purposish?

    It seems that a few senior people have come in, seen an approach to recruitment for the rank and file that has nothing to do with what they consider traditional recruitment criteria and decided to bail. Is that right?

    Why did G4S get the contract? Why did C4 initially ignore the story and cover G$S in a hagiography? Are they really playing catch-up with the news agenda? They wouldn’t try to control it, would they? No common purpose?

    How can there not be a negative news blackout on the Olympics? The press and TV are relentlessly upbeat (access journalism works by giving out titbis to the obedient) and yet the attitude on the blogs is the reverse.

    Similarly, I notice the Telegraph did not allow comment on the Rochdale case or today’s case.

    I link all this with the MSM’s recent attack on social media trolls, for which I read as a coded attack on political sites like this one. They’re pretending to be interested in silly social media trolling but are using that to get to political outspokenness.

    These atmosphere around this Olympics is utterly creepy and controlling.


  28. (this being the ninety-nine-millionth attempt to post this comment, whatever happened to freedom of speech in this country?)

    no, it wasn’t always the plan to bring in the entire armed services to run the event…but new intelligence about possible olympic-related terror-plots has forced us into a major re-think. as many contributors to this blog have affirmed, g4s is a well-disciplined, efficient, and in every respect, cosher organisation which is right on top of the job at hand, and i must say i have to hand them all due credit for responding professionally to a rapidly changing security situation by slickly simulating a scenario of total incompetence and management-meltdown solely in order to effect a cock-up cover-story for the purpose of enabling the government to to smuggle-in the troops without anyone even noticing.

    g4s are unquestionably true patriots and rightly deserve the public prison and policing contracts which have been legitimately passed backwards to them from between theresa may’s legs. thank you.


  29. have you nicked my comment and sold it to guido fawkes, you arsehead?

    well, i’m not being paid for these comments so i don’t have to stay here and take this champagne-socialist crap.


  30. dear boris,

    is it not actually the case that you got wind of another communist revolution brewing-up ready for the summer hols and decided, together with the other bullingdon boys, to upstage the reds with a military coup?


  31. shit, i think boris is having a schizophrenic ding-dong with his socialist side…

    …and it’s led to quite a serious security breach, by the looks of things…


  32. The Drawns and Froaches have got to me. Had to reread “armed police surrounding a suburban spermarket, incinerating all inside ……’


  33. It is always a good thing to put the supply of goods/services out to tender, in the interests of efficiency apparently.

    I’m reminded of an interview with a member of the Space Shuttle crew..
    .. when asked “What are you thinking about during a Shuttle launch?”

    .. his reply was “I’m thinking about the 2.4 million components in this craft, all procured by competitive tender”.

    ‘Nuff said??


  34. I’ve seen better dives on a Saturday afternoon at Old Trafford. The door hitting him in the head was just unlucky.


  35. When you reach the age of 58 and lose your balance on a good day due to medication think about what you just wrote. The police were provoking him to breach the peace. That’s not what ‘I’ pay taxes for.


  36. Friday evening there was a hilarious segment on the BBC News channel on the Olympics where a wide eyed effusive establishment (or aspiring to be invited into the Great and the Good tent) lady who could see no evil, hear no evil or say no evil re the games versus’ a world weary East Ender now living in Leeds.

    At the end of the piece the Leeds man said that the neighbourhoods near the games would not get any significant legacy or immediate benefit the lady rebutted him saying she came from Islington and she was certain that benefits would flow and to prove it (I surmise) added that she had rented out her house for the games!

    So certain is she of everything being wonderful and that we should all enjoy and embrace the ‘benefits’ that she is leaving town with a sackfull of cash!

    It was better than any satirical show I’ve seen in years and worthy of being compared with Beyond the Fringe.


  37. Islington? Well, given that New Labour had its original HQ there, she’s probably a friend or neighbour of asshole Blair or some of his cronies.


  38. Loling….
    “More than 20,000 G4S guards have been accredited to provide security for the Olympics but the firm is unable to get them to turn up at venues,
    Theresa May said today.” The indie 16/07/12

    The next failure would be for the general public to accept this explanation at face value.


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